Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Enjoying my morning...

Just got home from dropping the kids off! Stopped by 7-11 to get coffee. Came home. Kicked my shoes off. Jumped into my bed ....cut on the news.... and was so shocked to see my hunk of a man Ty Pennington got charged with a dui. I really feel bad for him. I love his show! Always makes me cry. It's a wake up call for so many people who think they are still in control after drinking and go out and drive. My dad had to learn the hard way, when he wrapped his truck around a light pole. My dad was one of those people who always thought he was in control. I remember many times, my mom used to demand the keys from him because he had one too many. I remember once, she refused to ride with him and had my uncle drive us home. Dad made it home just fine, but that was luck.... and his luck ran out! I don't drink much, and would never get behind the wheel of my car drunk. So glad dh doesn't drink at all......so I always have a designated driver....LOL

Soon summer vacation will be here and all the kids will be home. I am sooo looking forward to it. I kinda miss my babies when they are at school. All three come home with a story to tell from school. Do your kids do that ? Jaree gives me a full synopsis of her whole day. Jariel gives me only the basics. But Bee, always comes home talking about a fight or an argument that he witnesed. That nut! I tell ya. Wonderful world of high school.

Today, I don't have tooo much planned. However, you know I will be watching American Idol and HOuse. I love those two shows!

Getting ready to watch Oprah. Today is a good show! Battered wives caught on tape. I don't know why women stay in those types of situations. I am too outspoken and fiesty for that type of crap. I will be damned if a man lays one FINGER on me. He'd sure wish he didn't. When I was done dumping some hot grits on his butt.....LOL My cousin and good friend was in abusive relationships and it took forever for them to leave. My friend boyfriend even beat her pregnant. My brother was dropping me over to see her and we pulled up and there Paul was pulling Tori out of the car by her hair. My brother body slammed him so quick. Men like that are cowards, they are quick to put their hands on a female, but he couldn't do anything with my brother. She left him soon after that too...

Well, I gotta go. Oprah's coming on soon.....lol



Lynn said...

Ummmm.. I could go for a nice 7-11 coffee with some french vanilla. Yummy! It sure sounds like you have a pretty relaxing day ahead of you. That is wonderful. I couldn't believe it when I heard about Ty either. I just love him. I hope this opened his eyes.
I can't wait for House tonight either. I just love that show.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

BonnieRose said...

sounds like ur gonna have a great day... and yeah.. too bad about Ty... but hopefully it'll be a wake up call for him... too many ppl out there drink too much.. jmho... loveya gf,

melissa said...

I couldn't believe the whole Ty DUI thing either..people really need to wake up and realize that drinking + driving really doesn't mix

I need to watch Oprah today too-sounds like a good one. My mom always says the same thing "that no man would lay a finger on her without her fighting back" she always told me that she would get a frying pan on him when he went to sleep-lol. men like that are definitely cowards

Thomisia said...

DH and I was watching something on this topic a couple of weeks ago. He said (thoughtfully), "You are fortunate". I'm thinking he's going to say something sweet. He continues "...that I don't beat you"...wth?!

I told him "Nah bro, you are lucky that it doesn't cross your mind". LMBO.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I love Ty too....I LOVE HOUSE!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I haven't heard about Ty yet!!!

Glad to see you blog alot! I'll have to keep checking in to see how you are! ;)

Got any happy mail yet from anyone?


regina said...

Ty AND House are my fav's! I reade about Ty in the paper on Thursday but hopefully he will come around... My roots lie in alcohol and there is NO way you could even get me to get in a car with someone that has had a drink...( P.S. but...Loves to get my swerve on...)