Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A little bit of everything

I really have to get back into this blog thing!
I am a little rusty, so please forgive me, you can blame that on twitter and facebook. I am so addicted! and now Baptiste is too! We just laugh when we ask each other, what the other is doing because it's always the same answer, TWITTER, FACEBOOK......LOL

Lately, I have been having trouble sleeping! I don't know why, but I am....
I have been a lazy ass, for the last couple of days, plan to change that PRONTO, SO NOT DANA!

I really, really, really, really want the iPHONE and I can't wait until it comes to VERIZON!
I love my BB, but it's something about that iPHONE.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but the last day of school (before Christmas break) Jaree came home upset, apparently a girl that she didn't like and vice versa took her coat off the bus, for weeks I tried to find out where this little girl lived, because I was pissed. I don't have time for BS. We never could find her house. Well, I told Jaree (well I can't tell you what I told her), but I told her she needed to handle that the first day they got back to school. Well turns out the COAT was in the classroom all the time. I am so glad we never found that poor child's house! Talking about eating words........

I really want to try my hand at Shrimp and grits. I always here good things about it, so I want to try it myself!!!!!! Mo is going to send the recipe! Can't wait!

I am watching Training Day, while I type this. Denzel is so damn sexy! wooooooo!

There are a couple of movies I want to see, Daybreakers and Legion! Can't wait til they come out!

I have to turn my status to offline on facebook, because this man from Turkey keeps stalking me, hubby says, that's what I get for all the provocative pics I take. He's a mess!

I only lost 3lbs in this twitter challenge. I am a little disappointed, but I am going to keep at it! i want to lose between 30-40lbs! I want to lose 3o before my bff's wedding!

I miss my brother. I mean I really miss him. He is very distant from the family. This is a really hard situation for me, because we were so close growing up. I don't know why he is like that, but it hurts me. I don't want to talk to much about it, because it makes me cry everytime! But I wonder does he think about us......Does he miss me? Let me stop talking about before I start bawling.....

Switching lanes!
Baptiste has stared twisties, i mean I like them and then I don't! I guess I am not sold on them yet. He thinks he's FINE thought. Can't tell him NOTHING BABY!

My dad gets the results to his biopsy tomorrow. I am praying for good news. I will definitely be getting back to you on that! I love my dad so much, I am a daddy's girl! For that matter I am a mama's girl too. I am just a spoiled brat basically. I am the baby! Enough said! Any hoo, I am not claiming any thing and I know it will be just fine!

Jaree goes to the beauty shop every two weeks THANKS TO MY MOM! When this little heffa comes home, she is in I'M THE ISH MODE, total ATTITUDE CHANGE, wonder where she gets that from. *cough cough* I am not claiming that! LOL
It's almost 2 am as I type this and I know full well I gotta get up with these kids in the morning so I am going to end this with a UNTIL NEXT TIME.........