Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am so freaking mad at my husband right now...

I am so mad right now, I could scream and wake up the dead. My sister is going thru a divorce and in the process lost their home, because she could not afford to keep up with the payments because they had bought the home based on two incomes, and two incomes were needed to maintain it!~ Simple as that!

With that being said, she needed to be out of her home by today or she will lose out on her equity reimbursment. She had to give the lawyer the keys and the place needed to cleared out and cleaned up. Or she will not get the other half of her money. Well, the only help that my sister has (or maybe I should the only consistent help), has been my mom (a 61 year old cancer survivor), my aunt Mamie(64 year old rheumatiod arthritis sufferer), my father ( a 71 year old, who had a quadruple bypass a few years ago), so its not like she's dealing with spring chickens.
Well, my sister who is very humble and never asks anybody for help, asked me to ask my husband, son and nephew to come over to assist with the last of the boxes that needed to go to storage. She said that they were EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED (they been working non-stop for 2 weeks) and I understand that.

Well, my hubby gets all pissed and said it was his day off and he did not FEEL LIKE GOING ALL THE WAY TO CRETE...which is about 25-30 minutes away if that... i DON'T HAVE A CAR! I wished I did, because I wiould be getting the hell out of here. I understand he is off, and would like to relax and kick back, but my sister is in desperate need of help. He keeps throwing in my face that my brother hasn't been there once, but FUCK HIM...I can't work about what the next man will do...I can only worry about myself. I know that if it were the other way around, my sister would be here for me in a heartbeat.. I don't even want to look at his dumb ass when he gets home. This is the killing part! He goes to play basketball at the gym, knowing my sister does not have anyone to help her. He better not say one freaking word to me when he gets home. I am LIVID!


Tuesday, November 29, 2005


.....keeps Dana very frustrated..... Honestly, I feel like all I do is clean up constantly and its neverending. My kids and my husband are such freaking slobs, it drives me nuts. My husband philosophy is that he works, so he shouldn't have to clean...that's fine if you don't MESS UP. I am not a MAID, and I damn sure am not a SLAVE. I swear I spend 18 hours a day cleaning up, doing laundry, cooking dinner, breaking up fights between the children, and helping the children with their homework. I hardly have anytime for DANA! I know this sounds like I am regretful, that is not the case. I am underappreciated around here. I'm going gonna have to go on HIATUS again.

Today, I got up, got the children ready for school, (everyone was late because my silly husband set the alarm clock to pm instead of am), so I had to rush! After finally getting all three children off to school, I started a load of laundry and mopped the bathroom floors. I noticed my son did not take out the trash, nor walk the dog so guess who did it? U guessed! The kitty didn't have any food or water in his bowl so I fed him, then the dog starting bitching and I noticed he didn't have any food. The kids had their pjs all over the hallway (remember they were late this morning), so I got that up. By this time, I was starving it was already 11, I ate a bite and started to relax and read my Essence magazine, didn't get to enjoy that long, because I had to take field trip money to the children because they left it. Then I came home washed dishes, put another load in the laundry and put the other in the dryer. The computer desk was messy, so I decided to organize it. Then I looked over at the entertainment center and it had dvds everywhere, so i straightened that up. I missed majority of all my children, fell asleep on One Life to Live ( I was freaking exhausted), now it was time to take dh to work. Husband discovered he left his wallet at home, so I went back home, scooped the kids up and went back to his job.While their, I took my pharmacy test, my application was lost, so I had to do that over from the beginning. The whole process took an hour. I was going to go home and relax before the kids, BUT, hubby decides he wants me to go get lunch since I had the car. So I went to Mr. Sub, went back to his job to deliver the goods. Got home fifteen minutes before the kids gymnastics class started, got them dressed. Only to get interrupted by my mom, who does not know what A BRIEF CONVERSATION looks like...haha. I ended up getting the kids there 15 minutes late...I decided to go get a bite to eat. I decided not to go home and eat, instead I ate in the park district parking lot, because I only had 25 minutes, before they were out anyway. I ate in the car. Scooped the kids. Took them to Micky D's. I was too damned tired to cook. Came in the door, took out another load of GARBAGE ( I swear we create more Garbage, than a whole village). Got the kids situated. Checked homework. Got school clothes ready for tommorrow. Made sure all the children are bathed. And Now I only have 30 mintutes before I have to pick up my DAMNED HUSBAND. Whew, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY....I need a


Monday, November 28, 2005

What a day??

Well, today has started on a great note! No problems to day knock on wood. I am about to take a long hot shower and get ready for my Pilates class that starts at 6:30PM. I missed last Monday, played hooky to go to IKEA. Now who can pass up IKEA? Exactly.

I am still new to the whole Pilates thing. I cannot balance my back on the ball yet? I will get the hang of it though. Dana

What are you thankful....

We hear this every year around this time, but what are we thankful for. Are some people truly grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon them? Or do we take the simple things for granted? As for me, I am thankful for many things. I am thankful to have both my parents another year, just last year my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and it really made realize how fragile life really is....I don't take anything or anyone for granted. Tommorrow is not promised to anyone of us, so I try not to sweat the small stuff. I am thankful that God sent my brother back into my life. I really missed him. We fell out about something really stupid and now I am glad that he is coming around. My brother and I have always been SUPER DUPER CLOSE, so it really devastated me when we were at odds. I am thankful that God gave me three beautiful children and sent me a wonderful husband. I am thankful to have my health. I am thankful to have a house that I can truly call a home. I am thankful to have such a tremedous amount of people who love and support me. I am thankful that we have such a Forgiving God, who has looked past all my inequities and flaws and has continued to keep me in his good graces. I am thankful for being blessed! I am thankful to be alive and well! I am thankful for being part of this great univierse. What are you thankful for????


Saturday, November 26, 2005

I feel a little better now...

I took a long shower, curled up in the bed and fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours. I felt refreshed. I cooked dinner (pot roast, baked potato, string beans, and garlic bread. Turtle brownies for dessert). I ate until I felt like I was going to bust open. Now its almost time for me to go and get my husband from work....I failed to mention, that my beloved puppy Goldie, took a dump in my bed on my covers. Needless to say, he has not been out of his cage since 2:ooPM, and it is now 9:20PM.... I just prayed for strength, and I realize that some people out there are going thru far worse things, and have kept the faith. I plan to get some reading done tonight and just lay in the bed. Tommorrow I am going to go to church. I can't wait! I need some divine intervention. LOL


Okay now I know I am cursed!

First of all let me say, I will be so glad to see 2006, because 2005 has been such a HORRIBLE YEAR FOR ME! My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer back in August of '04 and started chemo in September of "04 until May of '05. That, by itself, took a tole on me. Because my mom and I are sooooooooo close. It made me realize how fragile life really is and never to take anything or anyone for granted. My husband and I have not been on the greatest terms, its just sometimes we don't always see eye to eye My son started to date (something, I wished I never would have agreed too), and that was a hell all within itself. I even went to jail for it! Don't even want to get into it. We have been having problems with our neighbors and several others in the neighborhood. Started with our cars being egged, then the house, then someone (who I know now did it) stole a not one, not two, but three bikes off our deck. Only one was found. My nephew Marion started to date a young girl whom I am very fond of, and she lives in our neighborhood. Some other boys liked her too, and decided they were going to jump him. He ended up with a 7 stitches in the back of his head, because someone hit him with a metal pole and that's not the worst of it. His girl friend who stand's about 4'11" was hit in the head as well and leaving her with a skull fracture. I was even out there trying to break it up and I got arrested because someone said I hit them with a padlock( and I know this kid, I fed him all the time, and his brother basically lived with me), that was thrown out of court, because he was lying, but I still was arrested. My sister and husband are going thru a divorce, a nasty one, and they ended up losing their home. UGH! She has to move back in with my mom now! Who wants that! My sister has always been on her own, and because of her stupid ass soon to be ex husband, they lost everything.!

Too add insult to injury, my mom's older brother was diagnosed with colon cancer, they supspect it has spread to his liver. So Thanksgiving was more like a funeral repass than a happy Gathering.

And yesterday of alllllll days. My son was jumping on a pogo stick inside Toys R Us, fell in split his lip. His teeth went straigh thru his lip. So, now he has a thru and thru laceration of the lip....
I am about ready to give up....
What more I keep asking myself, but when I ask this question more things seem to happen. so I am not even going to speak those words again. I consider myself to be a strong person, but I am starting to lose faith. I just continue to pray. I am going thru a storm in my life right now, and I know thru prayer, good family, and good friends I will get thru.

I just hope today I can get some MUCH NEEDED REST. I am going to climb in my bed and not get out of it until tommorrow. It's only


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This is the love of my life!

My husband of 8 years, in my life for almost 16 years now. The father of my children and my very best friend.

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This is my kitten Charcoal

He thinks he's a lizard. He is camoflauged quite well.....not! Dana Posted by Picasa

This is my oldest daughter Marissa

Isn't she beautiful??? Dana Posted by Picasa

These are the men in my life

Posted by Picasa My nephew in red leaning on my oldest son and my baby boy in yellow. Dana

This is my baby Goldie

This is my 1 year old Chi-Rat Goldie. He is the king of the castle. I love him so much!!! Posted by Picasa

America's Next Top Model.

Another pic of my daugher, I thought she looked so sweet. Dana Posted by Picasa

Here is another ....

Halloween pic of my daughter Jaree Posted by Picasa

isn't my daugter beautiful!

my husband hates this picture because he said she looks like a stripper. But this was taken on Halloween. She was a Barbie Diva Rock Star!
Jaree Brielle Brooks age 6 Posted by Picasa

This is me....

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Monday, November 21, 2005

altered paint cans

I am going to make another altered paint can. Can't wait! I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to scrapbooking. I am going to use my Basic Grey papers, with matching ribbons. I plan to use it as a journaling bucket. With love notes to my husband.

I will post pics ....


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Today I ...

got up and did yard work. Can't believe it myself. I had all the kids help me. My son and I replanted the logs that hold the garden together. My younger two, cleaned the deck. It took us a hour but it looks good. I walked the dog and am about to start preparing dinner. I am going to cook barbeque chicken, wild rice, and string beans. Kids should be happy with that. We are going to meet up with friends for dinner at 7Pm, kids are not going so I still have to cook. I really don't feel like doing anything. I am so tired. I have been doing much needed cleaning in my home, as well as helping my sister move, so its been a tirade of things going on. Today, I just want to bum around but I can't.

I am going to take a nap, while my chicken is in the oven and get up straighten up my room and finish laundry.

I am so looking forward to meeting up with the crew tonight. I need some great adult conversation. Dana

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Today my boys were in the attic getting the Christmas boxes out. I always put up the tree the day before Thanksgiving Well, my neighbor comes over and says are your kids in the attic and I said yes...She said, well I think they are going thru my stuff. I said well, they are in MY ATTIC, how are they in your belongings. (We live in a townhouse), she says well I can hear them above my head and they are loud. I thought to myself, this is impossible, how are attic's connected. To make a long story short, they INDEED ARE CONNECTED. I am LIVID. I have so many valuable things stored in my attic. My grandmother's linens and china. I don't have enough storage, so I store things that are not being used up there. To add insult to injury, she called the cops. My 13 year old son was taking out the kitty litter and 3 police officers approached him and asked him a dozen questions, then they asked for me. They said " M'am we are here to investigate a possible theft'', I was looking at him like he was speaking a foreign language. First, of all I am not a thief, second neither are my children, and third I thought my neighbor and I had already settled the issue. Needless to say, the freaking cops were less than friendly. I ended up going off and slamming my door in their faces...I am just sick and tired of this bullcrap... i am planning to move this summer and I don't ever want to live on top of, side by side, or under any one else. I want my own house in the

whew. I got it all out.


Friday, November 18, 2005


No more getting up early and fighting with the kids about brushing their teeth and getting ready for school. YIPPEEEE!

I can relax, the house is clean and I can do some scrapping! Too bad the chappos are going to grandma's this weekend (she's going to Cali) I would really get alot accomplished.

I am so excited. I start a new job on Wednesday. I will be working as a Pharmacy Tech for Walgreens. It only 20-30 hours a week, but I always work around Christmas to make extra money to help out on all the debt we will incur over the

I plan to put my tree up next week! I have already started putting my figurines up. I am so bad! I am going to go to K-Mart this weekend and get some new ornaments for the tree, I love Martha Stewart's ornament line. Everything coordinates so well. My colors are purple and gold and they have some really cool ornaments in those colors this year.

My favorite color is Purple!!!! I am drawn by that color. It means royalty and divinity.

I am taking a Pilates class. I plan to get by the store and get a video, because I felt like such a uncordinated jerk... I could not balance my body on the ball for nothing. I kept rolling off. It was hilarious. i kept apologizing because my ball kept rolling away, knocking other women off their balls. But, I am no quiter. I am going to keep at it! Practice makes perfect. Right?

I am also looking forward to the holidays. I am looking forward to all the great food and mingling with family. I am such a social person. I love to surround myself around people whom I love and respect.

Well, I am loving this blogging thing. I get to express myself in a brand new way. Woohoo


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Calgon take me away

Well, I was sitting here thinking about what to write, but my daughter is crying like a baby because her brother ate her apple pie. I am about to go NUTS!!! I love my children but I love when they are at The dog is barking, because the kitten keeps jumping on his cage teasing him. The whole house is crazy!

I am happy to report that I did accomplish 6 loads of laundry. I also, managed to wash all the dishes and cook dinner, all before 7pm. Woohoo. Now I will be able to get some scrapping done and watch Night stalker.

My life is so boring! HA HA

I do plan on attending some scrapbooking crops in the future. I just really started geting back into scrapping. I took a very long hiatus. Almost a year to be exact. Just got out the groove of things. It still did not keep me from scrap

I must admit, I am more of a shopper than a scrapper....

I am a shopper in general. My weaknesses are purses and shoes...... I can spend a fortune. I have over 250 purses. Not all designer purses, but a vast majority...

I am also big on writing pens. I collect them! My mom always told me you cannot write with all of those pens!

I also collect Boyd Bears. I have been collecting since I was 5 years old. Haven't been buying much lately with the kids. They all have their collections. My sons collect swords and my daughter collects HELLO KITTY! So my collection has taken the back seat.

I am really getting into the Christmas spirit. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas. I am really into it. It is the most wonderful time of the year for me. My kids were rolling their eyes at me today for singing Christmas carols. Hey! It's 21 degrees in Chicago so I have a right!

I am going to go do Christmas registries for the children on saturday. I tell them that I mail it off to Santa! REally, I am very forgetful and need to know what I am

My 13 year old made me cry because he does not want any toys this year. Just clothes, jewelry, and electronics. He is growing up to fast!

Well, that's enough ramblings to day. Lord knows I can go on forever.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I am a blogger now

I am so excited!!! This is my very first blog. I have been journaling since I was about 8 years old. So this is right up my alley. I can vent with out my husband reading My name is Dana Brooks. I am from Illinois. I have 3 children. Two sons ages 13 and 9. I have a 6 year old daughter. I have a cat named Spooky. I have a dog named Goldie. I also have a turtle named wax. I married my highschool sweet heart! We have been together for 15 years.

I am a stay at home mom. My children are my pride and joy. My children are my greatest achivevment. I am very proud of being a stay at home mom. Though it is not always easy, I wouldn't want it to be any other way.

I attended Thornton Fractional South High School and graduated from Governor's State University with a degree in Pscychology and Mental Health/with a certificate In Addiction Studies. I also have been to graduate school majoring in Psychological Counseling. I plan to get my Master's in this lifetime, just not

I enjoy writing poetry, reading, short-story writing, baking, and watching movies with the kids. I am a big fan of HORROR movies. My favorite Television shows are Supernanny(wish she could come to my house), Trading Spaces, Supernatural, Night Stalker, Fear Factor, and INVASION!!!

I am also an AVID SCRAPBOOKER. I am totally hooked! It has become a part of family life! My husband even takes part in it.. I just really started getting back into scrapbooking last month. I have completed 47 pages. That is a record for me. My best neighbor just moved and I have had plenty of extra time on my hands. So I have been consumed with scrapbooking.

I am really excited because I just got a new dell inspirion 6000 today! The Fed ex guy just left. So I am off to go play with my new toy. Yes, It's just mine. We purchased a Dell Desktop in February and the kids and the husband kinda just took over..... So I bought something just for mommy!!!!

Well, that's all for now.
Be back soon!