Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy MOnday!

It's Monday.! Back on the grind! I can't even complain because I had a BALLLLLLLL! Friday, I wasn't feeling well, so I just chilled out. Saturday was a different story. I went over to our friends Derrick and Shantell's house for a game of Po-Keno and CLR. We had so much fun. WE ordered pizza, we got our drink on, I was so toasted, I don't know how I won! We play for dimes, and I whipped their butts! Tell me why, Derrick made me so many strawberry daquiris and pina colada's! I knew his plan. He was trying to get me drunk so I would lose. Next time at my house it's on and poppin'....LOL

Then we played CLR, it's a dice game, that has C L R on it and a dot. We played for quarters, so you have to have 3 quarters to start the game. If you roll C you give to the center, If you roll L you give your money to the left, If you roll R you give your money to the right, and if you roll a dot you keep your money. Tell me why my hubby took all our money......LOL Too funny!!!!

If looks could kill.....Shantell wanted to kill us. I mean come on now, we whooped their butts in their own house!!!! LOL

Sunday, Dh and I went to a private screening of AMERICAN GANGSTA, with Denzel Washington, Ruby Dee, TI, Common Sense, Elijor Chewetel?, Russell Crowe(I hated him in this movie), and many more. This movie was sooooooooooo good. I mean anything Denzel does is good. But this movie was da bomb. All I have to say is Denzel is the most loved Ruthless man in this movie.

Today Dh and I our going To Borders and HOllywood Blvd.(Dinner and a Movie) to see SAW 4. Can't wait! What are your plans for today????

Did I tell you how bad, my hangover was Sunday! Dh doesn't drink, and I usually don't either, will drink on occassion, but my neighbors are such bad influences....

Bad Shantell and

Until next time


Adrienne said...

I wanna see this movie!!!!!! lol

Heather said...

So glad you gave this movie a good review. I'd like to see it. I love Denzel! Have fun seeing Saw 4. That is definitely NOT on my list of movies to see! It cracks me up your love for scary movies! I'm such a scardy-cat!

Lynn said...

I sure sounds like you all had a great time at the neighbors. I love playing CLR! We play with dollars! Its so nice to only lose $3. though. Have fun at the movies.

toners said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all!! I can't wait to see American Gangster :)