Saturday, November 26, 2005

Okay now I know I am cursed!

First of all let me say, I will be so glad to see 2006, because 2005 has been such a HORRIBLE YEAR FOR ME! My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer back in August of '04 and started chemo in September of "04 until May of '05. That, by itself, took a tole on me. Because my mom and I are sooooooooo close. It made me realize how fragile life really is and never to take anything or anyone for granted. My husband and I have not been on the greatest terms, its just sometimes we don't always see eye to eye My son started to date (something, I wished I never would have agreed too), and that was a hell all within itself. I even went to jail for it! Don't even want to get into it. We have been having problems with our neighbors and several others in the neighborhood. Started with our cars being egged, then the house, then someone (who I know now did it) stole a not one, not two, but three bikes off our deck. Only one was found. My nephew Marion started to date a young girl whom I am very fond of, and she lives in our neighborhood. Some other boys liked her too, and decided they were going to jump him. He ended up with a 7 stitches in the back of his head, because someone hit him with a metal pole and that's not the worst of it. His girl friend who stand's about 4'11" was hit in the head as well and leaving her with a skull fracture. I was even out there trying to break it up and I got arrested because someone said I hit them with a padlock( and I know this kid, I fed him all the time, and his brother basically lived with me), that was thrown out of court, because he was lying, but I still was arrested. My sister and husband are going thru a divorce, a nasty one, and they ended up losing their home. UGH! She has to move back in with my mom now! Who wants that! My sister has always been on her own, and because of her stupid ass soon to be ex husband, they lost everything.!

Too add insult to injury, my mom's older brother was diagnosed with colon cancer, they supspect it has spread to his liver. So Thanksgiving was more like a funeral repass than a happy Gathering.

And yesterday of alllllll days. My son was jumping on a pogo stick inside Toys R Us, fell in split his lip. His teeth went straigh thru his lip. So, now he has a thru and thru laceration of the lip....
I am about ready to give up....
What more I keep asking myself, but when I ask this question more things seem to happen. so I am not even going to speak those words again. I consider myself to be a strong person, but I am starting to lose faith. I just continue to pray. I am going thru a storm in my life right now, and I know thru prayer, good family, and good friends I will get thru.

I just hope today I can get some MUCH NEEDED REST. I am going to climb in my bed and not get out of it until tommorrow. It's only



Ameloblast said...

Sorry to hear about all of your stress. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Dana Brooks said...

thanks ameboblast. Dana