Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My summer plans

Wow! Can't believe that summer is almost here. This is my second favorite season of the year. My favorite is fall! Summer is a time that we do alot as a family. Beside vacations, we do alot over the summer. This year we are going to the Dells and Cedar Point! We always pick two vacations and then we allow the kids to come up with 10 places they would like to go over the summer. We try to do all 10. Most times we are successful. One of the things I look forward to the most is the fourth of July. I love the fireworks! My kids do too! We also love the waterparks, swimming, the zoo, the beach, picnics. We do alot over the summer. This year the children picked the zoo, waterpark in Rockford, IL, picnic at the beach, Shedd Aquarium, four wheeling up in the country with cousins, camping, just to name a few. My husband gets 30 days vacation. We usually take 3 ten day vacations, so we plan alot during those days.

I love summer, becaue I associate the good smells! The smell of watermelon and fresh flowers in the garden. I get to sleep in a little because the kids are out of school! I associate summer with fun! We always have a great time over the summer! It is the kids absolute favorite time of the year. We live at the pool. I have 3 little fish. I must admit, I am a great swimmer too! I love the water. We spend atleast 5 out 7 days at the pool.

Another great thing about summer is SHOPPING FOR SUMMER CLOTHES! I love taking my little girl shopping for sandals, and cute summer dresses, capri's need I say more.

Longer days! Drive in Movies....grilled corn on the cob.....pistachio almond icecream on a waffle cone, italian ice, getting drenched on a water ride, kicking back on the lazy river at the water park, funnel cake sundaes......these are just a few of the great things I have to look forward to this summer.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Can't believe how grown up he is ....

Marion's senior Prom. My nephew with his girlfriend Leslie.

My nephew went on prom this weekend! Boy was I proud. He looked absolutely handsome. I rented a car for him. He went to prom in style. They went to the Dells for the weekend. They do things differently nowadays. I only went to six flags the next These kids are allowed so much freedom! Much more than when I was a teenager. But, he is such a good kid! He gets good grades! He is a sports nut. A total jock! He plays basketball, football, and baseball. He has scouts after him for all three. He got a full athletic scholarship to Illinois State and couple other colleges. I am so proud of him.

Marion is very dear to my heart. His mom died when he was just 2 1/2 and I helped raise him! He is like one of my own. He lives at my house. My children calls him their brother. My oldest and him look a lot alike. Love these pics of him. He was so sharp!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Field Trip with daughter

I chapperoned my daughters field trip to the Brookfield Zoo and I had my daughter plus two other little girls. One little girl drove me absolutely crazy. She kept complaining about everything, she was hungry, she was tired, she wanted to buy things from the gift store, but didn't have enough money. I felt liked screaming. I was wondering , why the teacher wished me good luck. LOL My daughter said, she's always like that. I was ready to scream. The other little girl Litzy was a complete sweetheart. She hardly said a word! Overall, the trip was great. We were only there a couple of hours but we got to see tons of animals. Posted some pics of our day. Dana

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Isn't he handsome!

My son went on his 8th grade luncheon today. Can't believe he is so grown up! They went downtown to Navy Pier and went on the Mystic Blue Cruise. They took a tour around Chicago. He was so excited. We searched hi and low, for this green shirt and shades, to match his date Jaslyn. I have more pictures to come. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Favorite things...

Fave hair style you ever had: My favorite hairsyle was when I was a young girl. I used to love to wear my hair down in the back. It was really long. Then I would wear a ponytail to the side with a headband! I thought I was the stuff!

Fave song on the radio you just love right now: Lean wit it

Fave tv show: INVASION!!!

Fave musical artist: R.Kelly

Fave thing to eat for supper: Steak, baked potato, garlic bread, and salad

Fave movie: The Color Purple

Best date you ever went on: My honeymoon to the

Your most fave friend: My best friend Monica

The best Christmas present you ever recvd to date: The best Christmas was when I was 13, I received Cabbage Patch Corn Silk twins, casio keyboard, coach purse, computer, and a stereo. That was my best Christmas ever....

That was so fun!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another beautiful day+todays challenge

Two beautiful days in a row. To what do I owe this gratitude. I am so excited! I had a great time at Archiver's yesterday. I was only supposed to buy Designing with Type, ended up getting the Urban Couture and color me silly basic grey ribbons. A ton of we r memory keepers papers and matching chipboard alphabets, tons of other paper, some huge primas, and a some other stuff. I spent way more than I intended to spend. I wished that Archivers would have never got rid of the Memory Savers club, that 15% off would have been lovely.

I came home and threw some hot dogs, brats, italian sausage, and ribs on the grill. I also made some spaghetti and potato salad. Ate myself into oblivion. LOL

Todays challenge, what feelings do I have a hard time expressing. I wouldn't say it was a feeling but sometimes I have a hard time admitting that I am wrong. I am pretty stubborn at times. I also have a pretty bad temper, you rub me the wrong way, and I can go a little postal! LOL One of the biggest things i have been working on is my ROAD RAGE! I have this real bad! I hate it! I am trying to just take deep breaths, but people can really pi$$ me off on the road! LOL

Until next time...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's a beautiful day

Wow, I got up this morning and the sun was shinning bright. I looked out and it looked beautiful, not a cloud in sight (thank God!) My dh, dd, and I went to Swap-o-rama (big ole flea market) to find dh another cd holder, for his music. He's a dj. I am such a purse addict. I found the cutest Louis Vuitton in light blue and gold, and the cutest little pink channel purse. I was so geeked. I bought Jaree a silver Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet and also a bubble gun. Why o Why, did I do that? I almost bust my a$$, because she chose to blow them in the house! I could have killed her.

I am going to Archiver's today! Wohooo! I am going to get Designing with Type. You know I am a big idea book addict. I am also looking for this Gin X paper I fell in love with and just have to have. I know I am going to come home with a crap load of stuff! But, hey its a girl's right.

Today's challenge was what size picture do you like. Well, I love 5x7 photos. I love scrapping them! I also love 4x7. As far as portraits my favorite size is 8x10!


Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer Activities and other ramblings

Summer is right around the corner. What are some of your fave summertime activities? What do you enjoy and just can't wait for during the summer months? share your summer passions!

The second most wonderful time of the year! LOL Wow, can't believe it is right around the corner. Some of my favorite summer activities include swimming! I am a great swimmer, and so are my children and we are always at the local pool swimming. Atleast, 5 times a week! Another favorite past time is picnics. We usually picnic at the park, the beach, or downtown Chicago at Millenium Park. We make sandwiches, bring fruit, chips, cookies, and juice and have a great time! Another thing we do in the summer is WATER PARKS! My husband and I are big kids at heart. We go atleast 8 times a year. We also go to Six Flags every summer! Get on every roller coaster and all of the water rides! Summer is a time, where we grill alot. I love a great bbq! We spend most of our time outdoors, which makes for a clean house! LOL This is also VACATION time, this year we will be spending our vacation in Wisconsin Dells and Cedar Point. We usually take two a year. Seems I shop more in the summer months. The malls are airconditioned, what can I say, I am drawn I love summer, my favorite season is Fall, but I love summer too!

Today I cleaned my room, next goal is to get in my closet and purge all those size 6, 7,8, and 10's Lord knows I am never getting back into them. I might hang on two the 10's. I am a size 14/16 and boy looking at those size 6's are depressing! The kids were out of school today. They are all hanging out at dunkin donuts with friends. I have the house to myself. I am testing out my new highspeed internet thru COMCAST, sbc sucked royally. Might as well, had dial up. Dh is at work, he will be getting home real soon! Yipppeeee!

Had an excellent mail day. finally got my Jenni Bowlin Kit. It arrived on my door step today. I have to say I am loving my scrapologie kit much better, seems like I get more bang for my buck! Adopted that saying from Mrs. Lisa Bearnson her

Well, I am off to go see what I am cooking for dinner

Until next time....


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Confessions of an idea book addict

If someone told me 7 years ago, that I would be so addicted to scrapbooking, I probably would have laughed in their faces. When I first started back in '99, I had no idea where this hobby would take me. I have met so many wonderful people, acquired a creative outlet, found a hobby that is not just for me, but for my family, leaving behind a heirloom, a legacy that my children and their children would enjoy for years to come, something that I enjoy doing....

Besides being addicted to scrapbook supplies....I am a total idea book fanatic. I am always on the prowl for new idea books....Some of my most recent purchases include Decorate Life/Scrapbooks by Making Memories and the new Scrapbook Etc..Baby Idea book. Everytime I add a new idea book to the collection, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I love to curl up at night and dive into my idea books. I am anxiously awaiting A Designer's Eye for Patterned Paper by Ali Edwards and Designing with Type by Autumn Leaves.... I can't wait! They are both due out next month and let's just say I am totally stoked to say the least.

My family don't understand it. I bring my "reading material" every where I go.. Sometime I bring 4 or 5 idea books along just to go to the bank. Don't ask me why? I just gotta have them with me. It brings me so much joy!

Where there you have it! I am an addict. Idea book addict that is! LOL


What do you like to do when you have your home to yourself, for an hour, for a day, or maybe even an entire week? *** Sit and dream.. .then blog about it.!

Considering I am home for most of the work week alone. Dh is usually at work and kids are at school. I spend alot of my time on twopeas, blogging, reading my scrap magazines, reading other magazines, reading my books, journaling, meditating, readign my bible, praying, and scrapping....

If I had an entire week too my self...two words SCRAP, SCRAP, SCRAP and SHOP , SHOP, SHOP! I would book myself for a crop, treat myself to a massage, pedicure, and manicure. I would treat myself to dinner and movie. I would have a couple of girlfriends over for a cocktail party. Clean the entire house without interruption. I would get some much needed zzzz's. Just plain enjoy myself, without guilt.

It is so important that we as mothers, women, take time for ourselves. Because if momma aint happy, nobody is....

I always try to take time out for myself whether its 15 minutes or hours, my me time is a definite neccessity!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Other hobbies

I would love to learn how to knit! My grandmother was awesome! It's pretty popular today and I wished I had the time and the patience to learn how. I would also love to quilt. As a young girl, my grandmother made quilts and I would help her. I can remember going to the fabric stores for scrap material. My grandmother made a quilt out of my baby clothes once. It was awesome. I am thinking of getting into jewelry making. Its fun and it can be lucrative as well! When I was a teen I can remember making pin beads and braiding plastic keyring and bracelets, how fun it was.....

Today was going fine until I GOT A MONSTROUS TOOTHACHE! I am in so much pain right now I want to scream! I have been popping motrin like tictacs...... I sure hope it goes away!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My mother's day!

Had a blast! Kids made me breakfast in bed! It was delicious too! I went by my mom's and my sister and I prepared dinner. We had a great time. Here are a couple of pics from our day. Dana

A variety of things

My daughter finally had her party last Saturday. She looked to cute. Here are some pics of her party. I loved her outfit. Its one of those Mary Kate and Ashley outfits. She picked it out herself. She wore her hair down and Adrienne girl, I feel you on the flat ironing 3 strands at a time. My daughter has very curly hair that tangles very easily. She just had to have it down. Its cute, but by the end of the day, as you can see from her bangs, it was all weathered She had a strawberry shortcake themed birthday. We had a blast!!!

I'm bacck!

Had some 'puter problems, but now I am back. We are getting comcast high speed cable, I am so done with sbc....ugh. They have so many issues. I had a wonderful mother's day. I woke up to breakfast in bed! My dh and children fixed me a very hearty breakfast, that consisted of Ham, eggs, rice, biscuits, grapefruit slices, bannana slices, and orange juice. I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my moms house by dh. He had to work. bohoo!

My sister and I prepared dinner for our mom. My brother who is usually awol, showed up. But showed up empty handed. But anyway, can't ask for much. The children cleaned up for us, after dinner! All 8 grandchildren chipped in, even baby

I have been taking it easy. Not much has been going on. It has been quite calm around here. Getting my son ready for his eight grade graduation. I have fees up the wazoo! It never ends. I tell ya

My daughter finally got to have her birthday party Saturday. She got tons of gifts, clothes, and money, she had a blast! She looked so cute, I will have to post the pictures later!

Well, just had to check in ! I am so loving being able to blog again! Wohoo!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Daily remblings

Who would have thunk it? Online journaling...aka weblogs! I have always been a person to write down my thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals, and personal accounts of my life. I am good at documenting my feelings. So when I heard about blogging, this was right up my alley. A place where I can come to unload my thoughts and feelings, just like a journal, but with feedback. How sweet is that? I am so glad that blogging has come into my life. I enjoy documenting my thougts and coming back to see where my head was at that particular time. I also enjoy reading other's blogs. It feel so awesome to come back to your blog and read all the comments. I admit, I feverishly race back to my blog to see what comments await me. If I hit the jackpot, that's more than 5 comments, I am so ecstatic. I think in a sense we all want to feel validated, to be heard.

I still write in my journals, just habit. But it is nice to have a journal that can be shared among friends...

Today, I was so happy. My sons grades has improved tremendously. He got A's, B's, and C's. I am so happy! He did so well. I am extremely proud of him. So proud that my dh and I are taking him out to Old Country Buffet later. Can't wait!

I have to take down my daughters braids. She looks like Medusa's child! I have been taking them all day. Her hair is so curly that its hard to undbraid. I am glad that I only have one little girl. Her hair, plus mind can take a tole on


The Color Purple

For as long as I can remember, Purple has been my color of choice. I am drawn in by this color. My room is Purple and mint green....I have tons of purple pillows, purple bed sheets, alot of my accessories inside my room are purple, I have purple teddy bears, when I buy journals they are all purple. I just adore this color. To me it is the color of richness and royalty. In fact in African Cultures, the color purple is the color or royalty! I don't know maybe this is inherant. I can't walk pass the color purple without noticing it. Whether it be a field of purple wild flowers or a purple candle.

It's funny because I don't own alot of purple clothing! I guess I love to accent with this color! I don't even use alot in my scrapbooks! Isn't that weird?

When I was a young girl My entire room was lavendar. I had a white canopy bed, and it was draped with purple sheers, my comforters were lavendar, my pillows were lavendar, all of my wall art was purple and lavendar....Now that I am a BIG GIRL...its PURPLE all the more cutesy


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Witness Protection Program

If you had to join a witness protection program with your family, where would you wanna live??? Anywhere in the world? Where would you choose, if you could???

If I could live anywwhere in the that's tough! Because I put my family above all else wherever I would choose to live would have to be ideal for raising children and also have a great supply of craft and scrapbooking If I were to be selfish, I would say the Virgin Islands. I love St. Thomas and St. Croix, don't think my children would appreciate it though...I guess I would have to say Virginia Beach. I was there on vacation and the kids loved it. Nice area. Clean air. Very nice people! Oh, and yes I think they may have alot of scrapbook stores! That is a must!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Let's talk favorites...

These are a few of my favorite things....
Fave coffee: Not a coffee drinker..but love French Vanilla Cappucchino
Fave tea:Luzienne's tea
Fave jam: Welch's
Fave Peanut Butter: Dkippy
Fave sandwich: Wreck American from pot bellies (ham, turkey, and salami on a toasted french bread with the works even hot peppers...yummy)
Fave fast food item:Tostada suiza's
Fave appetizer: Hooters Hot wings
Fave summertime drink: Kool-aid duh Tropical punch or REd(as my children
Fave fruit: Fave vegetable: Greens
Fave indulgence: Scrapbooking, shopping for scrapbook supplies, purses or shoes....what else is there? lol

Bonnie I totally loved this challenge!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

My pet peeves

1. Leaving dishes in the sink overnight....
2. dirty kitchen table
3.Impatient people
4. Dishonest People
5. Rudeness
6 Jealousy
7 talking behind my back
8People who don't take care of their children
9. People who try to be something they are no
10 Bigotry
11. Infidelity
12. people who drive slow in the fast lane
13. Can't stand kids ears to be dirty, clean with q-tips consantly
14. People who talk with their mouth full
15. Leaving the toilet seat up

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Wow, what can I say...I draw inspiration from so many things. I draw inspiration from my mother. She is such an outgoing and courageous person. I draw inspiration from the Lord. He gives me the abiltiy to do anything I desire. Prayer is my biggest inspiration. I draw inspiration from my children. I draw inspiration from a great day! Like I said I am inspired by so many things.

In regards to scrapbooking. I am inspired by so many....I am inspired everytime i pick up a Creating Keepsakes magazine, everytime I check Michelle or Bonnie's blog, I am inspired by Nia and Faye(fellow AA scrappers), I am inspired by my friend who share my passion, I am inspired everytime I step foot in a scrapbook store...

As I look within, I am inspired by myself. I look at my life and look at how it could have played out, a teenage mom, young mother of 3, life could have been very bleak, but I strived to be the very best I could be and not just another statistic. I am inspired everytime I look into the faces of those three little precious children, and they make me want to be the best I can be..


Wild and crazy day....

Today was overall a good day! Except my cat keeps running away. I swear the neighbors are going to think I am torturing the poor thing. As soon as we open the door he bolts out. He is wearing me out. I am starting to rethink the whole cat thing... Maybe he wants to be an outdoor cat, in that case I will feed him, but he could never live inside the house. DD has tooo many allergies for that.

Other than that the day was great. Took kids to the park. We had tacos for dinner! Getting ready to get them ready for bed. Tommorrow is crazy hair day at school. So I have to do something with their hair. I will post the crazy hair pics


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Late night ramblings....

Today was a beautiful day. It was in the upper 60's, went for a walk. Dh went in to work at 2pm, got to snuggle with him until late this afternoon. Got up showered, and cleaned and mopped the floors. I have a fetish about mopping my kitchen and bathroom floors. I do it daily....LOVE the smell of Orange scented Pine sol..... I always open the windows and let the house just completely air out....

My parents stopped by today for dinner. I cooked gumbo, so they decided to stop by for some eats. They stayed until about 8:30pm and then they went home. I got the kids ready for bed and now I am up blogging. I really enjoyed myself. My dad took us all to get Baskin Robbins icecream. I love me some PISTACHIO ALMOND icecream on a waffle cone....uuuuummmmmmm.

Tonight I just plan to read some of my gazillion idea books and magazine that I have laying around. I just bought CK School Memories and I still have to finish Clean and Simple 2...I can accomplish alot now that all 3 babies are asleep.

Until next time.... Dana

Monday, May 01, 2006

Today's challenge and more pics from dd's competiton

Here are the rest of the pictures from Jaree's competition. she looked to tootin cute~

If I could spend the entire day with someone. I would have to choose my husband. He works so much, and he has to juggle time between me and the children. I would love to spend the entire day with him...KID FREE of course. Snuggling and holding each other. I love him so much and there is no other company that I can think of that's better than being in the company of my dh. Love him to death~

Also, I am glad to report Jaree is happier than ever because her brothers are back home and spoiling her rotten!