Saturday, September 30, 2006

Like mother, like daughterr

Look who's ALTERING...yes, that is Jaree in her underwear making an altered journal. You just don't know how proud I was ..... she so wants to be like mommy. We both were in our underwear making our altered journals...No pictures of me, but that's a good thing. I think you guys would never visit my blog again, if you caught a glimpse of me in my underwear (booty, booty, booty , booty rockin' eva' I really enjoyed this time with my daughter. Dh was at his djing gig and Jaree and I really got a chance to do some mother daughter bonding....She really did an awesome job with her ART journal! I helped very little. I just cut the paper and the ribbons everything else was Jaree. The girl has some talent. I can't be more proud. This was definitely one of those life defining moments for me. I am so very proud. She really enjoyed putting the primas down the spine of the book. She loved the idea of cutting the flower in half and putting the clip on to attach it. She picked all of her embellishments. She also loved the buttons. She is so her mother's child! We really had a great time together. I am going to do something with her atleast once a month, but we are shooting for every Friday, but with Winter coming I am going to be doing a lot of crops!

She always is eager to scrapbook with me, so I introduced her to the world of ALTERING....NO TURNING BACK NOW....LOL

She wants to do a lunch box next! Then a mini album about her love of Hello Kitty. This should be fun! I am so glad, that we shared this time together. I always knew she was alot like me, but now I know for sure she is my KLONE....and I don't know if it's a good thing or bad

She also lost her teeth this weekend, but made me promise not to post it on the internet. She lost both front teeth! She is so vain, already! I am so tempted to post her pics, but I made a Promise!

Until next time


Friday, September 29, 2006


Wow, this week went by lightening fast. Whew, I can relax! No more getting up at 6am, checking homework, and fighting with kids to go to be! Now we can be footloose and fancy free! Many, many plans this weekend. I am happy to report that we are going to buy our first home. We are looking, found 4 houses that I really like and keeping my fingers crossed that we can get one of the houses. You know what that means! I FINALLY GET MY SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!!! HOORAY! Can you tell I am excited. This is a big step up for us and the kids are so excited. I just don't want to live attached to anyone anymore. WE need our own space and privacy. I have some pretty good neighbors, but their are those

Of the four houses, 3 are 4 bedroom houses and the other one is a 3 bedroom, but its huge! We really need the space, because our kids are not getting any smaller and we have really outgrown our townhome. Our dog, needs a yard! So there are many reasons for me wanting to branch out and move. If all goes well, we should be all moved out by December 1st, maybe even earlier.

Dh is off the weekend and that is always a good thing!!!! Even though, I am mad at him right now. Bonnie knows why? LOL Let's just say never trust a man to get the mail

We are celebrating my son's birthday this weekend. We are taking him to his favorite restaurant with a group of his friends. He is getting so big! He didn't want a party. Bohoo! However, that's money that I can save. Plus he is in seven heaven with his cell phone right now. He wanted that or a PSP, which I am going to get him for Christmas!

It is sooo freaking cold here in Chicago. I was almost tempted to turn the heat on, but I am coping. I am in sweats though and I making a big pot of chili tonight!

I still have lots of work to do. I have about 5 loads of laundry calling my name and I need to wash the floors and clean my closet. I am feeling really lazy today! I just want to lay in the bed and stay under the covers. I can't stand the cold! LOL Not good for my

I got my November CK and my October issue of SCrapbook ETc. I was so excited. I got my CK on yesterday and Scrapbook Etc came in the mail today! I am going to crawl in bed and just devour both mags!

The kids will be home soon, so I really need to get something accomplished, so I have to run...

Until next time


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My passion in life

I have numerous passions in my life. They are scrapbooking, reading, writing poetry and short stories and being the best person I can be. One of my biggest passions is (believe it or not) writing! As long as I can remember, I have always loved to write. Whether it be in a journal expressing my feeling, my goals, dreams, and aspirations. Whether it's writing down quotes or catch phrases....or writing poetry or short stories ...I love to write. I love looking back at what I wrote. Reflecting on what life was like when I was 13 or what things moved me then opposed to now. Reflection is a good thing. I love to sit in my bed and just write. I never know what when creativity will strike so I keep a journal or notebook handy at all times. When I was in high school I always wanted to write books. I have written some pretty awesome short stories over the years. Mostly sci-fi, paranormal, supernatural, new-age horror type stories. I have written a couple of love stories but not many.
I also love to write poetry. I went to my first poetry reading at 15 and after that, I was so moved to start writing my own poetry. It's a way to artistically express my self. My emotions, my pain, my sorrows, my triumps.... I get my pen and my pad and it comes pouring out in a poetic way.... I guess it has always been a part of me, because when I was young I used to write rap songs which is nothing but poetry with a hook and a beat.

Another one of my passions is reading! I can get lost in a book! When I was young my mom read all the time and I wanted to be just like my mom so I was very eager to learn to read. My mom and sister taught me how to read along with Sesame Street and Electric The rest is history. I love to read! Its like playing a movie inside my head, I can visualize the characters, the setting, I can relate with some of the characters. I have met alot of people this way too. I live in Borders! I like to go with my own books and just sit on the leather couch with my book and my cappuchino and cookie and get lost for hours. I am going to start my own book club this fall too! My friends, and my cousins always talk about the books we read and pass on books and it makes for great discussions.

Another one of my passions is music and dancing. I danced professionally for 13 years ballet, tap, and jazz. I did some modern and African dance, but mostly tap and jazz. I stuck with ballet for 9 years until I injured my toe, I was never really that great at ballet as I was tap and jazz anyways. When it came to toe shoes, it was over. I didn't want my toes looking like mini hammers like my sister's I have always loved to dance. Even as a child. I have been known to jump out of my car if the right song comes on....I know I am crazy huh. My kids are so amazed because I am 31 and I can do all the dances that come My son Bee thinks it's pretty neat. His mom is the only one who can do the "Chicken Noodle Soup", "The pool palace" and "The West Side walk it out" and when the "chicken head" came out, I put the average teenager to I love to dance. I don't care where I am at, I have been at party with dh (he's a dj on the side) with people I don't even know, and let the right song come on .....I can't help myself I just have to get up and move. It has not always been a good thing, because I have been hated on a many a day in the clubs....Women do not take kindly to their men checking out other women dance and when I do dance I am not being conceited when I say "all eyes are on"
It's so funny, because my dh has no rhythm and can't dance a lick and neither can my daughter...poor

Another passion that I have is being the best mother I can be. It takes a lot to live up to my mom's standards. My mom is the epitome of greatness! Yes, she has her faults, but my mom was good at being a mom, a provider, a protector, a friend... My mom did everrything with us kids. She busted her butt, to provide for us. We wore the best clothes, We went to the best schools, we had anything our heart desired, we went everywhere, but above all else my mom was there for us...She talked to us, she spent time with us, she made me and my siblings feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. She let us know everyday how much she loved mom didn't just buy the toys, she sat down and played barbie with me, she ate those experimental cakes I made in my easy bake oven, she went on bike that is a tough act to follow. I try my best to give my all to my children, who I love above all else. My children are my world! It is my passion to become better at it each day! I want to look back when my children are grown and say I did my absolute best!

There is one other passion, that I did not mention yet....SCRAPBOOKING! What can I say that you don't already know. It is my passion to leave behind a legacy for my children to enjoy for years to come, for their kids to enjoy, and so on and so on... I love to CREATE! The immense amount of joy I feel each time I finish a layout or just look through my scrapbooks is irreplaceable. I eat, live, and breathe scrapbooking. There is really not a moment that I am not thinking about it. Which ties into my children, because they are the reason that I decided to scrapbook in the first place. It goes BACK TO REFLECTION...taking the journey over and over again. Preserving! I know you can relate! It's that feeling when you walk into the scrapbook store and find something's that feeling of accomplishment when you try a technique for the first time and it's a's that anxiousness you feel when you look in the magazine's and see something new and think I have to try is my is my is my LIFE AS I KNOW IT NOW AND FOREVER......

until next time

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What if you had to give up Scrapbooking

I read a thread on the 2peas that made me extremely sad! There was a fellow pea who's husband wants her to give up scrapbooking. I could not fathom giving up something that I enjoy soooo much like scrapbooking. It has just become a part of my life. I have met so many wonderful people because of this hobby. I have learned so many things about my self and unleashed my creative side and my inner Life Artist. I hate to say it, but I think I would just wither up and die. What would I do without twopeas, shopping at Mike's or Joann's or online or Archivers, LSS, name it ... What would I talk about? What would I have to look forward to every month, as I am subscribed to several monthly kits. What would my life be like without it. It would be so boring! LOL

I guess I am lucky to have a husband who is supportive and doesn't make a big fuss about what I do. He makes his snide remarks every now and again, but he has no problem with it. He has his hobbies and they are expensive. He just shelled out 500 bucks for some dj software and another 700 for a laptop for his djjing....He plays basketball. He's into fantasy football and XBOX, so if he did complain, I would kick him in the

Scrapbooking has made my life better and has made me a better person. It is as natural for me as breathing.....
Just made me so sad, to see someone give up their PASSION, something that they truly love and cherish.... just Unbearable for me to even fathom.

How would you feel if you had to give up scrapbooking? Not only give it up, but sell off your supplies and get rid of everything. Could you do it? Would you do it? Even if it was for the sake of your marriage? How would you feel towards your S/O if they asked you to make such a big sacrifice. Would you resent him? How would you convince your mate otherwise?

My whole life revolves around scrapbooking. I know alot of you would agree. Think about it, I got into blogging because of scrapbooking. I blog all the time. I am always on 2peas, checking out the gallery, checking the mb. If not, I am always at Michaels, ARchivers, even Target looking for Scrapbooking stuff, if not that I am scrapbooking, reading an idea book or scrapbooking magazine. Heck! I even dream about scrapbooking. My dad has even called to tell me that scrapbooking is on television or he passed by a scrapbooking store. My family knows how much I love it and while they all may not understand it, they are definitely supportive!

So, in retrospect, what would I have to do if I had to give up scrapbooking.....NOTHING, because I would never give it up.....NEVER!


Monday, September 25, 2006

Off to my mom's!

I am going to my mom's today. She is coming home from her trip to Wisconsin today. She went to a bed and breakfast spa this weekend. This lady does more than the average 25 year old at 60 and retired. She will be home around 6pm today, so I can't wait! My sister is going to meet me over there and we are going to just sit and visit until its time for me to pick up my dh from work.

We will probably go to Walmart and pick up a few odds and ends and to Burlington Coat Factory to pick up Jariel 3 outfits for his Birthday. There's a Michaels right across the street so I will be going.... Dana

Sunday, September 24, 2006

What am I going to do with this one?

Look at her fresh hair due!
What am I going to do with Miss Jaree. She is something else. I washed her , blow dryed, and braided her hair this morning. Took me forever! And now she's got a new attitude. Swinging her beads around. I swear she is going to take her eye out.
I guess she is no different than any ohter woman who gets their hair done. I guess when you look good you feel good.
She is growing up so fast. Can't believe my baby will be turning 8 next year in April. She is so tall. She has such long legs, the total opposite of her mother. I am only 5'1. I think she is going to be much taller than I am . This girl is too much. The other day I was asking the kids about college. I asked my oldest son, who is a Freshmen if he wanted to go away to college and he said, No, that he was going to ISU for Vetinary Sciences. I asked Jariel and he replied with a quick yes, which is very odd, because he is such a momma's boy, he said yes so quick it broke my heart. Then I asked Miss Jaree, and you know what she said........"Momma, I am in second grade...ask me when I get in high school". I felt so stupid! I mean I felt two feet tall! I guess it was kind of a dumb question to ask a second grader, but I wanted to include her in the conversation. You never know what is going to come out of this kids mouth. She is such a little Smart A$$!!!!! LOL


My baby went to his first dance

My baby Jariel went to his very first dance yesterday! I was almost in tears, but I didn't cry because Jariel is jujust to darned funny to laugh at. First of all, he told me about the dance the day of and he knew about it for a week. He told me that not only was him and "his boys" going to the dance, but they were all going to hang out at Mc Donald's afterwards. I like his style, he's telling me instead of asking me, so I had to correct him on that real fast! LOL
He did his chores and then proceeded to go outside to skate with Chris and Cliff, the two boys in the pictures with him. At about 6:20, he busts thru the doors and throws his skates off and runs up stairs. He proceeds to run into the bathroom, I heard all kind of thumping and then I hear the shower running. Then I hear him run into his room and all you can hear is the hangers going back in forth in the closet. Then all I hear is spraying and then I am almost gagging from what I smell......TAGGED! Tons of it. He has changed his clothes and sprayed Tag all over him self.
Then he runs down stairs with two different pairs of gym shoes on and asks me which shoes look better with his outfit and he was dead serious. You would have thought he was going to Prom or something. He was so nervous. He kept asking me did he look ok. I told him he looked more than ok, that he looked really good!
That's all it took because after that he styling and profiling up and down the block. Him and his crew. Then two older girls Marianna and TaShawna told him he looked soooo cute and that really blew his head up.
I told him that it was getting late and the dance started at 7pm, he looked at me and said "Mom, I don't want to look to frantic, I don't want to be the first one there. I'll go at about 7:15pm." I couldn't help my self I cracked up. Mr. Cool thinks he is so fly! LOL He came home around 9:30PM, Chris' mom took them to McDonalds . He said he had a good time. Even danced with Diamond, his so called "girlfriend", yeah right! LOL Already making plans to go to the next dance in October. Even asked me to get him a new outfit for the occassion. These kids are too much!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friends, how many us us have them?

Challenge: think about your friends. What is it about them that you like? admire? What draws you closer to them? What personality traits do they have that you admire?

Friends how many of us have them(Friends)
Friends the ones we can depend on (Friends)
Before we go any further (Friends)
This song by Whodini are all simple questions, but how many people can you call a friend. It is said, that if you only have one friend in a lifetime you are blessed. True Friends, Real Friends are hard to come by. I was blessed with some really good friends. My very best friend is a girl named Monica. Monica and I grew up together. We have be friends for 30 years and yes I am almost 32. She is some one I can depend on. Someone I can trust. Someone who can keep a secret. She is a real person! She doesn't bring any drama into my life. She isn't judgemental. She is there for me whenever I need her and me the same. We have never let anything or anyone get in between our relationship. She is someone who I need to talk to frequently. She is someone who is more like a sister than a friend. Her and I enjoy each others company. We hook up atleast once a month just for dinner or maybe drinks. Her life matters to me. She is considerate, caring, compassionate, and sharing. She is my God mother to my first born child. We have sat up all night and talked, laughed, cried. She is someone whom I can confide in and not worry about my information being divulged. I love her to no end! We will definitely be friends to the end.

My other friend is Tori. She is what I like to refer to as my RIDE OR DIE friend. She is down for whatever. Tori is my friend that has my back no matter what. I remember how we met, I was a freshman in high school and I was on my bus stop to go home. A group of girls decided they were going to try and jump me, because I was dating a boy one of them liked. I was out there fighting for my dear life and handling my own, and Tori jumped off the bus and started helping me. I didn't even know her and we gave it to those girls. It was 4 of them and two of us and we tore those girls up. From that they forward we were inseperable. Tori was my friend that i went on stakeouts to catch her boyfriend up with other girls.....I could only do that for a friend. Here we are on a 108th and Vernon in Chicago (not the best neighborhood), in the car,with the lights out, black hoodies, and a bag of cheetos, waiting for her boyfriend Paul, whom she suspects is cheating......LOL She was right and boy did we beat the heck out of him that night! Only a friend would do that
I am a reformed bad girl! Thanks to dh! LOL

I have many more girl friends, but Monica and Tori are the best! They compliment my life in so many ways and I love them to death!


Friday, September 22, 2006


No more waking at 6am, getting 3 children ready. No more checking over homework! No more late nights and early mornings. No more fighting with Jaree because she does not want to get up and thinks that school is STUPID. No more fighting with Jariel who always forgets to brush his teeth every morning and needs a constant reminder.....I am not kidding. No more signing assignment notebooks everyday! No more arguing with Bee to get off his cell phone and study for exams.....Can you tell I am happy today is Friday!

Today, is a lazy day for me. I will order a pizza, kick back and watch televison and relax. There will be no doing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, today is going to be all about me.... Heck I might just get some dang nabbit scrapping done. Think I might even alter a journal or two, who knows. Get some reading done....Paint my toenails....take a hot bath....listen to some music....I deserve it!

Today I went to Borders bought the latest copy of Simple Scrapbooks, had a cappuchino and cookie (as always), bought a new book (Nasty Girlz by Erick S. Gray, cousin said it was a good read and you know me and books.

Also, went to Circuit City and Best Buy to price a new digital camera, my birthday is coming up on October 4th, so that is a hint to dh! I think he has other plans for me though. We may be going away. But not to fret, there is still sweetest day and Christmas......I am an

Took some pictures of my big guy Jariel. He turned 10 years old. It's hard to believe. Jariel and I have a special bond, he and I almost lost our lives when I gave birth to him. I was always scared we wouldn't be close, because I didn't see him for almot 48 hours after I gave birth, because I was unstable and so was he. It's a miracle we are both here, but the power of the Lord is truly amazing. He is so sweet and kind. He is soooo loving! Everyone says that he is going to be something phenomenal when he grows up because he is sooooo compassionate and thoughtful. I love my Jari, Jari and here he is looking all grown up on his birthday

Thursday, September 21, 2006

How we met!

Can't believe it has been 16 years since we met. We met in high school and he was a new student. All of the girls had been talking about this cute new transfer student. So a friend of mine, came and got me out of class and we walked down to the office, sure enough he was super cute. I didn't pay him close attention like the other girls. I ran to the bathroom to make sure I was looking good!LOL I was !!! As I was walking out of the bathroom to go back to class we bumped into each other. He almost knocked me down. He made sure I was ok and I asked him if he needed any help finding his classes (boy was that lame), he said No, and my feeling were so hurt. When I turned to walk away, I looked back and caught him checking me out...About 2 weeks later, he came to my locker with his phone number, and walked away. I thought it was kinda cocky, and decided I didn't like him anymore and didn't call him. I ended up going out with a guy named Carlos. Well, Baptiste kept on pursuing me and we went out on a date and the rest is history. We have been together ever since. He was soo skinny, I gotta scan and post pictures of us when we were young and give you a good laugh~


Happy Birthday Jari

My baby has made it to the double digits! He is 10! Happy birthday Jariel. He is such sweetheart. I am taking him out to eat and he's going to have a birthday celebration at my mom's next weekend! We got him a cell phone for his birthday, He is going to be so stoked! LOL

You know me, i will be taking plenty of pics! Dana

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If I could change anything in the world.....

I would eliminate any type of child abuse or child neglect. I love children. I have always loved children. How any body could knowingly and willfully hurt a child is baffling. Especially an infant. Children are innocent little angel's from God and they are precious. If I could annihilate anything this would be it. I love my children soooo much and can't imagine doing anything to hurt them. I can't imagine anyone else doing anything to hurt them.

A child's smile can light up the world. A child's laughter can make the world seem brighter. If possible I would end any negative impact big or small on any child's life. I would gladly lay my life down, for that of a child.

I also feel the same way about the elderly. I just can't see how anybody can hurt the young or the old. I am very passionate about this and that is why I majored in Psychology and Mental health. I had the pleasure of working with both young and old. I worked for the Rainbow Foundation for physically and sexually abused children. I also worked for Mercy Foundation for seniors. Everytime we got a new child in, it broke my heart. I must admit, I even contemplated hurting one of the father's who molested his 4 and 1/2 year old daughter. It's hard to take your personal feelings and place them to the side. It was very emotional for me. I also got a chance to see the disregard we have for our older generations. It's just sad.

So, in closing, if it was at all possible, to change anything it would be to save our children and elderly.


I am so proud of myself!

I finally took the plunge and tried an altered clipboard and an altered lunch box. I think they are cute! What do you think???

Monday, September 18, 2006

Here are some the pics from my retreat

Here are some of the pictures that I took at the retreat without boring you with all of Just wanted to show you some of my favs. Dana

I am back!

I had a blast! I am going to post pics later. I went to Camp's Friedenswald in Cassapolis, Michigan to an ALL women's retreat. I went my mom, sister, and two aunts. We got there about 6pm on Friday, we left about 2pm on Sunday. The weather was wonderful. The food was delicious. However, the reason that I go every year is the MONUMENTAL amount of peace I feel whenever I go. I can go and just relax, free my mind all of worries, and just relax. One of the things I do, when I am there is walk down to the lake and just reflect on life. I just feel closer to God, whenever I am there. I can really feel his presence when I am there. Also, I love the fellowship. I am there with a wonderful and compassionate group of ladies young and old. It gets me totally out of my comfort zone.

I also, love being around my sister and my mom. We have so much fun together. There is no television or radio, so you are your own entertainment. My sister, My mom, and I usually laugh and talk all night. There are a group of ladies who scrapbook, and we get together and crop. I did not do any layouts, but I did however alter a lunch box and clipboard, will take pics and post that too!

On Saturday, we go into Shipshewana, IN (Amish Country) for shopping. We usually by cheese, Unkers(remedy for everything), scrapbook shopping, to the pie house, and other shops. One of the treats, is the Homemade Ice Cream, from the Amish! It is sooooo good. Just like how my grandma used to make!

Saturday night, we make a campfire, pop popcorn in those huge pots, and sing songs. Saturday night, we have a party, everyone brings a dish and this year the food was so great!

Sunday, we fellowship, and then we go home. I come home stress free with a new pep in my step. It's just a really refreshing time.... I came home and now we are house hunting. My landlord wants to sell his place, we were moving anyway, but not thinking about it so soon, so I will be moving. Iam hoping to stay in the area so that the children can all attend the same schools, but will update about that later.

Just wanted everyone to know I am home and I had a blast!

Caught this meme from Sunday and just wanted to answer:

How do you take your coffee/tea? with cream and lots of sugar
How do you like your eggs? scrambled with cheese
Favorite breakfast foods: breakfast ham, grits , hash browns, eggs
Coke or Pepsi? cherry coke
You're feeling lazy. What do you make?hot dogs and pork n beans
You're feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order? sausage and cheese with Jalepeno peppers

You feel like cooking. What do you make? soul food
Do any foods bring back good memories? love turkey and dressing, reminds me of my grandma
Do any foods bring back bad memories? Peas my grandmother tried to force me to eat them once and told me I wouln't move from the dinner table until I ate them, well it was 10pm, before she realized it wasnt
Do any foods remind you of someone? Blueberry pancakes reminds me of my great grandmother
Is there a food you refuse to eat?sushi and peas
sWhat was your favorite food as a child? MC Donalds
Is there a food you hated as a child but now love? shrimp
Is there a food you loved as a child but now hate? spaghettios
Favorite junk food: Krisy Kreme donuts
Favorite dessert: Apple pie ala mode and peach cobbler
The perfect nightcap? tea
Do you have any weird food habits? .Don't like my food to touch each other
Now that was fun!


I am back!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Simple pleasures

Challenge: I went to a junkmarket sale today.. see my blog below. What kind of simple things do you like to surround yourself with? and why? What 'ordinary' items in your life give you great comfort and/or joy? share on your blog....

Chammomile tea- Great on a stressful day, I just kick back have my self a cup of tea and mellow out

My journals- Whether I am reading and reflecting or actually writing and reflecting, my journals give me great comfort

Socks- I love cutesy socks and footies, just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

Stuffed animals-I openly admit that every now and again I will cuddle up with one of my big bears and love it up. It's usually when the kids are away.

Candles- OOOOH the joy of candles! It works wonders and offers great relaxation. Often times, I will light a candle and just inhale. take all of it in and meditate for awhile.

My fleece blankets- I love to have blankets around on a cold day and just snuggle on the couch and read a good book, watch a good movie, or share a good story....

Sweats- When I am kicking back around the house, I love my fleece sweats, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Last but not least, my bible! I can turn to it at any given time for comfort, faith, understanding, peace, and tranquillity.

Hope you enjoyed ....


Off to my retreat

Can't believe the time is here. I am going to my annual Women's Retreat with my mom, sister, and aunts. We always have a blast. I can't wait! I am also a little saddened because I am sooooo going to miss my babies and my hubby. To make matters worse my son is going to Homecoming tommorrow, but I told my dh to take plenty of pics!

I have to pack! I did all my laundry last night and all I have to do is fold and pack. I am going to get some scrapping done too, because alot of the ladies there scrapbook. So I am getting my stuff together right now! I have like 4 scrapbook magazines, that I saved for the trip! (Oct CK, Oct. Scrap Etc, Oct Scrapbook Answers, MM Idea Gallery, and Slice of Life Scrapbooking, actually that's 3 mags, 2 idea books). I also am going to bring my book, so I can finish it over the weekend.

The highlight of the trip is when we go to Chipchewana, IN and go into Amish Country. I love going into the gift shops and buying homemade pies, soy candles, and cheese. We always hit Yoders and Big Red Barn! Found an awesome little gift shop, that sold some neato ribbons and scrapbook supplies. I will make sure I take plenty of pics.

We are going to Camp Friedenswald is Cassopolis, MI. Which is a bout a 1/2 to 3 hour drive. We always stop and have dinner at Perkins before we get to the camp grounds. We are staying from Friday to Sunday. All of are very delicious meals are included.

I know I am going to have a blast, but by Saturday night I will be som missing my babies. I will take plenty of pics to post!

Until next time


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fall is near

Fall, my all time favorite time of year. A time for change. I love all of the beautiful rich colors. The air is more crisper, the sunset are more beautiful, the air smells better. When I was a child we used to take drives along the country side to look at all the beautiful trees and the change in their leaves some yellow, some burnt orange, some bright red...As a child I was amazed. It was a fun time to jump in a pile of leaves or the joy of stumping on a leave and hearing the

Fall is an awesome time around my house with pumpkin scented candle aglow, scarecrows, halloween decorations, I even change my bedroom decor. No longer will I have the bright colors of summer and spring, but I change my comforter to rich earth tones! Get this from my mom.

Fall is a time, that I enjoy before sunset walks with my dog and the children. I am such a big fan of mother nature. I soak it all up and just enjoy life.

Fall is also a time for SCRAPBOOKING, with the busy summer over, I tend to get lots and lots of scrapbooking done!

FAll is also an excuse for me to go shopping. I love courderouy and tweed, so whether its a new jacket or new skirt, i get a chance to hit the malls and buy a whole new wardrobe for myself and the kids!

Fall is also back to school time, so I get alot done. I get to catch up on reading and poetry writing. I am allowed more me time which always a plus! I go to bath and body works and get all the fall I always need to smell pretty! LOL

Fall is a time of family togetherness, I get to lay under the covers and watch a good movie with the kids or tell spooky stories throughout the whole month of Halloween. I think I get more excited about Halloween than the kids do! Haunted Houses, Pumpkin Patches, Apple Orchards, and Frightfest at Six Flags we do alot in fall too .....eVen the zoo!

So as you can see I love fall! I love autumn and all it has to offer! Don't miss out on your chance to enjoy yourself either! After all, Fall is only for 3 months!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've been tagged!!

I was reading Bonnie Rose's blog as usual, and low and behold she tagged me, so here are my answers:

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Marshall Fields children's dept.
2. Oasis Video
3. Target
4. Chicago Christian Industrial league(Couseled drug addicted men and felons)

Four movies I have watched over & over
1. The Color Purple
2. Sling Blade
3. The Exorcist
4. What's Love got to do with it

Four places I have lived...
I never lived outside of Illinois, but I lived in different parts
1. Grew up in Chicago on the South Side
2. early teen years I moved to suburban Lynwood, IL
3. once married I moved to Chicago Heights, IL for 4 yrs
4. I currently reside in Alsip, IL.

Four tv shows I like to watch...

1. One Life to Live
2. Supernatural
3. Flavor Of Love
4. So you think you can dance/American Idol
They cancelled my favorite show Invasion, and now I am sad!

Four places I have been on vacation...
1. Niagara Falls, Canada
2. Disney World
3. Wisconsin Dells recently
4. 7 day cruise to : San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St.Thomas, St. John

Four blogs/web-sites I visit lately....




Four of my favorite foods...
1) Steak!!!
2. Lobster
3. Crab Legs
4. Shrimp
Four places I'd rather be right now...
1. Crusing the carribbean
2. Kicking back marguiritas in Cancun
3. In my hubby's arm
4. Safari in Africa

4 people I would tag Adrienne Sophia -Em -Melissa

There you have it! Dana

Monday, September 11, 2006

What I know for sure

There are some things in life that are a certainty-common knowledge. These are the things that I know for sure:

I am blessed!

I have the best husband in the world.

That life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Scrapbooking is my obsession

That my children are my world!

That my mom is truly my best friend!

That if you have just one friend you are blessed!

That blood is thicker than mudd!

It's okay to show imperfection every now an again!

That chocalate is good cure for the blues...

I am not perfect, but I try my best!

I am loved by God

Anything is possible with God!

I am a shopaholic

I have too many purses and shoes yet I keep buying more

That I spoil my children rotten

I am bath and body works best customer

My house will never be perfect....

I am a good mother, a good wife, a good daughter, a good sister, and a good friend!

That any given day I will gladly lay my life down for my children, there is a no greater love than that of a mother for her child!

Those are the things that are a certainty in my life. I am not perfect, but that's okay. I just try to live life to the best of my abilities. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I give 100 percent. Tommorrow is not promised, so I try to live each day like it's the last!

So that is a small glimpse of what's real to me and what matters!

Until next time


Friday, September 08, 2006

My comfort zone

Join us today/Friday if you blog. Challenge: What do you do when you are feeling down... to get your spirits lifted? exercise? music? friends? tv? reading?? what works for you??

When I am feeling down, alot of time I sit and write in my journal about my blessings, sometimes I write about how I am feeling. I love to write and it helps to alleviate the pressures that life sometime throw at you. Another thing I do is take a nice hot bath, with candles and all and put on soft music and that helps to chase the blues away. Snuggling with my hubby is also a blues chaser. When I am in his arms I feel so good and nothing else seems to matter. Another thing I do is pile all my kids in the bed and laugh and talk, watch a movie under the covers, I love my kids and just seeing their smiling faces makes every thing seem so small. Nature walking is another stress buster, just taking in fresh air and admiring what God has given me, makes me feel better too! Last but certainly not least, when i feeling bad I turn to the GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN, and that is the Bible. I turn to God and pray for strenght, faith, and peace. The Lord has never forsakken me. I call on him when I am need! So , there is not one thing I do to chase the blues away, there is a multitude. Great challenge Bonnie and again thanks for the wonderful rak!!!


Fantastic mail day

What a pleasant surprise it was to go to my mail box and have this waiting for me. Thank you Bonnie Rose!!!! She got me the cutest mouse pad, Scrapped the movie, can't wait to watch, and a huge monogram letter by Making memories. Her note read :in her very own Bonnie stationary, "you matter" "Dear Dana, A little something for you just cuz I wanted to. Hope your day is bright and full of joy! Love Bonnie Rose. Well, Bonnie you did make my day and I can't wait to get started on that Monogram letter. You really brought the sunshine to my day today. You are a gem! Thank you! Thank you! Dana

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Open House and Fundraisers!!

Today Jaree and Jariel came home with Fundraisers. They are so excited! However, I am less than enthusiastic! LOL I hate handling money! Alot of times I get burned, because so many do not pay and get stuck with alot of things I do not want! But, I do it, because the kids get so excited about winning all the neat prizes. Also, today is open house for the children and of course, they I am going to meet their teachers and I am so excited about that!

Also, jariel is joining the band this year and I couldn't be more proud. His instrument of choice so far is the Clarinet. We will see how this changes. He just finished with football and basketball starts in January. Both Jari and Jaree are in scouts, so I will super busy this year!

Bee, started to school again today! He has tons of work to make up and I am so glad that he is back in school. He is too! I told him to just ignore negativity and avoid any problems. I told him to use this as a stepping stone and never allow anyone to bring him down.

Today, I did the usual cleaned and mopped all the floors. I am almost done with my book Candy Licker by Noire. It's sooooooooo good! Reading is my other passion! Which brings me to todays challenge by Bonnie Rose:

You love to scrapbook. You love to create something with paper. With all the cool papers out there, or the ones you already have, what is something on your heart you really wanna start... an album, a layout, a project -- anything...!! Share on your blog what your scrapping plans are.. what things are just in your head, itching to get done??? Wow, I have so many ideas! One of the projects I want to do is an altered muffin tin. Saw this at my women's retreat last year and I said I wanted to make one. I also want to do an album about my love of music! I thought that would be so cool. I also want to start the Love of my Life album about my hubby and our years together. I also want to do an album about my hopes and dreams for each one of my children! I want to do a circle accordian album. I want to do a shadow box layout and frame it! I love this hobby. It has given me so many oppurtunties to make the most awesome friends. I love my hobby. I don't think there is anything better!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Feeling poopy!

God, my allergies are really getting the best of me. I actually thought I would never stop sneezing last night. I sneezed so long, my chest started to burn. Ugh! I wait to get old to get this crap. I hate allergies! I need to go get my Allegra script refilled badly.

Other than that, I am doing well. I have been doing the usual, laundry, cooking, cleaning, nothing too spectacular. My room was a mess so I cleaned it today! I don't know why I can keep every room inthe house clean except my room. You can eat off my floor, in every room but my bedroom. crazy huh!

I was hoping to go to the mailbox and my scrapologie, poppy ink, and jenni bowlin kits would be waiting on me, but no such luck. I did however, get a surprise from the ups truck, I thought I had cancelled all of my CK preorders, but guess not because "The Slice Of Life Scrapbooking" was waiting in my little door when I checked the mail! I am saving it and the October CK for my trip next week. I am going on a Women's Retreat, with my church the 15th-17th and I am going to get some reading done! Can't wait, but by the 2nd day, I am missing my husband and kids so much, I can't wait for Sunday to get

I did get to bath and body works, for their labor day sale, they had 5 dollar body splashes and certain lotions and shower gels were 4-7 dollars I stocked up!!! I love bath and body works. I am a total girly girl! LOL

Well, I gotta go pick my son up from his cousins house.
Until next time..


Monday, September 04, 2006

It's labor day!!

Wow, we are almost at summer's end and it's bittersweet for me. While I loved the summer, ours was just so busy. Now it's time to wind down and get back on a schedule, a routine. I will miss those lazy days of summer though.... We had a blast!

Today, I am going to a picnic at my dad's job and then we are going back to my mom's for a bbq. Can't wait! My dad makes the best ribs in town, so I am looking forward to that....also my mom's baked beans and spaghetti. I am going to have to run around the block a couple of time after all the food I am going to be chomping on.

Bonnie and Clyde aka Jariel and Jaree are already at my mom's. They were dying to spend the night over there, so I dropped them off last night. Bee, my oldest spent the night at his friends Austin, so I am home alone. Dh is at work! So you know what that means.... I can clean in peace. I am off to mop all the floors. Clean the kitchen and clean the bathrooms. I can be finished in a flash with all of the kids gone. It's amazing all the work you can finish, when you don't have the kids

Until next time.