Wednesday, August 18, 2010

saying hello from my droid!

i can blog from my phone! how neat! love this app! i gave the dog a bath! he looks so cute!!!!!!
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This and that.......

OmG, It has been forever since I blogged!
I think I forgot how! LOL

What have I been doing?

reading: Don't laugh, but I am still reading Breaking Dawn, not a slow reader at all.....You know how you get to that last bite of juicy steak and you want to savooooooour it, that is what I am doing! I don't want it to end! I know sad!

scrapping, scrapping, and more scrapping....I really think I have found my style. I amaze myself sometimes. I think I am one KICK ASS SCRAPBOOKER......LOL

PAINTING, PAINTING AND MORE PAINTING....I feel connected to my dad when I paint as most of you know he was an Artist.......

Shopping, shopping and more shopping.....not just for me, but for the kiddies! I don't ever want to see another damn school supply as long as I live..........

Do you know my boys are more picky shoppers than Jaree.....and that is SAD!

I HAVE COMPLETELY FELL OFF ON MY EXERCISE AND I AM ASHAMED TO SAY I GAINED 9 LBS...........But enough of the tears, time to do something about it......

I need some new running shoes!

I made the switch to Droid X.....yeah I know! I was a BLACKBERRY GIRL to my heart!!!!!! but now............I am totally Android. I loveeeeeeeeeeee my phone. No crashes, no taking the battery out to reload it........and I love my TikL to talk appp......chirp your friends all day......and nothing beats freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Baptiste is SUCH A GADGET GEEK....He has to have the latest and greatest everything.....DRIVES ME INSANE....he goes on CNet and youtube and researches EVERY SINGLE THING before he buys it!!!!!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT IT IS? He really uses his phone at it's FULL POTENTIAL because he knows everything about the DROID X.....ME NOT SO MUCH! LOL Still learning, but I love all the camera apps....especially FX Camera and Retro Camera...........

I miss my daddy so much, that one day I think I snapped and lost my mind for about an hour....screaming, yelling, punching shit, throwing shit around, I had an ADULT TEMPER TANTRUM........glad no one was home to witness it!

My mama has become my little puppy, she CLINGS TO ME, but she drives me iNSANE AND FOR THAT I FEEL SOOOOO GUILTY!

My baby started High School! When he was on the bus stop which is litterally 10 feet from my door.....I balllllllllled! Those tears came out of no where but it was for a lot of reasons. My dad was NOT there to see that moment and yeah I know he was there in spirit, but physically he was not and my dad and my nephew always cut Jariel's hair.........when he sat in that barber chair he JUST LET IT OUT..........he criedddddddddd crieddddddddddd crieeeeeeeeeedd I had to get him together before he could even get his hair cut! My poor kids are having a rough time with my dads death......and Jariel is taking it the worse! Which is shocking to me because my oldest and my dad were EXTREMELY know how it is with that FIRST grandchild!

I have started a journal that I write my dad ............thanks Monica! It helps!

I want a new camera too Adrienne! LOL I kinda have an idea of what I want too....Kinda..LOL


People assume it's shoes, because I am always in a shoe store, but NOPE it's purses! LOL

I don't give a damn about NAME BRAND CLOTHING, but I seem to buy it A LOT for my kids......THE ONLY THING that I has to be a brand name.....are my GYM SHOES.....idk why?

I will shop at Walmart in a minute, Target, but don't get it twisted I can shop at Macy's too and I have..........I just don't like spending a whole lot of money on clothes, unless it's a special occasion, every day clothes........CHILE PLEASE....i did NOT GET THAT FROM MY MAMA, I got that from my DADDY..........LOL

I really miss my son B! He moved in with my mom and the house seems so DEAD without him here! That boy is a fool! He will keep you laughing.............but he can get on your damn nerves too! that was my right hand too.. He helped with the cooking, the cleaning, taking care of his siblings.....and they MISS HIM TOO, more than they thought. Now my mama only lives 3 minutes away......6 blocks....and we see him every day, but it's still a difference. KWIM?

I HAVE MIXED EMOTIONS ABOUT HIM MOVING OUT....I think it's NOBLE, my mom doesn't have anyone there....but I like him with me! I know, Selfish, but I feel like I gave him away, even though it was his decision to go live with my mom! He misses us too and I think he is now starting to have second thoughts, but does not want to hurt my mom's feelings!

Switching lanes........

The new season of Bad Girls club, these bitches ARE JUST CRAZY, like STRAIGHT JACKET crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I still think it will be hard to out do the other 4 seasons, but it's been nothing but chaos and drama from episode 1.

I am so ready for Vampire Diaries next month! I am so anxious to see what's gonna happen with the whole Catherine story line.....she pretended to be Elena and killed her father on the last episode and I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in Season 2!!!!!!

Is True Blood NOT THE SHIT? Omg, NOTHING ON TELEVISION can TOUCH IT.......I get so anxious during the later half of the week......because I can't wait for Sundays to get here.....I know what SOOOKIE IS????????????? Do you?????? LOL This Season is UNDOUBTEDLY going to be the BEST SEASON EVER.....hate for it END.......

I sure hope there is going to be a new Season of Supernatural I need my fix of the Winchester boys.........OMG Dean is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTT! I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO!

I also love the new show The's good, but everybody is trying to be like True Blood!
It's a million VAMPIRE shows on television now.....I remember when it was only Buffy and Angel! LOL Loved those shows AND CHARMED!

I heard it's not going to be a new season of V... heard it was cancelled........I hope NOT.....i Loved that show...I THINK THEY TOOK TOO MANY LONG HIATUSES and that KILLED THE RATINGS, but the show was the shit!

When is the new season of Dancing with the Stars coming on? I love that show.......

I have become addicted to Clean house and Hoarders....makes me CLEAN UP STUFF THAT DON'T NEED CLEANING.....I just don't understand how people live like that! That is just INSANNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEE!

I am taking a sewing and knitting class this fall. I am so excited! Hubby said I don't need anymore hobbies, but he is going to have to get over it! LOL

He did just buy me the cutest scrapbook tote set! I am going to look too cute at my crops....
I plan to do more of that too!

Speaking of crops, i just downloaded Skype..........thinking of doing a virtual crop with some demos where everyone shows a different technique of some sort! Yeah, maybe I should start planning that soon!!!!! What do you think????????

Well I think I have been going on and on long enough..........

that's what happens when I take long breaks between blogging, I don't know when to shut up! LOL

so, until next time................