Monday, December 31, 2007

Saying Goodbye to 2007...

and HELLO TO 2008!

This has been one crazy, fun, insane year!

Let's see dh and both turned 33!

The kids turned 15,11, and 8!
Which equals no babies....booohooo!

I have a bittersweet relationship with the New Year.

I love new beginnings, second chances, and renewal. But, I hate watching my children grow up..... Do you know Bee will be 16 in 2008? WTH? I can remeber when I was 16 years old. Time really flies!

It seems like just yesterday, we were toasting to 2007 and now 2008 is upon us...

Let's see, what happened in 2007.

I bought my very FIRST HOME!

I finally got an expedit and I love it

Jaree decided she wanted to be a cosmetician when she grew up

We were invaded by little nasty alien creatures knows as Cicada's

I realized that my oldest son Bee was not a baby anymore

Bee went to his very first Homecomming dance

I became an aunt yet again to Ms. Aya

Although we had a lot of fun in 2007, it had it's down. I lost two important people in my life. My uncle Marion and my aunt Beverly. I had several bouts with depression this year. Dh and I had some rocky times. The kids drove me nuts, especially my teenager, found out who my real friends were, and found out what makes DANA tick!

This year was full of both laughter and tears,

But through strife we find strength...

2008 will have it's good times and bad times as well, but God is Good, he is real, and he will bring you through...

I made some really good friends through blogging, I don't have to say anything you know who you are....Most of you have been with me since I started blogging and I love you dearly...

to my cyber sistahs



Friday, December 28, 2007

Jaree's Christmas

According to the boys, this year was Jaree's Christmas. So here is Jaree's Christmas: This couldn't be further from the truth. Jaree just got more quantity wise, but the boys gifts were FAR MORE expensive.

Bee wanted money (alot, alot, alot of money) and a video ipod. Jariel wanted a cell phone, a video ipod, 2 remote control cars, games for his psp, a nerf gun, and the flytech dragonfly....that was not cheap! LOL

Even though Jaree got MORE, she really got LESS...KWIM?

By now I am used to all the complaining, this year I told them if they don't like what they have, we can always give it to charity. They straightened up real quick...LOL

More pics soon!

WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME, it would be that freaking hard to find a African American baby alive doll, went to 6 different stores for that dumb doll, it would be nearly imposible to find bratz life with the bratz dolls, because it's in the electronic aisle, and that I would lose my mind trying to find the littlest pet shop paws off diary because WALMART, keeps it on the end caps, and that the bratz snow lodge ice cream making machine, requires a VISIT TO THE DAMNED GROCERY STORE on Christmas morning. Yes, Jaree drove me crazy!!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Whew.......its been a blast!

a very busy blast...

What has been going on since the last time I blogged!

Let's start with the good:

The children had a very, very, very wonderful Christmas!!!!
My living room looked like Toys R Us sent a shipment of toys to our house, instead of Toys R Us...LOL

Let's start with Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve, my siblings, our kids, and I, always meet up at my parents house around 5pm. We have a light dinner, we have a champaigne toast, we exchange one gift (which is usually pj's), we sing Christmas Carols, and have mimosa's and egg nog coloda's, oooo so yummy. I even had a tequila shot. Why, did I let my uncle talk me into that. I was toasted guys. Usually, a wine cooler will make me tipsy, so just imagine I had 2 mimosa's, 1 egg nog coloda, 1 shot of tequila, and one glass of champaigne. I was feeling no pain when I left....LOL

Santa Claus, almost didn't make it! Truth be told, if It was not for Bee (my oldest son), there would have been no Christmas for Jaree and Jariel. He took all of the toys from the attic and set them up. He says he tried to wake me up several times, but I was sleep. I didn't even here him. I woke up at 3am, still fully dressed and in my coat. Baptiste had to work Christmas Eve and he didn't get home to 1am, he said he took one look at me... and he took a whole lot of pics. Let's just say, those pics got deleted really quick...

I did have enough energy to bake cookies, brownies, and rice crispy treats. I don't know how they tasted, but they were made.....LOL

The kids woke up around 8 am and woke me up, before they went down stairs. I got up, hangover and all.....LOL NOw these kids are so different than I was when I was little, they couldn't put me to sleep with anesthesia on Christmas and I was always up by 3am , tearing up my gifts....

Jaree was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!
Of all five billion, 999, 365, 989, 156 toys she got....she zoomed in on one item

BABY ALIVE!!!!! If I had only known! Well, I can't say that, she was excited about her Bratz Kids SEcret Snow Lodge Ice cream maker, and her littlest pet shop paws of diary!

However she received the following from us, cough ...I mean Santa....LOL

1 Baby Alive doll, with extra food, diapers, and clothes
1 Sky wishes My little pony
1 Littlest pet shop diary
Bratz Life
Bratz kidz icecream maker snow logdge
Bratz Magic Makeup
Bratz Full Body Makeover
Bratz Pampered Pups
Walking Bratz with dog
Bratz Fashion Stylist in Makeup Artist, Nail Tech, and Beautician
Bratz Winter Kids
Bratz Winter Doll
Food for Easy Bake Oven
Bratz Make up kit
Big Kidz Bratz Music Stars
and last but not least
The shaker mp3 player

Now, why is 95% of that, still in its package.

I guess you are wondering what could the boys possibly have gotten, because Jaree's list was so long.

Well, Jariel rec'd

One new cell phone, with mp3 player, camera, and video recording
The shaker
Camaro gas car
The Terraniac by Tyco
Fly tech Dragonfly
Some Huge whopping nerf gun
100 dollars
1 pair of air force one gym shoes
short list, but more expensive than Jaree

What did Bee want? Money!!! 500 dollars! Sweet!

Dh and I always exchange gifts in January, but I was shocked to recieve a full body back massager, money, Passion fruit pop basket from Victoria SEcret, smells sooo yummy, and a promise to get a manicure and pedicure on Friday!

So I had to go and get him some Antonio Banderas cologne, a case for his laptop, and a 100 dollar gift card too Guitar Center, his favorite store. He was so happy.

I hope this means I still can get my camera in January....LOL

That is what I really wanted for Christmas, my camera finally bit the bullet!!! LOL

The kids got so much stuff from my mom it was ridiculous, mainly clothes, my mom does not believe in buying toys, she says that is our job.....LOL My sister got them all gift cards, so they have been bugging me to get to Target, my brother got them absolutely NOTHING....not even a Merry Christmas, but I already expected that. I did get all three of his kids gc's but it's all good. My mil got them a whole bunch of stuff, as well as their aunts and great grandma.

Now here's the kicker, their god parents all called and want me to come get their gifts today....

I guess I wasn't thinking I bought all that crap, because now I don't know where I am going to store this stuff!!!!

They don't need a nother toy or clothes, or shoes for 25 years.....LOL

They enjoyed it though.

They got in on the gift giving too, each one of them spent their own money and bought family and friends gifts!!!! I teach them that it is better to give than to recieve. I don't think Jaree quite gets it yet....LOL

Later that night, went to mom's for some good food, good company, and good conversation. My mom had it decorated so elegantly. My mom really should have been a interior decorator, she has such good taste...

Now for the bad.....

Jaree had yet another seizure a few days before Christmas. IT WASN'T A BAD SEIZURE, like last time, but now she has to go back on trileptal. Which is something I hate. I have an appointment today to see her neurologist, and I am going to express my concerns. I don't feel Jaree has epilepsy, she has never had a seizure, that didn't accompany a fever. They are all febrile seizures. So please pray for my baby!

Also, do you ever feel like you step 2 steps forward, only to take 10 steps back. Well, you should always follow your first mind. Something told me to stay at my mom's, while my dh and the kids visited his family, but instead I went. Only to regret it later. First of all, when I got inside my sil's house, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Everyone was dry and acted like they didn't want to speak to me, and I don't KISS BOOTY, OH NO....NOT DANA!!! So, once I spoke and said Merry Christmas to everyone, I went into another room with the people who I felt comfortable with. As soon as my Bee, walked into the door, my younger sil was all over him, take your hat off, do this, do that..... Hey, he's a teenager leave him alone. She starts talking about his clothes, oh we don't do skulls.....because he had on a hoody with a skull, that zipped all the way up, with a matching shirt and pants, and skull earrings and necklace. He looked damned GOOD, if you ask me. She just kept picking at him, so long story short, I checked her really good and she didn't like and decided to leave. In my mind, I was thinking where the hell is Baptiste, because after all, this is his family, he claims, he didn't hear what was going on....but sometimes, you should put your own family in their place, because when I do it, you may not like it. I don't PLAY when it comes to my kids. Mess with my kids, you are likely to get hurt. She was just badgering him for no reason!!!! I just don't get it. This particular sil normally doesn't act like that (when she's by herself),but when she gets with her family she pretends to be TOUGH TONY and it pisses me off. Keyword, PRETENDS, she won't bust a grape at a fruit fight! I gave her a real good tongue lashing and continued on with my day. Some people can dish it out, but can't take it, kwim?

However, she picked the wrong kid to mess with!

My kidz are always WELL DRESSED, WELL GROOMED, and WELL MANNERED! I think that his family thinks that we are too extravagant. But what I do with my kids is not anyone's business. I just think she's A HATER!!!!

I came home and talked to dh about how I felt and it's like he's OBLIVIOUS to what's going on. It makes me so mad sometimes. I want to SCREAM! But he said, whenever I or our kids feel uncomfortable, we come first and he will leave! But, I somehow have my doubts. But, I am not going to get into that. Long story short, my dh needs to cut the freaking umblilical cord already, he's a total MOMMA'S BOY! LOL That can be so trying sometimes!!!!!

Last but not least, after I left my mother's house, my crazy brother and my mom got into a HUGE FIGHT, over none other than MONEY!!! He owes my mom so much money, but continues to borrow money and my mom finally said "HELLLLL NO"

and this was all on Christmas.....LOL

Can't tell you enough how forward I am looking to the NEW YEAR!!!

Sorry for the long post, maybe I should have posted a disclaimer or something...

Hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright....


Friday, December 21, 2007

Ups and downs of winter

Had a slight break I decided to blog! Another one of my goals is to blog more. I seem to always feel better after I do.

So I am participating in today's blog challenge
Challenge for today is:
What are three things that you enjoy most about the winter season? What three things do you dislike?

Interesting thing, because I always have had a love/hate relationship with OLD MAN WINTER!

If I had to choose three things I love about winter:

1. Time indoors. Time to reflect, to get reaccquanted with family, more time for reading, scrapbooking. Hot chochlate, chili, beef stew, chicken pot pies, (btw, I only eat these foods at winter)fuzzy socks, flannel pjs, and fleece blankets.

2. Snow fun! I love to go to war with kids, I can throw a mean snowball. Just call me Sammy Sosa baby!!! LOL Sledding! Sledding! Sledding! and more Sledding! Building a snowman with the kids.

3. More snuggle time with dh. When you're cold, you tend to snuggle with someone to get warm. Who better to snuggle with, than my baby! LOL

Now there's a downside

1. Driving in the snow and even worse driving in an ice storm. It's horrible, I try to never drive in any of these conditions, if I don't really need to.

2. Shorter days and being cooped in the house with kids. That is why I love summer!!!!LOL

3. The cold, The cold, the cold. I live in the MIDWEST...the windy city. We have really bad winds. Which makes it a whole lot colder than it actually really is...We may have 20 degree weather, but if we have a windchill factor of -8 then that is what it feels like.....LOL

What do you love about winter, what do you dislike?????

What a great challenge!!!! Loooooooved it!

Until next time.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trust of my biggest flaws is that I am toooo trusting.

My parents tell me this..
Baptiste always tell me this...
My friends....

And now it has all come back to haunt me.

Make a long story short:

I befriended a group of children that live next door to me. It's 10 children in all. 8 whom live at home. They are a little less fortunate than we are, so I always try to help them out. They come to my house, they use the computer, they eat, they play the video games, and I welcome that. I have always had this NURTURING and MOTHERING nature, far before I became a mother. I was babysitting at 8 years old. Ok.

Well, yesterday, I went in my room to look for the kids gifts. 2 video ipods and a cell phone. To be exact. Because I kept all the toys and big stuff at my mom's. Because my children are nosey as hell! Well, there nowhere to be found. I tore my room up, looking for it. Still can't find it. So get this feeling and I decide to confront the sister of the person I suspected. Sure enough, the first thing she said was "was Jane X in your room". I never mentioned any names.... She then told me, she would look around for the items and call me back if she found them....


If you are wondering why I decided to confront the sister, we are really close, she is 20 years old and knows how her siblings are....

The mom, would have just beat the hell out of them all, without asking questions, and I did not want that.

I HAVE NO PROOF, that Jane X, stole anything...

Just a gut feeling....

and when I get these...they are normally TRUE!

It is my own fault. I am out of 500 dollars, because I have to replace it....

But, I take it as a lesson learned...

I am too trusting and to never allow anybody free reign over my house.

Sometimes, people mistake your kindness FOR WEAKNESS....

I don't know how I am going to make this up, it is only 5 days before Christmas, I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY, but I have to make something HAPPEN!

2 of the gifts were for Jariel. My child that has a heart of Gold. And that hurts the most. He is so humble and never asks for MUCH. He's been that way his entire life and because he is so modest, I almost always get EVERYTHING he asks for. I cried my eyes out yesterday! Because, of all the people for this to happen. I would have much rathered them steal from ME. NOT, my BABIES...

This is not the first time, something has gone missing out of my house. I am kind of ashamed to even tell you how much WAS missing, before this incident.

But, I hate to think that SOMEONE, that I considered to be like a daughter to me, TO STEAL from me...that is a HURTING FEELING...

I have to chalk it up as a loss....

but I am truly devastated by this...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....

.....Just like the one's I used to know.

What is the perfect Christmas to you?

For me, it is not about the gifts? It's not about receiving anything.

Christmas is not just a day for me, It's a feeling!
It is truly the happiest time of the year for me...

I really get into Christmas! Decorating, cooking, baking, ginger bread houses, I love it.

What would be my Perfect Christmas?

Snow on the ground, you know the really white snow that glistens...
Singing Christmas carols with my family
Going to my mom's on Christmas Eve, which is a HUGE family tradition, for egg nog coloda's, hot cocoa for the kids with tons of marshmellows, having my mom read "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" to the kids, and being able to open one gift, which is always BRAND NEW PJ'S, to be worn to bed on Christmas Eve. My siblings and I always head to my parent's for this..

Baking cookies for Santa.....
Making all different kinds of cookies, chocolate chip, peppermint, butter, sugar, and oatmeal and raisin. Making really good fudge! Making all different assortments of rice crispy treats and cornflake treats!

Watching the Christmas story over and over on Tnt! Priceless.

Being around my family...

The look on my children's face on Christmas morning...

All the thank you's and kisses I receive from the kids......"Thank you mommy and daddy, a gazillion times...

Going out at night to throw reindeer dust so that Santa can find his way to our house.

Being blessed to still have both of my parents...Who are healthy and so full of life! I thank God for that!

Still having CHILDREN, in my household, who I can play Santa for. Our children are only children for a short while, before they are all grown up and that is so scary for me. My oldest child is 15 years ...... They grow up so fast! Jaree is the only child that still believes in SAnta! I probably have another year or two, before that is over..... So that makes me sad.

Believe or not, I love the hustle and bustle of shopping. The thrill of the hunt. Running all around to find that perfect toy, for me this year, it was that darn blasted Baby Alive doll in African American. Hello, toy companies, African American people do exist, can you send more ethnic dolls to Wal-mart.....LOL

I love gathering all the kids up and driving for hours to look at all the cool Christmas decorations...

Keeping my radio on 93.9, listening to all the cool Christmas carols...
My favorite Christmas carol is :This Christmas, by Donny Hathaway....Chris Brown just remade it. While, I love his version too, I love the original.

Then on Christmas day, IT'S ALL OVER! so quick! Sometimes, I get a little sad.

One of my fondest memories of Christmas, was the year I got my CABBAGE PATCH TWINS, oh my God! That was the best Christmas. My mom had her friend build me a crib and dresser, and the dresser was full of clothes and diapers, and crib, had a musical mobile. I was too excited. It was also the year, I got my puppy Dutchess! I got so many other things, because my mom always WENT ALL OUT for Christmas, but I remember that day, because I woke everyone up at 4am, to come look what Santa had brought. My grandmother, really made a big deal out of those twins. She played with me all morning! She always made me feel so special, and that EVERY WORD I said was IMPORTANT. I remember getting into so much trouble too, because Dutchess kept crying, and I put her in my bed and she took a huge dump right in the middle of my floor.....LOL She was only a baby... I sometimes, wish I could go back to that time. Come to think of it, all of my Christmas' as a child were SPECIAL. There was not one, that I can think of that was disappointing. But even as a child, it was not the gifts. It was being around my FAMILY. Fellowship! Sure, I was so excited, anticipating what Santa would bring me that year, but I can honestly say, my fondest memories, were not the THINGS I RECIEVED....BUT THE MOMENTS....

the moments I had with my Grandmother who is gone on to glory...
going to visit my Aunt Plump (no that is not her real name it's Virgie, but that is her nickname) and having my older cousin Darcel play dolls with me, she is now dead.... watching my uncle and aunt get toasted and dance the bop together , now they are gone, laughing at my uncle James, who could not drive to save his life, almost hit our dog, each year, because he was doing 100 up the drive way, now he's gone, laughing at my uncle Roger, who would get so sloppy drunk, that he would say every thing in three's "Hello, Hello, Hello" How you doing, How you doing, How you doing", then he would go outside and slip on the ice and lay there, like nothing happened.....priceless! Sneaking into the champagne with my favorite cousin SEan, who was murdered back in 1991. Laughing at my uncle Bill and my dad, as they argue over topics that didn't even MATTER, then laughing because my uncle Freddy D would agree with both of them, "Wendell (my dad), you right, you right".....Buster (my uncle Bill) you got a point there", Now we all know they both can't be right. Watching my uncle CArl, snooping around to see if any one's watching and then sneak a sip of his aunt Josie didn't like for him to drink....listening to my uncle Marion talk plenty of CRAP when he's winning a game of Bid Whist, slapping his cards on the table, he just died on 7th.

While those are moments that I will never get back, they are MEMORIES THAT I WILL CHERISH FOREVER.....

Better than any gift I could ever receive...

If I can say something to touch you today...

Know that life is not about THINGS.... Life is about the MOMENTS...


Have a safe and Merry Christmas....

I probably will be super busy over the next couple of days, so I don't know that I will be blogging much after today, but I just wanted to say to my blogging sistah's

I love ya!!!!!!

Until next time

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


My good friend Adrienne, blogged on this very subject. You can read it here. She had some really great resolutions.

Do I make resolutions? Yes! Do I stick to them? NO!

But this coming year, I really plan to stick to my GOALS, DREAMS, AND DESIRES....
Maybe, if I look at it in this light, or using this terminology, I will stick with it.

One of my biggest Resolutions, this year:

Is to spend more time with family. Life is so short. We had so many deaths in the last couple of years, that you start to realize your own mortality. I am a family oriented person, but I don't see my family like I should. I am not speaking of my immediate family, I see them all the time. I am talking about my aunts and cousins. My extended family.

I plan to schedule outings, for the family, atleast once a month. Movies, museums, zoo,dinner, skating, bowling, get togethers at home, things like that.

Life is PRECIOUS, I want to spend mine, surrounded around people whom I love and who I know love me.

Another one of my goals, is to finish my MASTER'S DEGREE. I only have 18 hours. Why I haven't completed it, I don't know. I will take my time, take a class or two, and see how it works. But, I know I need to go ahead and get my Master's. My parents are definitely riding me, about this. LOL

Another one of my goals, is to take more DANA TIME. To focus on me. I am always so entralled in my husband, my kids, my parnents, friends, siblings, nieces, nephews, that I barely take the time to focus on ME. As most of you know, I battle with depression, and I need to take the time to get DANA toghether.

Another one of my goals is to start BELIEVING in myself more. I have alot of THINGS that I am talented in. I am a hell of a writer, I have great business skills, I am damn good BAKER, I really need to get off of my butt, and get my business up and running. 2008 is my year!

Like Adrienne, I didn't scrapbook as nearly as I would have liked too. I will definitely be scrapping more in 2008 as well as submitting, which is something I have never done!

This year, I want to learn to knit and sew.....
My mil says she will teach me as she does both quite well
Watch out Adrienne.....LOL

My last goal is to get more health conscious, I am overweight. I need to lose about 35 lbs. I need to start eating right and exercise. Because I want to be here for my family. Don't get me wrong, I am not severely overweight, because people laugh when I say that, you know to BLACK FOLKS, THICK is in.....LOL But, I know I need to lose some weight. You know when your body isn't right, and I think I would feel alot better about myself if I shed some of this excess weight, I have gained 3 kids later. LOL I don't want to go back to my high school weight, which was 110 lbs. No way. BUT 125, to 145 is right up my alley. I am not trying to get back into the daisy dukes and stretch pants....LOL No halters and tube tops for Dana, but I want to start shopping in the front of the stores and not the back. I am size 14-16 and would love to be a size 10. So I need to do what needs to be done! Stop talking about it and start being about it. So, dh and I bought two memeberships to L.A. Fitness. I am a great swimmer, so I was told that is a great source of exercise, because it works every muscle in your body. We both have personal trainers and we start this Wednesday. I don't want to do it the easy way, I have been to the "fat doctors", where they give a b 12 shot and fat burners and water pills. I dropped 45 pounds in 3 months, and kept losing weight rapidly and started to look like skeletor from Heman, so I had to quit.....LOL This was few years back, but this time around I am going to do things the right way.

So that I have told you my goals, what are yours?

Until next time...


Monday, December 17, 2007

After a very long and sad week....


This week was so EMOTIONALLY DRAINING. We laid our dear sweet uncle Marion Odell Pleas to rest on Saturday. I am so drained! My surrogate baby little Marion, took it soooo hard! Oh my God, at one point I thought we were going to have to call the ambulance. He's only 19 years old, and his biological mother died when he was almost 3. She died in childbirth, along with his sister. His father was never a part of his life much before she died and THEN NOT AT ALL, after she died. So my uncle Marion and my aunt Plump adopted him. So, basically, this is the only FATHER little Marion has known, HIS GRANDFATHER/FATHER. So he is clinging to his GRANDMOTHER, my aunt Virgie, who is already in her 2nd stage of Dementia. He kept saying I love my grandparents so much! He broke EVERYBODY down, including the FUNERAL DIRECTORS, who have seen COUNTLESS funerals. It took us forever to leave the mausoleum, because he just layed across, my uncles casket and cried and sobbed. We finally, had to just remove him! I was just getting over the stomach flu and still woozy, so this just about did me in....LOL

I was sick as 5 dogs and 10 cats, Thursday and Friday. Saturday, I had only got 3 hours of rest, because I was up throwing up my gutts. The funeral was at 9 in the morning. I still had to get up, get 3 kids ready, and do Jaree's hair. I just pulled my hair back in a pony tail. It was no way, I was trying to curl my hair. I just wet and pulled it back in a pony tail and just wore it wavvy. Something I hate to do. I was so sick and all of that crying, just sent me into a massive migraine. I hardly ate anything at the repast, and was sooooo weak. I got to my aunts house and laid in bed and took a nap. All of a sudden, I felt someone lay in bed with me, (now I am one of the scariest people in the world! I was scared to open my eyes, because after all it was my uncle and my aunt's bed, finally, I opened one eye, and it was little Marion, he layed on me and went to sleep too!) He has always been my baby. I took care of him at a very young age. He is my surrogate son after all! I love him so much! I love him just as much as my own children. He knows it too! My kids don't even say that he is their cousin, they say that he is their BIG BROTHER, and they all rallied around Marion, kissing and taking care of him.

I thank God, that we have such a close and supportive family, because we got through it together.

Now, I am ready to go out and shake a tail feather, and get my grown and sexy on....LOL.

I am like my dad......I NEED A DRANK! not a drink, but a DRANK! lol

Wednesday, all the girls are going to get together at my cousin's house for drinks and movies. Just the girl. I have 19 cousins, that are all my age, and we always get together and act a fool!!! Even after we left the funeral, my cousin Tonya, had us in stitches, because she can act just like Tina Turner. So we were re-inacting part of the Movie "What's love gotta do with it", and we did "Proud Mary", I thought my aunt Plump was going to bust a vessel, she was laughing so hard, but she NEEDED that. We can find humor in anything!

I would like to thank you all for all your well wishes and prayers. Some might say, that it is over, but it's really just the beginning......

Today, I am just going to relax!!!!! I had 10 children at my house, Saturday and Sunday. My nerves are frazzled! I am going to kick back and DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! and enjoy it!

Until next time....

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Friday Baby....

and you know what that means...

Throwback Friday

This video I chose, was one of my favorite songs as a teenager. Hell to this date, this song is still killin...LOL

Allow me to take you back, How back.....way back...

A time when dressing like a boy was sexy, rocking an a-symetrical hair cut or a feather was cool! Box cuts and high top fades were too cool!

This is my all time favorite female rapper. She was my idol.

I knew this song word for word. Still do ....

so with out further ado I give .....

hell I will just give you a hint



Adrienne you betta bring it...


Just to let you know I will not be posting this weekned. Won't be back until Monday, the funeral is Saturday and I will be relaxing on sunday.

Love you all...

cya soon!

It's Friday Baby....

It's time to go back, how far back...lets go back to the day when dressing like a boy was hot, a-symetrical haircuts and box cuts were hot, the days of yo mtv raps...can you go that far back. WEll, this is to this day one of my favorite female rappers. I still know every word of this song.

Chaaalllllllllenge! Adrienne you know I love you girl! But you betta bring it!

I am the lyte....l y l l yte.....LOL

Sit back, step inside my time capsule and enjoy!

This weekend will be busy for me, the funeral is Saturday, so more than likely I won't be blogging again until Monday!

Have a safe and fun weekend.

Love ya....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I was so inspired by...

this post by BonnieRose, that I decided to post 10 of my own greatest joys in life:

1. The birth of all 3 of my beautiful children. They bring so much joy into my life. It's hard to imagine life without my children.

2. Finding out I was having a girl after having two boys first! I was so ecstatic.

3. The day dh and I got married. I was so happy. So, so happy. My face hurt from smiling so hard.

4. Spending time with my mom. She is truly my best friend. I love her dearly.

5. Snuggling with my dh. It just feels soooooooooooooo good. Kicking back in the bed or on the sofa snuggling with my baby. I love him so much.

6. Bathing.....I love to bathe. Kicking back in the tub, with some great bubble bath and nothing but my thoughts. So relaxing and stimulating.

7. Spending time with my siblings. I love them sooooooooo much. We have so much fun together.

8. Joking around with my dad. When I was a teenager, my dad and I had a love/hate relationship going on, but now as a grown woman, I love my dad soooo much, he is still very protective, but SUPER FUNNY. No one makes me laugh like my dad.

9. Hanging out with just the girls. Girls night out. Every woman should plan these outings atleast once a month.

10. Graduating with honors from College. I was told by someone that I would never amount to anyting and I was sooooo honored to prove that person wrong!!!!!

These are some of my greatest joys....
some BIG...some small
but all give me great joy...

Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie~~~

Feeling a little blue...

not depressed....just blue. It's really hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. I am not even done with my shopping which is so unlike me. Usually I am done by now. I still have to get 3 more gifts for Jariel and 2 more for Jaree. Bee wants money, still have to pick his card. After the passing of my uncle things have literally gone to shit. My room is soooo messy, the floors need washing. I am not a total neat freak, but my house is always presentable. I would hate for someone to pop up now. LOL

I am going to muster up enough strength to mop all the floors and clean my room. I will dust this weekend. I am just not feeling it .....

The kids know it too!!! They tried to cheer me up by getting me to sing Christmas carols, a family tradition in our family. Felt good for the moment, but soon after the reality of my uncles death hit me. All the drama surrounding his death is just UNREAL.

So much is going on, keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers.....


Saturday, December 08, 2007

My uncle passed....

away peacefully yesterday. Please say a prayer for our family. This is a very difficult time for us being that this is right around Christmas. He passed from lung cancer and complications of pneumonia. He waited until everyone left, to go home to shower and get dressed, he held out. He did not want us to see him die. He died only 3 minutes after everyone left. He fought a good fight. Now he's at peace. He's not suffering. He has gone on to be with the Lord. Uncle Marion, you will be very deeply missed and never forgotten.

Until we meet again sweet uncle...


Friday, December 07, 2007

Today's the day!!!

I woke up late, haven't checked Adrienne's blog yet, so here it goes. I loved this group, and let's just say this is my dh and I's break up to make up song....LOL

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I am not dead.....


So much has been going on... I just have not had a chance to do anything. But, today I said I was going to make sure I got some Dana time... Guess where I am? If you guessed Panera Bread you are CORRECT! Yes, I am eating as I am typing...LOL

Since the last time I blogged, my cousin Cherrone was admitted to the hospital, because she had to have her gall bladder removed. She was in so much pain and I can so relate, because I had to have the same surgery. I was even worse, because I had gall stones, with bilary colic, which means I was throwing up Bile.....It was horrible. I would rather have 10 babies at one time than to have GALL STONES...LOL

Also, my uncle Marion, was admitted to the hospital with Pneumonia, he has double lung cancer and he is terminal. They are going to start hospice care at home. This is sooooo hard for me, because my uncle Marion, was so funny. He looks and acts just like Bill Cosby and just to see him like this is heart breaking. What's even more heartbreaking is to see my aunt and my nephew Marion (he's really my cousin, but he's always called me auntie, because of the age difference)he's taking it sooooo hard. I mean he just broke down on me. Marion is 19 years old and I have helped raise him, because his mom died when he was 2 years old. I have always looked after him. I was only 16, but I took care of him like he was my own and I have always looked after him. He sometimes even calls me Mom, but I always remind him that he has a mother, and she loved him dearly. My aunt and uncle Marion adopted him and raised him as their own. Marions deadbeat ass dad was never a part of his life, so all he has is his grandparents..... so imagine how he mom, no dad, and he's going to lose the only father he knows, his granddad. It's heartbreaking.... So please, say a prayer for my family!!!!!

As for me, I have been doing well. Depression free. Staying prayerful! Talking and walking with the Lord. If not for God, I would not be here. I swear. So much has been going on, with me, that I do not even want to get into right now, but I just pray!

On a brighter note, I have been enjoying my children. WE have been snowed in the last couple of days, so we have been watching movies. Finally got a chance to see the MESSENGERS and it scared the living crap out of me. Now that is one scary movie!!!!! LOL We took the kids to go see This Christmas with Chris Brown and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo Good. Jaree is growing up so fast, because she has a big ole crush on Chris Brown. Her dad is less than thrilled, that his little princess is growing up.....LOL

Dh and I finally went to go see WHY DID I GET MARRIED? Oh my God, why did I wait so long to see this movie. It was soooooooo good. I will definitely be buying this movie when it comes out on dvd. Angela, was the best character in this movie. She reminds me so much of myself. Fiesty and not taking no crap!!!! LOL

Today, I am going to chill out relax and help Jariel with his project that is due Friday. I swear I sometimes feel like I am still in school. These teachers come up with the craziest projects.....LOL

I just wanted to let everyone know that I was alive and well...Just taking a break from things and spending time with family.

Much love to all my blogging sisters out there...

To my sister Adrienne, I am praying for you, I love you, and you will get through this.....stay strong, and know that you are in my thoughts, my prayers, and you are sooooooooo loved girl!!!!!!

Until next time...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reporting Live from ....

PANERA BREAD!!! As I sit here, surfing the web, eating a very tasty Chipolte chicken sandwich, sipping on some good ole cheddar broccoli soup, and buttering up my french bread, oh and not to mention sipping on my iced green tea....

I am enjoying myself! The kids are all at home watching the Santa Claus 3 and mommy and daddy got away for a quick date!!!!!

I love Panera Bread! Love the food! Love the iced green tea! Love THE FREE WI-FI!!! LOL

It's moment like this that make life worth living...LOL

Today, I accomplished so much. I cleaned Jaree's room, washed and folded 3 loads of laundry, mopped all the floors, vacuumed all the floors, and swept and cleaned the porch! I am dog tired now. When I get home I am going to relax and watch my favorite show SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!

Yesterday totally surprised me and bought home a BRAND NEW 47 inch LCD flat panel television. I was so shocked. WE had a 60 big projection screen televison, but it went out. Too much to fix, so we have been without a television in our family room for about a month. The kids were so excited. I like it because it's not as bulky as our old television. I guess he was jealous of my mom's 50 inch and couldn't help himself.....LOL My mom purchased a sony 50 inch plasma, from circuit city on Black Friday. Dh was so jealous....LOL

Now he wants one for our bedroom, I said wait buddy, I am still waiting on my brand new camera.......LOL

WEll, I need to finish my good food....

Until next time...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feels good to be loved!

For the last couple of days I have been feeling like I am coming down with something. Every night my arms ache, my legs, and my back, similiar to flu like symptoms. I mean they ache bad. Yesterday was really bad, not only was I achey, but I felt really weak. I got into the shower and just let the hot water run all over my body, curled up and then went right to sleep. The kids kept on knocking on the door asking me if I was okay. Then dh, took the kids out to eat, so that I would not have to cook. They are tired of left overs....LOL Then he came home and rubbed my arms and legs until I fell asleep. The kids got up this morning and brought me orange juice and a muffin and asked me if I was okay, for the hundredth time....LOL

Today, my arms are still aching and I feel like I am going to get a fever. Dh says I was really warm last night, but today I feel it. I hate getting the flu. It sucks on so many levels.

I told dh to bring me home some Thera Flu. My oldest aka (Mr. Clean) didn't have class today, so he's home cleaning the whole house for me. Gotta love him. I told him he's' going to have to marry a very tidy young woman, or it's not going to work. He is a neat freak, like my mother. Too bad his little sister Jaree didn't pick up this trait.....LOL He's always getting on her about keeping her room clean. She does a good job, but she hates it!

Today, I will be in bed most of the day!!!!!!! I am going to get some reading done, and watch dancing with the stars results. It better be Helio and Mel B in the final or I am going to be pissed. Marie should have left a long time ago, in my opinion.

So long Mr. Wise, I thought he was sorta cute. I am talking about I love New york, am I the only crazy person who watches this. I thought she was going to bring Chance back ..... He's the only one, who can handle her craziness.

Well Guys, my bed is calling....

until next time ....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Monday

Whew, time sure flies when you're having fun!!!!!

This Thanksgiving was a blast. Spent it with family. Good food. Good conversation! We had a blast. Friday we got up at 3am and hit the stores. First on the list:TARGET!!! They had a great deal on Bratz dolls! Next: Walmart had an even better sale on toys. Then Circuit City, my mom bought a 50 inch samsung flat pannel for $799. As if she needs another television. That so needs to come to my house! LOL Mom has it like that though. Me, I have to wait until AFTER Christmas....LOL This one man bought not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE televisions. Somebody's stocking is going to be stuffed to capacity this Christmas. He told my mom they were gifts, and of course one for his self. I told my mom, she should have got his telephone number....LOL

The next stop was starbucks to re-energize. Got myself the usual Vanilla Bean frappuchino with carmel sauce!! Then we went to Crispy Creme donuts. I was in Heaven. Next stop:K-MART, they had a great sale on clothing and coats. My mom bought the girls pj's, cute little outfits, and new bedding. Next stop was: Game stop, my sister wanted the Wii for the kids but they were sold out. Ended up getting 7 games 3 for x-box 360 an 2 for Jariel's psp and 2 for Jaree's Nintendo Ds pink.

So far, Ms. Jaree has the following:

Pampered Pupz Bratz
Winter Bratz
Winter Bratz Ice creme Palace
Winter Bratz kid
My little pony sky adventure
Littlest pet shop paws off diary
Walking Bratz
Bratz Make over
Fashionista Bratz
2 nintendo ds games
Bratz Magic Makeup
Just about done with her, she wants baby alive and digi makeover. Then I am done

So far for Jariel
2 psp games,a verizon juke phone, a remote control car...

Bee just wants money.

I will be finishing up with Jariel next week. He wants some type of flying computerized dragon fly, a helicopter, some nerf gun, transformers, and video ipod. I will be done!

Saturday, I went to my friend Chantel's party. We danced, got our grown and sexy on, and played CLR....didn't win a penny....LOL

Sunday, we went to the Swap-o-rama. Bought the boys some coats, Jaree a gold necklace, that has "daddy's girl engraved, bought the boys some 10 dollar jeans(gotta love the swap) and 10 dollar shirts. Got some mexican corn, ooooh so yummy. Afterwards we went to Tiger Direct, 2 different Best Buys, Circuit City, and Walmart. After my mom, bought that 50 inch flat panel, dh wants one. The picture on my 55 inch projection television is getting bad anyways, so I guess we are due. He only wants a 50 or 55 inch, and they cost a GRIP and a half. He's getting a Christmas and Exa bonus soon. I know where his money will be going. LOL Also, he gets retro pay, a walgreens settlement, and tax time is pretty soon, the money will be flowing in......LOL

We came home and just conked out at about 8pm. That is the earliest I have ever gone to bed, but I was just exhausted.

Today, I am definitely going to sit home and chill. Last week was so hectic, I need to just sit back an kick my heels up.

I will be watching I love New York and and Dancing with the Stars, but you already know that.

I have alot of cleaning an laundry to do, but that may have to wait....LOL

Later taters....

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hey you remember that episode of the Cosby show, where they were dancing against one another and the man yelled CHALLLLLLENGE....

Were you calling me out Ms. Adrienne. Ok, I was totally in love with these THUGGISH RUGGISH BOYS.....

Thought they were fine as all get out!

Too-shay Adrienne

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Giving thanks

I have so much to be THANKFUL for this year. God has truly blessed me this year. I cannot complain. I am thankful for so many things.

I am thankful for:

My health.
I am thankful for my 3 beautiful children and their health.

I am thankful for my wonderful and supportive husband.

I am thankful for our brand new home.

I am thankful for the beautiful relationship I have with my mom. We are so close.
I am blessed to have both of my parents alive and healthy.

I am thankful for being free of my depression for the past week.

I am thankful for all my wonderful friends I have made in cyberspace.

I am thankful I have such a wonderful hobby, scrapbooking.

I am thankful for being able to afford all of my NEEDS and a great deal of my wants.

I am thankful for my nephew Marion, who I love so much. He lost his mom, when he was only 2 years old and I have been a surrogate mom to him, ever since I was 15 years old. I love him so much! I thank God for him.

I am thankful for my crazy dog Goldie, who has given me so many laughs...

I am thankful to God, that Jaree has been seizure free for almost two years...

I am thankful to be alive, breathing, undertaking all of God's glory, receiving all of his blessings.
I am thankful for my siblings and nieces and nephews....

What are you thankful for this year. Please share!!!!!!!!!

Creepy fog all over Chicago land today...

Today, I woke up to take my oldest Bee to school and I had started the car from the house, so I never looked outside. When we walked outside it was like something out of a horror movie.....The fog was soooo thick you couldn't even see two feet in front of you. My oldest who is a prankster, took off running down the street screaming and he scared the crap out of me, when he came back. He's lucky because he almost caught one to the eye, lol.

We had to drive at a really slow pace, because of the fog. It was crazy and it remained like that most of the day. It's just starting to subside....

It's kind of creepy being that Steven King's new movie THE MIST comes out on tommorrow. I can't wait to see this!

The fog was so thick, my neighbors kids didn't want to walk to school which is 3 blocks away, they asked if I could give them a ride....LOL I can't say I blame them, because I didn't want to drive in it, let alone walk in it.

Today, I have a few errands to run. I forgot some stuff this weekend, when I went shopping, so I have to get cheese for the macaroni, gizzards for the dressing, and 30 pounds of stinky nasty CHITTERLINGS, I call them Shiterlings, because that is what they smell like. My kids and husband love them. So do my mom and brother. I can't stand them. I will be at the neighbors house while my hubby is cleaning them. Makes me want to vommit.

I am doing a little Black Friday shopping. I am going to get Ms. Jaree out of the way. She has a list as long as the Nile River. Last year she got 21 things, not doing that this year because she still has some of the crap in her room unopened. I told her to pick her top 10 and maybe she will get a few more things. But, I don't believe in wasting my money. Jariel wants a cell phone, too easy, and he wants a remote control car, a remote control plane, some type of nerf gun, 2 games for the psp, and some transformer toys....SWEET! Bee only wants MONEY!!!!!! I had to explain to the two older kids that we have a budget this year and we are sticking to it. Each child has a bugget of 300 dollars. I am sticking to it. Not a penny more or less! What ever they can get with that, is what they will be getting.....LOL

On another note, I am anxiously awaiting the results to dancing with the stars. Mel B, better be in the finals. I don't care if Marie or Jenny goes home, as long as Mel B and Helio are in the finals!!!!!!

It's almost time for me to pick up the kiddies....

Later taters

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Monday!

I had a crazy, busy, fun weekend!!!! INCLUDING GOING TO JAIL. Yes, you heard right. Seems I missed a court date, and their was a warrant issued, however when I rec'd the ticket my license was still at my old address and never went to the court date. 400 dollars later, I was released. My mom kept calling me Madea! Priceless! This was Saturday, the day I went to the club! I really got my drink on! LOL

Sunday, I went out with some friends to dinner at my favorite restaurant Hamada House of Japan. I got my favorite meal the Land and SEa. It comes with filet mignon and huge shrimp,all grilled to perfection, with onions, and zucchini, brocoli and mushrooms, chicken fried rice, and noodles. UMMMMM. I am salivating just typing about it. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good yall! Woo!

Later that night dh and I went to his work for employee appreciation night. I was bored out of my wits! Finally, the fun arrived. We danced and the whole club did tequilla shots! Except dh, he is NOT a drinker at all. Not saying I am a LUSH, every now and again, i get my grown and sexy on!

Today, don't have much planned. Of course you know I am watching Dancing with the Stars. Cooking dinner, roast, mashed taters, and string beans. Other than that, I am RELAXING in my clean HOUSE!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Old man winter has arrived....


It's hard to believe that 2007 is almost over. It seems like just yesterday my kids were begging me to take them to the community pool and to the waterpark. My kids are little fish and they spent most of their summer in the water. NOw it's time to put away the swimming suits and break out the snow suits....My kids love winter too. They love having snowball fights, building snowmen, and snowboarding and sledding. Drinking hot cocoa, tomato soup and grilled cheese, chili...LOL These are all the things we look forward to about winter.

Tommorrow it's going to snow! Can you believe that. Today it's raining and tommorrow it's going to snow. The kids are already pulling their sleds out dusting them off getting them prepared! I keep telling them it doesn't mean it's going to be enough to sled, they said just in case it is they will be prepared.....LOL

Today and this whole week, I am doing some deep cleaning. Getting my house Holiday ready. I want it extra clean for the Holidays. We aren't having company, as we are going to our parents house. But I always make sure my house is extra clean during the holiday. Walls washed, dusted, baseboard, blinds, carpet shampooing. I am goign to cook. I always cook for my family. I will do my cooking on WEdnesday. We will have our family Thanksgiving with one another and then we will have Our big Thanksgivng with our family.

I don't do TURKEY, so I will be cooking two whole chickens, dressing, candied yams, greens, baked macaroni and cheese, ham, crescent rolls, sour cream pound cake, lemon meringue pie, and brownies. My hands are full....LOL

I am also preparing myself for Black Friday! We always go out the day after Thanksgiving for all the super duper sales. Last year I posted pic of my mom in the cart driving, do you remember? With the new house our budget is strict and tight. I have a bugdet of 1000 dollars for the kids. Period. Not a penny more, not a penny less. For everyone else it $500 period! I have learned my lesson with binge buying. Jaree got 21 things last Christmas and some of those things are still in the freaking box! I told them to pick their top 10 must have items. That doesn't mean that is what they are going to get or all they are going to get, but that will make them prioritize. Jariel and Jaree are still in the toy phase. Bee my 15 year old just wants MONEY. Easy and sweet!

This year because things are so hectic. My tree won't go up as planned on Friday, but maybe by December 1st, maybe before! Jaree has been trying to get me to put it up since last week. LOL.

I am getting into the Christmas spirit already! Especially when I heard Nat King Cole's "Merry Christmas", when I heard the first verse "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....that was it! Christmas mode....LOL

I already dug out the Holiday favs, Home Alone 1 and 2, Christmas Story, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, and Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. The kids will be watching those movies feverishly. Even Bee, he is big kid when it comes to Christmas.....LOL

Well, besides cleaning, i am going out with friends tonight. Going to get my grown and sexy on! LOL Adrienne, you know about that grown and sexy don't you...LOL

I hope I can walk up the stairs to the bedroom when I get home, because after all the drama going on in the family, I am about to get my DRINK ON! lol

Until next time...

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's that time!

Sit back relax and enjoy....

I used to be so in love with this guy.....YUP YUP.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday's ramblings...

Wow, can you believe Christmas is just a few weeks away adn I have not even begun my shopping. I always kick off, the day after Thanksgiving. I know it's crazy! We love the hustle and bustle and it is a tradition in our family. My kids are growing up so fast, BEe is 15, he just wants money. My 11 year old, wants a new cell phone,some games for his psp, and some jordans. Jaree is the only one I have to go toy shopping for.....and it's strictly BRATZ. Kids grow up so fast don't they? That is why, I try and cherish every single moment.

Jaree is still home from school! She still can't keep much down. She did hold down soup and grilled cheese. I don't know what possessed her dad to give her JERK CATFISH AND BEANS AND RICE....that crap erupted up out of her like a volcano. LOL Men are so oblivious to these kinds of things. I am just praying hard I don't get it! I have been bleaching and lysoling everything....LOL

Today, not much planned. Cooking dinner, watching a movie....snuggling with Baptiste.

Jaree has been in my bed since she has been sick....Today she told me she could sleep in her own room. THANK YOU JESUS!!! My back has been out of wack since Monday....LOL

What are your plans for today? Anything exciting? Do tell...

Today's challenge was if you were a flower what flower would you be...

I say a rose....doesn't take long to bloom, at it's full bloom is when it's most beautiful, smells good, but has thick thorns to stick those who are not careful....LOL

Monday, November 12, 2007

Still kickin...

I am still here....

Things are going better. Finally coming down off this roller coaster ride, called Depression. I feel like a weight has been released off my chest. And it feels good. Not trying to jump full steam ahead either. I am easing my way back into the swing of things. Don't wanna rush....

This weekend was great! My son had his little "juke party". He looked sooooo handsome. My oldest son BEe, that is... All I have to say is times sure have changed, when I was a teenager, boys did the chasing....not the girls. These girls now a days ....woooooo ... that is all I am going to say.

I ended up having 11 teenage boys sleepover..... It was all good. No problems, well...I take that back, some girls got into it, but I nipped that in the bud. It's sad that sometimes as women, we can be so darned catty....I hate that. That is one of the reason's I didn't have a lot of female friends growing up...I can't stand drama. I am a no nonsense type of person, with a short fuse, and I don't have time for bull garbage.....LOL

Today, not much planned....of course I am watching dancing with the stars....

Jaree is sick as a dog with the stomach flu, which I pray I don't get. She's running from both ends and she is totally miserable. I feel soo sorry for her. My poor baby.

I was sad to hear Kanye West's mom Donda West died,from surgical complications. So sad. She was a such a STRONG,INTELLIGENT woman. My heart goes out to his family. My cousin Cherrone knows his family well as they went to high school today, she talked to him and said he is just devastated. Kanye and my cousin used to date in high school and they still keep in touch. It's funny because mostly everyone in my family went to school with someone who grew up to be famous. I went to high school with "The Brat", My sister went to school with Reggie Theius, my mom went to high school with Dick Buckus and Minnie Rippleton and Marva Staples, and my brother went to college with a famous dj and Chicago. LOL

Well, I gotta go check on Bonnie aka Miss Jaree....LOL

Thank you all for all of your prayers and words of encouragement. They are deeply appreciated. More than you know. It feels good to know that you are cared about. So again thanks!

Love ya


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I hate feeling like this....

As you know I suffer from clinical depression. I was diagnosed with it in the eight grade. I have been to all kinds of psychiatrists and psychologists, for this. MOstly thru my early to late teens. At one time, I was on medication, but didn't like the way the make me feel.

Yesterday was really bad for me. A lot of crying spells. I basically laid in bed most of the day. I just feel like I have a noose on my neck, kwim? Well, if you don't have depression, you won't know.

My dh is the best, I feel so bad for him and the kids. I guess they can tell when I am having a bout, because they avoid me like the plague. Everyone, but Jaree. She clings to me more. She laid in bed with me all day. Got tons of kisses and back rubs. The boys just come and say "mom are you alright" every 20 minutes....LOL

This year has just been a bad year for me. I have had more bouts this year, than I ever have in my adult years. Alot of people make the mistake of thinking all people with depression are SUICIDAL, that is not always the case. At one point, I was, never any attempts. Not any in my adult years. No feelings of hopelessness at all. I overheard, my mil asking my dh, on the phone yesterday, she said " YOu don't think she would do anything to herself do you?". I guess that's wishful thinking on her part...LOL Just kidding! But no. It's just that I am in a funk.... It's a struggle just to do the essentials. I am feeling far more better than yesterday, no crying spells...just feeling kind of blah.

Hope it will pass soon...

On a lighter note, Today is Thursday and I am sooooo looking forward to watching SUPERNATURAL...

Not much planned, just trying to make it through the day!

Until next time

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cold gloomy day....

Old man winter has arrived....

It's all good, because Dana has pulled out the fleece. You got it! Fleece blankets, fleece jackets, fleece socks, I can't stand being cold! NOT AT ALL!!! I really can't stand for my FEET to be cold. I have to sleep with footies on my feet. I think I will be investing into a electric blanket......LOL I am the same girl, who puts her jammies in the dryer, right before I get in the shower, so their nice and warm before I put them on......i know INGENIUS!!!

This weekend was ok. I went to my aunt Beverly's funeral, which is always hard. She died from Staph Infection and it was so sudden that it really threw everyone for a loop. My aunt Beverly was married to my uncle bud for umpteen years, who died last year in July of prostrate cancer. I think she just really died of grief! She wanted to be with her beloved husband. So sad!

Sunday, we all went over to my aunt Icey's for dinner. Boy did she throw it down! Fried chicken, greens, candied yams, lima beans, okra, corn bread, and baked macaroni and cheese. I ate myself into a coma, not before I ate some sweet potato pie....

I had my niece and nephew Aaron and Aaliyah for the weekend. They had a blast! The kids had sooo much fun. Took them to Mc Donald's play land for lunch Sunday afternoon. Saturday they watched movies and had pizza, so they had tons of fun.

Today I just learned that my uncle Marion has 6-9 months to live. He has lung cancer. I am bummed.

Today I am just going to chill out watch Dancing with the stars, I love Ny, and have a big cup of tea and get in my pj's and relax!

Untl next time

Friday, November 02, 2007

15 years ago today.......

I gave birth to this handsome young man....
I went in on Sunday November 1st around 11pm, after almost 24 hours of LABOR (OUCH)..
My baby boy arrived...
He was almost a month early 6lbs 3 oz. 20 inches long...
It's hard to believe how grownup he is...

I can remember when they brought him to me from the nursery...

He was so tiny.... so fragile..... so cute...

I was so scared! So many things ran through my mind. Am I going to be a good mom? Am I going to screw up? After all, I was only 18 years old. Just out of high school, just completed my first semester of college. Even though I was young, I would not take it back. I love my son! He is my first born child. My pride and joy. The apple of my eye...

That tiny, frail, fragile, cute little baby...

Has turned into a tall, handsome, and strong young man!!!!!!

I love him so much!

We are so much alike. Although he looks a lot like his dad, we are so much alike.

Today I celebrate BEE!


Also, happy Birthday Adrienne and Andre....

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Had a blast!

Here are some fun pics of the kids. All via camera phone, because my oldest son Bee lost my camera somewhere....I am soooo mad, but I am not going to get into that...

Here are some pics...
It was cold as all get out, so we didn't take pics outside....


My favorite Halloween memory

One of my all time favorite Halloween memories, was when I was 10 years old. Instead of going trick or treating my God-mother threw the most awesome HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER. She had her house all creeped out, with webs, fog machine, creepy music, creepy treats, and we stayed at her house all night watching horror films. We didn't leave until noon the next day.

She had replica's of Freddy Kruegar, Michael Myers, Alien, Jason Vorhees, Carrie, Her walls were covered with REDRUM.....she even had a door that appeared to be chopped up by an axe with the words REDRUM on it....It was so creepy. We carved pumpkins, we made homemade candied apples.....It was so fun!!!!!!!

I am thinking about doing a Halloween party, instead of trick or treating next year, don't know if the kids are going to go for it, but it's worth the try....LOL


Happy Halloween!!!!

From our house to yours! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Remember to either trick or treat with your kids or encourage that they go out in big groups.

Remember your flashlight!

Remember to check all candy before the kids consume it...

Remember to wear reflective clothing or carry a glowstick or flashlight!

Remember to have fun......

Remember to take plenty of pics and post them on your blog...I will do the same if I can find my damn camera.....LOL

Have fun and stay safe....


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So I went to see this .....

.................. Saw 4 yesterday and all I gotta say is WOW. It was good. The ending kinda threw me off, but it was good. Alot of gore, in this one. I think it was better than 3, but not better than the first Saw. I was screaming like a stuck pig....LOL

We didn't get a chance to go to Borders, but we did go and pick up a cappuchino, on the way.

Today, not much planned, going to get some last minute stuff for Halloween, other than that, nothing much planned!!!!!

The kids are super excited Halloween is tommorrow, so that's all I have been hearing about.

I am going to my mom's!!!!! I will take plenty of pics....

Stay tuned!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy MOnday!

It's Monday.! Back on the grind! I can't even complain because I had a BALLLLLLLL! Friday, I wasn't feeling well, so I just chilled out. Saturday was a different story. I went over to our friends Derrick and Shantell's house for a game of Po-Keno and CLR. We had so much fun. WE ordered pizza, we got our drink on, I was so toasted, I don't know how I won! We play for dimes, and I whipped their butts! Tell me why, Derrick made me so many strawberry daquiris and pina colada's! I knew his plan. He was trying to get me drunk so I would lose. Next time at my house it's on and poppin'....LOL

Then we played CLR, it's a dice game, that has C L R on it and a dot. We played for quarters, so you have to have 3 quarters to start the game. If you roll C you give to the center, If you roll L you give your money to the left, If you roll R you give your money to the right, and if you roll a dot you keep your money. Tell me why my hubby took all our money......LOL Too funny!!!!

If looks could kill.....Shantell wanted to kill us. I mean come on now, we whooped their butts in their own house!!!! LOL

Sunday, Dh and I went to a private screening of AMERICAN GANGSTA, with Denzel Washington, Ruby Dee, TI, Common Sense, Elijor Chewetel?, Russell Crowe(I hated him in this movie), and many more. This movie was sooooooooooo good. I mean anything Denzel does is good. But this movie was da bomb. All I have to say is Denzel is the most loved Ruthless man in this movie.

Today Dh and I our going To Borders and HOllywood Blvd.(Dinner and a Movie) to see SAW 4. Can't wait! What are your plans for today????

Did I tell you how bad, my hangover was Sunday! Dh doesn't drink, and I usually don't either, will drink on occassion, but my neighbors are such bad influences....

Bad Shantell and

Until next time

Friday, October 26, 2007

Throw it on back!!!!

Okay, so me and Adrienne have turned this thing we call "Throwback Friday", into a friendly competition. Keyword Friendly....LOL Adrienne you know what that little sideline comment was about.....LOL

But I used to love this video. I wanted the catsuit and the jacket just like these girls.

I really wanted to come with something a little more powerful after seeing Adrienne's blog first, but I said no gotta go with my first mine and this was my plan.....

So without further ado...

i give you




Monday, October 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

1. Link to the person (or in my case person(s) that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Here is the link to the person who tagged me....

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I love horror movies

2. My favorite color is purple

3. I love purses!!!!!! Have over 350 in my collection....

4. I love to dance

5. I am in love with LL Cool J

6. I am afraid of bee's

7. I hate green peas

I'm Tagging

1. Adrienne:
2. Bonnie Rose:
3. Heather-
4. Noelia-
5. Em-
6. Keisha-
7. Melanie-
That was fun...

it's Monday.....

...which means back on the grind time. This weekend was mellow. Didn't do too much! Saturday night we went over to our neigbors to play Kino and have dinner had a blast. After about three watermelon martini's I thought I was playing I think I might have even called bingo a few times. Friday was a bad day for me, really bad migraine, with nausea and dizziness.. REally bad! Sunday, I went to church with my parents. REally good service. Felt great when I left. So refreshing and renewed. I guess I needed a spiritual tune-up. LOL

Ok, so I went out this weekend and bought the infamous HALL OF FAME. Haven't read it yet, but plan to hit borders tommorrow, and sit and read for awhile, while the kids are at school. I also have to swing by Archivers and pick up Life Artist. But, getting back to the HOF, I am sure most of you have heard that Kristina Contes has been disqualified from the HALL OF FAME. Here are my thoughts: I feel so bad for Kristina Contes, I think she's the scapegoat for a lot of people. I feel that she was not the first person who has submitted someone else's pics to the Hall of Fame and won. Think about she never said "it was her pic" from jump. She credited the photo to Nisa Finn. She never took the credit. However, CK still allowed her in the contest. I think that she should have never allowed in the contest from jump, if they knew the pic was not her own. Now that everyone is in an uproar, the dq her. That sucks! Now they want people to go out and buy a special supplemental issue....are they nuts????? I won't be. I would much rather keep my issue with Kristina Contes in it! Because I love her work, I respect her as a fellow artist, and I think this all could have been handled much better and differently.

Interested in knowing how you all feel about this? Don't be shy. You don't have to agree with me, just want your input.

ChitChatDivaRn, I know you tagged me, will do it later today....OK

Until next tiime

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's that time again!


Ok, I can remeber watching this video over and over and over and over and over!
Trying to learn every single step! Not just me, my sibling, even MY MOMMA. This is one of the best VIDEOS ever made. Period.

I remember my best friend Monica and I, rushing home from school, so that we could practice our steps.

I was in love with Michael Jackson during this time. I thought he was fine. Jerry curl juice and all.

This is when Michael was black yall...LOL This is when he didn't look like a freak. This is when his career was at it's best.

This is my favorite video of all time and now I am sharing it with you all....

Without further ado...

I give you.



Thursday, October 18, 2007

A little new with the old....

Ok, so Adrienne, my long lost sister, started this friendly competition.... called Old School Friday. She just don't know! LOL I am the old school queen, plus I got her by 3 years.....LOL

But I wanted to let ya know what I am feeling right now.

I love this song right now...

Who doesn't love Jagged Edge right!

Rough night

We were hit with some heavy duty storms last night. Super high winds. Rain. Lightening. It was crazy. Alot of of my halloween decorations were blown down. I thought someone was trying to break in at one point, because the winds were pushing the door. Sounded like something right out of a horror movie!

We are supposed to be hit with some severe weather today as well. Highs in the upper 70, to low 80's.

The reason we are having this stupid weather in the first place is because of extremes of cold and hot weather.

Today, not much planned. But, my favorite show SUPERNATURAL is coming on today. Jensen Ackles is so freaking hot! I will definitely be in front of the television watching it.

So many good movies are coming out..... I wanna go see : 30 days of night, now this movie looks soooooooo scary. Then I have to see Saw 4, wonder if it's going to be any good without Jigsaw, since he's dead, and I wanna see American Gangster with Denzel, looks like it's going to be supergood. I am going Friday to see Why did I get married. My mom said its a definite must see.

What are your plans for today? Anything exciting....Do tell!

Until next time

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My spin on the whole HOF fiasco...

First of all let me say I love Kristina Contes. I think she is a phenomenal scrapper! I have followed her work for awhile now and she's one of the scrapbook greats in my book. That being said, I feel really bad for both CK and KC for the turn of events that took place..

However, in all fairness, I feel bad for the people who followed the rules and were overlooked..... I guess I would be a little upset too.

I think that CK definitely should revamp the rules, as this was one of the stupidest rules ever in my opinion.

Everyone is in an uproar in KC response found here. Some say she was rude, some say she's full of herself, some say she's arrogant, and I see none of those things.

Everyone handles things differently. I feel she gave an honest account of what happened. Nothing rude at all.

I do think this is a wakeup call for CK and adhereing to contest rules. I do believe they will go everything with a fine tooth comb in recent

Do I think its rigged, I think that CK has it favs, definitely, but some of the Hall of famers I have never heard of, so I think everyone gets their fair shot.

Everyone can't win....kwim?

I am very interested in knowing how you all feel about it?

I just think some people are blowing things out of proportion, boycotting Ck, even one lady, said she wasn't going to buy from Hambly anymore, because KC is on their design team. I think that's CRAZY........

Again, I love KC, her book the dares was totally kick ass...

I can't stop supporting CK, I am not going to pass up Ali Edwards, Life ARtist...LOL

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things are getting ghoulishly fun at the Brooks house

I just love HALLOWEEN. It's my second best holiday, with Christmas coming first. We decorated our house and it's coming along really nice..... I have always decorated, but this is my first house. It didn't take long before I used all my goodies from my townhouse. I had to go out and buy more. More scary territory to fill......

The kids are so excited! I really get into the holidays. These are the times your children remember and cherish forever....... I am going to take some pics, once we are done! The last thing we have to do is finish our graveyard and build our scary man! Then we are done.......

Stay tuned for some ghoulishy good fun!!!!

I'll get you my pretty........


Monday, October 15, 2007

The fun is over.....

After a whirlwind weekend....It's back to the grind.

I had a blast this weekend. First Friday dh and I went out with friends for drinks and laughs. Total blast. Saturday, we went bowling with the family and Jaree did better than I did. Then we all went to TGIF for dinner. Sunday, my bil and his family came over and we watched movies and ordered in pizza. Now it's back to the normalcy, which is all good.

My nephew Ezra came along with my bil and his family. Ezra is really a tough pill to swallow, but he's a kid nonetheless. Well, my bil's wife does not like Ezra (dh's sister's son), and its so obvious. She kept yelling at him and arguing with him. Helllloooooo, you don't argue with an eight year old. I told dh about it and he noticed it too. I just told Ezra to stay away from her and stay with me. Because it was so not cool. How could someone dislike a child? I love children and could never bring myself to be that mean. I thought about telling my sil, but I don't want to start anything....kwim?

In other news, today is dh's last day of vacation....I am so sad. We are just going to relax and watch movies... oh and let's not forget DAncing with the Stars!!! I love Mel B. I hope she wins....

What's going on with you guys, anything fun planned today?


Friday, October 12, 2007

You already know....


Yes, it's Throwback Friday. This was the jam! I was 18 when this song came out and me and my dh got into a lot of mischief when this came out....LOL

Since my last blog, Jariel broke his hand. Wanna know how......Punching his brother in the head. He has what is know as a boxer's fracture. Boy did they get into trouble.

Anyways today I have to go to get his hand casted. I am so mad I can spit fire....

Any plans for the weekend? We have tons, zoo, bbq, and out to eat....Don't ya just love the weekend?

Until next time...

Turn the volume and enjoy H_Town


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

WEather: Cold as hell, cloudy, and windy.....LOL

What a drastic change. Just this past weekend we had 90 degree weather. It was so hot I was sweating bullets. AC was on....and now I need to turn the heat on. That's the wonderful life of living in Chi-town. Crazy weather. I am thinking of CHILI tonight...LOL

Jaree is sick and at home and in mommy's bed. She has a terrible cold and she came home from school sick yesterday. Didn't send her today, because she was coughing so badly and it was super duper cold. It was 43 degrees this morning.....YIKES.

The boys are at school and its just me and Miss Ray-Ray. She looks so pitiful and pale. Poor baby! I hate it when she's sick. She looks so sad!

Today I don't have much planned. PRetty much staying in since its sooooo freaking cold. I am going to the library, Panera Bread, and Borders today.....then coming home to make some chili.

Did anyone watch DWTS yesterday....I was so scared Floyd was going home. I kinda felt sorry for Wayne Newton, however he was the weakest of the bunch.

The kids and I have been enjoying all the good movies on Disney......yesterday we watched Halloweentown 2, I think. It was really good. We watch all the halloween movies on Disney until Halloween.

We are decorating the house this weekend for Halloween. The kids are stoked. Hopefully Jaree will be better by then. I hate to see her sick!!!!

WEll, I gotta go....

Until next time..

Monday, October 08, 2007

Introducing my new niece


Weighing in at 7 lbs 2 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.
She made her Debut October 2, 2007 at 7:30 am.

Isn't she cute?

Happy Birthday to my big sis

Today My sister celebrates her 45th Birthday. Damn you look good girl. My sister Tracy is more like a mom than my sister. We are 12 years apart. She helped raise me. I have a lot of respect for my sister. I love her dearly. We fell out awile ago, but we are cool now. She is a wonderful mom and I love her dearly.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Throwback Friday and other things....

Hi all,

Adrienne doesn't know what she started....LOL Ok. This video was a groundbreaking video to stop the violence. Can you guess what it is????

My birthday was fun. Dh took me out to Red Lobster, ate myself into an oblivion, we didn't go to the movies, because the movie I wanna see doesn't come out until next Friday. It's Called Why did I get Married? by Tyler Perry (aka Madea).

I got a bouquet of lovely flowers, a card from dh and the kids, some money, a trip to bath and body works. My nephew Marion came over with a cute card that sang,a gift card to Chili's yummy, and a balloon. My mom is taking me out tommorrow.....such a sweetie.

Ok, old school girls. Did yall think D-Nice was cute? I did?