Monday, December 26, 2005

Whew, I can breathe now!

Gosh, I cannot believe it has almost been a month since I last blogged. I have been so busy preparing for Christmas, and it went by so fast. I have to admit I am a little melancholy because now its all over, but Christmas will come again...heehee. I did not get myself into the same predictament as last year, CREDIT CARD DEBT! OUr bank has a christmas club and we had a budget of $2500 and I am glad to say, we still have about 900 dollars of that left. I did really well with paying attention to sales, and I got some things for free with my purchases. The kids got all they wanted and they are totally content. Our house is awreck after all the immense amount of cleaning preparations, but I am not going to complain toooooo much! My Christmas was great! I enjoyed being around family and friends, but now I am ready to get back into my regular routine. But first, and am going some much needed R&R.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Teenager's who can live with them

This is my 13 year old Jacques. He is GROWING PAIN, right in my ass! LOL. Posted by Picasa

Prayers for my uncle

My mom called me yesterday to inform me that My uncle" Bud", is really sick. He has prostrate cancel and also has diabetes, and the medicine that they were giving him to treat his cancer, made his sugar shoot up to 1000. I didn't even know it can get that high. I am hypoglycemic, which means I have very low blood sugar, which is also bad. But, anyway, they only thing they can do is operate. They can't do anything for the prostrate, it's tooo bad. Now they are going take the testicles. They are going to perform the surgery on Monday. The problem is my uncle lives in Palmdale California. He has lived in Chicago most of his life. He retired about 8 years ago, and he moved to Cali about 6 years ago. We all tried to tell him, that it was NOT THE MOST IDEAL MOVE. He has no family out there. He's older now. And his wife cannot DRIVE. Everytime he gets sick, they have to wait for an ambulance. He wants to move back here, but is too sick. I get get so angry, because we all tried to explain these types of scenarios with him. I know that he did not ask to get sick, but I wished he was at home, so that we could ALL be with him. He needs to be surrounded with family and friends. People who love him. We are all going to have to fly out to California, and take care of him. I am really scared for my mom. My mom is the youngest of 9 children, 3 have passed on. There are six left. That scares my mom. She is in remission herself. She had colon cancer, so she is really taking this hard.

I told my mom, that Whatever God's will is, it will be done. All we can do is pray for healing. I am very positve about this, because my uncle is fiesty. He is a fighter. He can get thru this. I am confident, that he will be just fine! When he is doing better, I am going give him a good tongue lashing for scaring the HELL out us....