Saturday, November 19, 2005


Today my boys were in the attic getting the Christmas boxes out. I always put up the tree the day before Thanksgiving Well, my neighbor comes over and says are your kids in the attic and I said yes...She said, well I think they are going thru my stuff. I said well, they are in MY ATTIC, how are they in your belongings. (We live in a townhouse), she says well I can hear them above my head and they are loud. I thought to myself, this is impossible, how are attic's connected. To make a long story short, they INDEED ARE CONNECTED. I am LIVID. I have so many valuable things stored in my attic. My grandmother's linens and china. I don't have enough storage, so I store things that are not being used up there. To add insult to injury, she called the cops. My 13 year old son was taking out the kitty litter and 3 police officers approached him and asked him a dozen questions, then they asked for me. They said " M'am we are here to investigate a possible theft'', I was looking at him like he was speaking a foreign language. First, of all I am not a thief, second neither are my children, and third I thought my neighbor and I had already settled the issue. Needless to say, the freaking cops were less than friendly. I ended up going off and slamming my door in their faces...I am just sick and tired of this bullcrap... i am planning to move this summer and I don't ever want to live on top of, side by side, or under any one else. I want my own house in the

whew. I got it all out.


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