Friday, September 22, 2006


No more waking at 6am, getting 3 children ready. No more checking over homework! No more late nights and early mornings. No more fighting with Jaree because she does not want to get up and thinks that school is STUPID. No more fighting with Jariel who always forgets to brush his teeth every morning and needs a constant reminder.....I am not kidding. No more signing assignment notebooks everyday! No more arguing with Bee to get off his cell phone and study for exams.....Can you tell I am happy today is Friday!

Today, is a lazy day for me. I will order a pizza, kick back and watch televison and relax. There will be no doing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, today is going to be all about me.... Heck I might just get some dang nabbit scrapping done. Think I might even alter a journal or two, who knows. Get some reading done....Paint my toenails....take a hot bath....listen to some music....I deserve it!

Today I went to Borders bought the latest copy of Simple Scrapbooks, had a cappuchino and cookie (as always), bought a new book (Nasty Girlz by Erick S. Gray, cousin said it was a good read and you know me and books.

Also, went to Circuit City and Best Buy to price a new digital camera, my birthday is coming up on October 4th, so that is a hint to dh! I think he has other plans for me though. We may be going away. But not to fret, there is still sweetest day and Christmas......I am an

Took some pictures of my big guy Jariel. He turned 10 years old. It's hard to believe. Jariel and I have a special bond, he and I almost lost our lives when I gave birth to him. I was always scared we wouldn't be close, because I didn't see him for almot 48 hours after I gave birth, because I was unstable and so was he. It's a miracle we are both here, but the power of the Lord is truly amazing. He is so sweet and kind. He is soooo loving! Everyone says that he is going to be something phenomenal when he grows up because he is sooooo compassionate and thoughtful. I love my Jari, Jari and here he is looking all grown up on his birthday


Anonymous said...

YOur son, Jari is so cute. I hope you had a good day relaxing and doing what you like you to do. I can't even imagine how hard it is to get three kids up in the morning, dressed, and off to school. But I do want kids and one day, God willing, I'll have some of my own.

melissa said...

great pictures of your son!

sounds like you are having a great friday, a hot bath sounds like heaven to me right now :)

Anonymous said...

I look forwards to weekends for the very same reasons!! BTW - Tag You're IT!