Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm bacck!

Had some 'puter problems, but now I am back. We are getting comcast high speed cable, I am so done with sbc....ugh. They have so many issues. I had a wonderful mother's day. I woke up to breakfast in bed! My dh and children fixed me a very hearty breakfast, that consisted of Ham, eggs, rice, biscuits, grapefruit slices, bannana slices, and orange juice. I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my moms house by dh. He had to work. bohoo!

My sister and I prepared dinner for our mom. My brother who is usually awol, showed up. But showed up empty handed. But anyway, can't ask for much. The children cleaned up for us, after dinner! All 8 grandchildren chipped in, even baby Nas....lol

I have been taking it easy. Not much has been going on. It has been quite calm around here. Getting my son ready for his eight grade graduation. I have fees up the wazoo! It never ends. I tell ya

My daughter finally got to have her birthday party Saturday. She got tons of gifts, clothes, and money, she had a blast! She looked so cute, I will have to post the pictures later!

Well, just had to check in ! I am so loving being able to blog again! Wohoo!



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I HATE sbc. Good you got rid of them!! Sounds like a great Mother's Day! Can't wait to see party pictures!!