Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do you like scary movies????????

Ok, these two men scare the hell out me! I love HORROR MOVIES! If you know me well, you know that. I think I have seen just about every horror movie know to man, even the low budget cheesy ones. There is another man who I won't even post his pic, because I am home alone and that is the TALL MAN from Phantasm. He is sooooo creepy. He is 7'1 in real life! I can remember being a child going to the drive in movies to see horror films. I started out brave little soldier laying on top of the hood of the car with my big brother and a blanket, 15 minutes later I was in my mom's lap with my face tucked inside her shirt on the inside of the car.....LOL

I can remember the first time I saw Halloween. I was 5 years old. I begged and begged to go with my mom! She said no! I asked dad, dad said yes! My mom informed me that I would have nightmares and that I still would have to sleep in my own room (who was she kidding, I slept with my mom until I was 19 years old....that is why dad had his own room....LOL). I went in excited and happy that I had won and mommy lost! I was feeling a bit victorious and smug....LOL The movie came on and I can remember jumping in my dad's lap and pulling his coat over my face. I was so scared, Especially the part when Laurie Strode had found all of her friends dead and she was upstairs and Michael came out of the darkness and started to choke her. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! But, from that day forward, I love horror movies. I like being scared! I know it sounds crazy, but the scarier the better!

Then there is Candyman! I was pregnant with my first child when I saw this movie and honestly, it is the only movie where I wanted to run out of the theather. His voice is what scares me! Especially when he says "HELEN". I have never in my life been more scared! Never. I thought that nothing would ever top Salem's Lot! That movie scared me to death too, but Candyman has won the title as "most scariest movie ever" for me.

Then their is Phantasm, the movie where the tall man goes to the cemetaries and takes dead bodies and turns then into hideous monsters that kill. Then he also has this flying metal ball that hits you in the head and drills into your skull. So nasty. To top it off, the tall man had YELLOW BLOOD. So gross, scared me to death, when I was little.

Then there are those classics like Prom Night,Nightmare on Elm Street, Nightmares (watched that last night),Friday the 13th, Carrie, Christine, the Exorcist, Bloody Birthday, Happy Birthday to me, The Shining, Creepshow, The OMen, Amytiville Horror 2 the possession, Pet Semetary, I can go on and on ....I have to watch them every year! I have hundreds of horror dvd's in my collection, every Tuesday I add more!

My dad created a Monster, ever since I saw my first horror movie, I can't get enough! I literally search the television daily to see if their is any good horror movies on.... I swear I am not a weirdo, i just love me some horror. Good horror that is ....

Here's something you probably don't know.....Do you know where Michael Myers mask idea came from? Look closely, does it look like anybody you know? Look hard!

Well, its Captain Kirk (William Shatner), they took a Halloween Star Trek mask, sprayed it white, cut out the eyes, and spiked the hair! There you have it! You learn something new everyday!!!

Have fun! Be safe!!! Take lots of pics to post on your blog....LOL

Until next time...


Look what I found!

Ok, so yesterday was a nice day...... We reached 71 degrees yesterday. It felt so good. So I went outside to enjoy my day. I stopped and got some cappuchino and sourcream glazed donut from Crispy Creme (boy am I going to pay for it later), then I went to look at some boots I have been wanting, they are chocalate brown, wet leather with pleats, and they are still too steep for me right now. I spend a lot on my purses and shoes, but I still try to bargain shop. They are having a sales the second week in November, so I will try back again. I went to Wilson's to look for a leather coat, keyword look.....LOL Boy did they have some nice stuff. Honestly, I am in the process of trying to lose weight, so I really don't like shopping, so far I have lost 9 lbs and I have many, many, many more to go. I want to be in a size 8 or 10 and right now I am in between a 14/16. I was a 16, so its gradually happening, but I wished I could wave a magic wand and instantly drop about 30lbs......LOL Then I did the UNTHINKABLE....after promising myself no more scrap shopping I went to A Scrapbooker's Legacy here in Oak Lawn, and I was good! I exercised complete SELF CONTROL. It was not easy, but I did manage to buy something for a friend. Bonnie, that Journaler's notebook at the top is on it's way to you as I promised, enjoy!

Michaels was right down the street, so I said let me go there....I was so proud of myself that I did not spend much money at my LSS, so I could do it at Michaels (exercise self control). Hey, I am strong, it's all mind over matter. Yeah right! I got inside and I turned into a 2 year old, touching this, wanting that....I had a basket full of stuff. Then it clicked. Get only what you plan to use! I started removing stuff from my basket like a big girl. But still managed to get 2 idea books. YOu know I am an idea book junky! I found Scrap City, I have been wanting this book for the longest and another great looking book called Artist's Journals and Sketchbooks....Looks pretty good. I was searching for Visual Chronicles and Altered Imagery, but to no avail! I am going to just order from Amazon next week...... I also bought that cute scrapbook tote, for 40% off. That was deal! I looked around for crocheted flowers and felt flowers but couldn't find them....so I was pretty bummed! Any ideas where I can find either?????
So, you know I have caught this ALTERING BUG, found that cute little purse on clearance for 5 dollars and even though it is pretty as is, you know I gotta tweak it. I will probably end up altering the whole thing! LOL

I came home and cooked chili, finished up my laundry and hit the sheets. Didn't even crack open any of the books I bought. I think I will savor them over coffee at Borders tommorrow. I think I am going to get some me time, while dh is home with the kiddies.....My nerves are going to be fried by the time I make it home from trick or treating, so I am sooooooo going to need some me time. LOL

I am going to my mom's for pizza and a movie, after taking the children trick or treating. Then we are going to have to head home. I hate that Halloween is on a weekday. This is so NOT fun!


Monday, October 30, 2006

Great day!!!!

Wow, i sure hope its like this on tommorrow. It Sunny and nice out! Talk about an Indian Summer.....we are having one. I am going to get out today and clean the front yard area, its nice I gotta get out an enjoy it. Maybe take some pics of the kids.....

Had a great mail day. Got some books I ordered for Jaree, she will be so happy when she gets home!!! I got my Dec. CK, can't wait to dive into that one and the Toys R Us big book! I am like a child when I look in their. Love looking at all the toys I am getting this year.....wohooo! It's so fun being a mom! I have a secret, I still play with toys...shhhh! don't tell anyone!!! I swear I buy Jaree more things because I wanna play with them too....LOL

Well, I am off to enjoy this nice day!


Back on the grind!

Whew, it's Monday already....where did my weekend go? I had a great time this weekend. We did so much this weekend. Yesterday, we went Costume hunting. Yes, I know I am late this year, but luckily the kids found what they wanted! Jaree is going to be a vampire, a cute one at that, Jariel wanted to be SCREAM, with the glowing blood mask, and my oldest baby Bee, didn't want a costume, but his dad did talk him into getting a mask. A very scary mask at that! We are all prepared! I got my dose of BORDERS yesterday. I am a Border's addict! I love, love, love Borders!!!!! I bought a book that I saw on Bonnie's blog called Alphabetica. It looks so good! Can't wait to devour it today! I also bought some magazines. I got In Style, Woman's Day, and the Hallmark magazine upon recommendation of Ms. Bonnie Rose...LOL She is such a little enabler.

I have a lot on my to do list. I have been scrapping like crazy, so I really need to clean my room! I need to finish my closet project that I started two weeks ago. I need to finish 2 more loads of laundry and wash all the floors. All before the kids get home. NOT! Like that is really going to happen! I am a realist... and that ain't realistic.......LOL I am going to get 80% of it done before they get home. I work fast, but get distracted easy.... I check the mailbox consistently....if something good comes on televison, or if I have to keep checking my blog to see who is posting comments......LOL

I am still waiting to see if our bid offer was accepted for this house....I am really getting frustrated, but am trying not to let it get to me. I am going to call the realtor today and see what the heck is going on. Either you accept or you don't. Right!

So yesterday, I watched the Flavor of Love reunion and boy was it GOOD! The whole entire cast, wanted to jump on New York. I was kinda upset with Buckwild because she chunked this bottle at NY and almost hit the host La La. I would have....well we won't go there. I want you to have this innocent image when you think of me. Let's just say, you do not want to get on my bad side. Short people have bad tempers, didn't you know? LOL Krazy cannot sing! She sounded horrible yesterday. What made this woman think she could sing and she finally admitted that was the reason she came to the show. But we all knew that anyway. Delicious really looked good and so did Boots. I can't stand NY but the girl is a diva! She looked really classy last night. For those of you who never watched the Flavor of Love, you don't know what the heck I am talking about, but for those of you who do ....what did ya think? FLAVOR FLAV....yea boi!!!

Well, I really got a lot to do today and I really need to stay away from the computer, just step away from the computer......LOL

Until next time


Sunday, October 29, 2006

What is on your list to alter???

Okay, so I have caught the alter bug! Like I promised Jaree and I got a chance to do our Crafty Saturday....LOL We decided to make a reading log.
Okay You can tell mommy totally took over this time, but Jaree did put the flower and buttons on......
She had a great time painting the huge fancy pants chipboard flower. I got a chance to break out my brand new Stamping up stamps I bought. I thought it was going to be so hard mounting the stamps and cutting them out but it was so easy. Love the library card stamp!!!
Okay Like I said, I caught the altering bug! I did another clip board. I had to do something with all of those urban couture papers I was intimidated by....the wind was blowing, and blew the flower as I took the picture. I have to take my pictures outside. They come out better..
I really love how it came out. Did this in 45 mintutes. I am getting good huh!
Love the ribbons, but hate threading them throughthe hole!!!!
Okay, I finally got a picture with the wind not blowing.....LOL
Jaree wanted everyone to know that the flower was her favorite part. She did all of the painting!!! Jaree loves to read and this was a very fun project for her....Especially, the flower and the notecards. WE decorate 20 notecards with flowers,ribbons, and pp. Everytime she reads a book she writes it on the notecard and what she liked about the book! Then she puts it into the pocket. I am so proud of her. Even though I sorta took over and Jaree let me know I took over too....LOL
I am on altering kick! My next projects is a muffin tin. I am also going to try the frap bottles everyone is raving about!!!! I gotta do a canvas....Tons of mini albums. A board book and art Journal ...idea journal . ...heck even a pringle bottle.....LOl

Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's the weekend

'The whole life of man is but a point of time, let us enjoy it-"
This quote is so true. Life is short! Enjoy it. We hear this all the time, but do we really take heed. I am going to stop sweating the small stuff and just ENJOY LIFE. Count my blessings and be grateful. I am alive, I am healthy, I have a rood over my head, my children are healthy, we eat good, and I am afforded to have some of the things I want in life. I AM BLESSED!
Like many of you, I love quotes. I happened across this one and it was like someone was speaking to me personally. There has been so many things going on that I was not really getting a chance to truly enjoy life, stressing over this, stressing over that, and it brought me back to reality. Life is going to throw you hard ball, but SWING, BATTER SWING...You just have to role with the punches.
Yesterday, Jaree and I had every intention on doing a CRAFTY FRIDAY. But we both fell asleep in each other's arms watching television. When I woke at at midnight, she was sleeping so peacefully, and I did not want to wake her up. Needless to say, she was devastated when she got up this morning, so I am going to have to rearrange some things in my schedule to so that we can do something today.
She looked so pitiful! I felt so bad. It broke my heart. She said "we didn't even get a chance to get our time together, just you and me, mommy". My eyes just watered up and I gave her a big fat kiss and hug and told her that I promise I will make up for it today. I guess I can put off washing my hair until tommorrow. I wash my hair every Saturday, it's been a ritual since I was a child. But, I can make an acception for my baby. Now for my Caucasian American sisters, I know most of you wash your hair everyday and could not imagine washing it once a week......to make a long story short, if I washed my hair everyday I would be bald. Unlike most of you, my hair is dry and I have to add oils to feed and nourish the hair, whereas most of you wash your hair daily to strip it from the oils that make your hair limp. Get it? I had to explain this to my friend Denise, who is of Swedish and Irish descent. I am a girly girl and I keep my hygiene in tact.....LOL I didn't take after my dad, when it comes to hair. I took after my mom. My dad is bi-racial, I should say multi-racial because his father was Native American (Chippewah Indian) and French and his mother was African American and Native American. My mom is what I like to call Heinz 57....Her mother was Cherokee Indian, East Indian, African, and Irish. That's right! Her father was African-American, Native American, and Asian! That is where I get my eyes, high cheekbones, and curly, curly hair! LOL
It's funny, I even got on this subject, because when I was younger I wanted what they called "Blow hair", I wanted my hair to blow in the wind. I used to beg my mom to press (hot comb) my hair to make it straight and long and so that it could blow in the wind. Otherwise, it was short and curly, but when she did that my hair flowed down my back almost to my waist! I thougt I was big stuff! I was talking to one of my friends who had "blow hair" and she told me how much she wished she had my hair, because it was so pretty. I was thinking the same thing about her hair and we just laughed. It goes back to being grateful for what you have!
I don't have many plans for today except for household chores, laundry and of course mommy and me time with Jaree, but I do have tons planned tommorrow...How are your weekends going? Hope you are livning it up to the fullest!!!
Until next time

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's Friday!!!

I woke feeling refreshed and renewed. It's going to be a good day. So shall I say it, So shall it be! There is power in the spoken word you know! Yesterday, I went to visit my mom, her rash isn't doing any better, but atleast it is not in her blood. She has an appointment to see the dermatologist, to see what was the cause. They suspected an insect bite, but it is not a confirmed. I had a good time at my mom's. The kids had us cracking up. Jariel (my baby boy) is in Karate, and he was showing my parents and my sister some of his moves.... Well the other grandkids tried to attempt and let's just say Karate is not in their future...they were falling and stumbling over. My mom was laughing so hard she caught a cramp....LOL

Today, I am going to get 2 loads of laundry done and clean the kitchen!!!! Yesterday, was a lazy day for me and didn't do much, but today I have to get back on the stick!

It's Friday and you know what that means.....Crafty Fridays. What will Jaree and I do? I honestly don't know! LOL I will come up with something. She is so serious about our Crafty Fridays.... She reminded me last night about it. Lets see, she's made an all about me album, an altered notebook, and an altered letter.....what else can we do? Any suggestions??? She wants to make a reading log, something where she can keep track of all of the books she has read. She loves to read. I thought about making another notebook, so she can write about the stories, she didn't want to do that.....Maybe an altered clipboard, but how will that work, maybe we can put several sheets of paper under the clipboard and just decorate the clipboard. Help me out ladies? Whose ever suggestion I choose will get a RAK!!!! Please post a comment and I will choose 3 . Those 3 will recieve a RAK.

Dh will be working late tonight. I love and hate Fridays all at the same time. I get to spend quality time with my daughter doing something we both love and enjoy. We get to bond and spend mother/daughter time and I love that! I hate it because dh is gone until 3-4am, and I miss him dearly. Also, he is down to one day off a week, Until January 3rd. The fabulous world of retail! I wished he had a 9-5. But he's a retail manager, what should I expect? I feel sorry for him, because he is pulled in so many directions, he has hobbies that he loves, such a dj'ing, basketball, xbox 360, fantasy football and basketball, he works a very demanding job, I demand my time and so do the kids.....Then his mother feels left out and his sisters feel left out, but he tries his best to make everyone happy...First and foremost he put us first. He always says Family first! I love that about him...He has turned down so many jobs so that he can make Jaree's cheerleading competitions or the boys basketball tournaments....
I felt bad once because his sister called him one day and she was going off about saying tha the was a dead beat brother, he never comes to see her....and he told her straight out, 'Look, I have a family and they are first and foremost. I try my best to call you everyday and see you guys as much as possible, but I have to make sure my house is in order first". I think that is why they resent me so much, because they feel I keep him away. That is so untrue. I encourage him to call his family or to see his mom. How can I not? I talk and see my mom all the time...but girls are different. There is saying "When you have a daughter, she's yours for life, but a when you have a son, he's yours until he has a wife". Look how distant my brother is..... I can't go one day without talking to my mom, but hey, that's me!

Anyway, Dh is off Sunday and we are going to the MOVIES!!! yay! I am going to see Saw 3! I love me some horror!!!! We probably will see the Grude 2 too! We got 2 for one, but dh will probably choose the second one...

Halloween is fast approaching and we still have yet, to get our children's costumes. That is sooo sad! We are going Sunday morning. Whatever happened to making costumes! Boy those costumes are expensive. I am also going to the Haunted Farm and Pumpkin Patch! The kids are sooooo excited!

I am off now to do some cleaning! Will be back soon!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

If I could open a door

If I could open the door it would be a door to my childhood........ Waking up to the smells of my grandmother cooking breakfast and humming.... When my grandmother and all 9 of my aunts and uncles were still here instead of just 3... If I could open a door it would be to a time machine, when my cousin Sean and I could have just one last laugh together, Sean was killed when he was 19 years old. If I could could open a door it would be to my cousin Darcel's room, with her sitting there with her baby smiling and being a good mother to her and her other child Marion, Darcel's life was cut short at 34, she died in childbirth as well as her daughter.....If I could open a door, I would go to my husband's cousin Jasper's house and tell him to stay inside, don't walk up the block to his death, because Jasper was shot to death by one of his so called friend's Alex....If I could open a door it would be to my Aunt Icey's house, listening to my uncle James laugh, and playing "Don't touch your face" with my cousin Patrick, my cousin Patrick was killed for 500 dollars from a so called friend and my uncle James died from Alzheimer's....I would love to open any door that would allow me to spend time with loved one's that I have lost! I would like to open a door that would allow me to meet my grandfather....A man I only know by stories and by pictures I see, but of all the doors I could open, it would be to spend time with my grandmother. Just to sit down and eat dinner with her, to have her show me how to sew, knit, crochet, quilt....to hear her sing....to smell her perfume, to comb her beautiful hair, to watch her attempt to dance or do a jumping jack, because she couldn't do either one...to see her smile....to hear voice would reaffirm for me that all would be alright. My grandmother was OUR ROCK. She was our E.F. Hutton, when she spoke everyone listened. She was very wise....very courageous. If I am just half the woman she is I would be alright....If I could have her make me some candied yams, dressing, turkey, ham, pound cake, or peach cobbler...Grandma Tee, could throw down in that kitchen. My mom can cook....BUT GRANNY COULD BURN! If I could just have her make some homemade cream corn....umumum!!! If I could just open ANY DOOR, and have her answer, with nothing but a SMILE, I would be grateful.

I loved my grandmother and I still love her in spirit. I know she is always with me...But, I miss her here with me in Body and Soul! This is for you grandma! Wherever you are I hope you know you are loved and forever will be missed.


Jaree, Jaree, Jaree...

Today is going to be one of those days for me.....
I was up all night with Jaree, she is sick. She has a horrible cold. I try so hard to keep her well, because the slightest fever can through her into a seizure. I am so scared and monitoring her very closely. She hasn't been sick for a long time. I feel so guilty, like I was not doing my job. I know LIFE HAPPENS, however it is in the best interest of Jaree to stay well as possible. We have been lucky, that none of her near-fatal seizures have caused any permanent brain damage. That is my biggest fear. The last seizure was so bad. I mean bad. We lost her a few times, but Jaree is a fighter! She has been since birth. She had complications at birth, she was almost strangled by her umbilical cord and was in Neo-natal for a long time, fighting. So she came into the world fighting and she is very strong.

I was sitting here wondering, why Jaree? All my life I wanted a daughter. When I got pregnant with my first born child, I dreamed about having a daughter, buying frilly little dresses, pink layettes, ....but God gave me a son and I was ecstatic. I thought to myself, well atleast when I do have a daughter he could protect her...4 years later I gave birth to another son, and I have to admit, when I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I cried. But, then I soon felt guilty and didn't want my baby to feel how I was feeling. When Jariel was born, I couldn't have loved him anymore if he was a girl. I had become accustomed to having boys. I was in college, working, and a baby was not in the plans. Dh and I were very young when we started our family, and we were not married. Living together, but not married. We had been engaged since I was seventeen, but we always wanted this elaborate BIG wedding. Then it clicked, why wait. So we decided to get married. I still had a very HUGE weddding. I was fortunate enough to make my dreams come true... Still no baby was in the future.... When we got back from our honeymoon, I started to feel funny....thought nothing of it. Thought I caught a bug....then it dawned on me...hmmm.. I just might be pregnant. So many emotions went thru my head and I am said to say they were not all good ones....I was in my last year of college. I had already picked my courses for grad school, I was working two jobs and preparing for my career, dh and I were living with my parents and saving money to buy a home.... A baby was not in the plans for me at that time...But God had a different plan. I am ashamed to say that I had considered an abortion, but soon decided that was not for me. I could not live with myself, and I would always wonder what if...

My husband was excited. My parents were excited! My sister and brother were excited! My family and friends were excited! But, why wasn't I? I kept this a secret from everyone. Then one day I had a dream.....I had a dream of the doctor bringing me this baby wrapped up in a pink blanket and it was like my whole soul smiled. From that day forward, I was thankful to God that he chose me again to be someones mother. Because CHILDREN ARE BLESSINGS FROM GOD....THE ULTIMATE BLESSING! I don't think there is NO greater love than that of a MOTHER for her Child. I could be wrong, but that is how I feel.

When I went to have my first ultrasound, I was told it was a GIRL! A girl! I sobbed so hard! The technician thought she was going to have call the doctors. I have never felt such immense joy! My dream was now a reality.

When Jaree was born, there were so many complications with her and I. I didn't get a chance to hold her very long, because she was wisked away to neo-natal. I was going in and out of consciousness, because of all the blood I lost. Finally, I was stable enough to see my daughter and what I saw broke my heart! I fell on my knees. I saw the prettiest little girl, with the pinkest lips...but IV's in her forehead and both feet, a tube down her nose, and heart monitors all over her chest ......Was this a joke. Do you mean I waited all this time for a little girl and she could possibly die....Such a beautiful little girl. I am not bragging, but she was the prettiest child in the nursery, tubes and all....I think the nurses thought so too, because everytime I came a different, nurse had her in her arms....LOL

I got on my knees and I started to PRAY.... I prayed a prayer that I didn't even know I had in me. I felt I had brought all of heaven into that Neonatal room. After 7 days, my baby was ready to come home. The doctors told me it may take months, or she could die at any moment, but like my grandmother says "man proposes, god disposes"... I thanked the Lord! I kept thanking him and I continue to Praise and thank him...

Jaree is my only daughter. In fact, her dad calls her "his one and only". Why did God chose her to be sick. To have such a horrible disease like Epilepsy. Well, why not? Who am I to question. He obviously has a plan for Jaree. She is such a strong person, maybe this is why. I don't know.
Didn't mean to ramble on , but I have decided to use my blog as a source of letting things out...and that as on my mind, when I looked into my baby's eyes this morning.

On a ligther note, today I am going to see my mom...
All her tests came back normal today, so i am glad! Her potassium is really low, but everything else is normal. They did find some polyps on my dad, but the doctor said they didn't look cancerous, so we will find out soon!

I went out yesterday, feeling a little blah, so I treated myself to two magazines Essence and Real Simple, bought one of those glade candles that melt and disperse scent throughout the entire room, and some butterfinger minis. I have been on a butterfinger kick...lol

The kids want to see Monster House so I am going to go buy that and maybe watch it at my mom's. I will only get to spend a couple of hours because Jariel has Karate practice, that's a bummer!

I think its going to be a lazy day for me otherwise, just laying around and reading .....don't feel like much else...


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The power of his name!

I don't have any pics to post for the visual...
However, as I was driving home from the hospital from visiting my mom on Sunday night, actually Monday morning, I was listening to the radio. I was soooo sleepy and when I get sleepy on the road I do 3 things, turn off the heat, and crack the window, blast the radio, and sing to the top of my lungs. This always keeps me up. My son Bee, who didn't have school the next day came along, but he was sleep before we hit the highway....LOL

As I was saying I was listening to the radio, a woman named "Trudy" called in an asked can you play "Jesus is going to work it out", and from her voice you could tell that she was crying and in a tumultous state of mind. She was hysterical, so the dj asked her what I was thinking at that moment "what's wrong?" She said, that she was on the couch gettting ready to kill her self....
At that very moment, my stomach dropped...
My couseling skills started to kick in and I was thinking to myself "Please let whatever this dj has to say gives her awakening and helps her to see this is not the way...

I was so nervous, because this woman was in turmoil. At that moment, I wanted to reach out to her, Give her hug, Have prayer with her, remind her all the things she has to be thankful about, I started to pray right then in there...That something touches her heart. I knew the only answer was JESUS! I am no religious fanatic...I am not a fan of the occult.....but what I am is a Christian. I know that there is NOTHING that Jesus can't work out. If you come to him. That is all that he asks of us. No problem big or small, is UNFIXABLE. Jesus is our Mr. Fixit! There has been many times that I thought that if I just do this or If I just do this. If I turn left instead of right, if I go up instead of down, but JESUS is the ONLY NAVIGATION system I need!

I started to think about what could have possibly happened in her life, that would make her want to take it....
What was heavy on her heart?
What happened to her?

Then the dj, started to talk and it was like someone had given him a script, a script that I had written, because with all my Psychological and Couseling experience, all my degree's and certificates, the first thing that came to mind was JESUS. He is the answer to every question! He started praying with this sister and I was praying right along....he talked to this woman, from the time I got on the expressway at my mom's house all the way until I pulled in the drive. He didn't just blow her off. He didn't give her a number and say call this crisis hotline, this lady was reaching out. She needed someone to talk to her...She needed someone, to remind her all the things to live for, she needed someone to tell her that she wasn't alone, and to call on his mighty name...It's power in his name. I was listening to a comedian, who said that very same thing. It's power in his NAME...He said "Have you ever been driving and lost control and scream out his name, and car just straightens up?", I have. There has been many times I have called his name out, and things just straighten up.

I don't want to scare anyone away today. But for all you believers out there. Some of us Christians are a little rusty...I include myself in that. What I mean, is if you ever have a problem, don't always assume you can fix it yourself, Please go to God with it first, Pray on it. I pray on everything I do. I pray for my children to make it to and from school safe everyday, I pray for a good day, I pray that whatever house we move into is the best decision for the family, I pray for strength, I pray for knowledge and wisdom, I pray for peace and tranquility, I pray on every thing I do. I walk and talk IN FAITH! I know that I am but a SHEEP, and that Jesus is Shephard. Who are we to take the life that he has given us? Life is so precious. YOu only get one chance to live it! Live it to the fullest....Live it with him!

At the end of their conversation, he told Trudy to call him at the start of his show on the next day. I am happy to report that what he said, touched her heart! She is still here and taking it one day at a time....

God is Good all the time and all the time God is good...
Don't ever forget it.
I hope I don't offend anybody, but I am a Christian woman and that is what was heavy on my heart this morning...


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What am I going to do with this girl

This little girl is SOMETHING ELSE. This week before my mom left to go to Mississippi, of course she wanted to see her grandbabies. So I took the kids to her house and my mom's next door neighbors THE CALEPS, are like second grandparents to my kids. So they always go visit them. Mrs. Calep loves Jaree and she is taking care of her 94 year old father who also loves Jaree. This man doesn't look a day over 60 and has total recall and gets around better than I can. I don't know what his secret is ...but anyways, Jaree goes over to the CAleps and she speaks to everyone and immediatedly goes down stairs to give Grandpa Yarrington a big hug and kiss. She always buys him a Payday and Pringles, and puts it in a gift bag. He loves that! She talks to him for about 30 minutes about school and her brothers. Then she comes up 5 stairs (keyword 5 stairs) to come join my mother and Mrs. Calep for dinner. When she gets up there she's huffing and puffing. Mrs. Calep tells her "Girl, why are you huffing and puffing, you are a young girl". She said " No, I'm not, when you get past 6 you're old and I'm 7". I almost died! Everyone laughed and laughed. I said then I must be ancient then. Mrs. Calep said if she's old then I am PREHISTORIC....lol.

We all got a good laugh.

Lately Jaree has been sleeping in her own room. She never sleeps in her own room. Atleast, not all night! Well, her dad asked her why did she decide to start sleeping in her own room. He started saying how she was such a big girl and how proud he was of her...she stopped him in his tracks and said "Daddy, I have boobs now, i can't be sleeping in the bed with my brothers or you now...duh". I almost choked.

this girl is tooooooooo funny!


My little guy is into politics!!

He's running for TREASURER! I am so proud of him. Wish him luck! Elections start today. I hooked him up with some Awesome campaign posters. YOu know the scrapbooker in me came out. His poster was full of red white and blue star alpha stickers, stamped stars, photos, glitter, you name it. Even made him some cards to hand out. He is so excited and nervous all at the same time. YOu should have heard his campaign speech. Brought tears to my eyes. He's no baby anymore! My little man is growing up!


Crazy night

Yesterday, my dh called me and told me that there was this nice house for sale in a area that we liked. We got out bidded on our previous house, so after being knocked on our butts, we decided to get up and wipe the dust off and keep moving. LOL This house was even more gorgeous than the last, bigger, and more yard for the dog, with a dog run. We put a bid in and hope we get it. Meanwhile we stop on the way home for Mexican food. We eat. I shower. As soon as I get out and get in the bed. My sister calls. I'm like wow, this is really late for Tracy to be up! She goes to bed with the chickens!! I mean my sister is literally in bed by 8pm and stone cold sleep by 8:30/9 during the week. You couldn't put me to sleep at that time with ANESTHESIA!!! Anyways, I knew something must be wrong if Tracy is calling at 10pm. She calls to inform me that my MOM was in the hospital and she has a serious STAPH infection and needed to be hospitalized. I am the type that when someone says MOM IN HOSPITAL, there's no calling me to let me know what is going on.....I go see for myself! I frantically get dressed and go all the way to Indiana where my mom is hospitalized. I am getting more worried by the second, and didn't help that I was stuck in TRAFFIC, because of all the freaking construction. Finally, make it there and she's being released. My mom complained and complained about being hospitalized. So they gave her a shot of CIPRO and she has to follow up with her doctor today. And he may admit her anyway! I am so angry at my mom. She should have allowed them to admit her. She says she hates hospitals. She was in there enough when she had cancer. I told her that I understand. But this isn't just a common cold we are talking about or something minor. THIS IS STAPH. It has already spread all over her legs and feet. If it gets into her BLOOD its over! It can be fatal. These are the days I wished my grandma was still ALIVE. Because she would have made my mom stay at the hospital. I was even willing to stay overnight with her...my sister had to be with our dad, because he has a scheduled colonostomy today.

I am scared to death, sitting on pins and needles, because I wished she would have taken that 48 hour observation they wanted to give her. I am not a doctor, so I don't know what to look for. I am home now! All I can do is keep calling her until dh gets off and then go to her house....

This lady is soooooo STUBBORN. I just want to SHAKE HER!
Please send up a prayer for my mom, that this infection subsides and that it does not continue to spread! Lord knows we don't need any other tragedies in this family. Pray for me to, because I feel like I am about to lose my mind. My mom has really made me a NERVOUS WRECK!


Monday, October 23, 2006

What a weekend!

Did someone change the date on Christmas and didn't tell me? Well that's what it felt like this weekend!!! My best friend Monica comes by this weekend and drops me off a card in the mail. I wasn't home, but she bought me a card and gave me a $75.oo dollar gift certificate to Target. That was great, because the kids had $25 dollar gift certificates to Target, from school, so we all went to Target. I walk in and BAM this purse caught my eye.....OH MY! Chocolate Brown, lots of embellishments, only 50 bucks. Had to get it!!
Anyone who knows me know that I love purple! Saw the Cutest Purple polka dotted day planner by Franklin Covey, had to get it! Only 7bucks! Also bought these tealight candles. Oh, they smell so heavenly, pluse it matches the decor in my room. Dark mint green and Purple.

Saturday, was SWEETEST DAY. And for me, it was SWEET! Dh came home with this basket from the bath and body works. Does my man not know me. It's Tropical Passion Fruit. Love it....But that's not all folkes! He bought me a $150 dollar gift certificate to ARCHIVERS!!!!!!!!! Not only did he get the GC. He took me to ARchivers and shopped with me. I want to marry this man again!
This is my personal favorite! The cutest little felt flowers by American Crafts....Had to have these~

More stamps! It's Bonnie's fault. I had to have those freaking freestyle letters...LOL Aren't those Monogram stamps to die for! If not for the gc, I would have passed them up, because they are 15 dollars a piece.
I love MM and K-ology. Love those K-ology glittered chipboard letter, deco clips, deco brads, and flower. MM came out with some new gadgets, I am a gadget girl and had to get them. Along with some Christmas brads and ribbons!

OK, ARchiver's 3 doors down from a huge Joann's. Dh went to sport n goods store. I ran in Joann's. I hit the motherload! How come nobdoy ever told me about Nancy's boutiques. Do you not see those chipboard shapes and coasters and with the 40% sale dare is say 5 bucks.
Even got some mags and had to complete my DD series! YOu have to complete the series you know....

Look at those rubons....They look so much like the new fancy pants line
Ok I know I am an addict! I am a sucker for buttons too! Love ribbons and buttons!

Do you see the ribbons with the buckle. The pictures does not do it any justice! Those papers are yummy too!
The mini album is even more adorable!

Ok, so I went into Dollar Tree to get a muffin tin. That's right girls....I am altering one! Found the cutest little notebooks and notecards and pens.....I am a sucker for stationary!
Love those note cards!

So, Jaree and I had Crafty Fridays. I did an altered wood letter. Look at all the bling. The pictures does not do it any justice.
Here it is on my bare walls. I am in the process of moving, but I had to see it hang. Had to get the full affect!

Here is the true Masterpiece. Look at Jaree's creation. She really worked hard!
Look at that proud face and all that paint all over her brand new shirt I just bought....LOL She was so excited!
I did get some other things that made it feel like Christmas. I got the most awesome rak from Bonnie. She is such a sweetheart. She bought me the newest fall scent from Bath and Body works. Pumpkin pie Shower gel!!! Smells so good! The cutest card and some pumpkin spice tea. Isn't she a sweetheart. Plus, I got all 3 of my kits. The Jenni Bowlin kit, The Scrapologie kit, with the Diary supplement, and also my Poppy Ink kit! Will take pics and post later! Blogger is probably going to shut down after all the pictures I uploaded....
Until next time...

Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Friday

"It's Friday and I'm ready to jam" - Aaliyah(Back and Forth)
I have to sing that song, every Friday....lol I had plans for the weekend, but most likely will have to cancel, because I am sick. I was taking the children to the Pumpkin patch on Saturday (really Jaree), because the Boys could care less...lol Then Saturday Jariel, Bee, dh, and I were all headed to REaper's REalm Haunted House . I am still going to let the boys go with my brother, but I will have to reschedule the pumpkin patch for next week with Jaree. She's been so attentive to Mommy. She laid in bed with me (at the foot) and kept checking me to see if I was still breathing. God bless her little heart! She is my shadow afterall.

Today is supposed to be scrap night for Jaree and I. I am going to do my absolute best to get better and get some rest so that I can do something with her so she won't be disappointed. She lives for Friday nights now....LOL

My body aches so bad. I am hoping it will pass soon. I have too much to do. I don't have time to be sick....lol. There is so many places I need to go. Like Joann's, Michaels, Archivers, Borders, and my LSS! LOL What's a girl to do?

Today's Challenge:
Join us today/Friday if you blog. Challenge: Tonite, as I write out this challenge to you, I am thinking of Stacy Julian and the excitement she must be feeling. She picks up her new little adopted baby girl tomorrow morning! How exciting for her.. can you just imagine? Here's the challenge!!! Blog about something that has really excited you.. something you were really anticipating perhaps.. blog about it.. share your excitement!!!!!

The purchase of our new home. It's really a big deal for our family. I just can't wait to get in there and start making plans! A house that I could be proud of. Plus girls I finally get to get my own SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!! YAY!!! For the first time I can plant flowers, plant my own garden, decorate to the fullest for Halloween, and Christmas. I have always wanted one of those blow up Frankenstein's for Halloween or the cute Snow Globe for Christmas,with a yard full of animated deer..... I am already planning ahead! Look at me. I can't wait to start buying new furniture, getting decor from my mom. Her house is soooo beautifully decorated. She has a knack for that sort of thing. I have to post a picture of her zebra room! Everthing in it is black and white. Even the photos! That woman is amazing!

Speaking of my mom. Please pray for her as she get's on the road this morning to travel down to Mississippi to bury her brother Clifton. Please pray for a safe destination and a safe departure. I will miss her for the next couple of days. My mom and I talk everyday and I see her as much as I can. Wished I could see her more...

My dad will be home alone this weekend. I will have to make sure he is ok. If I am feeling better by Sunday, i will go by the house and cook him dinner. He is so independent. Does not like to have people waiting on him. Very proud man!

Well, that's all for now....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Food for thought

I was sitting down thinking about how STRONG we as Women are ..... I think I may have come down with the flu, I have been feeling really crappy for the last couple of days, yet I have been dealing. I still get up every morning with the kids, I cook dinner, I clean the kitchen, washed the floors, made my bed, helped the children with their homework, and got some sicky me time on the computer and reading. I took a 45 minute nap, put the dinner way and washed the dishes. .....I bet you wonder where all this is coming from..

Men are such babies when they are sick...I swear my dh acts as if he is on his death bad at the slightest cold. I have body aches, congestion, headache, and chest burn and here I am dealing with it....

We are truly the stronger sex. I don't mean BRUTE strength, but strong willed. We don't let things get us down. I guess that is why, God chose us to be the bearer of children, because if he left it up to the male species, our global population would probably 75 and I don't mean million, thousand, or hundred for that matter...I mean it would be 75 people in the world...MEN CAN NOT TAKE PAIN!!!

I just can't sit on my bum and feel bad, I have to do something. It's taking it's toll on me, but I am trying not to let it get me down. My resistance is low, from all the stress, but I am going to the local Health food store and get some Ginseng and Vitamin C. As a child, I hardly ever got sick. I mean with colds. My grandmother fed us Vitamin C daily along with NASTY, OH SO NASTY Cod liver oil. She must have known what she was doing, because we were rarely ever sick.....I got pneumonia once and a very high fever of 105.6 and had to be packed in ice, but those were my only serious illnesses...

Now that I am grown, I still rarely get sick, but I need to really take care of myself a little better. I mean all around. I want to be here a long time, so I need to make some better choices in life. First thing is I really need to lose some weight. I am not obese, but I need to loose atleast 30 pounds. I need to stop eating so late at night. I need to eat more than 1 meal a day. I need to take better care of myself. PERIOD

Well, the first step is getting some rest...

Until next time.....

Why I blog

Blog about how you feel about your blogging. Is it too time consuming? Do you love sharing? What are the benifits of blogging? and the negative things of it? With Rhonna's and Cathy z's blog ending, I am wondering why both of them are doing it... it's just interesting to me. how about you?? blog about it...

When I first started to blog, I was not aware of how it would change my life. I have always been a person to write. I have several journals that I write in and I thought to myself what a new an interesting way to journal. So, I was curious to see how it would go. I found blogger and it is one of the single best things that could have ever happened to me.

I have met so many wonderful people. So many interesting people. So many people who share my same passions in life. So many people who continue to wow and inspire me everyday. I have met some people who have humbled me as a person. I have laughed and cried with so many people. I have been taken a back at the kindness that people exhibit towards me. I am even shocked at how much alike we can be sometimes. But most of all, if not for blogging, I would have not met and had the privilige to have so many wonderful TRUE FRIENDS. A true sisterhood, if you will! I am tearing up thinking about it. I would have not met Bonnie Rose, Adrienne, Toya, Tamika, Melissa, Sophia, my girl Em, divarngirl, and many many more....

To be honest it's like cheap therapy. YOu can get free advice. Free counseling....LOL I can vent here, share my most intimate thoughts, it's more feedback than just writing in a regular journal. However, I still do handwritten journaling, a force of habit. What can I say, I enjoy writing.

I love to blog. I don't look at is a chore. If I have something to say, I will blog. Plain and simple. I enjoy doing it. If I don't have anything to say, I don't. If I am too busy, I won't. I think that is where a lot of the people who stopped blogging went wrong. It should not be an OBLIGATION, it should be something that you enjoy and want to do.

Not only do I love blogging, I think I like to read blogs even more....
I guess that is the voyeur in me...LOL I love peeking into the lives of other people. I love hearing about your accomplishments and how your child got gum stuck in her hair and then I can think to myself, "Hey, my little girl did the same thing." Like Bonnie said its a kinship. Everyone wants to feel a sense of belongingness. Everyone wants to find validation. That is the reason I blog!

First and foremost, My family comes first. I am not a CAREER MOM, yet, so I have the time. However, If I was to wear many hats so to speak, I think I would continue to blog. I enjoy it that much!

On the flip side to blogging, I recently found the INFAMOUS BLOG. I found that I was being talked about in such a vicious way, and it did hurt me and discourage me a little. Nothing about my blog, but about a post I made on twopeas.....It just sucks that some people would use this wonderful tool, to spewl negativity and cruelness. But, it's the way of the world.

If someone was to ask me at this very moment, would I ever stop blogging, It would be a quick NO!! For now, I choose to Blog Baby!!!!

Thanks Bonnie for the challenge.!!!
Until next time...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I had a blast at Windy city, here are my goodies

So I went Windy City Scrabooking yesterday. Boy did I hit the mother load. I spent 80 dollars on papers alone. Look at the that black scalloped paper, isn't it lovely. It's Part of the CI Narratives Love line.....to die for
I love all that scalloped paper, got 3 of each! Those little bad boys are 1.49 a pop. But I had to have them anyway.
Loving those scallopped papers! Especially the ones that look like notebook paper! Had to have it!
If you look closely you will see the Hambly overlays! Again, had to have them! Loved the November issue of CK, Christina Contes use of Hambly overlays was awesome. Had to have them !
Okay aren't those HS journaling blocks to die for! Totally in love
These are too cute!

Ok saw this and I had to have it. I have been been wanting the seal stamps ever since I saw it on twopeas
Sorry, Bonnie they only had one journaler's notebook. But not to worry, Scrapbooker's Legacy will get them in on the 21st and two are coming your way from me to you no charge, just a friendly rak. Wanted to surprise you but what the heck, I am tellin ya anyways!!!

Okay this is where it went downhill. Those dang blasted acrylic stamps!!! Had to have them. This was when my bill reached record breaking limits. I'm not going to lie, I started to put all of it back, because I had recently had a over 200 dollar benge at Archivers a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling guilty, but then I realized, I was not taking money from the family and that this was my own birthday money and I could spend it anyway I wanted it to.

Of all things, this is my fav! Had to get all those arrows! They are too flipping cute to pass up.
So there you have it. That is what $302.06 looks like. I won't be shopping for along time. I promise this time!

Where my ladies at

After reading my friend Adrienne's and Toya's blog I was INSPIRED....oh so INSPIRED! So much so that I decided to post a little eye candy of my own. Love me some Terrence ladies. The man is so sexy and those eyes.....man those eyes...
Nelly every lady likes a bad boy and here is mine......
Kamar is the reason I watch OLTL ...Gotta love the Vega boys!!!

Does this man not have the whitest teeth in Hollywood. Don't forget those rock hard abs.....yummy!
I have been in love with this man since JUICE, LOL, gotta love those Bedroom eyes
Tyson Beckford enough said!!!

One word THE BEST MAN. Was this man not the sexiest in the whole cast. sorry Taye, but Morris had you beat!
Can I join you Boris???LOL
Blair Underwood, enough said! When I was younger I wanted to Sheila E, so bad when he played her boyfriend in Krush Groove. Yes, I took it waayyyyyyy back!

Last, but not least. The FINEST MAN IN THE WORLD, next to my hubby....LOL What is not to like about this man...I mean look at those LIPS, look at those ABS, look at the peanut buttery skin, so smooth and creamy like Jiffy had manufactured him itself.
Anybody that knows me, knows that I LOVE me some LL! Even my husband knows it! Everytime, I see the man I blush like a school girl. I swear if I ever met the man I probably would FAINT! Goodness, he is the SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!! WOO!!! Let me go catch my breath!!! LOL
Hope you enjoyed yourself, because I sure did!!! Now, let me go take a cool shower.....LOL
Until next time...