Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Other hobbies

I would love to learn how to knit! My grandmother was awesome! It's pretty popular today and I wished I had the time and the patience to learn how. I would also love to quilt. As a young girl, my grandmother made quilts and I would help her. I can remember going to the fabric stores for scrap material. My grandmother made a quilt out of my baby clothes once. It was awesome. I am thinking of getting into jewelry making. Its fun and it can be lucrative as well! When I was a teen I can remember making pin beads and braiding plastic keyring and bracelets, how fun it was.....

Today was going fine until I GOT A MONSTROUS TOOTHACHE! I am in so much pain right now I want to scream! I have been popping motrin like tictacs...... I sure hope it goes away!


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Adrienne said...

Hope you feel better!! I started knitting before Christmas last year and haven't picked it up since !LOL I probably won't pick it up again, until Christmas this year! LOL