Friday, March 31, 2006

Just chillin'

Sitting in front of the 'puter, chomping away on some Butter Pecan Ice Cream, and it's oh so good. Just my youngest two are home. My oldest went to the movies and is sleeping over at a friends house. My dh is at a gig and won't be home to the wee hours of the morning. I am just going to kick back, take a bubble bath, watch some movies I have been dying to watch that I Tivo'd and relax. It's windy as all get out. I swear someone is knocking on my patio door, but its just the wind.

I am going to unwind. My sister's grandmother's funeral was today. It was really sad. She was like a grandma to me too. My sister's aunt took it really hard. She took alot out of everyone with all the screaming and crying. I am glad to be home and now I can relax. Can't believe my a$$hole brother did not show up to support our sister. He is such a jerk at times. Well, I was there for our sister. She needed the support. My mom and dad were there and so were some of my cousin and alll of my aunts. So she had a mega support system.

I am going to surf on peas for awhile and then Iam going to hit the tub, then the sheets, and kick back relax and watch my movies. Gonna be fun!


Fun Facts about me

I think I already told you the most embarrassing moment, you know the incindent that happened in church....snicker. So I guess I am going to have to give you some fun facts about myself.

I am on 5 feet tall.
I love really really high heels and boots.....guess my height is a
I don't have many female friends, have lots of male friends though
I am the youngest of 3 children
My father is bi-racial
I love stuffed animals
I love to read
I am a good cook

I can be a real beyotch at times, but I have very sensitive
My middle name is Arteece
I wear glasses, most of the time
My husband and I have been together for 16 years.....half of my life

I have one brother and one sister, whom I love to death
I have 3 half brothers from my dad
My favorite color is Purple
My favorite fruit is mango

Hope you enjoyed these few random facts about me.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spending habits for scrapbooking!

How much do you normally spend in a scrapbooking store? How often do you normally shop in a store? Or are you an online shopping?

What can I say, I am a total binge shopper. I live in the scrapbook stores. I am always ordering supplies online, qvc, ebay, you name it. I think I am one of those people who is more in love with scrapbook shopping than actually scrapbooking.

On average, I am in a scrapbook related store atleast 3 times a week. Atleast! I spend anywhere from 100-500 dollars monthly on scrapbooking supplies. Not to mention my various clubs that I am in, like Jenni Bowlin, Poppy Ink or Scrapologie. Sometimes I spend more. If qvc is on forget about it. I have spent over 500 dollars in one single showing!

I am so vulnerable when it comes to scrapping goodies. Anything new and cute, watchout because I have to have it.

Idea books are one of the big expenses and I am constantly on the prowl for new reading material.

I sometimes feel bad, at all the money I spend on scrapbooking. I think, this could have put a homeless person back on track for a couple of years, but is something that I love! It is something I enjoy. The feeling I feel when I am in a scrapbookstore browsing, buying, and coming home with my goodies is too much to put into words. It's a total stress buster. Would not trade this hobby for all the tea in China.

Love, Love, Love shopping for new scrapgoodies whether its online or at Archiver's I am always shopping.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's the meaning of my name

My name is Dana Arteece Payne-Brooks

Dana- means MORNING GLORY....
Being that I am not a morning person, I would say that my name does not have a true meaning. I am not a morning person at all. I am more of a NIGHT OWL. I usually don't go to sleep until way after midnight. Usually I am up blogging, scrapping, or watching television. I only get up early to get the kids ready for school. I am so grumpy and irritable. I usually go to sleep right after the kids are off, after the news and Oprah of course, I wake back up at noon...sometimes later.....and then I am more of a socialite.

My mom was going to name me Janee', pronounced Juh-Nay....would have been cool since my daughter's name is Jaree pronounced Juh-Ray.

I think that I look more like a Dana though....


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guess who's coming to dinner...

if you get to have dinner with whoever you want, dead or alive. Who would it be? What would you talk about?

If I could have dinner with whoever I wanted I would have to say I would love to brush shoulders with OPRAH. She is such a phenomenal woman. She is so accomplished, and I would love to sit down and conversate with such an inspirational woman. Her rags to riches story inspires me as a woman and I am totally intrigued by her. I would love to ask her, in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine she would be this famous? What are the pros and cons of being the richest woman in the world? Who does she admire? Who did she model herself after? I would even show her my Sophia impression (Color Purple) "You told Harpo to beat me....all my life I had to fight....I had to fight my daddy, I had to fight my brothers, I had to fight my uncles, girl chile' it aint safe in the family mens, but i aint never thought I would have to fight in my own house, you want a dead son in law Ms. Celie, you keep on 'visin' him the way you do....I can quote the Color Purple backwards and

I love Oprah and that's who I would pick to have dinner with....

Now if I could have a romantic dinner with anyone, It would none other than LL Cool J and that's a whole other blog


Monday, March 27, 2006


He's driving me nuts. Don't you wish that your babies could stay babies forever. He is so stressing me out over this cell phone. He thinks he is going to win, but he better think again. NO MORE CONTRACT PHONES! I have totally learned my lesson. His dad just took him to about 4 different stores to look at phones.....guess he will be the one breaking down and getting the contract phone, WON'T BE ME....LOL


I'm getting a Razr Phone....

I am getting a Razr Phone I cannot wait! Love those phones. My niece just got one and I fell in love. My contract is up in a couple of weeks so I will be upgrading. My son wants one so bad! He's 13. We did the contract phone with him, and he did not respect it. So I paid the 150 dollars to cancel it .....He kept downloading ringtones and the bill was over 100 dollars 6 times. The kid did not get it! Money doesn't grow on freaking trees. I told him maybe when he's older and a little more responsible I will put him back on my contract. For now, we will do the pre-paid. If he uses all his minutes in month....OH WELL!

Anyways, I am totally stoked! I just bought an Ipod, now i am buying a Raz-r, feeling kinda


Monday Challenge

Do you want to convert your real life non-scrapper friend into scrapbookers?While this would be nice and would make for the greatest of conversations, I would have to say no. It would be to hard, most of my friends just don't get it.

Do you find friends that scrapbooks? If so, how? I have found so many friends through this wonderful hobby, some at crops, some I found right at 2 peas, some at the scrapbook store. I have found that us scrapbookers are very

Do you show your pages to someone who doesn't scrapbook? All the time, and most people are very fascinated, then there are those who just plain don't get it.

Do you think you avoid topic about scrapbooking because your non-scrapper friend just don't get it? No, scrapbooking is my world. I talk about all the time. Most times in terms of shopping and scrappping. I would tell my friend I am heading to the scrapbook store to get some stuff or that I plan on scrapbooking for the day...

There outta be a law....

There outta be a law that people cannot drive slow in the fast lanes

There outta be a law that people don't blow their noses at the dinner table in restaurants

There outta be a law that nosey inlaws get an electric shock if caught snooping....

There outta be a law that stay at mom's becomes recognized as an occupation, and we get a pay check for

There outta be a law that there can be no rude comments made against scrapbooking or else its a 500 dollar penalty, given to the scrapper to buy scrapbook supplies

There outta be a law that stops children from talking back to

There outta be a law against people making in out in parks for all to see, and then me having to explain, why, to my 6 yr old

There should be a law against farting in public...eeeewwww

There should be a law against leaving the toilet seat up....

There should be a law that National Scrapbooking Day, becomes a National Holiday, paid time off...

There should be a law that racist people have to go live with a person of a different race for a month, and live their lifestyle

There should be a law that we respect and love our fellow man no matter what

That's all


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fun Facts

Here are a few random things about me;

1. I am afraid of the dark...
2. I am a purse and shoe freak
3. I can't stand the the cold
4. I sleep with my head under the covers
5. I love to dance
6. I am a shop aholic
7. I make really late night runs to 7-eleven to get a donut and cappuchinno
8. I am in love with LL Cool J
9. I am a big daredevil
10. I am a really talkative person....

There! I gave you a small preview of my life....


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chocalate: A girl's best friend

What is your fave chocolate bar? Do you have more than one? How long have you loved it? Who gave you your first one? Cmon, I know everyone has gotta have one! Wanted to post a nice and light topic for the end of the week..
I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocalate...
This love didn't come along until I entered my teen years. As a child, I mostly ate fruity candies, like chews, skittles, lemon heads. As I matured, my fondness for chocalates began to blossom.
I have had many favorites over the years, Snickers, Whatcamacallits, Kit Kats, Turtles, Butterfingers, Hershey with Almonds, Mr. Goodbars, Nestle Krunch, even Heath Bars.

Right now my favorite is Reese Peanut Butter Cups. In fact, I just bought a king size pack yesterday. You know, the one with 4 in the pack Had to share two with the kids....ughhh. They are like hound dogs. They can sniff out the goodies.

I get my midnight cravings and dh and I make runs to the local 7-eleven to get goodies. I have a stash in my drawer.

Lately, I have been having Snicker cravings, this may be my new

It's funny, because every Halloween, I raid the kids bags and take the snickers and reese cups...shhhh don't tell my kids.


Two sick kids

Boy did I hit the jackpot!

I got not one but two sick kids at home. Well, my son Jari, is not really sick, but needs to go to the doctor for an x-ray, I suspect he may have broken his thumb playing basketball yesterday. He was in alot of pain, and the thumb is very swollen. I am going to take him to the doctor and just make sure he's alright.

My daughter has a horrible cough and is complaining that her throat hurts. This is the child that NEVER needs to get sick. Any fever and it throws her into seizures. I have been chasing down tylenol and motrin all night. She did have a few tremors, but I am hoping that she does not have a full blown seizure. I am trying to get her off medication by next year and one of the stipulations is she cannot have a seizure in the yearly period. Or they start the year over from the date of the seizure. So I am sitting on pins and needles right now.

We are supposed to go out to dinner for my sil's birthday, but I don't think we can being that both kids are out of commission so to speak.

Never a dull moment in the Brooks household.


Beauty of Books

Beautiful Books. 1. What is the most beautiful book you own? 2. In what way is it beautiful? Is it the illustrations, the binding, a combination of these, or something else? 3. How often do you look at it, browse through it, read it?

One of the most beautiful books I own, besides the bible is a book called Soul Catcher: A journal to help you become who you really are. The book is very beautiful. It's very whimsical, Flavia inspired if you will. The illustrations inside the book are gorgeous. It is a total must have. The book is spiral bound. I love the combinations of colors. I was drawn by this book. I first heard of this book after reading an issue of O Magazine. I went over to Borders and bought the book. Once I saw the book I was in awe. The book is so beautifully made.

It has totally helped me in my journaling. I journal a lot and I must say I always go back to this book for reference. It helps you to dig deep inside of yourself. It also has some wonderful quotes inside. I love quotes. I am always writing them down in a notebook.

The book is by Kathy and Amy Eldon. Most of the art work was done by Michelle Barnes. It is a total must-have. It has a new age feel and I would recommend to anyone who is working to improve their journaling styles.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I love American Idol

I am such a big fan of American Idol. Every Tuesday and Wednesday I am glued in front of the television set. Even have some very young idol fans in the house. My husband watches with me, but does not understand the whole voting thing. He says it takes up tooooo much time.

But, hey if you are a true fan, you will vote!

Last night's show was awesome. I thought Paris and Mandisa did great!

I also loved Kerry Pickler last night! First time for everything.

I have to admit I watch the show just to see Ace He is tooooo hot for tv.

I also like Elliot his voice!

Can't wait to see who's staying and who's going tonight!
I hope its not Paris or Mandisa or


What are my dreams made of....

List the things you dream about doing during the last few years of your life. This is a very introspective subject. Take your time. Think.. if you live to a ripe old age, what do you dream of?? that you would be doing during your final years?? Taking into acct, that your health etc would be just fine!

My mom always told me to dream BIG, never dream small.....
Since, I was a child, I always wanted a big family and an even bigger home. I am working towards that dream now. I have the children, next year we plan to buy the home. I always dreamed of living in a nice, comfy, house....filled with my children's laughter...
I wish that my children could be children for ever. I love them sooooo much. It's hard to imagine that one day they will be grown and on their own. My children are my world. They are my DREAM COME TRUE. I never imagined that my life would be so complete. They mean the world to me. My dream for them is that they are successful in what ever they do, that they find true love, and that they never forget that my love for them is truly unconditional. They will always have a place in my home.

I also dream of my husband and I growing old together, still in love. We have been together already for 16 years and counting. I hope that we will forever be together and that we travel the world together. Never missing a beat. I hope for many, many, many grandchildren.....MANY YEARS FROM I love children! I think I would be the No babysitters required.

I hope and dream that my children and I will remain close. I pray that they will never let anyone or anything stand in the way of our relationship.I also pray the same for them as siblings, that they will remain close. Always have each other's back. Take care of their little sister, and never let anyone or anything stand in the way of their relationships. I dream that my mom will live to see her great-grandchildren, I hope that she will be around to watch my children get married and have children of their own.

That is what my dreams are made of...


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last minute person

This one is all about PROCRASTINATION. What do you wait for the very last minute, to do??? Do you do this often? Can you figure out why? Have you always been this way? Does it drive other members of your family/friends crazy?

Procrastination is my middle name. It seems that I always wait to the last minute to do everything. I wait to the last minute for birthday gifts. I wait to very last minute to clean. Especially around the holidays. I always plan these elaborate schedules.....and never stick to them. Everyone wants their house spic and span, especially around the holidays, and I am always dogg tired, because I am cleaning the night before.

My husband is always mad, because I wait to the last minute to get dressed, when we are going out. I almost always have to stop by the shoe store, clothing store, or beauty supply to pick something up last minute. He totally hates that. It drives him nuts!

I have been this way since I can remember. I can remember waiting to the very last minute to do homework, science fair projects, you name it....I waited to the very last minute]

This was a pain in college. I don't know how many times I waited to the last minute to do a paper. I was in the computer lab, the day the paper was due, most times, cutting another class, to type a 15 page paper out. Thank God, I am a fast

My dad says, the only thing I will ever be on time for is my

It has been my new year's resolution to change this for many years, but I guess it is just a part of who I am...


Monday, March 20, 2006


I can't believe I let my husband and his co-workers talk me into going to the Jerry Springer show! I am more of an Oprah person We are going today, don't know what the topic is about. Should be interesting. I really think most of those people are fake anyways. Some of it seems so staged. One things for sure, I will NOT be getting any JERRY

The good thing is we are going to the CHEESE CAKE FACTORY for dinner. Yipppeee! I absolutely love that place. We were going to go to Pappedeux's, but the traffic going that way will be too much. I love Pappedueux's as well.

I am going to sit back and relax and enjoy the show, should be fun.



Collector by nature!
Ever since I can remember, I have always collected something. When I was a child it was unicorns, rocks, stationary, porcelain dolls, stickers, I can remember getting my allowance on Fridays and heading to Chicago Ridge Mall on Saturday, because they had a huge store that sold stickers. I remember blowing my whole allowance on scratch and sniff stickers and Garbage Pail kids (do you remember those), I could hardly wait to get home, so that I could spend hours putting my stickers into my album. Everyone would marvel at how awesome my sticker album was. I was so proud!Fast forward to now, I am 31 years old and still collecting some things that carried over from childhood...Like Teddy Bears mostly plush, I am a Boyd bears fanatic, have been since I was about 9 years old. My aunt Josie bought me Sophie, a boyd's bear with a pink crocheted dress, with matching booties and bonnet, she also bought me a calendar, and diary. Little did I know that it would turn into a way of life with me. I tried to get my daughter into Boyds, which she loves but she is far more interested in Hello Kitty, right now.I love teddy bears, they are displayed all over my house. Mostly in my bedroom. Somethings never fade...I also collect writing pens. When I was teen, I always got cool and interesting pens. Fast foward to today, I am the same way. I love, love, ,love writing pens. I live in office max and Target. I also, have a good relationship with my children's pediatrician, who always give me the neat pens from the pharmeceutical companies. Once, my dad said " Why do you need all of those pens, you can't write with all of them" My dad was oblivious. He hadn't a clue. I spent hours in my room sampling each and every pen. I love to write. Writers need pens. Comprende.I also collect things that are purple, purple candles, purple picture frames, mostly decor for my bedroom which in Deep Purple and Mint Green. Every time I see something any shade of purple, I have to buy it. Its an obssesion.I guess you can say I collect bath and body works products... I Have to have everything that comes out. i am so into the breathe line right now. The orange one is the best! I love to smell pretty! My mom taught me that catch phrase when I was about 4....I also collect journals, I love to write and I have a journal for just about everything, and I can never pass up a cute or interesting looking journal. I love to write!Of course, I collect scrapbooking supplies, that would be obvious! I am a scrapper, it goes hand and hand...lolDana

Had a great time at my parents...

I went over to my mom and dad's house to pick up mail, I got jury duty....ughhhh! We had dinner and watched a good movie. As usual my mom and dad were entertaining, they always fuss at one another, but they can't live without each other. The kids get a kick out of it! My dad wouldn't be himself, if he was not fussing. My sister and her 2 rugrats came over too. We had a blast. We had pot luck dinner.... I cooked baked macaroni and cheese, my sister made banana pudding, my mom cooked red beans and rice and fried chicken. After we ate ourselves into a small coma, we watched a movie called Back in the day, with Ving Rhames and JaRule, it was actually pretty good. We played the dozens ....and I am back home.

Now, I am dogg tired and am going to hit the shower ...then the sheets....


Scrappy jams

To be honest, I hardly ever listen to music while I am scrapbooking...Occassionally,I will listen to some slow r&b. I tried listening to the faster stuff, but I am compelled to jump up and start dancing and that can be dangerous with an exacto knife, substituting for a microphone....TRUST ME...LOL

I listen to a little Alicia Keyes, Floetry, Jill Scott, Musiq, Anthony Hamilton....gets me into the groove.

I find it relaxing and soothing. I get my mind right, then I get into the groove of things.

I did just purchase a IPOD, my son seems to love his, and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Maybe I will be doing alot more grooving, while


Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm baaaaackkkkk!

Boy oh Boy, does it feel good to be back.. I had computer problems, but now I am back and blogging. I am off to my parents house for dinner for now, but I will be back....and will be posting some good ole challenges....Dana

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Favorite snacks...

Snack food are such a weakness for me... I snack all the time!

My favorites are:
1. Sunflowers seeds....have to be David's or Planters
2. Cheez-its
3. Ruffle chips and french onion dip
4. Reese Peanut butter cups
5. Twizzlers
6. Chunky Monkey Ice Cream
7. Salt n Sour Chips
8. Flaming Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese
9. Sour Pickles and Hot Pickles
10. Chews (Penny

All the kids love me at church. They call me the candy lady. I have to do something to keep my kids quiet and


Monday, March 13, 2006

And the winner is....

I have a secret....

I am lottery scratch off addict! I love buying my scratch off tickets. Have won a nice bounty too. My latest win was 10 bucks! Woohooo. However last week I won $102. I always win playing the 7/11/21 game. You have to scratch off 7, 11, or 21. You get 3 numbers and they must add up to one of the three...I always pick up Cappucino, lottery scractch off, and a REeses Peanut butter cup everytime I go to speedway...

So there, you know my


Whatis the world coming to?

I was watching the news today, and yet another SENSELESS slaying of another precious child. Just a few days ago Starkesia Reed, was struck by a stray bullet, meant for someone else, she was killed instantly right in her own living room. She was only 14 years old. A beautiful young girl with a very promising future, she was a honor student. Why? Picked up the news paper, same community, just blocks away Sirethia White was killed in her aunt's kitchen. She was struck in the head by a stray bullet, at her own birthday party. She hadn't even had a chance to cut her birthday cake. She would have been 11 years old today. How sad is that? They should ban assault weapons, and give stiffer penalties for these types of crimes. Our children are not safe, not even in the comforts of their own homes. This just ANGERS me! Children are losing their lives senselessly, and nothing is being done. This scares the crap out of me! We live in peril times. I sobbed and sobbed! I could not begin to fathom, what their mothers are going thru. There was no need for this to happen. These children could have grown up and been the next president, and the scientist who finds the cure for Aids or cancer......Just sickens me....

Here is a news paperarticle below:

The uncut birthday cake sat on the table beneath colorful balloons.
Steps away, bloodstains marked the wood floor of this Englewood community home, where a party — and a young life — came to a violent end Saturday night.
Siretha White, 10, was shot in the head about 8:30 p.m. Saturday as she tried to run to the kitchen and take cover from a hail of bullets spraying her aunt's home in the 2000 block of West 70th Place. Moments earlier, Siretha had been dancing in the living room, celebrating at a surprise birthday party for her and her cousin.
She would have turned 11 years old today.
Her killing marks the second time in as many weeks that a bullet meant for someone else claimed the life of a young Englewood girl. Starkesia Reed, 14, was gunned down March 3 in her living room, about six blocks away from the house where Siretha was shot.
"When are they going to stop killing our kids?" sobbed family friend Tanika Smith, 22, as she mourned Sunday on the front porch of Siretha's house in the 6800 block of South Marshfield. "We were just at Starkesia's funeral last week. Now we've got another one. It ain't right."
It was a refrain heard often Sunday, as members of the community hugged, cried, prayed and demanded others lay down their guns.
"It's our babies dying on this battlefield," said the Rev. Robin Hood of the Chicago Project for Violence Prevention, as he led a prayer vigil outside Siretha's home.
Wentworth Area detectives were questioning two men in connection with Siretha's shooting. Witnesses said the gunmen drove down the street in a white Cadillac, which police recovered Sunday.
Police have charged Carail L. Weeks, 24, with the shooting of Starkesia Reed. Law enforcement officials say Weeks opened fire on his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend with an AK-47 and a stray bullet hit Starkesia in the face.
Police Supt. Phil Cline said a similar type of assault weapon — "a Tech 9 type machine pistol" — was used in Siretha's shooting.
"We need to get these weapons banned," Cline said. He suggested that the crime might have been gang-related. "These gang-bangers need to realize they've got to give up that life ... a child's life is not worth them having some more drug turf."
"They need to stop," said Siretha's mother, Siretha Woods. "Innocent people is being killed. Let these kids live."
Woods described her daughter as "a movie star in my eyes," a little girl who loved to act and, like Starkesia Reed, excelled at school. She said Siretha was a fifth-grader at Vernon Johns Community Academy. School officials said crisis teams will be sent today to Vernon Johns, where students have lost three classmates or recent graduates — including Siretha and Starkesia — this year.
One of 12 children, Siretha could get along with just about anybody, friends and family said. Not one to sit inside in front of the television, she loved jumping rope and playing the boys at basketball. She even donned boxing gloves and went toe-to-toe with her 14-year-old brother, Nevens.
"I'd let her win," he confessed.
Siretha's parents missed the birthday party Saturday night because Siretha's father had to go to the hospital. Family friends said he's on oxygen and suffers from diabetes and other chronic illnesses.
Siretha's aunt Deanna Woods threw the joint birthday party for her own 13-year-old daughter and her niece, who was known affectionately as "Nugget," a nickname her father gave her because she was a chunky baby.
About 30 children were at the celebration, eating chicken and taco salad and dancing — one of Siretha's favorite pastimes. The music was interrupted by the sound of gunfire and breaking glass. Deanna Woods yelled at the children to get down.
"I throwed them all on the floor," Deanna Woods said. "They was piled up on each other. I pushed my niece down, but she got up and started to run to the back to get safe."
Siretha didn't get far. One of the kids started screaming, "Nugget's shot!"
Tanika Smith, who was at the party, said a group of about eight men who she thinks were possible targets of the shooting had briefly stopped by, eaten some food and were outside the house when the gunfire erupted. Some of the men frantically kicked at the front door trying to get back in the house for protection, she said, but one of the adults inside held the door shut. Police said two people outside the house were grazed by bullets.
Smith estimated at least 20 shots were fired. When she saw Siretha had been hit, she ran over to help.
"I held her hand," Smith said. "I kept telling her it would be all right. I could see her mouth moving, but nothing came out. I wish I knew what she was trying to say."
Siretha's aunt went back to her house Sunday to retrieve the uncut birthday cake and take it to her sister's home. She looked around at the pile of white napkins and plates that went unused, the presents that Siretha opened but never will play with.
Her voice grew louder as she vented her anger, both at the people who did this and the police who she said let her family down.
"It's not safe here. We can't even live in Chicago anymore," Deanna Woods said. "You think I ain't leaving after this?"
She cried while she picked up the cake and walked past the bloodstains on the floor.
"We didn't even get to sing her 'Happy Birthday,' " she said.
Sun-Times News Group

So sad!

We are so lucky!

We endured terrible storms last night. High winds! Thunder and Lightening! We had to find half of the stuff that was on our deck. We still have not found my daughter's swimming pool. We found some stuff, 2 blocks over. There were tornados in Burbank, Tinley Park, and Springfield. Burbank and Tinley Park are just minutes from here. Power lines were down, trees uprooted, pieces of rooftops gone....IT WAS CRAZY! It is still windy! Are windows are rattling and the doors are shaking, I hate it. The pets are going crazy. The winds are just howling!

I am thankful to God, that nothing happened over here, because I do not have a basement~

The power went out early this morning, but came back on pretty quickly.
My 9 year old came home and had the ordasity to ask to go outside. Is he nuts! I hope the winds die down soon! It's scaring the crap out of

My dh says this is a good time to watch a HORROR he nuts. I am rattled enough.


Blogging Habits

1. What time of year do you blog the most? Just started in November absolutely love it. I am a person who journals anyways, so the time of year will not matter for me.

2. What time of year do you seem to blog the least? I'm pretty busy in the summer, so I might not have as many entries a day, but who knows. I love blogging!

3. What time of DAY do you do your most blogging?Early in the morning, and late at night...

4. When blog-hopping, do you tend to look at your blogroll list (or fave blogs) to see which ones have been updated, or do you visit your faves on a regular basis regardless? A little of both. With these blog challenges I have so many blogs I enjoy reading on a daily basis.

5. Do you change your blogroll often?Yes, I am always adding new

6. How many times a day, after writing a new post, do you check for new comments? A lot, I love reading the comments on my posts. When I first started to blog, there were little or no comments, but now I love hearing what people have to say about what I write. I also enjoy reading what others have to say on their blogs.

7. Do you leave comments on others' blogs, or are you more of a lurker? 99% of the time I leave a comment. There is always something that sparked my interest and I am compelled to comment.

I love everything about blogging. Its a way to express myself. All the friends I have met! Being able to get a glimpse into other people's lives, giving you a glimpse into mine. It's a total creative outlet for me. Great stress buster. I am so glad I found my new found hobby. BLOGGING!!!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom and I are very close, but I didn't feel so close to her, when I was a teenager. I thought she was nosey, "in my business', and that she was ruining my life. I vowed when I had my own children I would never do this or never do that. Well, that didn't happen. I hated it when I asked my mom something and she said "Go ask your father" I do that all the time!

I hated it when my mom would tell me "to stay in a child's place".....say that all the time

I hated it when my mom would lick her finger and wipe something off of my face....find myself doing that all the time

I hated it when my mom would preach to me, and nowI do it all the time

I hated it when my mom told me to do something and I said why, she would always say bECAUSE I SAID SO...oh I hated that and now I say it all the time.

I hated it when my mom had to meet all of my friend parents before I could go anywhere, I thought it was so embarrasing, and now I do the same thing.

My mom used to yell and scream at us....and I do alot of yelling sometimes, and I catch myself because I think to myself, boy am I turning into my mother.

I hated this phrase "No, That's it, that's all" .....use it on the daily

My mom never allowed me to say "What" to her, never understood it, until I had my own kids, and I think saying what is so SARCASTIC and SMART ASS!

I do alot of things I claimed I would never do, but sometimes, as much as we hate to admit it, we TURN into OUR MOMS when we become


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dog Tired!

Boy am I tired! I came home from grocery shopping and immediately got to work. I cleaned and seasoned all the meat. I got ribs, steak, pork chops,hot links, and catfish.... I had to cook the ground beef for the spaghetti and baked beans. I cooked potato salad. The deal WAS my HUSBAND was SUPPOSED to HELP out. I guess that translated to him putting some of the meat on the grill. He left me and went to play XBOX...figures! I am really meticulous when it comes to cooking. I cannot cook in a DIRTY kitchen. I clean and cook all the while I am cooking!That is why I am so tired! Lol. I bought the new Harry Potter, and the kids want me and their dad to watch it tonight. Needless to say Harry Potter, will be watching me because I am dog


It's so nice outside!

I am so happy! Its 65 degrees...woohooo! I am on my way to the grocery store, to get a few slabs of ribs, hot links, and chicken to grill. I am going to make some spaghetti, baked beans and potato salad too. The kids are so excited, they are playing outside with friends, riding their bikes. I even went for a walk it was so nice. Love days like this. Can't wait for Spring! Well gotta go! Got alot of cooking to do~


Friday, March 10, 2006

My dream car!

Wow, I am what they call an official CAR BOOTY...I am one chick who knows their cars. I love going to the auto show and car shows. I guess I got this from my older brother. If I could choose four cars my first pick would be The Chrysler 300 M! Woo. That care is so sweet. Has the Bentley grill without the Bentley price. I would choose a Candy Apple Red, chromed inside, 4 tv's, 22 inch rims, leather interior. My ride would be so sick!!!

My second choice would be the new Q45 Infiniti, in black! Woohoo. I would have it sitting on dubs or (20 inch rims) V8 engine, 280 horsepower, wooooooo! I would own the e-way....

My 3rd choice would be an all chrome Hummer H3. I am 5'1 and trucks make me feel so tall! My uncle has one, and he let me drive it to Atlanta. I thought I was big $hit! Lol

My 4th choice is the new Convertable Mercedes S550, with the blue oval headlights! Can you imagine all the heads I would turn in this litle baby. I get sick imagining it. Love this car!

Last but definitely not least, is the FERRARI 360 SPIDER! Three words FAST AS HELL! I have a heavy foot and am quite the little speed demon. My brother taught me all the tricks, how to do donuts in rear wheel as well as front wheel drive, 360's, suicides.....catch me if you can can in this baby!

Well, ladies, you may now know my weakness. I love cars! Always have! Plan to own atleast 2 of these babies, before I meet my maker. This would make an awesome scrapbook page in an all about me album.

The cars we have now are nothing like the cars I named! We have 03'Toyota Camry and 04 Chrysler Town and Country Mini van.....hehe!

A girl can dream, huh!


Hate feeling like this....

Haven't been online for the last couple of days...I have been really down int the dumps. I got some really upsetting news Friday and am really having a hard time dealing with it. I am in good health, my family is well, but just heard something about a family member that is UNBELIEVABLE.

I have been moping around and feeling horrible. I am really trying to snap out of it, but its hard. I am just going to continue to pray and hope this all blows over soon.

I can feel myself slipping into a depression....Hate this feeling...feels like a black cloud is hanging over my head....It feels so suffocating and stifling. Sometime I feel like a heavy rock is sitting on my chest. I did nothing wrong, but feel like everyone is blaming me for this incident. I feel so bad. I have been sobbing for days. I am going to pray and ask for strength. Its gonna be some trying days ahead, but all I can do is hope for the best.

Please say a prayer for me and my family, we are in dire need....


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Things that put me in a good mood

I am normally always in a good mood. But there are those days....LOL.10 things that are guaranteed to put me in a good mood are:
1. Hugs from my husband, amongst other thing (insert devilish grin)

2. Kisses from my children, hearing their laughter
3. The feeling I feel after leaving church
4. Being around my family and friends
5. Shopping
6. Going to my favorite restaurant
7. Talking to my mom
8. Scrapbooking (I smile all the way through)
9. Looking thru my scrapbooks
10. Junk Food


Silly questions

. Would you rather wake up and find you can ONLY tell the absolute truth OR only lies? I would love to wake up and tell NOTHING but Lies....because if I told the truth all the time, there would be alot of hurt people out there. For instance, when my daughter asks me how she did on one of her art projects, and I say its UGLY AS ALL GET OUT....I would totally hurt her Explain your answer if you wanna.

2. Would you go out to dinner with a convicted serial killer OR American Idol judge Simon Cowell? Elaborate if you wanna. A serial killer, because 5 minutes with Cowell, and I would kill him...

3. Would you gargle with mint listerine mouthwash before every meal OR lick a lime before every bite? Lick a lime, mouth wash totally ruins the taste of food. Plus, I love eating sour

That was totally fun!



Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I got scrapgoodies today.....Yipee!

Today was a great day. I found Design Secrets by Scrapbooks Etc...
I got my Color Me Silly Paper Pack, with matching Bazill, Monograms, and Wholy Cow Rub-ons from embellishonline today. They are so great. I also got my Lil Davis Chipboard Words from qvc today. I love getting goodies in the mail. Also got a nice surprise from our very own Bonnie Rose. I received a RAK, with the cutest tags and cutest little acrylic stamps. Thanks BonnieRose. You are such a sweetheart.

Now, if I get my April CK, Scrapologie kit, and Jenni Bowlin kit, I will be happy. I will be stalking the mailman until then...

I love getting goodies in the mail...


20 questions....

Actually only 10 questions, but I liked the sound of the

1. I almost peed myself when the doctors told me my daughter had epilepsy.
2. Country music = _riding along in the car, down south to Mississippi, with my granny, my mom, and my aunts and uncles...the only thing that had good
3. The smell of leather reminds me of getting a brand new coach purse.
4. When I was little my mom told me to always dream BIG! Never allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of you and your dreams. She also told me to never allow anyone to come in between my siblings and I.

5. The last time I screamed was because my children were acting crazy, while I was driving on the expressway. Had to totally pull over and yell at all 3 of them.
6. The one person I aspire to be most like is My mom, very independent and strong. Also very laid back and selfless.
7. I tell my children I love them and my husband every day.
8. I scrapbook because I absolutely love it! Its fun! It allows me tap into my inner child. It's a total creative outlet. I love all the awesome products. Its a part of life for me.
9. People drive me crazy when they _exaggerate the story.
10. A special gift I remember receiving, that meant the world to me, was my 3 beautiful children, they were the best gifts that I have received from God.

Monday, March 06, 2006

No more babies...bohoo

Today, I was looking at my children and they are growing up so fast! My baby girl Jaree will be 7 next month and it seems like time just flew by....

I mean I know that growing up is a part of life, but does it have to happen so fast. My oldest child will be graduating from 8th grade in June, and he's changed so much within the last year. He grew 5 inches in one year. He is already 5'9 and his feet went from a size 7 to a 10 1/2 and he's only 13. He growing up and away from me....He does not want the kisses and hugs...mommy went from being being gross. When did all these changes take place? Where was I? It does not seem that long ago that I was changing his diapers and now he's a little MAN!

My Jariel, (youngest son, 9), is still very much my baby. He does not mind giving me kisses in front of his friends. He still gives me hugs. He thinks I am the prettiest woman in the world and I am the world's greatest mom. But, how soon will that change. His older brother was the same way.

Anybody that knows me, will tell you...I live for my children. My children are my life. Without my children, life would not be the same. I love them sooooo much. There is not a word in the english language to describe how much.

I get a little sad, because their time as children seems so short... I want to baby them, nurture them, and spoil them forever and ever...

I love babies, and after my daughter, the doctor's suggested that I have a tubaligation. I had 3 rough pregnancies and almost died after giving birth to my second child. They had recommended that I have a tubal after him, but I was still holding out hope, that someday I would have a daughter. Praise God, she was born 3 years after that.

I decided to have the tubal, and sometimes wonder was that the best choice for me. There are those days that I wished I could give birth just one more time...I think about a lot. I was born to be a MOTHER. I am good at it! I LOVE children! I always have. I think being a mother was my GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT and ACHIEVEMENT! I have done many things in my life, but nothing tops being a mother.

My husband expressed several times, that he does not wish to have anymore children. He feels that we have the perfect family and assures me that BABIES GROW UP... I miss nursing my children, holding them in my arms, the smell of a freshly bathed baby, feeling their breath on my neck as they sleep in my arms, the cooing, the cutesy little outfits... I would like to do that just one more time, but dh says he would kill himself if I were to become pregnant again...LOL

I still can't help to wonder, what if... Would it be a girl? Would it be a boy? How would he or she look? What would I name her or him? Just can't help but wonder.... Realistically, I will just enjoy and cherish, the time I have left with my children, before they turn into adults and even then they will forever and always be MOMMIES LITTLE BABIES....


No place like....

Challenge: List the top 5 locations/places you would love TO LIVE in the world today, if you had the chance. Elaborate if you wanna.. why these places??? Use as much detail as you would like.

Wow, if I had the chance to live anywhere in the world one of the places I would live is

Hollywood- When I was a child, I always dreamed of being an actress and having my own star on the strip. I would love to see all the celebs and live in a big 'ol house and be rich and famous.

Virginia Beach- Vacationed there and absolutely had a blast. The beaches are so beautiful and the people are so nice and friendly

Florida- Disney World. Sums it all up in nutshell...

Paris- City of love. It seems so romantic, its always been my dream to visit Pe' ree

Last but not least, with my mom....she is such a beautiful person. I cried for months after I moved out on my own. My mom spoils me to death. I am a total momma's girl! I love my mom so much and can't imagine life without her.

That's all folkes!


Had a blast!

I didn't get a chance to go to Borders and Joann's like I planned! But the day was not a total loss. As planned, my cousin and her boyfriend Chucky, my husband and I all went out. We went to RED was soooooo GOOD! I got the Lobster Lover's Dream, with a huge Rock Lobster Tail, one Main Lobster Tail, and Shrimp, Lobster and Shrimp Alfredo Pasta, and a baked potato. I also ordered add on Crab legs and a bowl of clm chowder. We ordered Lobster Rolls and Lobster Pizza for appetizers and I ate everything but the pasta. The salad and biscuits were so good too! I purposely didn't eat anything but breakfast. So I could MAX...(ebonics for eat I had a couple of Pina~ Coladas and then we headed to the movies. We were not sure if we would make it. I always get so sleepy after a big meal, but we went ahead and went anyways.

We went to see 16 BLOCKS, it was actually a really good movie. Bruce Willis and Mos Def played in the movie. It was about a cop(Bruce Willis) trying to transport a criminal (Mos Def) to court from jail and someone wants Mos Def dead, before he makes it to court. That's all I am going to say, if someone wants to go see it. I really enjoyed it. We went to go pick the children from my moms and on the way home my baby did the sweetest thing. He said, I know you did not get a chance to go to Borders and Joann's but I will buy you some cookies and some cappuchino. We ended up picking up some on the way home. He is such a sweetie. I love him sooo much! Guess he's a

I am tired as heck! I am going to hit the sheets...

Until next time

Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's snowing....ugh!!!

We just got home from Home Depot and Swap-o-Rama (huge flea market) and I am so mad, because it is snowing pretty hard. I hate driving in the SNOW! I don't drive in Snow or Heavy Rain. I got into a pretty bad accident, when I was pregnant with my son Jariel and it was raining really hard and someone slid and slammed right into the back of us.....I thought i was going to give birth right there. I have really bad flashbacks of that accident and my back was injured pretty bad. I still have spasms. I am really NERVOUS, when people pull up behind me, and I constantly look in my mirror to see if they are going to stop.

I really wanted to go to Borders! I love going there to read. I love the atmosphere. I always get a cappuchino and a cookie and I sit in my love seat and read, read, read. I am a total nerd aren't I??? I have always been a bookworm. Even before I could read. It something about books that CONSUME me. My hubby hates when I read, because I tune the rest of the world out....Kinda how he tunes me out when he is DJ'ing or playing his new XBOX 360. I hate video games! LOL He's up all hours of the night playing, and expects me to just roll over...yeah right! Are you kidding me dude?

I hope it slows up. I atleast want to see what books I want? Buy a brand new journal (an addiction of mine0, and cute little book marker....I will be so mad, if it does not slow down. We are going to dinner at 5pm and it's already two. I need atleast an hour to get ready. Ugh! Why did it have to snow today.

Even if I did want to attempt to drive, dh is so not letting me leave the house. He is so freaking protective. Gets on my nerves sometimes. I tell him all the time, I have on DADDY, and I don't need

Well, I guess I can be content with scrapping and cruising on twopeas, but I sure want my cappuchino and



THE KIDS ARE GONE UNTIL MONDAY......WOHOOOOOO! Just kidding! I miss them already My mom always tells me, why do you let them come over, if your only going to call every 5 minutes.... So I have limited myself to every My husband is just as bad, especially with 0ur daughter. She is such a daddy's girl! She knows it too. She tells me all the time "I will tell my daddy on you"! Lol

Today, I am going to have a chance to go to BORDERS!!! One of my favorite places and the new Joann's Etc. My husband and my cousin's boyfriend Chucky are laying tile down. Gives me about 2 1/2 hours to get a little shopping in. I am probably going to stop by Target too. I love Target!

Today we are going to RED LOBSTER, Lobsterfest is going on. I love crab legs and Lobster, so this is right up my alley. Then we are going to the movies. So we are going out today! My favorite things food and

I am going to try and get some reading and scrapping done! I want to finish my book Afterburn, by Zane today. It's really good. I just got the BIG PICTURE SCRAPBOOKING, finallly. I want to read that too. Should be able to finish my book and read a little of the Big Picture as well, while I am at Borders.

I will be having fun, all by myself today. Can't wait. First, I have to go to Petsmart and get the turtles some food.

Until next time.....

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The meaning of FRIENDSHIP

*** What does friendship mean to you?? List your top 5-10 character traits/qualities that you look for in a potential FRIEND ... and why you feel these are important. ***

They say that is a blessing just to have one friendship in your lifetime. I am blessed many times over. I have so many people who I consider friends. I have some really great friends, some thatI have only known a short while and some who I have known my entire life... My very best friend is a girl named LaMonica, we have been friends for 29yrs and I am only 31. She has been my friend so long she is like my sister, she is my sister. I love her to death. Friendships like these only happen once in a lifetime. A friend to me, is someone who has your back, NO MATTER WHAT? A friend is someone who you can tell all your innermost secrets too. A friend is someone who shares your interests and passion in life....A friend is someone who can tell you "you look a mess", and you not get angry or offended by it. A friend is someone who understands who you are, and does not judge you... A friend is someone who will come and get you at 2am, because a good date turned bad.. A friend is a shoulder to cry on.... A friend is bright light at your darkess hour..... A friend is someone you can depend on and trust... A friend is someone will always be there when in need... A friend is someone who will never let anyone or anything stand in the way of their friendship....

I have tons of friends and consider myself to be a great friend too. It's nothing I wouldn't do for my friends. I have even went on STAKEOUTS with my friends, you know "trying to catch your boyfriend in the act, stakeouts). I have been in the delivery room, watching some of my friend bring their children in the world. I have been there for their tragedies and their triumphs ...Their high and their lows... The good, the bad, and the ugly. I am a ride or die type of friend! I have some ride or die girlfriends, who are down for me no matter what. That is a good feeling!


What's so funny???

BLOG CHALLENGE: ***List 10 things or more.. that almost always make you laugh.****

Laughter is really the best medicine and I find myself laughing a lot, at myself, at my children, my family, and at life in general. My mom always calls me the 'GOOFBALL' of the family, but I am a lot like my mom, we are the LIFE OF THE PARTY...

Here are a few things that make me laugh:

1. My son JARIEL'S laughter, its infectious....he has the craziest sounding laugh I have ever heard and it makes me snicker

2. Talking to my cousin Cherrone on the phone, I don't know why but we can't get two words out without laughing hysterically, the kinda a laughter that makes you catch a cramp and brings tears to your eyes....

3. My son Jacques imitating Madea...he can do it so well. I fall out in the floor every single time.

4. Watching my daughter TRY to dance. Keyword TRY. She does not have bit of rhythm...she dances to the words and not the beat a guess...

5. My husband...he always has something silly to say, even when I am mad as hell at him, he always does something STUPID to make me laugh

6. My kitten beating the hell out my dog....She takes Goldie by the neck with her front paws flips him on his back, and just kicks the heck out of him with her front and back paws on his head, the dog just lays there with legs in the air

7. Mike matter what movie he plays in he cracks me up. Loved him as Day-Day on both Next Friday and Friday after next...

8. Watching my cousin Pam and her boyfriend of 9 years Chucky argue. They are truly my entertainment. I swear Chucky gets thrown out of the house every weekend....clothes and all...

9. The movie Life....I don't think I have ever laughed as hard, but that's what happens when you team up Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

10. The funniest thing ever, was when we took my grandmother to my cousin Sherie's funeral. She had Alzheimer's disease and had a substantial amount of memory loss by then. My mother sat up front, because it was her first cousin, and my siblings and I were supposed to take care of Granny. That's not exactly how it went down. You see, my sister and brother thought they were being slick and found a pew, where only two people could fit and made me sit with GRANNY. She kept looking at Sherie and saying "How old was she" (in southern drawl, because my grandmother was from Mississippi).....I told her who she was and she kept on saying "Um um um"....2 seconds later she asked me " Who was she", again I told her who she was and that she needed to be quiet because we were at a funeral. She looked at me again and said " Who was she" I told her.....she stood and said "Oh lord, that's my cousin (actually her niece, she was my cousin, but anyway), she's dead, who killed her". I apologized and calmed her down. She turned to me and said " Who is that?" I told her again. She then asked me "Should I be be crying and bursted out crying so loud, I had to take her outside. Everyone in the sanctuary was cracking up, my brother and sister were laughing at me, if we weren't in church I would have flicked them both off. The whole entire funeral, she kept asking me the same questions over and over and my cousin Tonya was not making it any easier for me to maintain my composure, because she kept snickering. I did get the ultimate revenge on my sister and brother, I stuck Granny with them at the repasse. I went in back and help to prepare the food. So they had to help GRANNY eat.....what fun! We sit and reminisce about this incident and we laugh and cry everytime...


Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Creative Process

It really just depends on the mood I am ....
Sometimes, I just get this idea for a layout and go with it...
Sometimes, I flip through magazines for inspiration ....
Sometimes I scraplift, but never totally maybe one or two elements from a layout caught my eye, color choice or a neat embellishment idea I always put my own spin on things.
Believe or not, sometimes I have dreamed a layout, and I hurry up wake up and sketch it out...

Sometimes it takes just a few minutes to create a layout, sometimes it may take a few days, whatever the case may be I love scrapbooking. I love getting new supplies, getting my orders in the mail, or getting a new magazine, or taking a trip to the LSS or Michaels. I am so at home with this hobby. Everything about the hobby brings me joy. Scrapbooking is not just a hobby, it has become a way of life.

Scrapbooking has been a great blessing for me. I have met so many wonderful people through scrapbooking. Bonds that will last a lifetime. It has made my family stronger, my kids know what I am trying to do and they love it. They love the idea that "Mom", is leaving a legacy behind that they will chersih and their children will cherish and so on....

It has truly brought out my CREATIVE SIDE, my INNER CHILD, and my SPIRIT. I really believe it has made a well rounded individual. I plan on scrapbooking forever...


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Had a great time yesterday

What a treat! Not only did my parents come over for dinner, but the kids put on a great play for me. They did a skit about "what would the world be like without African Americans". My son went in the kitchen and looked around and said "Where's the refrigerator?", well there was no refrigerator because an AA invented the fridge.... my daughter was in the bathroom looking everywhere for a comb and brush, her hair was a mess, and she couldn't find it because an AA invented the comb and son had water all over his face and was fanning really hard, he was hot, he went to go turn on the Air conditioner and there wasn't one because an AA invented the air conditioner, but the treat of the night was my dad..."He started holding his heart (like Redd and he layed out on the couch and died, because he needed open heart surgery and the first open heart surgery was performed by an African American dead had a quadruple bypass 3 years ago and this was very emotional for me...My mom helped them out with the skit. She so, should have been a teacher. My mom gave the boys books about black inventors, and they were in awe of all of the things that were contributed to the world by people who look just like they look....IT WAS AWESOME!

I ate myself into a coma. Mom made Sweet Potato Pie (my favorite) and I made a Sour Creme Pound Cake, plus dinner. We had a great time and I even got a chance to go to Michaels and Archivers, because dad needed a book from Borders.....Awesome day!


Once in a Lifetime

I have only been married once, and don't ever plan on doing it again...LOL

I have given birth to a little girl once

I have been on a cruise once...

I had an argument with my mom once and it devastated me...

I have rode on a camel once

I tried Oysters once

I have only been in LOVE once

I have been to an Opera once...

I met Michael Jordan once...his niece and I went to the same high school

I only had stitches once

I've been to the top of the Sears Tower only once and I live in

I recieved a traffic ticket once...after the 75 dollar fine, I drive the speed

that's all for now...

Great topic Bonnie Rose