Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I had a blast at Windy city, here are my goodies

So I went Windy City Scrabooking yesterday. Boy did I hit the mother load. I spent 80 dollars on papers alone. Look at the that black scalloped paper, isn't it lovely. It's Part of the CI Narratives Love die for
I love all that scalloped paper, got 3 of each! Those little bad boys are 1.49 a pop. But I had to have them anyway.
Loving those scallopped papers! Especially the ones that look like notebook paper! Had to have it!
If you look closely you will see the Hambly overlays! Again, had to have them! Loved the November issue of CK, Christina Contes use of Hambly overlays was awesome. Had to have them !
Okay aren't those HS journaling blocks to die for! Totally in love
These are too cute!

Ok saw this and I had to have it. I have been been wanting the seal stamps ever since I saw it on twopeas
Sorry, Bonnie they only had one journaler's notebook. But not to worry, Scrapbooker's Legacy will get them in on the 21st and two are coming your way from me to you no charge, just a friendly rak. Wanted to surprise you but what the heck, I am tellin ya anyways!!!

Okay this is where it went downhill. Those dang blasted acrylic stamps!!! Had to have them. This was when my bill reached record breaking limits. I'm not going to lie, I started to put all of it back, because I had recently had a over 200 dollar benge at Archivers a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling guilty, but then I realized, I was not taking money from the family and that this was my own birthday money and I could spend it anyway I wanted it to.

Of all things, this is my fav! Had to get all those arrows! They are too flipping cute to pass up.
So there you have it. That is what $302.06 looks like. I won't be shopping for along time. I promise this time!


BonnieRose said...

wow dana... u got lots of great stuff!
we would have so much fun shopping together.. i swear! thks for the up and coming rak.. u sure it's gonna make it to the post office this time? hehe

Sofia said...

*Drool* Awesome goodies! Can't wait to see what you create with them. I got one of those 7Gypsies stamps too. Love it, but haven't used it yet.

adrienne said...

OH YOU DID WONDERFUL!!!!! LOVE YOUR STUFF!! I HAVE to have some of that scalloped paper!!!

toya said...

girl you did hit the jackpot, love it ALL

Emily said...

AWESOME!!! ASL is getting those notebooks??????? MUST HAVE THEM!!!

Holly Lane said...

I love those clear stamps-- can you tell me the brand name on the stamps with the arrow?
Not the autumn leaves one the one with the brackets too.


j said...

Holy cow! I've got to track down this stuff! Have fun! Janet

Holly Lane said...

Thanks for you answer Dana, I need to get my hands on them :D

Have fun with your goodies! :)

melissa said...

wowzers look at all those yummy scrapbook goodies!! I love those scalloped papers..must find some. :)

Vee said...

I have a 7gypsies stamp and I love it!! you have some other awesome goodies
love it!

Jamillah said...

Love that CI pp and Journaling notebook. You hit the motherload with all of those goodies. Have fun creating and don't forget to post your creations. Have a wonderful day!!