Thursday, November 30, 2006

For my blogging sistah's

To all the women in my circle: My sister Tracy sent this to me today and it touched me. I wantet to share with all of you.

I used to believe in the concept of one best friend, and then I started to become a woman.
And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up
God would show you the best in many friends.
One friend is needed when you're going through things with your man.
Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your mom.
Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.
One friend will say, "Let's cry together,"
another, "Let's fight together,"
another, "Let's walk away together."
One friend will meet your spiritual need,another your shoe fetish, another your love for movies,another will be with you in your season of confusion, another will be your clarifier, another the wind beneath your wings.
But whatever their assignment in your life, on whatever the occasion, on whatever the day, or wherever you need them to meet you with their gym shoes on and hairpulled back, or to hold you back from making a complete fool of yourself .. those are your best friends.
It may all be wrapped up in one woman, but for many, it's wrapped up in several... one from 7th grade, one from high school, several from the college years, a couple from old jobs, on some days your mother, on some days your neighbor, on others, your sisters,and on some days, your daughters. So whether they've been your friend for 20 minutes or 20 years, AND ONLY IF YOU'D LIKE TO, pass this on to the women that God has placed in your life to make a difference.

So beautiful and so true!

Music is my Mantra

Bonnie you need to get out of my head!!! I was just thinking about doing a mini album about my love of music and how it defines much of who I am .....we are even starting to think alike. Scary!

For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with music. According to my mom, it has been evident since before I was born. My mom swears that everytime Roberta Flack's, "Killing me softly" would come on the radio, I would wake up and gently kick her as if I was dancing! I believe it! Because music gets inside my SOUL! I also love to dance and music and dance go hand and hand. I danced professionally for years! Ballet, only for about 5 years, couldn't handle the pressure from my toes being injured. Tap for the longest along with Modern, Jazz, and African Dance. I have been able to dance since I started walking. My mom and dad used to laugh because as a baby I had alot of rhythm!

There has been times when I have been driving along and I have to stop my car and get out and dance!!! The music gets inside me. It possesses me, if you will. It totally transforms me. I can be in a melancholy state and let some music come on that I love, it's like a watching a caterpillar morph into a butterfly. I love music! There are days that i don't turn on my televison, but music will be playing.

I have to play music to do just about everything. I clean up faster to music! Honestly it's my motivation! I have to play music in my car. I would probably die without my music. I workout with my Ipod nano. I even do some nightime activiity to music...wink wink.....LOL

Like I said, I just feel it inside my soul. Music even has a time traveling ability. Think about it. Have you ever heard an old song and it takes you back in time, to when perhaps you were a young child or teenager? There are lots of songs that remind me of my child hood. I can remember shouting to top of my lungs .... "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST...HEY...HEY HEY... AND ANOTHER DOWN AND ANOTHER ONE DOWN ...ANOTHER BITES THE DUST...HEY . .... WHEN GONNA GET YOU TOO, ANOTHER BITES THE DUST... LOL . It reminds me of my aunt Mae who passed on. She had a TAVERN, and every Saturday she held a Kiddie disco and I can remember my brotheer and I winning all of the dancing contests.. I also remember my favorite song was the DOUBLE DUTCH BUS!!!! I would make the dj play it over an over and over...

There are songs that can stir up all kinds of emotions.... I remember the first time my husband and I danced, it was to a song by Guy, called "Let's chill". We were sixteen and that was the moment I fell in love....LOL I also hated the song "do what I gotta do", by Ralph Tresvant (New Edition), because everytime we broke up, that song always seemed to be on the radio. LOL

Music can also take you to some dark places in your life. I cannot listen to John Legends "Ordinary People", because it was the song that was playing when my cat Liono died and that was devastating to my entire family. If the song comes on, I change it immediately or I have to hum over it and cover my ears, because if I don't I will break down.... you can make you vulnerable too!

I really love music! It has brought me so much joy! Without it, my life would have a void! Can you imagine life without music. I think my love of music is deep rooted, genetically passed down from my African ancestors and my Native American ancestors....the beat of the drum is like the beat of the heart. Without your heart, you cannot live!!! I have been in church sometimes and have to catch myself, because when our drummer starts to CLOWN on his drums, my shoulders automatically start to roll and bounce....LOL I have to remind myself "Dana, you are in church, NOT AT THE 50 YARD

Think about what your life would be like if there was NO MUSIC of ANY KIND. Not even the beat of the drum..... Would you be able to live without it? Personally, I know I couldn't.... I would shrivle up and die...

What has music done for you? Please share. It has done so much for me. I love Gospel music too, it has truly brought me closer to God! There are songs that have touched me so deeply that I have sobbed uncontrollably. Tears of joy....Tears of thanks and praise, to my Lord and Saviour..... tears of appreciation of all the blessings bestowed upon me. I call it "Gettin' happy'. Oh yes, church will do that for you.....the Lord's music will do that for you. If I can be frank, it has saved my life! There has been times I wanted to give up and an inspirational song will play on the radio or I was in church and the message as well as the music touched my heart.

I bet you are saying.... "Music can't have that much power..... my reply to you will be MUSIC IS MY EMPOWERMENT!!!

Bonnie, I sure loved your challenge girl! Hope I didn't ramble on too long guys! But, by now you know me.....LOL

Until next time!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today is a good day!

Today, has been a great day for me. I woke up in the Christmas spirit. So happy, with where my life is going. I am a soon to be homeowner.....I am a soon to be new car owner..... and soon I will be starting an at home business. MOre details later! Seems like everything is falling in place. God has really blessed me! I cannot stop praising him enough. Rememeber:delayed does not mean denied! You might not get things when you want them, but remember God has a plan for all of his children. I have prayed for all these things for awhile. My car conked out last year and we have been in one car ever since. It's a headache to take dh to work everyday, so we decided on getting a second car. It's not brand new, but new to me. Something that is nice and dependable to get me from point A to point B. I am so grateful. More news later on this ...

We finally close on our house Friday and I couldn't be more happy!!! Seems like God is blessing our family trememdously. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

Also, I have been floating this idea around in my head for years about starting my own business... don't want to put the cart before the horse, but I am excited to dreams may be realized in January, thanks to my family and my husband. Like I said, all the details aren't settled, but once everything is in place I will be the first to let all my bloggin' sistahs know. I am just superstitious, like that I guess. I don't want to say anything until I know for sure....LOL

I am just happy, praising God, and loving life......

Today was a GOOD day!!!


Jaree the terrible strikes again...

Sometimes when you pray for things, you need to be VERY SPECIFIC. When I begged the Lord the send me a daughter, that is all I asked for.....Was a healthy and beautiful little girl. So shall I ask, So shall I receive, right? I was blessed to have a healthy, BEAUTIFUL baby girl. However, I should had a side note, for her to be a GOOD litte girl! LOL

The problem is: Jaree is sooooooo much like me. I have to laugh sometimes. She is so fiesty! Well, today Ms. Jaree wakes up with a stomach ache. Which was funny, because if you are sick you don't guzzle down a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch! So, me being the mother of Jaree and knowing her well, knew there was something behind this sudden illness. Why doesn't she want to go to school? She went on and on about how she didn't feel good. I got my thermoter nothing. She wasn't acting like she was hurt! What did Jaree do or what is going on at school, that would make her come up with this tall tale of having a tummy ache?

So, I just came right out with it. I told her I knew she wasn't sick. I then asked her if there was anything at school that was going on that would make her fake sick. Jaree can't handle the pressure. She better not ever, ever commit a crime, because she would crack under the pressure within the first 10 seconds. LOL

Turns out some girls were picking on Jaree's best friend Litzy and Ms. Jaree, decides to take matters in her own hands. She ended up punching 2 of the girls and kicking the other girl. They all tried to gang up on her and she let all of them have it. She ended up getting lunch detention and that is why she doesn't want to go to school.

Does she not know that she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh and I know everything she's going to do before she does it? We are tooooo much alike!!!!! She gets that fiestiness from me and she is a hothead like her father.....TERRIBLE MIXTURE. I am ashamed to say that when I was little I used to get into fights all the time....I would never allow anybody to step to me or get up in my face without opening up a can of good ole whoop ass! Jaree is the same way. She can't help herself! I do teach my children NOT TO BE BULLIES, BUT DON'T BE BULLIED EITHER! It may not be right, but it was the way I was raised and if you hit me I am knocking you OUT! lol

Needless to say, Ms. Shelly and I are close friends and she is the recess den mom and she told me that the little girls were asking for trouble and that they kept taunting Jaree and one of they all ran up in her face and Jaree just started swinging until nobody else was running. She said, I don't have to worry about Jaree, she handles herself well. She has been in training since birth with those two older brothers of hers......AND THEY DON'T CUT HER ANY SLACK!! She is a lady by all means, but don't turn her into an alley cat...

We had a long talk about telling the teacher what is going on and if you have to protect yourself, then atleast the teacher had a heads up. Now she's the one in trouble and she's not the TROUBLE MAKER...

She's really upset, because Jaree has never got a detention in her life! She tries so hard to be Good and thought I would be mad. I told her to always tell me the truth NO MATTER WHAT. Never be afraid to tell Mommy what's going on. I gave her a big hug and drove her to school....

That little girl of mine....
What am I going to do?


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Being real

Is something I have no problems with....
It was not always this way though! I was reading Bonnie's blog today and she truly inspired me to touch on this subject. I am a REAL person! What you see is what you get! I have learned that your true friends will accept you no matter how you are. Why alter yourself? Be you! Do you! I remember in my younger days always wanting to fit in.....always perpetrating to be something I was not.. and it only made my life more miserable, because most phony people are figured out. I was tired of keeping up with a fascade. It's too much work! It's much easier being yourself.

People tell me all the time "Dana you keep it real". I try too! I am very cool and down to earth person!! If I love you, you will feel it! If I despise you, you will KNOW IT! lol I cannot be phony! I just can't! In fact, it is something that I despise is FAKE people. Be you! Do you! Either people will love you or hate you. If they love you, that is icing on the cake, if they hate you, let a hater Hate!

If its one thing I have found out in my 32 years of being on this earth.....It is this: You have to love yourself first and the rest will follow. Be true to yourself. If people are going to hate you, they will do it whether you are real or fake. Forget about it. You don't want to be around anyone who can't accept you for who you are! And a harsh lesson I learned: Realize that everyone is not Happy for you.....There are those who are filled with the GREEN EYE MONSTER. Jealousy is a BEYOUTCH! Everyone does not want to see you succeed, prosper, be happy, etc. Misery loves Company!! The best thing you can do is be yourself! You will love yourself more and lead a better life if you do.

When I got married, at age 23, I really found out who my true friend were. Also, family!!! Oh yes, even some of my blood showed their true colors. They were not happy for me and did something to even sabotage my happiness. You know why? Because they were miserable people. I did not let that stop me. I took all of that negativity and built a ladder and I have been climbing UP that ladder ever since. Dh and I are very happy and we are doing well! I married my high school sweetheart and although we had two children out of wedlock, we still stayed together and got married. I was told that he would never marry me.... You know why buy the know the rest. LOL We have been together for 17 years and counting..... High school sweethearts. Do you honestly think everyone was happy for me. NO! A lot of my friends were mad because it was not them getting married. They were mad at where their lives were at that time. Cousins too!!!!! I had people who stood up for me, who were not TRULY happy for me...That hurt me deeply, but It made me A stronger person though...

Learn that you cannot please everyone... There are going to be people who come into your life who are going to hate on you, no matter what you do! Let them hate. Continue doing you!


I am happy to say, that 2 of the 3 got the message....LOL

Jaree is one of the 3. She could careless what anyone thinks of her. She has her own sense of style. She is not going to change for anyone or anything. She is soooo much like me! That is why we bump heads....LOL

Jariel could careless what anyone thinks of him....

If I can only get Bee, to this point. He used to be like that! However, these teenage years are going to be a journey. He doesn't care to an extent what people say.....but he does. He has his own style and is a TREND SETTER. He has a lot of followers.....he is the LEADER. But, he sometimes cares or concerns himself too much with what others SAY about him. Who cares??? I know this is hard for him, because it was hard for me too. But you can't let that crap get to you. Because it will EAT YOU UP! Trust me, I know! You have to love yourself first! He'll get it one day. It took time for me, more like 25 years. But, I want him to learn that everyone is not happy for him.....There are going to be haters! Let it be. He is a firecracker and a hothead, just like his dad. He has gotten into plenty fights for what others say....I told him then you are going to have to be prepared to fight the world, because everyone is going to talk crap, but you have to brush that off of your shoulders and keep it moving. I'll get him together! LOL

My advice today is to be real! Let your hair down, pop your collar, and do you!

Until next time....

Monday, November 27, 2006

Picture overload....LOL

Look at Bee, looking all shy on Thanksgiving mornng....yeah right!!! LOL
Jariel loves nature and went outside to look at our friends the geese!
The geese come every year in early November and don't leave again until early to mid-Decemeber. These things can be vicious. They are not afraid of father found out first hand....LOL
Caught Bee making this face! I make the same face when I am thinking. So funny!
Jariel skippng rocks on my mom's pier!
Jaree on Thanksgiving morning! Looking too cute!
She favors my sister Tracy on this picture
Jaree being Jaree!
I think she looks so sweet here! NOT!!! LOL
Love this picture of the geese gliding on the water. As you can see they are everywhere. My mom lives on a lake and some of the most beautiful animals come to play here. You should see the huge cranes that come in Spring!

Ok, this picture is very funny to me. No one is paying attention to a word I am saying! Jaree is looking at my dad. Aaron is talking to Jariel. Look at the hole in Jaree's stocking on her right leg. She tried to jump up and do a split to show everyone and there you have it......She is not even trying to conceal the hole.....LOL
These are my favorite pics of Jaree.
Looks like a little lady here
She favors me a lot in this photo, even her posture is so much like mine.
Finally, they are following some directions. That is bottom l-r _ Nubia , Jaree and Najee upper l-r Aaron, Jariel with Baby Nas on his neck, and Aaliyah.

Love this picture of my brother's children. Even with the shadow on Najee's face..... Nas was cracking up!
Ok are these girls top model material or what . Work it girls!!! LOL
OK, this is the funniest picture of all. This is my mom at 5 am in Target. She got one of those carts and boy did she run into everyone, too funny. We could always find my mom, because all you had to do was look for people who were frantically getting out of the
Aaron and Aaliyah looking like the Bopsy twins.....these are my sister's children
Last but not least, Look at Bonnie and Clyde. They are inseperable. They love each other so much, yet they fight like cats and dogs. They have a love/hate relationship going on.....LOL Seriously though, Jaree is the culprit most of the time, with her bossy ways.....but her brother's both love her dearly and they are like deranged pitbulls when it comes to protecting their little sister! Don't mess with their Rae-Rae.....LOL
I have tons more pics to post, but didn't want to cause a blogger meltdown....w
Hope you enjoyed my family.....
From our house to yours....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Had a blast, now it's time to relax

Whew.....what a week! Wednesday night my immediate family (dh, 3 kids, and I) had our Thanksgiving. I cooked 2 whole chickens, one jerk style, one regular, green beans, candied yams, english roast (so tender), mashed potatoes, wild rice, 3 cheesecakes, and one 7-up upside down cake! I was done with dinner by 7, we ate and spent some quality time watching movies. I was in bed by 10, because I had to wake up early to go to my mom's house. There I was responsible for the baked macoroni and cheese. I helped clean and get things ready. Both my siblings came and their families. I was so excited to see my brother. He barely comes around! You have to enjoy him when you can. We ate like pigs. My mom cooked:turkey and dressing, candied yams, potato salad, chitterlings (ugh, nastyh..LOL), rump roast, ham, spaghetti, and 8 sweet potato pies. Dad cooked greens and cornbread. My sister cooked a HUGE POT OF GUMBO (are we not creole or what?), and bananna pudding, I made the baked macoroni and cheese, 7 up upside down cake andcheese cake, and my brother brought the POP......LOL. I had a spoon ful of everything and still couldn't eat it all......LOL We watched Purple Rain and the kids practiced their dance for the night. We all went into the basement to watch their dance off of (Adrienne your gonna love this..LOL) Walk it out. Even baby Nas, was dancing. That is my brother's son, he is only 2. We laughed and talked for hours and then we put all the food away and the kids cleaned the kitchen (Bless their hearts). We hit the sheets right at mom's house, because we all got up at 4am to hit the doorbusters on Black Friday! My mom, sister and I are pros at this. We have a system. Mom stands in line, while we shop! By the time we are done, it's time to check out....LOL. This year Marcus(my brother) and his fiance Crystal went along! They were oblivious and had to be schooled! LOL My brother usually goes shopping on Christmas Eve and spends a crap load of money. This year he finished all his shopping and only spent 315 bucks, for three kids that is a steal!. I on the other hand did not have such luck. Jariel wanted a PSP and 4 games. I got PSP bundle pack from Target for 249.99 and I got a free 25 dollar gift card. I got 2 of the 4 games. I tackled 8 out of the 5 million things Jaree wanted and have not even started on Bee as his item is online anyways. He wants a camcorder (muy expensivo) and some clothes. I have already got him 3 outfits, so I am only going to get two more. That is it! I have already spent 876.53 and I am not even half way done. Their has got to be a better way....LOL. Dh is less than thrilled too! Next year we are going to do a Christmas club! I thought he did it this year, but he didn't so you know what that means.....CREDIT CARD DEBT! The boys are becoming more and more expensive. They need jobs! LOL

Next year I think I am going to do gift cards with set limits for the boys and Jaree (my only child who still believes in Santa....bohooo) will be the only one with something under the tree. Even though she wants ALOT. I still end up spending way more on the boys. Her most expensive item this year is a Bratz laptop and cartriges for her Leapster. She does end up with about 20+ things under the tree, however they still don't add up to just one of the things the boys wants.

I really should have taken on a part time job, just for the holidays. I usually do this every year. However, are moving situation was up in the air and I was focusing all of my attention on that. I feel bad, because I don't want dh to be drowning in debt. He makes REALLYY, REALLLLLY good money. However, he is the sole provider for the household. I, sometimes feel bad that I don't contribute much towards the household. I do have a nice savings account, that my parents saved for me, since I was a baby, but I really try not to touch it. It's a nest egg for my children and I .....JUST IN CASE! Dh might get tired of me or something.....LOL. I would need something to fall back on, until I can get on my feet. Don't get me wrong. We are very happy in our marriage and have been together for almost 17 years. However, nothing is written in stone. I have to be prepared for ANYTHING!!! My mom did this with all 3 children, mostly for college, but I ended up getting financial aid, because I had a child to take care of..... while in college. Sister, spent her's on the purchase of her home, because she got s 4 year scholarship to Columbia College and brother flew thru his money while in college. He got a 2 year scholarship, as did I, but he ran thru his money fast! He bought a car, some fancy clothes, jewelry, and some of those old girlfriends got their fair share too.....LOL. I touched mine, very few times. Plus I still have money that I got from our wedding. Our wishing well, ws very blessed! LOL I have a very HUGE family. So we got a huge blessing. I have a small, very small checking account, from previous jobs I have held, but that's nothing to brag about.

I am very lucky to have a husband who considers me in his budget. LOL He gives me an ample allowance, and I just feel bad sometimes when I see him struggling to make ends meet. He is very insistant about me not WORKING. He is very old fashioned, in his way of thinking. He believes totally in the man working out of the household and the woman taking care of the household, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children. He is not very demanding though! He does not mind helping with the cooking, NOT SO MUCH THE CLEANING....but he does help with the kids and the cooking....LOL.

I guess I am very lucky to have him! He is a sweetheart at times....LOL
Didn't mean to ramble on and on....
I will post pics a little later today of our Thanksgiving! We had a great time. Even though my camera was acting stupid. LOL

later taters....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Going to my mom's

I need a mommy fix! Yes, nothing like having your mommy around when you are feeling blue. I am a TOTAL Mama's girl. My mom and I are sooo close!!!! Can't wait! She is coming to pick the kids and I up and we are going to have dinner and watch the Awards. I love my mother so much and can't imagine life without her. We are sooo much alike. It is plain to see how much we look alike.....LOL I am often dubbed, her carbon copy....LOL

I had a really bad night last night! Just totally stressed and exhausted. I am hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and anemic, and I just worked to hard over this weekend, didn't get enough sleep, wasn't eating right and I passed out and scared the heck out of the kids and my dh. I just remember getting nauseous and going to the bathroom, and then I got a terrible migraine and the next thing I know my dh and kids were picking me up off of the floor. Jaree was totally horrified and demanded to sleep in my bed last night. Dh is super mad because I did not go to the hospital, but I already knew that it was just PLAIN EXHAUSTION. I was so tired that my body ached, and I could not fall asleep because I couldn't get comfortable. My body just shut down and said enough was enough and I passed out! Dh said it was for about 3 minutes, but I doubt that! Probably less than a minute if that. I went up stairs only to have all 3 of the kids hovering over me and my dh. Jaree cried and sang me songs, she was soooo scared. I felt so bad for her....Didn't want her to get too upset and then have a seizure. So, I assured her I was FINE. She didn't even want to go to school today! Today I feel MUCH BETTER. My body is still achey, but the headache and nauseau is gone! Thank you!

Dh called my mom and now she is going to be watching me like a freaking hawk for days now...
She is so demanding and she made me call with her on the phone to make an appointment with my doctor. I told her I would call and she said "no, call right now". She wrote the day down and is going to personally take me. Helllooooooo, MOM, I am 32 years old. Not 2!!! LOL My mom is so protective of her children. She sent the ambulance to my brother's house, once because he did not go to the hospital! Turns out he had a acute prostrate infection. I guess mother knows best huh?

My sister is also coming over with her children and she is like a second mother to me, there are 12 years between us and she is very bossy too! I think they may even gang up on me and try to make me go, but I am going to make sure I look and act WELL!!!! LOL

Hate the doctors.....LOL

Well, I will be gone for most of the evening, but I will be posting later. Dana

Monday, November 20, 2006

The champ is here......

Awww, look at the princess, she is all wiped out!!!
My mom with Jaree!!
Jaree is so sleepy she can fall out!
Doesn't Jaree look like my dad. That is where she gets her complexion!!!
Look at Bonnie and Clyde!!!

Ok, this is where it gets funny. After, the competition, they had all of the dad's dancing with their girls. Look at Jaree showing her daddy up doing the heel toe...LOL
OK, don't tell my dh, but he CANNOT DANCE! lol
Look at that mess I created....LOL
Ok, is she not a daddy's girl or what. Look at how dh is looking at her. He is a proud dad if I ever seen one!!!!
This is the black mail photo! Dh is having a little too much fun with the pom pom....LOL

He just had to give her a dip. And she loved every bit of it. Face says it all!!!
Showing mommy her moves!!!

Basking in her victory! That is her state championship form in her hand!!
Ok, my absolute favorite!!! Jaree looks so much like me, when I was little it's ridiculous. Only a much lighter version! Dh better get the shot gun ready....LOL

Took tons more, but I don't want to give blogger a brain hemmorhage...LOL
More pics later....

Busy, Busy, Busy Weekend!!

Wow, the weekend went by so fast but we had so much fun!!! Spent Friday cleaning and baking. Saturday, we had our FAMILY THANKSGIVING, with the extended family. My aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, JUST EVERYBODY!!! I have a very big family. My grandmother is ONE of 31 children....YIKES!!!! 19 children from one mother and 12 from another! PAPA was a rolling stone There were 53 children alone.....IMAGINE THE CHAOS! We had a great time though. The food was awesome! I left there more than TIPSY! lol I needed all of those mango, apple, and watermelon martini's LOL. Let's just say, I wasn't feeling any pain when I left my aunt Plump's house. Dh just shook his head. However, I did pay for it the next morning when I had to wake up and get Jaree ready for her CHEERLEADING COMPETITION!!! She loooked soooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL. I will be posting pics later, but I just had to let you know my baby took SECOND PLACE!!! Which means she made STATE!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO. Go Jaree! Go Jaree! Go Jaree!!! LOL I don't even have a voice right now because I screamed so loud!!!! She is such a ham! Wait until you see some of these pictures of this girl! What am I going to do with this MESS? LOL She is a mess if I have ever seen one. Let's put this way, SHE KNOWS she LOOKS GOOD! I swear she is going to take her eye out with one those hair swings.....LOL

Today I am just chilling out! I am doing absolutely NOTHING!!! I am totally wiped out from this weekend and I am just going to kick back and relax!!! I am not even going to read a book, just SLEEP! I totally need it! I will be posting pics from my weekned! Very soon! So check back. Later taters....


Friday, November 17, 2006

Watch out Beyonce!!!

I just added this video by Ciara....LOve this song. I am not really a big Ciara fan. My son is....LOL. However, I am a PRINCE fan, and I will bet any money he produced this song! It sounds just like something he would do!!! Go C-C go CC go!!!! Ciara really did her thing on this video. Anybody, who knows me, knows that I love MUSIC and I love to DANCE!!!! This song is HOT! HOT! HOT!!!

Yes, Adrienne you got my adrenaline pumping with Walk it out song this morning.....LOL

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bake Bake Bake... Bake Bake Bake..... Bake yo cookies...

Okay, it's sad when your family wants your brownies more than they want you....
My cousin told me that if I was not bringing brownies Saturday, then she was not even going to answer the door....LOL Tommorrow, I will be spending most of my day in the kitchen Baking Homemade Turtle brownies, 5 dozen sugar cookies, 4 cheesecakes (strawberry and chocalate swirl), and one sour cream pound cake. I love to bake, so I am not complaining. It is one of the many things I picked up from my Grandmother.....sure didn't get it from my mom. I wouldn't have her cook a cake for Goldie...LOL you know the types of cakes that look bad but really taste good, well, lets say my mom's cakes are the complete opposite....However, she can cook the most awesome pies and cobblers....

Here is a fun fact about me, when I cook....I have to have on music! It just motivates me and it makes me feel so good. I sing and cook! Ms. Jaree will be helping mommy, she is so very excited! She loves to bake and I will be giving her all of my recipes when she moves out and starts her own family. She is really serious when it comes to helping me. No playing around. I mean she really wants to help. Not just lick the bowl, like how I did when I was little....LOL. The bowl was serious business in our household. It has caused many fights between my brotheer and I. I think I got my first black eye over the left over cake batter. I wanted the spoon and the bowl and left my brother the mixer blades. He said it wasn't fair and that he should get the spoon too, because the bowl was bigger than both. I said "NO". We tugged over the spoon, he let go and it hit me right in the eye. Needless to say neither one of got a bowl, a spoon, or anything else. We actually got something else that had nothing to do with food.....LOL

Jaree has really developed a liking to baking and I want to nurture that....
Who knows she may be the next Ms. Fields....LOL

The boys like to watch! Even my 14year old. Loves to watch mommy cooking in the kitchen. Bugging the heck out of me, to see when it's all ready!!!!

Lots to do this weekend. I am going to shop for a pre-lit tree. Our Christmas tree has had it and dh wants a pre-lit tree. I am not too happy about it. I like to do everything when it comes to decorating, except for put the lights on.....Dh has to do this as well as the star, I guess that is why we are searching for a pre-lit tree.....LOL

I finally found my camera. I will post a pic of my great mail day the other day and Jaree's Christmas list! This girl must either think that she is the only child in the world that Santa's visiting or she has to be kidding. I kid you not she has 47 things on her Christmas list. It's sad to say that her dad will be getting atleast half of the stuff! He is such a sucker for Jaree! She is a total Daddy's girl!

The boys list were short and sweet. But very expensive. Can you say Camcorder, New Hi tech stereo, Psp, and 4 games for Psp. Those four things right there are 1000 dollars. These kids have to think money grows on trees and sad to say, we will end up getting all of this crap! We are suckers when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays. Then our kids get "Summer toys" too! Am I crazy or what? Then not to mention, everytime I take a trip to Wal-Mart, some way or another I end up with a xbox game or bratz doll in my cart! Go figure.

We are definitely in the Christmas spirit. I watched "A Christmas Story" four times already and Home Alone twice. " I can't put my arm's down" " You'll shoot your eye out kid" My favorite lines from the Christmas story. I can watch this movie a million times. Also, I love National Lampoon's Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase and Beverly De Angelo.....I think that has to be the funniest movie ever made.... " Squirrrreeeelllllllll!!!!!......." LOL

Well, it's time for me to go, I definitely have caught the silly bug tonight. Usually happens when I am sleepy.....LOL

Good night!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We are starting to get in the Christmas spirt at the Brooks home

Yesterday, I had to go to Kmart, to get some things for Jaree and they had the Christmas music going.... Jaree and I took a stroll over by the decorations and boy were they beautiful. I was so mesmerized, we stood there unknowingly for 25 minutes.... Then Jaree showed be 5billion things she wanted from Christmas.....LOL Then we went home and drank hot chocolate and sang Christmas carols....

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to me. It's more than a holiday to me. It's a feeling! I feel so goood. I am overjoyed. It is the most happy time of the year for me. Just the look from my children on Christmas morning, seeing them rip thru those presents, the smiles, the I love you mommy and daddy, the Santa thank you notes, baking, baking and more baking. The hustle and bustle. The smells of cinammon and nutmeg! I just love it! I cannot wait! I have already started some of my Christmas shopping! Not much, I really go on Black Friday....LOL The day after Thanksgiving sale.... I am one of those maniacs who are up at 4am, showered and ready to hit the stores.....LOL It is so exciting, because I am usually totally delirious from lack of sleep...and I always manage to do something totally crazy, to make everyone laugh. One year I decided that it would be smart to stack 4 boxes of filled with diapers to use as a ladder to get a REal Bake easy bake oven for Jaree, not only did I fall and bust my butt, I managed to take a shelf of easy bake ovens with me....Thank God, I didn't get hurt, but I was ULTRA embarrassed and my mom and sister are not the type of people you want with you when you do something silly.....THEY KEEP LAUGHING...and LAUGHING...and LAUGHING...will never do that again!

Just a note to let you guys know all is well with my family. All drama has been squashed within our family.....NOW THAT VANITA a DONE DEAL...NO


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The drama unfolds....

.....Vanita the terrible strikes!!!!! As you know I got into it Saturday with my cousins grandmother.....Well, I get a call this morning from my mother asking me "what the hell is going on?". Now my mother is the last person I wanted to know what's going on....because she has a round about way of telling you I told you so without coming out and saying it...LOL Well, I thought that she was going to talk about the argument Vanita and I had.....OH NO!!! Seems, Vanita called my cousin Cassandra (Diontae's maternal grandmother) to tell her that I had been talking about the family to her, and my cousin soaked it all up and believed it... Instead of her calling me to confront me, she chose to call my mother. Helllooooooo! Am I 32 or 3 years old? What was the point of her involving my FREAKING MOTHER. My mom was soooooo pissed! She is very protective of her children! I mean very protective and she was not so gracious to my cousin Cassandra. My cousin Cassandra is 55 years old and she is a whole other topic in itself. She is sooooo NEGATIVE and she feeds off negativity. Instead, of her asking me what happened, she already tried and convicted me. Which is fine. Because we were never close anyway. I mean I love her and I don't mean her any harm, but she is not someone I would confide in. However, her daughter Cherrone and I are veryy close. It would devastate me if she never spoke to me, but I am strong and would get over it. I mean, I have my own life and my own children to worry about. I cannot concern myself with what people think of me or my children. Make a long story short, we were supposed to be having a big family gathering at my aunt Plump's house (Cassandra's mother and my mom's sister), needless to say, my family and I will not be attending....I do not need any more drama in my life. Whatever happened To Blood is thicker than water???? LOL

I was sooo upset by this earlier, that I have been in bed suffering from a headache most of the day from arguing and listening to my mom rant and rave, but I am ok now. I wear my heart on my sleeve and open myself up to be hurt, because I am a very sensitive person, but I am very strong too!!!! Been thru enough stuff in my life to develop some thick skin, but I still have feelings ya know. I do get hurt, but I am quick to recover. I have a good cry.... A good scream .....a get workout on ds punching bag, a quick run around the block, and then I am alll good......LOL Forgot to add kicking the dog! Just kidding....

Today, was a crazy, crazy day! Still waiting to hear from the lenders for our house, seems the previous owners have only been on title for 31/2 months, and they need to be on title for atleast 6 months or more.... So we are still waiting. I am getting frustrated with it too. Dh is too!! And he is the mild-mannered person in the relationship. I did manage to clean kitchen and wash all the floors. But, I didn't do any laundry, just didn't have the mindset for it.....

Once, I get this house I am going into hibernation...LOL I am going to kick back and relax and just become invisible for a little while. I need some time to re-evaluate and get back on track. I am under alot of stress, but it's nothing that I can't handle.

I'm still hangin in there!!!!

Can't keep a good scrapper down....LOL


Monday, November 13, 2006

Crazy, Crazy day....

I got up this morning very early to get the kids off to school as usual. I came downstairs to prepare a breakfast for myself , just fruit and juice and came to log on to the computer. I decided to hang out in the family room and not my room, so that I can hear the DHL delivery man, my son got a new IPOD for his birthday. Still isn't here. Wouldn't it be great for him to come at the same time he gets home from school. That would be the perfect timing. As I was cheking blogs, emails, and surfing the net, I heard a bubbling in the toilet. Went to go look to see what the heck was going on and it stopped. Thought I was losing it for a moment there....LOL So then, I heard some loud knocking in my laundry room as if something was coming thru the walls. Turns out we have a major blockage in our main line and my neighbor took it upon herself to hire a plumber, who obviously doesn't know what their doing, because Now I have raw sewage ALLLLLLL OVER MY FREAKING LAUNDRY ROOM. I am sooooooo mad! I went to knock on everyone's door to try and figure out what was going on and she told me that she knocked but no ONE ANSWERED. Which is total BS, because I have been down in the family room since 7:45am. I didn't want to snap, so I explained what was going on and she told me that she would inform the plumbers so that they can get someone out to clean it up.....I had to throw away most of the stuff in there. Mainly blankets and comforters, that my son put on the floor of the laundry room, because he was supposed to be washing them....I am so fed up with him too!

Woooooosaaaaaa!!! LOL But then, I finally calmed down and realized, there wasn't anything I can do and there wasn't any need for me to make myself upset...Then the doorbell rang and it was the mailman, with 4 priority boxes waiting for me. YOu know you are a in trouble, when the mailman asks you if you are running a business from home, because of all of the packages that he delivers. Had to chuckle. He is such a NICE man! Love Mike the mailman to death. I got a package from my girl Bonnie. Thanks for everything girl. Love the MM glitters they are to die for can't wait to play with those and thanks for the alphabet and flowers to go with! Did you get your package yet Bonnie?

Also got both of my Poppy Ink and Jenni Bowlin kits! Also, got my order from Justletme scrapbook. I ordered Maya road 4x4 chipboard album, only to get one in my November kit from JB, had to have those wax seals, a cute collage bird stamp from Tim Holtz, and some more 7 gypsies seal stamps (which I did not get yet, because 7 gypsies messed up MaryBeth's order), I order from Justletmescrapbook all the time. She is such a sweetie. So I got tons of stuff to keep me busy.

A bad day turned great! Now off to go play.....


Sunday, November 12, 2006

I just want to say thank you

As a lot of you may know, I have been going thru alot. I mean alot. If not for being able to express myself on my blog, I really don't know what I would do. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who come here to offer words of encouragement, give great advice, and those who just lend an ear, to allow me to vent. It really means more than you know. This blog has brought me a lot of people who I consider to be my sistahs!!! People that I would have never met, if not for blogging. This is one the greatest of inventions. I have always been a person to journal, but I never allowed anyone to read them....Only I would go back and reflect on what I wrote. My feelings were documented, but never heard. Never validated. Never seen by anyone but me. I still journal, but this is much more effective and therapeutic for me. It is really amazing, that a lot of us go through some of the same things, share the same beliefs and values, the same hobbies, the same struggles.... Everyone wants to feel like they belong. That they are not indifferent. That they are people who go through the same things that I do. Wow, can't believe in just a year's time.... I have met some of the most wonderful people I know. We may have not met in person, but I feel like I have been knowing for years...People like Bonnie.. Adrienne, Toya, Hollee, Gina, Melanie, Nas, my crazy girl Justem (she makes me laugh so hard some times, Rolana, Melissa, Sophia and many many many more people. I am so glad that I decided to blog. I know that most of you will remain my friends for a lifetime and that there is no limit to how many other friends I will meet, doing this wonderful thing called 'BLOGGING'

Just wanted to tell you guys: Thank you for caring, sharing, and being there for me. Thank you for allowing me to be REAL, to be myself. For accepting me for who I am . I love you guys. I thank God for you guys. I hope that one day, I will have the honor of meeting each and everyone of your acquantaince...

Until next time...

Lots going on here!

I guess most of you could probably tell from my "what people do to bug me" post, I was a little angry...LOL Well, I guess I cannot hide it well. I am. First of all, most of yesterday was a good day. One of my best friends Tori came over, haven't seen her in awhile, she was training for the police academy. She called me yesterday and wanted to come over to the house and spend some time with me. We had a good time. I really missed her. We are sooo much alike. Then I got a call saying that my niece Aaliyah had been admitted to the hospital, turns out that she has DOUBLE pneunomnia, and on top of that she had a really bad asthma attack. Today I am going to the hospital to sit with my baby. For some reason, in our family, our nieces and nephews are more like our own children. I guess because we were so close as siblings..
Especially, my sisters kids. They even call me "mom". I guess it goes back to the old African Proverb "It takes a village to raise one child". I am getting ready to go get her some coloring books and reading books to bring up there so that she's not bored.

Now, here is what a good day go bad. Warning: Long story!

My little cousin Diontae attends High School with my son. He lives with his grandmother on his dad's side, because he chose to run away from home. His life with his mother was not the best. I will say she did not provide a safe haven for her children. She chose something over her children. I am going to leave it at that. So, Vanita (his paternal grandmother) took him in. Well, the school district in which they live is not a good one. In fact, i wouldn't send my dog to the school. There's a fight in the school everyday, put it this way, we had D.A.R.E police officers and truancy officers at school . They have real police in bullet proof jackets in their school...Enough said!

Out of the goodness of my whole heart, I decided to let Diontae use my address, to attend a good school where he could be safe. Going against alot of people in my family, who did not want me to deal with Vanita, because to be frank the lady is LOCO! After much hesitation and deliberation, I decided, against my better judgement, to allow him to go to my son's high school. Much to my mom's dismay, who protested hard against this. It was not because of Diontae, my mom didn't want me getting involved with his grandmother...

This is the reason why you should always listen to your mother:

Vanita calls my dh yesterday and tells him that it is a shame that a grown woman would be in cahoots with a 16 year old kid, lying and deceiving hubby told her he didn't know what she was talking about and that she needed to be talking to me...

I get on the phone, not even knowing who I was talking to, and right away....she starts attacking me. Saying that I was decietful, and that I was keeping Diontae's progress report at my home so that he wouldn't get in trouble. Never once did this lady ask me what was going on, she just went on the attack. I let her ramble on for about 15 minutes. She even said, she knew Diontae got his progress report months ago and she was just letting it all build up.....why did she say that: I went off! I said, "Are you finish now" and she said "yes" and then I let her ass have it " I told her first of all, what were you letting build up. What are you going to do. Is that a threat? What are you letting build up. Are you a child or an adult? If you had called an asked me, instead of yapping at the gums, I would have told you that I gave Diontae his progress report months ago, and while we are on the subject, his report card too. Since, you know SO DAMNED much, he got a report card too!! I am not in any cahoots with anyone. I told her that "any rational parent would have called to see what was going on months ago (since she said had been letting it all build up)? All you had to do was call and ask. For the record, don't ever call my house with any more BS (but used the real term)! Then she said it! Wanna know what it is? I will tell you . She said the she must have been a "MFing" fool to be dealing with this "low class, trashy ass family". Why did she say that to me of all people? I can't tell you what I said, because it would be tooo many explicatives, so here is the rated version " I told her that Affiliation brings on Assimilation, meaning LIke attract like....When your son decided to lay down and make a baby with my cousin, he too became trashy and low class. Then I said this and it cut her down to the bone " If I am so low class and trashy, and knew this prior to placing your PRECIOUS grandson's EDUCATION in my hands, then what the hell does that make you ? You are either Low class and trashy your self or A PLUM FOOL! To be quite frank, you are both. I told her that I will be transferring Diontae out on MOnday, that she can send him to the High class High School in her area, and in the future do not EVER, EVER NEVER, NEVER EVER, call my house or come to it for any reason, because she might not be received well. Actually told her something alot worse, but you get the picture. She asked me if I was threatening her and I told "No Sweetheart, I do not make Threats, only Promises." If she comes to my house with all of that BS, I will have no other choice than to defend my CASTLE. That is the law! I have everyright to defend myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I am the toughest person in the world, to be honest, I don't even like to get into altercations, but this woman is asking for me to open up a can of "Whoop ass". She doesn't even know me. She knows of me! I don't even like to show this side of myself, but she brought me to this place. Then, to show you how ignorant she truly is, she had her son (Diontae's father) on 3-way. Why, am I talking to you in the first place. I should have been talking to his father. I also told her " I know that you took Diontae in, and that is a noble thing. However, If your son had been a stand up guy or HIGH CLASS as you put it, he should have stepped up to the plate and took his own son." Why did you, the grandmother have to take over his role too. Don't talk about my cousin (Diontae's mother), without first talking about your son, because they are equally wrong. Now you got both of your grown HIGH CLASS sons living at home with you and your HIGH CLASS *explicative* combat boot, perm wearing, alcoholic *explicative* husband. Then I told her I don't know why I am arguing with a DRUNK anyway (she drinks like a fish) because she won't remember 10 words I said tommorrow. I told her that she better hold on to these words though (right before I broke my phone, hanging up on her) "Don't ever call or dark my door step, or she would really find out how Low class and trashy I can get". Then I broke my cell phone by slamming the flip part so hard, because I was that angry.

Then I got soooooooooooooo mad at myself, for giving an Ignorant person like that, that much control over me. The control I am speaking of, is that fact that I allowed her to make me that mad!

It seems that everytime I try to help someone, it comes back to bite me in the butt. From now on, the only children that I am going to help, will be BEE, JARI, AND JAREE! I have my own children to worry about. You can't help everyone. I cannot save the world. This isn't the first time, this has happened with someone's child. You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now. But, I never thought it would happen with FAMILY. However, it is my own fault, because I was not dealing with FAMILY, I was dealing with HIGH CLASS DRUNKS!

I think I am okay now......
I got it all out.....

Woooooooo Saaaaaaaaaa!

Until next time...


What bugs me

Great topic, because some people have really been getting on my last nerve lately! This list may be longer the Mississippi river.

1. I cannot stand people who think they know everything. It really gets on my nerves. It's sad when you cannot even be open to the idea that you may be WRONG! My dad is such a Mr. Know It all and I used to hate that growing up. YOu couldn't tell him anything, because he always had all of the answers, NOT!

2. I do not like for people to repeat the same things over and over or tell me something I already know. My mom is sooooooooo guitly of this crime. Then, she has the nerve to get upset when you tell her "Mom, you told me that already". LOL

3. I cannot stand people who think that their $hit don't stink. I cannot stand anyone who has a superiority complex.

4. I cannot stand people who overexaggerate.. My sister in law is soo guilty. She always has to add something to the story. Most people would call it lying, but I call it overexagerating.....LOL

5. I cannot stand people who think they can say or do anyting without consequence. If you don't have anything nice to say, then KEEP YOUR DAMNED MOUTH SHUT! PERIOD!

6. I hate FAKE people. Be true to yourself. I cannot stand anyone who is PHONY. Just gets under my skin.

7. I cannot stand wanna be 'BALLERS', you know the one's who drive Chrysler 300M's, but still live at home with mommy.

8. I cannot stand rude people!

9. I cannot stand racist people.

10. I cannot stand ignorant people.

11. I cannot stand people who yell at toddlers.

12. I cannot stand people who try to get over on the elderly.

13. I cannot stand women who go after married men.

14. I cannot stand for someone to talk to me, while I am on the INTERNET....especially, when I am writing on my blog or reading emails.

15. I don't like telemarketers, who act like they know you, just to trick you into talking to you.

16. I cannot stand people who drive slow in the express lane.

17. I cannot stand anyone who does not have a sense of humor.

18. I cannot stand people who like to compare. For instance, my mil can never give me a compliment or accolade without comparing herself. "When my kids were young they were reading at the age of 3", yeah right lady. And my son was flying a plane at 18 months then... She always has to compare what her kids were doing or how they looked with my children.

19. I cannot stand hypocritical people.

20. I cannot stand haters!!!

21. Most of all, I cannot stand any man or woman who does not take care of their child. How anyone can abandon their children is beyond me. Especially if it was not for health reason, being physical or mental health problems.

Don't want to keep going as we might be here until JOVEMBER...i guess you are saying that is not a month, but that is a long time from now.....LOL


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Women can be soooo

.....treachorous!!! Yesterday, I went to the club with dh, he begged me to go with him. He said that he needed my opinion on his music, so I obliged. Hence, now my Saturday will be spent with Jaree doing something crafty....LOL. I picked my mom up and we went shopping to get the perfect oufit, accessories, and boots. My mom bought everything, my very late birthday present....LOL When, I go out, especially with MY MAN, I have to be dressed to impress. Afterall, I am representing my husband. I was there helping him set up and then I went to sit down with RED, the other Dj's wife. Her sister in law came in and joined us at the table. I ordered two watermelon martini's (love them), I don't drink often, but every once in awhile an apple, mango, or watermelon martini doesn't hurt.....LOL Soon, the place was jam packed. Wall to wall people. I was sitting at my table when this girl walks over to DJ Freddie and just started grabbing him all over (in places that were not appropriate I might add) and his wife was sitting right there. She knew that was his wife too. Red, grabbed the girl's arm and told her to back off and she looked so dumbfounded, as if what she was doing was ok. I don't blame Red at all. This woman was sooooo out of order and she better be glad it was Dj Freddie instead of Dj Jaba(my dh) otherwise she would have gotten an apple martini bath! LOL

I cannot stand women like that .... She only did that to cause trouble. Why are some women like that??? I am the nicest person in the world, but if you cross me, IT'S A DONE DEAL! Well, her friends said she was drunk, but I am so tired of people using that as an excuse to do whatever the hell they want to do. If you know you are going to act like a SLUT, then don't drink. Plain and simple. It's all about Respect. I would never do that to someone else husband or boyfriend. It's so low class. Whatever happened to mysticism....Making a guy use his imagination. Not throwing yourself outthere like a t-bone steak. Some women have NO CLASS!

I have had to turn into SUPER BEYOTCH, a couple of times, because some women just can't help theirselves. They want to hang out at the dj booth, grab all over the dj, pull the dj out of his booth to dance with them, you name it I have seen it. It is honestly one of the reasons I stay at home. Because I have a really bad temper at times and before I would know it I would be strangling somebody. I have put all those foolish ways behind me and have since changed my life. However, if you back me into a corner, you know the rest....LOL

My mom says this has been going on since the beginning of time, you have some women that don't wan't their own man , they want yours. All you have to do is trust your man and watch that woman.....LOL. I will add, that I have 100% trust in Baptiste, he has NEVER in the 8 years we have been married, given me reason to doubt him. I know he loves me. With his whole heart and I am not a JEALOUS woman at all. I have too much self esteem for that. I have always conducted myself as a LADY, and I just do not understand women like that.....

Ok I am off my soap box now


Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am very proud!

Of my babies Jariel and Jaree....

I went to Jaree's parent teacher conference last night and I was bracing myself, because Jaree can be a bit much sometimes.....LOL I was very pleased at what I heard. She is above average in every single subject! Especially reading and spelling. The teacher spoke very highly of Jaree. She got 100% on all of her reading and spelling assessessment. She tested at a 5th grade level in reading and she is only in 2nd. They said that she is an OVERACHIEVER...she has a passion for learning and that she will go very far. She was in the 95 percentile for all other subjects. We do have to work on her self control. Wow, to me this is hilarious, because I was the exact same way. I was always on the honor roll! However, I still got a check in exercise and self control. Mrs. Hearns (her teacher) says that Jaree wants to think for everyone else or answer all the questions, because she's alway 3 beats ahead, but she said that she has to remind Jaree constantly who the teacher is.....LOL I know this to be a FACT, because Jaree is very BOSSY!!! I was so proud. They are going to put her in a gifted program to push her to the limit. I am sooooo proud. I am extremely proud, because this is a child that they said would never walk nor talk. This is a child that said might be a vegetable. This is the child that said she had a 50/50 chance of living. This is the child who has suffered the worst seizures I have ever seen. This is the child that almost lost her battle to epilepsy in January of this year! So, excuse me for my enthusiasm here. I am sooooo proud of Jaree. I want it more for her than anyone else because she was not supposed to be where she is.... They told me that my baby had massive brain damage at birth...NOW LOOK AT HER....goes to show you that GOD is GOOD, GOD is ABLE, GOD in the ULTIMATE DECISION MAKER, there is Power in his name. I prayed for my baby, I didn't CLAIM what fate the doctors gave my baby, THE DEVIL IS A LIAR, and I called on my GOD, and he did not fail me. Gone let the church say Amen! LOL Felt like I was preaching for a moment. Again, I am so happy for Jaree. I could not be more proud! She defied all odds and is doing VERY WELL in school!!!! I'm a honor roll parent....wohoo!

As for Mr. Jariel, he did quite well. He got A's and B's and a C in reading. His teacher claims he is not reading at a 5th grade reading level. I don't understand this, but I have decided to put Jariel in a tutoring program to see where he is ..... He is very smart in Math, he is in the 100% percentile in his class. He is Math Mentor. He gets to go tutor other 4&5th graders in math. I was so proud. He is on student council. He is doing well in every subject but READING. So, I am going to read with him at home 30 minutes each day. It's not that he cannot read the words, he is not COMPREHENDING what he is reading. That is what is killing him. So I am going to go to the School store and get different workbooks that can help him. I am going to spend 30 minutes of my day dedicated to helping Jariel and his reading. I want him to excel and it is not going to get any easier. It's only going to get harder! I would be failing him as a parent, if I did not try to do everything I knew how to help. My brother had problems with reading, but he was a genius when it came to math. Reminds me of Jariel. Jariel is also a YOUNG SCIENTIST. He is in the 100% percentile in Science. They are having an awards ceremony in December, can't wait! I am going to be so proud.

As for my oldest son Bee, I am really disappointed with him. He is not doing so well in high school and it's really my fault. It's his cell phone! All he does is talk on the phone and get on the internet. His life consists of girls, cell phone, dancing (he has his own dance group), myspace, tagged, hanging out with friends, and did I mention girls. So many girls call here for him, I cannot keep up. As soon as he walks through the door, ring, ring, ring.... I have never seen the kid study. EVER! But, I was trying to treat him like a responsible young adult. YOu can't do that with BEE, you have to stay on top of him. So, now I have to be bitchy mom! He cannot talk on the cell phone until all his homework and chores are done, same thing goes for the computer. He cannot hang out with friends during the school week, and he has to put in atleast 3 hours of time at the library. I would be failing him as a mom, if I do not put my foot down. He is lucky his dad doesn't know. He would kill him. I told him that I am definitely showing him the report card, but I will give him a chance, since this is the progress report. I am soooooo disgusted with this kid. I do not like the teenage years, what I wouldn't do to make him a baby again. LOL

As for me, I am going to school this January to finish my Master's in Counseling Psychology. I only have 18 hours left. I am very excited! I am a counselor now in so many ways, all of my friends and family call me for advice. I also, will be working part time with my niece Talisa. She owns a store called Peaceful Inspirations. It's kind of a newage store, lots of healing crystals, meditation classes, deep tissue massages, readings....I am going to be teaching Visual Imagery Meditation. I did a few seminars right out of college with my teacher Dr. Dave, so she wants me to teach it once a week at her store. My niece is actually one month older than I am ......LOL But, she still respects me as her aunt. She calls me Auntee Dana and I feeel sooooooooo old.. She is doing really well and her and I are working on business stay tuned!

I am really excited how things are turning out for me, new job, new house, new car, going back to school......everything seems to be falling in place! I think everyone should have goals and dreams, if you don't I don't want to talk to you...LOL I don't think anyone should want to stay where they are at in life, it is always room for improvement. In 5 years, dh and I plan on getting a home built from the ground! That is our 5 year plan. Our 1 year plan is to invest into some real estate (that is where the money is at). He is planning on purchasing a 3 flat building and renting it out! I am so happy for him. He has been talking to some friends who are already into real estate. It's time to make money for ourselves. NObody ever got rich off a 9-5! Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be rich. However, I do want to be extremely comfortable.....LOL

Until next time


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Come on over to my place

Well, I must not like too much because I am moving....LOL

Honestly what I love about my house first and foremost is that it is a home! We are a very loving family, we eat together, pray together, laugh together, cry together, talk to one another, and love one another...

When I first moved into my townhome 3 years ago....One of the things I truly loved about this house was the kitchen. Everything in was black and white. Except the floor. It was lavendar vinyl....yuck! So I quickly redid the floors in black and white tile! That is what I am going to miss the most is my black and white kitchen with glass cabinets...

I also love that my laudnry room is right off the kitchen. I can cook and put a load of laundry in at the same time!

I also love my HUGE bedroom. I love my HUGE walk in closet. My bedroom is very large. Large enough to house my king size sleigh bed, two night stands, huge dresser, huge chest and all of my scrapbook goodies.

I love my enclosed deck!

I love the schools that my children attend.

I love that my children are in a safe environment!

I love Evelyn and Dorothy, my neighbors who are 83 and 84 year old sisters, who do not miss a beat. They still drive, cook, and do everything like they are in their twenties. Mind is of full capacity. Dorothy is very fiesty, she doesn't take any crap and will tell you how she feels in a split it good or bad. She is too cute. Evelyn always has a funny joke to tell! She is such a sweetheart. Bobbi their daugher lives their too as well as her son Greg. They are funny too. Love seeing Baby Emma come over to visit! That is Dorothy's great granddaughter and Bobbi's granddaughter.

Love my neighbor Mark, he is so good to my kids and they love him too. He plays football with Jariel, he takes the boys fourwheeling, he is very sweet!
What I hate about my house is...

It is a townhouse, so I am attached to 3 other people. This makes for very little privacy!

I do not have a backyard. Kids don't have any place to call their own. So we spend most summers at the park.

Bertha the beyotch! My neighbor who complains about everything. She is the main reason for our move. She complains about the dog barking, the music, the kids .......she is a miserable lady who lives alone!!!!! I see why she is ALONE!

My carpet, it's burber and I hate it.

The flat paint on the walls. My landlord is soo cheap...LOL

My bathrooms....Hate the tub and floors!

Paper thin walls, let's say I have heard my share of things, that maybe I shouldn't of......LOL

I hate that their are not a lot of female children in the neighborhood, Jaree doesn't have anyone to play with...I feel so sorry for her sometimes!!!

Well, we will be moving from this place.... a place we called home. Just remember a house is built of bricks and beams but a home is built with love and mom used to say this all the time.

It is not the structure that makes a house a home, but it's the people inside. I try to make my house a home, no matter where it is, how big it is, how much room it has or doesn't have, whatever the case may be.....I will make it my own.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where I grew up...

Wow, its funny that this was the challenge question, because right now my uncle is going to buy my grandmother's home and keep it in the family. I grew up on the SOUTH SIDE of Chicago. Better known as the wild HUNDREDS. My address was 10740 South Sangamon. It was a huge bungalow with two huge evergreen trees in the front yard amongst a huge bush. Our house was yellow and green, the porch was decorated with beautiful geraniumns in huge flower pots and in the pack yard we had a big peach tree. I loved that house. It is the home where I took my first steps, learned how to ride a bike, I learned how to skate in the basement, and it where I snuck my first kiss from Sydney Talman. shhhh don't tell my dad. I was only 5! HEHE! This house was full of love and adventure. I grew up at this house and sooooo did so many others. You see this was my grandmothers house. We lived with my grandmother all our lives... When my grandfather passesd away, my grandmother begged my mom to move back home, and my mom did. She never left my grandmothers side, until the day she died...

Everyone came to Grandma T's house! It was like a daycare, restaurant, and night club all in one. It was a vessel that everyone passed through to get food, share laughs, get advice, and most of all LOVE. Our house was truly a HOME. I grew up in a very Christian and loving home! We ate home cooked meals every day....with the exception of the occassional pizza, chineese food, and Saturdays when we went out to eat! I lived for Sundays! Everyone came over grandmother would cook like the president was coming over....every single Sunday. It started with breakfast which would consist of the following: bacon, sausage, ham, grits, eggs, hash, smother potatoes and onion, pancakes, toast, french toast, omelettes, and HOMEMADE BISCUITS....then lunch, we would have soup, salad, turkey sandwhiches and my grandma's homemade sun tea! But the dinner was the TREAT: Granny would make:Turkey, ham, roast beef, greens, candied yams, baked chicken, smothered pork chops, buttered beans and hamhocks, homemade dressing, peach cobbler, cocunut cake, homemade dinner rolls, and sweet potato pie. This is not a JOKE! My grandmother cooked like this EVERY SUNDAY OF HER LIFE before she got Alzheimer's disease. Everyone would come over. My cousins in I would have a blast. Often times, we would put on a talent show for the adults. I can remember raiding my mom's wigs (I don't know why my mom wore wigs in the 70's and 80's her hair swung down to her waist) and we would be the Superemes or Sonny and Cher. We loved to put on a talent show. My cousin Mara could really sing and she would blow the house down. She still can sing! Not me, every dog in the world would be .

I used to love Fridays too. My grandmother would have a Fish Fry and sell plates, boy did my grandmother make a killing! She was a hustler. She would sell Catfish, Perch, and jack Salmon with green, spaghetti, cornbread, and corn! Most of times it was to the church members. My grandmother used to give her plates away to the hungry. She had a heart of gold. I remember that all of my uncles and aunt and their wives and husband would come over to play cards on Fridays...Bid Whist to be exact. I used to laugh because my uncles would get TOASTED and argue over who was cheating in the game... I have to admit, my cousins and I used to drink coolaid and act like we were getting drunk and stumble into the walls, pretending we were our uncles. My uncle who just passed away was so funny! He was so animated. He talked with his whole body. He was sooooooo cool! He always had to slap somebody or he wanted them to slap him 5. My cousin Tonya can really imitate Uncle Bud....
She would have you in stitches.

Then there were the bad things about the house....
I swear this house was haunted! That is really why we moved. You are going to think I am lying, but this is the honest to God truth. My sister and her boyfriend were playing in the house. Playfighting, and Tony her exboyfriend was getting a little too rough, my sister broke and ran in the kitchen, and he went to follow behind her and his shirt raised up like someone pulled it up and his whole body lifted about a foot off the ground and nobody was holding him. He thought it was my sister. My grandmother never turned around to see what was going on but she said "George doesn't like all that playing around". George Kennedy is my grandfather and he had been long dead. He died before I was even born. Tony never came around for a LONG TIME after that! LOL If you think I am pulling your leg, email me and I will gladly give you my mother's number so that you can call her and confirm, because it happened before all of our eyes...

Something was up with our basement too. I just got a bad vibe everytime I went down there. Didn't help that my brother called it the Devil's den either. He was such a little terrorist. I soaked it all up too. He always tried to scare me. He was sooooo bad! He used to tell my cousin Tonya and I spooky stories and then lock us in the basement. I got so scared I urinated on my self and he my grandmother tore his butt up too....

Many strange things happened on Sangamon street, but my grandmother always used to say, that you can't let just anybody in your house, because many people travel with bad spirits (My grandmother was native American and shared many of their beliefs). She was also very superstitious! We could never throw our hair away, we used to have to burn it! My grandmother was a psychic, I will never forget she went to my cousin Dionne and told her to be careful because she had death all over her and 2 days later she died of a drug overdose. I told my grandmother then at the age of 13, if I am going to die, don't tell me ok.....just let me drop dead. LOL

She would also get this cough, and we knew someone was going to die!!! Everytime she got this whooping sound cough someone in our family died! So, there are good memories and bad memories associated with Sangamon St. However, the good outweigh the bad.

One of the funniest stories I am going to share with you is about a girl named Penny that used to pick on me all the time. I had really long hair and my mom used to put all types of beautiful ribbon in my hair and the girl used to steal them. I would never say anything, because she was older and I was so scared of her. One day I came home and Penny took my ribbons and my mom told me if I came home one more time without my ribbon she was going to beat my tail! So, I told Penny that I was going to get in trouble if she took my ribbon and I couldn't give her my ribbons anymore. She told me she was going to kick my you know what after school. We got out at 2:30, I darted out of the class room and out of the building at 2:25pm. The teachers, the staff nobody could catch me. I ran all the way home! About 15 minutes later, I heard the doorbell ring, and my BROTHER answered, it was PENNY!! And all of her gang. She told my brother to tell me to come outside. I started crying and I told my brother that she came there to beat me up....why o why? did I tell Marcus that. He told everyone in the house. I will never forget my uncle Maurice and my uncle Roger was there and everyone was snapping. Telling me you never allow no one to chase you to your house and to go outside and beat this girl dad held my mom back, because she wanted to talk to the little girl, but my everyone else wanted me to beat her up...I waas soo scared ...i was only 8 and PENNY was 11. I walked out of that door , walked over to my neighbors house where Penny was ....and she started screaming and yelling and I held on to the gate with one hand and beat her with the other. I beat the living you know what out of that girl. I closed my eyes and just started to hit and when I knew anything my brother came over and picked me and told me to look. Penny was on the ground and I had been hitting at the air, because I knocked her out with the second punch......LOL From that day forward, I have never been scared of anyone or anything. I was so terrified of her, because she had all these scars over her face.....OBVIOUSLY she couldn't fight if she had all of those scars.....LOL duh!

From that day forward, I became known as the girl he BEAT THE BULLY. Everyone wanted to be on my team and I ran the block.....LOL . I was never a bully, but if you push my back up against the wall, I am coming out of that corner swinging and I am this way to this day....That single moment shaped my life. I am the nicest person in the world, but don't cross me. The worst place you can get on is my bad side. My husband says I am the fiestiest 5 foot tall woman he has ever met......LOL

I don't take any crap and don't think anyone should be anyone's doormat. I have since learned that I don't have to do it physically, because I used to fight all the time. NOw I can talk it out.....

If I can give any advice today it is ....
Treat people the way you want to be treated
Never allow yourself to become anyone's doormat....
and the most important advice
Never tell your older brother that someone has come to your house to fight you and you are tooo scared to fight, because the whole family will make you go outside and fight, almost giving you a heart attack from fear....LOL

Until next time...

I have decided to.....

....really get my priorities in order. I am going to really try my best to stay out of the scrapbook stores and scrap more. Only go if I need something like more glue dots, adhesive, but it is soooo hard. I am the same way when it comes to purses and shoes!!! I am such an impulse buyer and I got this gene from my mom, who will shop over and UNDER and back around the table. For as long as I can remember, my mom shopped all the time. My mother was a very hard worker. She often time worked 2 jobs, NOT to make ends meet, that was not the case. It was to support her fierce spending habit. I remember my mom, used to hide bag in her trunk and then when my dad went to work she used to smuggle them in.... Honestly, I went shopping every single week. My mom had a great job as a supervisor at the RAILROAD and my grandmother's brother owned a very upscale nightclub, for which my mom was the barmaid. She took us shopping on her tips every Friday! Each one of us would get a brand new outfit, a pair of shoes, accesorries that might include a belt, a purse, a watch...whatever. Then my dad, would give me $20 every two weeks for allowance and I would spend it on stickers.....LOL My mom, to this day is what i call A POWER SHOPPER. She has tons and tons of jewelry. Tons and tons of shoes! My dad had to build a closet in the garage, because my mom took all 3 closets in the house, left him with the smallest, so he had to build another closet. I am to some extent like my mom, but not as bad! My mom has A-1 credit, so she can do what she wants. She always paid her bills on time and tried to instill those principles to us..."YOUR CREDIT IS EVERYTHING" is what she always told us...If you can't afford to get then don't, there is always tommorrow... Funny coming for a woman who shopped more than queen Elizabeth....LOL
My grandmother loved to shop too. She loved to shop for rich FABRICS! My grandmother used to travel all the way to the NORTH side, to get the perfect fabric. Often times to sew us dresses or to make a quilt, or to make her a dress. She could not pass up a FABRIC store ever....and I am the same way with Scrapbook stores. Honestly this year has been the most I have been shopping since I started. I swear I am not RICH, I am not maxxing out credit cards, everything I spend is CASH! Alot of the times it is money that dh gave to go splurge, birthday money, or money I have won (you do know I have a scratch off addiction too, I have won 500 dollars twice). I am going to get a grip on my spending. If it wasn't for my mom, I would have only gone to Michaels, i have been wanting some watercolor crayons for the longest!!!! I am going to take heed to some of the advice that I have been getting.

I can honestly say for me it is AN ADDICTION. I have to have NEW, PRETTY things! I, honestly can't help myself. I am not even going to drive in the area of another scrapbook store....LOL

I did scrap 7 pages last night!!! I am on a roll. Plan on doing more today! I have about 25 pages kits sitting here from Poppy Ink, Scrapologie, and Jenni Bowlin that I haven't used. I decided that I was going to scrap with my kits. I did 5 layouts with the kits. Came out great too! I am going to start on my Frapp bottles this weekend. The kids and dh finally drank them up. I even drank two of them. the vanilla and caramel aren't that bad!

I don't have any clue as to what I want to put inside, but I am sure I will find something. i am also going to work on my muffin tin. Just gotta go get some acrylic or a gel medium to seal whatever I place inside, so it doesn't shift!

I am starting an art journal......I love to draw! My dad is an artist and I got his genes....I can really draw. Mostly flowers, butterflies, cartoon characters, but I am starting to get back into my painting and drawing. I can do some really cool abstract art. I think Jaree is going to follow in my dad's footsteps, because she is very artistic. The way she uses color is amazing..... I foster this love of art, I am always buying her art kits, sketch books, you name it.

On another note, Everything on the homefront has been good. All the kids are doing ok. Jaree has a terrible cold, that I am watching closely, but other than that everyone is doing great. We are waiting to hear back from the lending officer to see if homeowners accepted the contract it was contigent upon appraisel. Haven't heard anything yet. I still have my fingers crossed. I have to get my SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!! Lord knows I need one......LOL

I will keep you posted the moment I hear the news!!! I am trying to stay positive but this is really NERVE WRACKING....

Today I plan to do a load of laundry. Fly girl suggest that you do a load a day. Get in the habit of doing a load a day! I am going to clean the kitchen and wash all the floors. Organize a few thing in my scrap area in my room. Prepare dinner and kick back relax and read my many idea books I have gotten over the last week. I have been really enjoying ALPHABETICA!!! Wow, I am blown away at the talent. This book totally rocks! I still have about 6 more idea books to read and I still have not read Dec. CK. So I plan to catch up on my reading. I also need to finish my book Dirty Red, by Vickie M Stringer. Bonnie and Clyde are home from school today, because their school is a polling pub. I have to go vote today too! So I have plenty on the old to do list today. Enough to keep my mind off SHOPPING.....LOL

Until next time

Monday, November 06, 2006

Enabler alert

Are you ready to be enabled? These cute ribbons were only a dollar at Michaels....Yes, only a dollar!!!
Got some ink pads, some crochet flowers, sequins stars, ink pads (starting to get into stamping), and watercolor crayons..
Got all these ribbons too for 1.50!!!
This is my fave!! Love that orange fringe ribbon!!!
More acrylics from Archivers!!!!
Isn't this ribbon too cute by Bo-Bunny
Love this cute little monogram. I got a bunch last time I was in ARchivers
More acrylic flourishes, tags, and borders

Saved the best for last...Look at those American Craft ribbons....They are to die for
Got some more Nancy Boutiques!!!
Blogger messed up, but this all of the stuff from ARchivers. Love those ribbons by American Crafts and the glitter letters by K and Company!!!!
better shot of the Nancy Boutiques!!!
Another shot of those yummy ribbons from American Craft. Loved that I could by these by the spool. The pictures just don't do it any justice!!!!! I love ribbon. I also got the CK Idea Book and Becky Higgins Family History.... I am off to go play with some new found stuff. I have a tons of Club Scrap rubber stamps that have been never used and I am off to just play with those.....Play with the water color crayons, and make something cute with the ribbon.
Consider yourself enabled.....

Great weekend!

Friday, I was home alone.....the kids all went to my mom's house for the the weekend. I wasn't feeling well, so I just went to sleep. Saturday, my mom brought my oldest home, so that he could go to the movies with friends and dh and I ended up going to the movies to see Saw 3, which was sooooooo good! I love horror movies. Dh and I went dancing afterwards at the club he dj's at and then we went home. My son spent the night with friends, so we had the house to ourselves.....hehehehehehehehehe! That is all I am going to say....LOL

We slept in late on Sunday, the kids came home! My dh went to watch football with the guys and my mom the ENABLER came over. She wanted to go to the new JOANN'S to look at Christmas decorations.....was she nuts! Does she not know my funds were low and that I have no will power when it comes to any craft store?? I told her that I would go, but i had to sit in the car, because I didn't have any money to be spending on scrapbook supplies. She told me "Well, don't look down the scrapbook aisles". This lady does not know me at all.... She told me that she was just kidding and that she had won some extra on the BOAT, and that she was spreading the wealth on to me and my sister. Music to my ears. My mom just did not know what she was in for....not only did we go to Joann's, she had to know ARchivers was right down the way, and we just had to go to Michaels to see what was in there. Boy did I rack up, once again. Didn't feel bad this time, because my mom indulged me.....LOL

I am going to post all my findings later today. I can tell you to run to Joann's they have American craft ribbons by the spool 2 for$3. I ended up getting 6 rolls and some more of that Nancy brand scrapbook stuff....I also got some more ribbon that was 1.99. I went to ARchivers and got some Flourishes stamps, didn't have any, another monogram stamp in A, the Tia Bennett tags and titles, some glitter letters by K and Company, some more American Crafts ribbons, The new Idea book by Becky Higgins Family History, and some more things. I got a few things from Michaels, I got some silk flowers, that I plan to use in my scrapbooks, some new wire cutters, tons of ribbons (mostly in the dollar section), some watercolor crayons, and more stuff...

Then we had lunch...I picked my dh from Buds. Took my daughter out for ice cream, came home briefly. My cousin Cherronne called and said that the whole family was at my aunt Virgie's house. So I hurried over there and we had a great time.....Didn't leave until late! Then I went to pick something up for the kids and I to eat. My nephew Marion and his friend Rodney came by to play
Xbox 360 with my dh (Men never grow up....LOL) and I did a little cleaning (very little) and went to BED!!! I am beat. I had a very full weekend. How was yours???

Stay tuned...I will be posting all of my ARhcivers, Joann's, and Michaels finds later today.....