Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two days in a row....

I am on a roll.

I got Blog fevah!!!!!!!

I have been doing so much that I got sidetracked, but I have learned to BALANCE, I think? LOL

Am I the only one who is hooked on FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!
OMG! As if I need any more Vices!!! LOL

I have found so many of my HIGH SCHOOL BUDDIES and even GRAMMAR SCHOOL BUDDIES on Facebook! I couldn't be more thrilled. In fact, I am in the works of planning a get together with my Cassell and Mt. Greeenwood buddies from Grammar School. I went to Cassell in the 2nd grade, it was the first time I was in a integrated school. I was so scared! I had NEVER SEEN THAT MANY WHITE PEOPLE in my life!!!!! And I didn't know what to expect. I was only 6 1/2 years old. I had to go to this school, because I was not being challenged enough at my old school as I was RIDICIOUSLY smart! Like GENIUS smart. So they placed me at this school for Gifted students. Off the bat, I made so many friends. They took me in, and at that moment I didn't SEE BLACK OR WHITE, I saw my FRIENDS! 10 of us, REMAINED close friends to this day, and the rest of us fell off. We were FAMILY, I can remember my good friend Denise (our sons our best friends, Bee and Nic) lived right behind the school, and on recess we would sneak to the GATE, and her dad would give us juice and cookies!!!!! I can remember when my friend Patsy's mom died of EPILEPSY and the ENTIRE 3rd grade, walked to St. Christina Church (my first time in a Catholic church) and we sang a song, recited a poem, and the family was so pleased with how well behaved we were. Of course we were, Mrs. McKnight didn't play! She used to be RUTHLESS with that Ruler!!!!! I never fell VICTIM of the ruler whacking!!!! NO NO, not me!!!!! LOL Cassell only had one or two rooms for each grade, by the time we were in 4th, there was only one room per grade, so we were together until we graduated out of 6th grade. In fact, we had Ms. McKnight for 2nd and 3rd grade and Mrs. Maebane for 5th and 6th.

Now I can remember all my teachers, my Kindergarten teacher was Ms. Crowley, 1st Mr. Harris, 2nd Ms Perry (she pulled my hair and my grandmother came up to school and knocked her out, yep I remember that) I transferred and that's when I had Ms. McKnight for 2nd and 3rd, then 4th grade Ms. Hines (she slipped on a crayon, that I threw at somebody in the class, and slipped a disk in her back, I felt horrible, but that didn't stop me from laughing hysterically!) and for 5th and 6th I had Ms. Maebane. Now I am going to stop there......

You nevet knoe how A TEACHER can have such a STRONG IMPACT on your life and I had two teachers in my life that LITERALLY saved my life! The first was my 2nd and 3rd grade teacher Ms. Mc Knight. When I got to Cassell, I felt like a fish out of water! I mean it was only a handful of kids that looked like me in the class. I was a gorgeous little girl! Pretty eyes, long THICK HAIR, and full pretty lips! It was in 3rd grade where I started to suffer an IDENTITY CRISIS, I wanted a perm, (my mom wasn't having it), because my curly hair, didn't fit in with the long and straight flowing hair, that I was seeing ......My mom only would press my hair on SPECIAL OCCASSIONS, but I wanted the world to KNOW how LONG MY HAIR REALLY WAS..... I mean my little short curly pigtails, were not CUTTING IT! I wanted my hair to blow in the wind like my friends! One day, I went in the corner and I started to cry, and Ms. McKnight found me before any of my classmates NOTICED, and she seemed puzzled as to why, I was crying. I was a FIESTY little kid, so she knew I was not being PICKED ON, and so she asked was I ok, I told her I was ok, and she said "Awwww, I know.... and I looked at her.... She said you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror! I said...what do you mean..... She said Ms. Payne, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! You have the most beautiful smile, like an angel, it lights up the room! You have the prettiest CURLY HAIR, just like I didi when I was your age, she said my hair has been relaxed, and now it's straight and thin, but your HAIR is gorgeous! You have pretty brown smooth skin! and she did this all while having me look in her small mirror she kept in her desk! At that moment, I started to believe that I was OK, JUST THE WAY I WAS......

Fast forward to 5th and 6th grade, I met the MOST INFLUENTIAL teacher I had....
and she wa a TOUCH COOKIE...

Miss Maebane. My first impression of Miss Maebane was that she WAS MEAN!
She would yell, she would slam things down, she even hit Phillip Ford with some scissors, and I was kind of COCKY at this age, and I was saying in my mind "I wish she WOULD, try to pull that SHIT with me". Me and Mrs. Maebane never had a run in. I did what I was supposed to do and she NEVER HAD TO PULL IT WITH ME. Well I had always been smart, but in 5th grade it's not COOL to have your HEAD in the books all the time, it wasn't cool that I would rather skip recess and stay insided and help the teacher grade papers, and fix the bulletin board. I quickly was called a NERD OR TEACHER'S PET or SOMETHING MUCH WORSE a "ASS KISSER". I was in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM THE LATTER. I didn't mind being called a nerd or teacher's pet as much , but ME A BROWN NOSER, I don't think so. So I began to change, my grades were slipping, I was getting into trouble, and I was FAR MORE rebellious! I was getting into fights all the time and I WASN'T LOSING, so it made me APPEAR to be a BULLY! The only thing that saved me from getting in trouble was MY GRADES!

One day, I was in the bathroom! And Ms. Maebane came in and made everybody LEAVE..
This was an UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATION for me, so I gave her this look like...
I wish you would PULL IT....

and that's when I was on the floor....
I don't know what happened, but I was on my butt!
Mrs. Maebane was crouched over me and said is this what you want, to be down here with the dirt? And I was squirming using all my might to get up, but she wasn't BUDGING! LOL
And this is what she said that woke me up "you will reside in DIRT permantly if you DO NOT GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, you cannot WHOOP THE WORLD, you willl MEET YOUR MATCH one of these days and it MIGHT NOT END PRETTY" You need to stop. You are NOT A DUMMY, THIS IS NOT who YOU ARE!!! You are too SMART FOR THIS SHIT" and yes she said SHIT. Everytime you act up for the remainder of the year, you will be right where you are now, on your butt , because I will find you and put you there. You will bring your grades up, you will get your self together and you will stop acting like a DAMN FOOL. She lifted me off my feet with the FORCE OF WONDER WOMAN, so much so I almost flew into the wall. This WOMAN PUT FEAR INTO MY HEART, the only PEOPLE IN MY LIFE, that EVER PUT FEAR, was my GRANNY AND MY MOM! I was scared! I stopped FIGHTING, I brought my grades up, and I was at the top of my class. This woman believed in me, MORE THAN I BELIEVED IN MYSELF, she didn't give p on me, She was DETERMINED that I made something of myself, and I thank her for it...

What if she didn't stop me? What if she wouldn't have said anything? I am not going to Lie, I was A BEAST! LOL I never PICKED FIGHTS, but I sure FINISHED IT UP! I HAVE 4 brothers, I wasn't NO JOKE!!! LOL I fought boys, girls were NEVER a match for me. Even to this day, Baptiste and I will play fight and wrestle and he is amazed at how STRONG I AM. LOL But, I learned to walk away from fights instead of being involved in one....

I have gone several times to Cassell to see my FAVORITE TEACHERS!!! They are both retired now, but I still keep in touch! I owe my life to these two women, they both SAVED ME FROM SELF DESTRUCTION!!!! I am eternally grateful!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

the whole reason of my absence! LOL

But first, Let's talk 80's Jaree had a 80's party at her school and I chapperoned and the hubs was the deejay! It was so fun, so much so that we are planning an 80's party for ourselves over the summer. We've done the 70's, and even the 90's, BUT NEVER THE 80'S!!! CAN' T WAIT! HERE ARE A FEW PICS FROM THE PARTY:


that one dimple drives me crazy. So sexy! Anyway he was jamming! LOL

It's Madonna, no it's just Mrs. Greggus!
Everyone likes to take pics except for JAREE! LOL

Jaree and buddy LaLa
Jaree and Sky! Love the pink hair. LOL
Jaree didn't want to keep those gloves on! LOL
Jaree getting ticked off because I kept stopping her to take pics! LOL

But when she got home she was full of poses and guess what? my camera battery died. O well! LOL

So if you were wondering where I have been:

That's right I have been scrapping like a maniac!!!!!

But I have also been working feverishly in this:

It sucks me in. Can't seem to think about anything else. LOL

Here are my latest entries!

The pictures really doesn't do it any justice, but I have been having so much fun working in it!!!!!!! Plan on working in it some more today!!!!

Also just started another project, so I am what I call "A SCRAPPING FOOL" right now!

I have also been Facebooking and Twittering, which has taken me away from my blog! But I promise to blog more and keep in contact with my blog family!

Until next time!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog, what's that? I have been too busy...

facebooking! LOL

Wow, I thought I would stop by and show you some love! LOL

What have I been doing!

I have scrapbooked, I have worked in my altered book, I went to a party! Got plastered! LOL I read! I shopped Went to the movies to see Last House on the Left, AND IT WAS GOOD AS HELL!!!!!!!! I went to church and had dinner with my mom sister and both our daughters!


I am so tired I can hardly see straight! So I am going to just chill during the week! Crossing my fingers! Every time I speak those words, something just seems to POP UP! LOL

Switching Lanes here...

I am really loving SPRAY INKS! I mean really loving them!!! Like I want to use them on every layout loving them and I got my hands on the big bubble wrap!!! Dare I say FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!

I am going to take pics of the 3 layouts I did, plus the layouts I did in my altered book!!!
I just didn't feel like it today! LOL

but I promise to make myself upload them later tonight!

Well that is all I have....
Promise to be back tomorrow!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You never know.....

...when you are playing around on the computer, how many WONDERFUL FRIENDSHIPS, you can make.

When I first started blogging, I had heard about it on twopeas! I thought to myself, this is something that sounds interesting!! I was already keeping a paper journal, so this was right up my alley. I love to write and pretty soon, the ideas just came! After about a month, I started taking part in blog challenges, and linked my blog to twopeas! Soon the comments start coming and I was so excited, I was exploring other people's blogs and finding out NOT ONLY DID we share COMMON interests like Scrapbooking, Painting, or Mixed Media art, but we had much more in common. I started to connect with so many people, that I normally would have never met, IF IT WERE NOT FOR THIS BLOG!!!!

Friendships were formed!
Sisterhood that will last a lifetime.....

It's crazy when you think about it! How can you care so deeply for somebody you never EVEN MET! How can you LOVE a person, that you have never LAID eyes on! But I am witness to tell you it HAPPENS.

I have laughed with these people, cried with these people, grieved with this people, shared in their joys, know their kids, have been proud when they accomplish something, like it's my very own family.....

Sometimes we may even fall out, but just like any other TRUE friendship we but our differences aside and come right back to our special place we hold in each other's heart for one another...

I used to call them, my CYBER FAMILY, today I will just say they are my Family!!!!!!

To my online bff's AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I don't have to Name drop!!! LOL I love you, I appreciate you, and your FRIENDSHIP MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!!!! If you ever need me call me!!!! I mean it! My line is always open. For those of you who don't have my number, I WILL EMAIL IT YOU!!! Seriously!

You may NOT KNOW THIS, but a lot of you HAVE HELPED me so much TO GROW and be the person I am right now. I love getting the advice I get. Like I said it's my CHEAP THERAPY!!!

Today, I was supposed to be sharing what I did on my altered book! I still plan too, but I was reading a good friends blog today and I got emotional and felt the need to say this:


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How is everyone today?
I am good!

So I have made myself get back on a workout schedule again. No more excuses. I have everything i need at home from ellipitical machines to punching bags. I still plan to renew my gym membership, but until then. I created a regimen that works for me. I work out for one hour 4 days a week. I walk for 30 minutes and work out 30 minutes! I walk first, come home do stretches and then I punch the bag for 15 minutes, ladies and gentlemen THAT IS A WORKOUT. But it's fun! I used to train with my brother when he was boxing, and I know a thing a two about jabbing, bobbing and weaving. LOL I do cardio for another 15, I cool down and then I am done. Some days, when I don't feel like walking I will use the eliptical for 30 minutes instead. I have eliminated the fried foods from my diet. This is the hardest for me. I have also limited my pork and red meat intake. I had my gall bladder removed in 2001, and it's better for my system if I don't eat the real fatty stuff or greasy stuff! LOL

I have also started to drink less soda and juice, and more water! I drink water, but now that I am working out nothing seems to quinch my THIRST, but water. Sounds crazy huh?

I want to lose anywhere from 25-35 lbs. That is my goal! I am giving myself 6 months to make it happy.

I have been inspired by our very own DONNA DOWNEY. Have you seen her lately! She looks damn good! you can read her story here

I don't want to shop in the back of the store anymore for my pants!!!!! I am so upside down! I am so bottom heavy, wide hips, bigs thigh, big butt, but small waisted, so finding pants is almost impossible. It may fit over my hips and butt, but it gaps in the waist! My upper body is small except for my arms. I hate my arms. Big arms run on my mom's side and I hate it!!!!!!! and I have got to get rid of this KANGAROO pouch I have been carrying around for 10 years!!!! I got it after giving birth to Jaree! LOL It just does not want to leave! LOL

I have my goals! I force myself to do it. It's not always fun! But you know what? Looking good and being healthy is PRICELESS!

In other news, I am having a good time with this altered book! If you haven't seen it, you can see it here. I had to put it aside for a few days to take care of Baptiste, but soon as he went to work, you guessed it I was back into it! I will post some pics TOMMORROW so stay tuned! Also did a couple new layouts! My scrap mojo is IN FULL SWING!!! LOL

I did try some of the Tattered angels glimmer mist and I am sad to say, I didn't really like it too much. It didn't give me the splattered effect I was hoping to get! It's more for overall coverage of something. So I tried the Maya Road's spray ink and it's awesome. I have NOT tried the Tim Holtz spray ink yet, but plan to today. I already know they are the bomb! I have heard so many great reviews and my good friend VEE uses them all the time. She is the whole reason for my new addiction. LOL

Today, will be rainy bummer, but I will be INSIDE getting my scrap on!!!! Yay

That's all folkes....
Be back 2 morrow
Dana Brooks-----------------> OUT! (Always wanted to say, I love Ryan Seacrest! ) LOL

Monday, March 16, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

This is the face of a happy kid! When mom says hell to the naw, I won't buy you a 1,000 dollar laptop, ask Grandpa! LOL My dad is something else. He spoils his grandkids rotten!!!!

Look at Jariel, he's probably thinking can't wait until it's my turn!
Spent some time with this jazzy lady on Sunday. She took Jaree for some girly time for the weekend, church, dinner, shopping that kind of stuff. Jaree came home with new earrings, new bracelet and new necklace! Gotta love my mom!

She uses that thing more than I do!

Can you believe my mom will be 65 yrs. old next month!!!

Ok, so you know I have become addicted to spray inks!!!!! I heard that the Tim Holtz spray ink was the best, can't wait to play. And this stuff is not cheap. DAng!
Figured since I was playing with spray inks, I might as well get some ink pads for my stamps. You can never hace enough. Love the colors. First time ordering from ScrapnStamp. They shipped my order very promptly!

So, the weather is getting warmer and that means.....
I am doing an outdoor photo shoot with Jaree......

This is my favorite shot!

and then we take it indoors.....

A MESS!!!!!!!!!! She is getting so big and blosomming so fast! She is only 9!!!! She is 5 feet tall, 115 lbs, a size 3/4 in WOMEN'S clothing and I my friends am crying. She is getting so big, so fast that it scares me. I mean this girl has a FIGURE! SHE'S NINE! Baptiste says he has the shot gun loaded and ready.....LOL

That's all folkes..

Oh, Baptiste is doing ok! Except he got dry socket on the left side! Poor baby!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have become addicted to.....

spraying inks. I got some glimmer mist! Heard great things!!!! I wanted to try Maya Road, so I only got one. I ended up liking the Maya road spray ink better! Go figure. Glimmer mist is more watery and does not give that splashing effect. It's more of an overall coverage type mist. I still like it don't get me wrong, but I have some Tim Holtz inks on the way as we speak! Heard great things about it from Vee!

You know I am the coupon queen and Justletmescrapbook had 50% off sale and I could not let that go to waste, so I got this!!! It's sad when you try to find something to buy and realize you have just about EVERYTHING there is.....Well I didn't have this! LOL
This is my new best friend. Meet Owie!!! He is too cute. We are going to have a lot of fun together. I love rubberstamps. and I like whimsical owls and birds so I thought this would be a great addition to my ever growing rubberstamp collection. It is made by Hero Arts!!!!!

So, like I said I have become so enthralled and consumed by this altered book, there has been no time for pretty much anything else. I still need to finish Eclipse. I need to work on some submission call layouts, that are due soon, I have some laundry piling up, i have 5 movies that I bought, that are just waiting to be watched, I have about 23 magazines I need to read....

You get the picture!!!!!

Now who watched Idol last night! Omg! I stand corrected, I originally said that this show was going to suck! I am eating my words because it was so good last night. I have some favs. Lil Rounds, the 16 year old girl with the red hair, and the guy who sang Human Nature!!!! I don't know all there names!! I think everyone did well last night! Some better than others, but it was a great show!!!!

Now I love this show called THE BAD GIRLS club and I don't know why because it makes my blood boil everytime I watch it!!! I am so glad that Whitney and Aliea are off the show. They needed to go! What they did to Cookie was so wrong. I am glad that Tiffany realized that she was INDEED being a follower, with that DUMD FAB FIVE shit. I mean, are you in high school or what. I have NEVER been part of A MEAN GIRL CLIQUE, I was very, very, very POPULAR in high school, Poms, softball, student council, you name it! And I never SHIT on anyone! I am glad my MOM raised me to TREAT people the way YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! Now if you crossed me, that was a DIFFRENT story. People learned very fast NOT TO MESS WITH ME! LOL I don't play! LOL

Getting back to BGC, I am already sick of the new girl Ashley, she's a slut and a follower and I wished she would be gone too. I hope they bring KC back!!!!! I wonder who the 2 new girls will be!!!

Yes, I love reality Tv!

Can't wait for the results show tonight on Idol! Who do you think is going home??? I say Anoop and the young 17 year old girl! I don't know names. Sorry!

I am so psyched that a new episode of SUPERNATURAL is coming on Tommorow! I will be glued in front of the tv...I need a Dean and Sam fix!!!!! LOL

I think I have rambled on long enough.....

Until next time!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek into my altered book. I took a class with Martha Bonneau! She rocks so hard. She is a fashionista for Scrapinstyle and she taught this class at Craft Fancy in Arlington Heights, IL. I could not make the class so she was gracious enough to mail a kit to me with instructions. You can view her gallery here. And here is a link to her blog.

I decided to change the title from Ideas to Loves. Our covers are both similiar but with some differences.

The guts are Totally different! I had to do me. LOL

Opening pages!

I used the masking tape technique here and that was fun!

Pages 3 and 4

There's that dry wall tape I bought! Used toilet tissue roll to make circles!! can you tell I was having fun with the masking tape!

I love these pages ! Bubble wrap technique!

there's that colored duct tape again. LOL

I am not done, but just wanted to show you what I have been doing. I am obsessed with this book. It is about people places and things I love!!! The only thing I did not like was rebinding the book back. I started to cheat and just use my bind it all, but decided not too!!!

I cannot wait to finish this book. I will post more once I am finished.
Fun! Fun! Fun!