Thursday, May 31, 2007

Had a blast at the water park!

Yesterday we were supposed to just go swimming.....

Dh thinks he so slick..... He took us to Centennial Park Water Park, in Orland Park. We had a great time. Minus the fact that Jaree got sick again. She was coming down the water slide and she looked a little pale, told dh her head was hurting, then she said she was dizzy and bam passed out in the water. She immediately was sleepy and I got out of the water to be with her, because Jariel was somewhere else in the park. I got her some water, and her color started to come back. I told her that as soon as we found Jariel we would go home. She cried and screamed, and promised me she was ok. I only let her go down the slides with me and we got in the water together. About an hour before closing, she got out of the water. Got on a lawn chair and went to sleep.....I said that's it. LEt's pack it in and we went home. We bought Jerk chicken. She ate. She started complaining that her stomach hurted. Needless to say, she slept in my bed last night! My back is killing me....LOL

I made an appointment to see her Neurologist and her pediatrician. I think she let her self get too hungry. Her blood sugar may have been toooo low.

She missed school today, but it was only a half a day, she needs to be closely monitered. kwim?

Hubby took off work today.....YAY!! I so love it when he's home!

Today we will be grilin and chillin' LOL


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's hotter than a pepper pudding outside!


It's so hot! I'm burning up! It so It so HOT HOT I'm burning I'm burning up...HOT HOT! Remember that song! Totally fits today! Oh and Nelly should be playing in the background too....It's getting in hot in here.....LOL

Whew, Good ole Chicago whether we can go from zero to 90 in a matter of days. Today it's going to be 91 degrees and yesterday it was 93! I so hate anything over 80 degrees. I wished it could be 80 degrees year round, except on Christmas then I want it to snow, but the next day can totally be 80.....LOL

I am home alone! Bee is OUT of school and is over his best friend Nic's house! His last day of school was last Friday. He couldn't wait to get away from us.....LOL Jaree and Jariel are at school. Their last day is this Friday. Time sure does go by fast! Before you know it, I will be buying school supplies and school clothes.....LOL Speaking I have to finish my summer shopping. Jaree has so many clothes it's pathetic. I gotta go for the boys. The boys said they don't want anything but wifebeaters (boy tanks) and shorts. Oh and white Air Force 1's. Jariel will definitely be getting black ones, because he is so freaking hard on shoes.

I totally wanna go see MR. BROOKS!!!! Not because it's my dh's name....LOL. It looks really, really good. I love a good suspense movie. YOu can't lose anyway with Kevin Costner....he's HOT!

Today, the kids have been bugging me to go I am going to take them to the pool. It's most definitely HOT ENOUGH! Jaree will be sporting the puff puff for most of the summer, I guess you are wondering what that is ..... Her hair is super curly, and I will be putting it all up in one pony tail and her hair is super puffy and that is why I call it the puff puff....LOL

Well, I gotta go do some laundry. Will blog later.....

Later taters


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, fun, fun week

Somebody pinch me....
This week was such a whirl wind of good visits, good food, good fun...

I had a blast!
My dh's cousins came up from Minnesota (UNEXPECTABLY) and I had 3 adults and 6 extra children in the house ages 14,12,6,5,4,and 2. My head was spinning, but we had a good time. Sunday we all went out to TGIF's and took Austin, dh's new husband on a tour of downtown and Navy Pier. MOnday, we went to 3 bbq's. I ate myself into an oblivion, I don't even want to look at any food. I had beef ribs, baby back ribs, burbon chicken,fried catfish, deep fried turkey, shrimp kaboobs, baked beans, potato salad, spaghetti, greens, peach cobbler and carmel cake. I even snuck a few watermelon martini's in..... I also had my favorite, green apples with cream cheese and fluff.......tooooooooooooooooo goood!

After all that bad eating....LOL Today I took a walk around the neighborhood. Ate a salad and am just chillin'!

My guests have all gone this morning, early this morning, on their 14 hour drive back to Black Duck, Minnesota.

Today, I am just as lost as can be.... No more Idol! What will I be watching from 7-8? LOL

Gotta go get the kids soon, and I really need to tidy up...will post more later...


Friday, May 25, 2007

I've been a bad blogger lately

I haven't been blogging as much as I normally do.....Why? I have really been busy getting my house in order. I have been (GET THIS) planting flowers, helping dh in the yard, making plans on building the second bathroom. Picking colors....gettting excited!

I have also been spending alot of time with MS. JAREE! Poor Jaree does not have alot of friends since we moved and I have been her new bestfriend. We have been makig cards, making bracelets, playing bratz, hopscotch, jump rope, going to the I have been busy...LOL

Dh is really dedicated to his YARD. He went out and bought an electric edger, a blower, and electric hedger. HE looks so cute outside with his wifebeater tee shirt on, flip flops and shorts. I go out and bring him water and a cool towel every now and then. There's nothing more sexy than a man and his power tools.....heehee! I love that man. He's sooooo hot! LOL

Bee my oldest is out of school. He took his last final Thursday. Can't believe I am going to have a SOPHMORE this year. He was sooooo happy to be done with all his final exams! He has been doing nothing but sleeping. Woke up at noon today, I didn't bother him. Just let him sleep in. He had his best friend Austyn sleep over last night, no telling what they stayed up all night doing.. Last week they were prank calling.....this week I think they stayed up all night on AIM, talking to girls. Oh the lovely life of a teenager.....LOL

This is going to be a hectic weekend for us. It's Memorial Day weekend, will be goign to the cemetary to put flowers on my grandmother's grave. Doing a lot of cooking and baking. We are going to friends house on Sunday and my mom's on Monday. Should be fun.

Saturday I am going to Archivers to see if they got the Elsie line in...since they do carry KI. If they do I will let all you know.....

Today, I am just going to chill out and get some laundry done! Not toooo much planned for today, since every other day this weekend will be super busy...

What are your plans? What will you be doing for memorial day?

Gotta run.....
Until next time!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh no! Cicadas

Ok, have I ever told you how much I hate BUGS. This is the MOTHER of all bugs. Its so ugly and so creepy and they are already rearing their ugly little heads here in Illinois. I have to deal with these creepy bugs for 6 weeks to 2 months. They just fall on you.....ughhhhhh. They are so nasty. They are so loud. I know we only have to deal with them every 17 years, but why do they have to come at all. They kill trees. They are just ugly little pests.

Can you believe some people EAT THESE THINGS....are they freaking CRAZY? That is soooooo nasty! Ultra gross. I would never eat a bug! Not even for a million dollars.....LOL

My mom saw one in her yard and totally freaked out. We are totally alike when it comes to bugs....LOL

Not Jaree, she loves bugs! She can't wait to see the cicadas.....this girl is A NUT!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Feeling much better....

For a few days there, I thought I wasn't going to make it.......LOL

But, I am feeling much better. I have an appintment to see the doctor on Thursday. Wish me well. I had a great weekend. I had a surprise housewarming party, I had cancelled the one in April. I got soooooo much stuff. I was so happy. Mostly everything I got was for the kitchen, exactly what I wanted. My kitchen is RED. So I love all of my new appliances. My mom totally shocked me with this one. LOL

I am watching dancing with the stars. I am totally rooting for Layla Ali. I will be voting tonight! Who cannot love Ms. Ali!!!

Ok, who watches CHARMED SCHOOL! Tell me some of you watch this show with Monique and the former contestants of Flavor of Love 1 and 2. Ok, I just watched Sunday's episode today. Sunday I went to my cousins house to play spades and have dinner and I was soooooooo mad I missed it. So I caught it today. I am really starting to dislike LARISSA aka BOOTS. She stole Leiline aka Smileys pictures and hid them under Schtar aka Hotties bed and she got expelled for it. She talks so much CRAP, I just want to reach thru the tv and smack her. I will be so glad when she gets expelled! Can't wait to see when New York comes next week. Wanna see how much MOUTH she will have then.....LOL I know I get so caught up into reality tv....LOL

Today I am just chillin out and getting my house back in order from the housewarming party on Saturday...I had atleast 30 people here and I had to do a total over haul.....LOL

Also, I need to know how you would feel about this: Everytime I give something, my in laws always come and eat, but they never ever never bring a gift. It makes me so upset sometimes because I would never do that. I just look at them as freeloaders.....they always bring extra people with them too. Maybe I am wrong, but it just annoys me...

Well, I am on the apple and dh wants his computer back to do some major dj business! LOL Wiil blog again a little later...


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Still here

Yesterday I was in sooooo much pain, I should have gone to the ER. I had excrutiating pain in the lower left side of my stomach. It hurt so bad. It felt almost like something was about to burst. The location its in feels like its my ovary. I have been putting heat on it. However,if I still feel bad, I will have to just go. I hate going to the doctor. Just wanted to let everyone know I was still around, but I am not feeling well at alll.....


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elsie Challenge

Some crazy pics compliments of Photobooth on Imac, then finally the real Dana

The new Jaree!

I know alot of you may have been in disbelief, but finally I took a picture on my choclat and forwarded it to my email. The moments that makes a mom proud. LOL

This girl, I tell ya. She is a HOT MESS! That's for sure! Somebody please tell me what she was thinking? I get my eyebrows threaded or waxed, so she has never seen me shave my eyebrows. How did she even know that you shave eyebrows.

when I asked her why she did it? Of course the shrugged shoulders, meaning "I DON'T KNOW". Her dad thought she had ring worm.....LOL He's a whole other subject.

The boys have been getting in trouble for messing with her. They say she looks like the peanuts on the PROUD FAMILY movie.....LOL Big brothers, you gotta love em'.

When I was younger my mom used to alway curl my hair in a MUSHROOM, flipped under all the way around. My brother used to call me JAMES BROWN.... I would cry my eyes out. I was so glad, when the feather hair style came out. I never wore my hair in a mushroom again......LOL Also, my mom had a leather coat with fur around the collar, from the 60's. I loved this coat. My brother told me I looked like Diana Ross and the Supremes and I never wore the coat again......LOL

Well today went to school with her eyebrows just like that. Dh said he was not going for her eyebrows being pencilled in. You just don't know how bad I wanted to do it......LOL

Hey, will her eyebrows grow back thick now? Since she shaved them with a razor? NOw she may look like wolfman jack! LOL

Until next time..


Monday, May 14, 2007

What was she thinking?

Jaree decides that she's a beautician and cut off her EYEBROWS!

She looks so weird! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think the latter. What the heck was she thinking! She decides to cut her eyebrows off with a razor, on MOTHER'S DAY! I don't have my camera, otherwise their would be pics. I may take some on my camera phone and upload them that way. HOw am I going to send her to school looking like this???? I think she will be the only 8 year old ever to have penciled in eyebrows......LOL

I must have been really horrible in a former life.....LOL

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Enjoying my morning...

Just got home from dropping the kids off! Stopped by 7-11 to get coffee. Came home. Kicked my shoes off. Jumped into my bed ....cut on the news.... and was so shocked to see my hunk of a man Ty Pennington got charged with a dui. I really feel bad for him. I love his show! Always makes me cry. It's a wake up call for so many people who think they are still in control after drinking and go out and drive. My dad had to learn the hard way, when he wrapped his truck around a light pole. My dad was one of those people who always thought he was in control. I remember many times, my mom used to demand the keys from him because he had one too many. I remember once, she refused to ride with him and had my uncle drive us home. Dad made it home just fine, but that was luck.... and his luck ran out! I don't drink much, and would never get behind the wheel of my car drunk. So glad dh doesn't drink at I always have a designated driver....LOL

Soon summer vacation will be here and all the kids will be home. I am sooo looking forward to it. I kinda miss my babies when they are at school. All three come home with a story to tell from school. Do your kids do that ? Jaree gives me a full synopsis of her whole day. Jariel gives me only the basics. But Bee, always comes home talking about a fight or an argument that he witnesed. That nut! I tell ya. Wonderful world of high school.

Today, I don't have tooo much planned. However, you know I will be watching American Idol and HOuse. I love those two shows!

Getting ready to watch Oprah. Today is a good show! Battered wives caught on tape. I don't know why women stay in those types of situations. I am too outspoken and fiesty for that type of crap. I will be damned if a man lays one FINGER on me. He'd sure wish he didn't. When I was done dumping some hot grits on his butt.....LOL My cousin and good friend was in abusive relationships and it took forever for them to leave. My friend boyfriend even beat her pregnant. My brother was dropping me over to see her and we pulled up and there Paul was pulling Tori out of the car by her hair. My brother body slammed him so quick. Men like that are cowards, they are quick to put their hands on a female, but he couldn't do anything with my brother. She left him soon after that too...

Well, I gotta go. Oprah's coming on


Monday, May 07, 2007

Now the time has come to say goodbye....

to my good weekend. W.E.E K E.N D.......

Can't believe it's Monday already.
We had a really great weekend! Now it's back to the grind. I had to wake up just a wee bit earlier because I washed Jaree's hair last night and let it air dry. I put it into 6 thick braids, I swear she looked like Celie on the Color PUrple....LOL I had to wake up and comb her hair out and I just put it into two ponytails. When she gets home, I will flat iron it and put into lots of pony tails. Girls are a piece of work....

Right now I am home alone....

Alone with my thoughts...
Already got a nap...
Took a long bath...

And now I am cleaning...

Took my dinner out already.... We are having Chicken, cheesy rice, and string beans! Jaree's favorite

We got her sleep study back....
Seems she has a deviated septum and enlarged adenoids, They want to perform surgery on both...

I don't know if we will go that route or not..

This poor child has been thru so much. KWIM?

The kids went to see Spiderman, with their Aunt Tekoa .....they loved it! I was sorta bummed because I wanted to take them, but hey I let her do her Auntee thing....LOL

She's pregnant, due October 1st. I can't imagine little Tekoa being a mom. I met her when she was 11 years old. Now she's 28. She is so independent and into her career, this going to be a site to see.

My mommy is stil not home....Boohoo. She should be back sometime this week. My uncle's knee replacement surgery went well. So they are just enjoying each other..Twins, you gotta love em.

Today not much planned, just watching Dancing with the Stars...

What are your plans this MOnday?


Friday, May 04, 2007

The weekend has finally arrived!!!

What is about Friday that makes me wanna jump to my feet and dance and clap my hands, and sing the song "Just got's friday jumping, feeling right, booty shaking, all around, know one thing, now I am getting down....check the mirror, looking fly.....round up the possee, jump in my ride....ok, you I think yall get it...LOL Do you remember Johnny Kemp? That was a jam back in the day. LOL

Today is kinda cloudy! Maybe some rain. Not much planned at all for today, dh is going to work tonight. Some serious DJing. My nephew are coming over Cleavon 16, Cardiae 16, Joshua 14, and Justin 11. Will have a house full! LOL They are having a FOOTWORK battle. LOL Sounds like fun! Chicago has its own style of dance called Juke and footworking, pretty neat. I would weigh alot less doing that everyday. YOu should see how fast they move their feet....LOL

As for me, I am going to do laundry. Finish reading my Book Dirty Red and just enjoy some good ole Dana time. Jaree is going to be my shadow, because she is going to be the ony girl in the house. So she will want to spend every waking moment with mommy. Maybe we will do something crafty, before she goes to bad.

I was watching the news and another mother went missing. They don't supsect the husband right now, because he is being cooperative, but wasn't Scott Peterson cooperative. Didn't he even help in the search? Just gives me the chills. It's sad that the first suspect is usually the husband. I guess its a sign of the times. My heart goes out to her family.

What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting?

Well for us not much. We are taking the children to dinner and a movie to see ...........

YOu guessed it.

Spider man........and they can't wait!

Well ,I gotta go wash my floors...

Until next time


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Out and about

Out and about already....

Today dh is off and we got up early dropped the kids off and hit the streets. First we went to the Robbins swap. It's a flea market, and dh bought some music of course. And who can resist the sock man, 16 pairs of socks for 5 bucks. Priceless! Then we went to Borders......oh how do I love Borders. Of course I bought some magazines. Finally broke down and got Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking, Scrapbook Shortcuts, and the latest issue of Papercrafts. They had some really cute pens, did I mention I am a pen freak....I bought two. Then off to Panera Bread, where dh met up with a dj friend. He started his own little company called plug one dj's and he is so serious about it. you should see him. Didn't know DJing could be so SERIOUS....LOL.

While he is consumed with SERIOUS BUSINESS, I stole his laptop and guess what I am doing. YOu guessed it blogging! Checking emails, and doing some serious eating....LOL I treated myself to some iced green tea and cream of chicken and wildrice in a sourdough bread bowl. then I got some yummy french bread. Bread is soooooo my weakness ladies. Bread and potatoes. I can live off of both. Can a man live by bread alone.....I don't know about the man, but DANA sure can....LOL

Today is yet another beautiful day! That I am enjoying with dh. Just not at the moment he is in serious DJ MODE....LOL He gets this silly look on his face when he's serious. ONe eyebrow raised, button lip pushed out. I just crack up everytime I see him!

Ok, now it's time for some serious idol talk. I am glad Lakisha and Melinda were safe! But who do you think it will come down too. Alot of people are speculating that the final two will be Jordan and Blake...... I don't think so. I think it will be Melinda and Blake, because to me, they are the best! I am rooting for Lakisha and Melinda! But I think that she will be definitely going home next week. Too bad so sad.

Did I ever tell you how much I love the show SUPERNATURAL. Those are two of the hottest television brothers on the planet Jared Padelecki and Jensin Ackles. It comes on tonight and guess who will be watching....Dana!

I am going to end with a funny story from last night. Last night i had took my shower, got in my pj's and got into bed. Dh was downstairs practicing his music and I was under the covers watching television. The ring two came on, and I decided I would be a brave girl and watch it all by my lonesome. Jaree came in and it was on the part, where she snuck into the ambulance and looked at the dead boy, while zipping his body bag up , Somara stuck her hand out and grabbed Rachel, Jaree screamed and got the heck out of dodge.....I thought it was funny. Then I was all alone, I kept hearing something at the window, I thought something was outside.....and I got scared and turned it off. That's exactly what I get, for laughing at Jaree.

Oh well, I gotta go, dh needs his macbook back for some SERIOUS DJ BUSINES.....LOL


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neigHBORHOOD....

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, It's a beautiful day for a neighbor, won't you be, please won't you be, won't you be my neighbor!!!! As you can tell I am feeling silly. Today is gorgeous. Nice and sunny. Tad bit cooler than yesterday, but still nice. Have I ever told you how much I love spring. Such a time of renewal. I love to sit in the yard and bird watch. I love watching the squirrels play. going to my mom's, who lives on the lake and watching the baby duckling strut around, watching the baby rabbits emerge from their burrows. I love watching the trees bud and flowers grows. Speaking of flowers, Dana will be planting her very first flowers this weekend. I am sooooo excited. Dh cut the grass and put down some weed kill, we had a million dandelions, or as Jaree refers YELLOW FLOWERS....why did we all think that dandelions were little flowers....LOL I know I did!

Today, I am getting out an enjoying nature. Taking a midday walk around the neighborhood. Hanging out in the yard. Taking deep breaths. I love the smells of spring! I just love it.

When I was a child I used to love how the clothes smelled at spring time, when my grandmother hung the clothes on the line. They smelled so heavenly.

Lots of things planned this spring! We are going to the zoo, the botanical garden, and to Indiana Dunes....
Should be fun!

My mom is gone, bohoooo. She went to Memphis to visit her TWIN BROTHER. Hey Adrienne, my mom has a twin brother too. He's undergoing knee replacement surgery. They are sooo close. When my mom had her surgery on her colon to remove a cancerous cyst, he was right there. A funny story goes along with this... if you can believe it. We were all in the waiting room, scared as all get out. I sat next to uncle Maurice (my mom's twin) and we were talking about 15 minutes later, he leaned his head way back and just went to sleep. My aunt Carrie, his wife said, Theresa (my mom) must be under. It was scary, he just went to sleep that fast. Then he woke up and aunt Carrie said, Theresa is woke. 15 minutes later, the doctors cam out to tell us my mom is in recovery and she's been up now for about 15 minutes. Is that crazy or what? My uncle got into a bad motorcycle accident, and my mom went to stand up and fell, she couldn't put any pressure on her leg, I was a little girl. I was crying, because she said, I can't walk, something happened to Maurice and it's bad. He broke his leg in 6 places. They always feel each other's pain. IT's crazy.

I miss my mom already. We normally talk everyday! So this week is going to be a little hard for me...... I know. I am such a big baby. LOL Hoping the time flies by....LOL

Well I gotta clean my room, it looks like a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, and earthquake hit it. Seriously. I can't stand it anymore so I am going to clean it.. Dh is such a slob....LOL But, I love him anyway.

Hope all of you are doing well...

Until next time..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tag! I'm it!

I've been tagged again....LOL

Here are 7 random facts about me:

1. My bed has to be made before I lay in it, even if it's 2 minutes before I lay down.

2. I hate green peas

3. I sleep with my head under the covers...

4. I love Dr. Pepper!

5. I do not like Mc Donald's but loved it as a child

6. I love Shrimp but hated it as a child

7. I am terrified of bees

There you have it!