Friday, October 27, 2006

It's Friday!!!

I woke feeling refreshed and renewed. It's going to be a good day. So shall I say it, So shall it be! There is power in the spoken word you know! Yesterday, I went to visit my mom, her rash isn't doing any better, but atleast it is not in her blood. She has an appointment to see the dermatologist, to see what was the cause. They suspected an insect bite, but it is not a confirmed. I had a good time at my mom's. The kids had us cracking up. Jariel (my baby boy) is in Karate, and he was showing my parents and my sister some of his moves.... Well the other grandkids tried to attempt and let's just say Karate is not in their future...they were falling and stumbling over. My mom was laughing so hard she caught a cramp....LOL

Today, I am going to get 2 loads of laundry done and clean the kitchen!!!! Yesterday, was a lazy day for me and didn't do much, but today I have to get back on the stick!

It's Friday and you know what that means.....Crafty Fridays. What will Jaree and I do? I honestly don't know! LOL I will come up with something. She is so serious about our Crafty Fridays.... She reminded me last night about it. Lets see, she's made an all about me album, an altered notebook, and an altered letter.....what else can we do? Any suggestions??? She wants to make a reading log, something where she can keep track of all of the books she has read. She loves to read. I thought about making another notebook, so she can write about the stories, she didn't want to do that.....Maybe an altered clipboard, but how will that work, maybe we can put several sheets of paper under the clipboard and just decorate the clipboard. Help me out ladies? Whose ever suggestion I choose will get a RAK!!!! Please post a comment and I will choose 3 . Those 3 will recieve a RAK.

Dh will be working late tonight. I love and hate Fridays all at the same time. I get to spend quality time with my daughter doing something we both love and enjoy. We get to bond and spend mother/daughter time and I love that! I hate it because dh is gone until 3-4am, and I miss him dearly. Also, he is down to one day off a week, Until January 3rd. The fabulous world of retail! I wished he had a 9-5. But he's a retail manager, what should I expect? I feel sorry for him, because he is pulled in so many directions, he has hobbies that he loves, such a dj'ing, basketball, xbox 360, fantasy football and basketball, he works a very demanding job, I demand my time and so do the kids.....Then his mother feels left out and his sisters feel left out, but he tries his best to make everyone happy...First and foremost he put us first. He always says Family first! I love that about him...He has turned down so many jobs so that he can make Jaree's cheerleading competitions or the boys basketball tournaments....
I felt bad once because his sister called him one day and she was going off about saying tha the was a dead beat brother, he never comes to see her....and he told her straight out, 'Look, I have a family and they are first and foremost. I try my best to call you everyday and see you guys as much as possible, but I have to make sure my house is in order first". I think that is why they resent me so much, because they feel I keep him away. That is so untrue. I encourage him to call his family or to see his mom. How can I not? I talk and see my mom all the time...but girls are different. There is saying "When you have a daughter, she's yours for life, but a when you have a son, he's yours until he has a wife". Look how distant my brother is..... I can't go one day without talking to my mom, but hey, that's me!

Anyway, Dh is off Sunday and we are going to the MOVIES!!! yay! I am going to see Saw 3! I love me some horror!!!! We probably will see the Grude 2 too! We got 2 for one, but dh will probably choose the second one...

Halloween is fast approaching and we still have yet, to get our children's costumes. That is sooo sad! We are going Sunday morning. Whatever happened to making costumes! Boy those costumes are expensive. I am also going to the Haunted Farm and Pumpkin Patch! The kids are sooooo excited!

I am off now to do some cleaning! Will be back soon!



Heather said...

Dana...for Crafty Friday you and Jaree should design Halloween costumes, or make Halloween cards. Or start Christmas cards or Christmas gifts!

Brown English Muffin said...

Afternoon Jaree loves to read could you do some king of altered book marks?

Just a thought!!

And what a bad mother you only have a few days left to buy a costume you know!! LOL

Some of the costumes for young girls and teens are way way way too racy if you ask me.

A co-worker said they look like they're trying to give a girl any excuse to dress up like a prostitute!! I was horrified by the statement but it was true!!

My step daughter is 9 but weighs 100lbs and is tall so we usually have to go to teen or adult for most things for her...but look at these: Racy Costumes. Everyone's stomach is out or their skirt is up to their butt!!!

She ended up with the leopard.

adrienne said...

I have no idea girl, but I hope ya'll have a good time!!

BonnieRose said...

Dana, how about something like this. Make up a cute little recipe book together with some of her fave recipes that she just loves! iT'S SOMETHING YOU COULD WORK ON TOGETHER! Lots of cooking/fun stuff out there now.. wud be easy to put something together!

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

Dana, I'm glad your Mom is doing better. Good luck on the Halloween costumes. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Looking forward to your weekend posts to see what you and Jaree made for Crafty Friday. Might have to borrow that idea from you -my DD doesn't have school on Fridays, and we try have 'special time'. She loves to putz with my SB stuff, and I really need to plan a little craft for us to do together.

Hope you find some fab costumes. I got some great deals at Marshalls for my kids. Never thought of shopping there for H'ween stuff before, but they had a fab selection.

Your weekend sounds like a blast - have fun!