Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My expedit is built and ready!

Oh my gosh! I am so psyched. My daddy came over to build it for me. I guess you are thinking, why did I have my dad build it. Well, if dh built it, it would probably fall down, in 5 minutes....LOL He is not a handy man....LOL

My dad came over and fixed it in an hour.

I am almost done with the before an after...



Monday, March 26, 2007

Bonnie and Clyde at it again....

I am so mad at Bonnie and Clyde aka Jariel (my youngest son) and Jaree (my daughter). I picked them up early from school and we went to IKEA. Finally got my EXPEDIT! WOOOHOO! I, was already upset they didn't have the table I wanted and to add insult to injury, they may never make it again.....I had my heart set on that table. But, back to subject at hand, why am I mad at Bonnie and Clyde....



I couldn't believe it yall. ...

Do they not know who their MOTHER IS...

Don't they know I don't play....

I guess you wanna know what they did...

First of all they got lost! OH no, I don't play that, where I go you go!

Second of all they were running and around and talking loud, did they forget how to act in public

Third, they were touching everything and I don't play that!

Last, but not least, they weren't listening to a word their dad and I were saying....

Needless to say, they got it in the car! I don't play! They know it, they came home at dinner, took a shower and went to bed!

I was so mad, Baby bye!

Another lady was getting her daughter in the car across from us....

Was it National Act a fool day for children, I didn't get the memo....LOL

They never act like that and if they do, all I have to do is give them the look. You know the evil eye....your life is in danger look.....LOL.

They didn't give a DAMN, do you hear me. They were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They must have got Spring fever or something!

My mom is such a softie, she kept saying, don't get them Dana, give them another chance. Where was this new soft mom of mine, when I was little? Because she wore our little butts out! LOL

I was so upset, I left without even looking for another table. I got tons of stuff though...I got the expedit, some Lack shelving unit in red, red boxes, black boxes, tin case, jars, lighting, and more....Only spent 400 dollars. Don't you love Ikea!

Well, I am beat, something about kids driving you crazy, makes me sleepy....LOL

Until next time...


Feeling more like summer!

Can't believe it's going to be 81 degree today. No complaints here, but aren't we supposed to ease into this....I mean jumping from 30 to 80 degrees....LOL

I am definitely going to get out and enjoy this treat God prepared for me. Maybe get out do a little bird watching and walking. Take the kids for ice cream. You know the usual. Do a little grilling!

We better enjoy it! YOu know in Chi-town, it could be 100 degrees on Monday, and 10 below zero on Tuesday....LOL


Friday, March 23, 2007

taking it all in....

I think the noose has been cut from my neck. I feel like Dana today! Woohooo! Yesterday, dh and I had a long talk and he told me he is going to stop putting in so many hours. We will see how long that lasts....LOL The man, eats, breathes, and sleeps WORK!

Today, my plans are this: TO RELAX! TO TAKE IT EASY!

The kids are all at school! I have 5 hours to myself to just be....

I am going to take an afternoon bath....

Drink some tea .....

Eat a grilled cheese sandwhich and just be one with my thoughts....

Maybe do a little journaling....a little reading.....or a little creating..

I was hit by the creative bug yesterday and I altered a note book, index card case, and index card book.....Came out too cute. My pride and joy is the altered index card book!!! I am taking pics... Guess what guys I found my card reader, that means I have a gazillion pics to upload for ya.....LOL

I sat in bed yesterday and created so many NEAT THINGS. I have a table, but I love scrapping in my bed. How crazy! But, that's Dana......a REBEL.

I am supposed to go for a counseling session again today, but I think I will just call Dr. Dave and tell him I am cool. I went to two sessions and I feel fine.

The kids were all in my room, I cooked dinner, no crying spells, no excessive I am thankful to God for this. Without my Lord, I would not be here. Seriously! Also, the love I have for my CHILDREN, my HUSBAND, my FAMILY far outweighs any thing in this world. If not for them, I would be G,ONE!

I am excited that Dh has the ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF. He said "Baby, wherever you wanna go, we will go". I told him, I didn't want to do anything, but snuggle in with him over the weekned. The kids are going to my mom's for the weekned and I just want to spend some quality AT HOME, with him. Maybe go out to breakfastt or something, but for the most part, I just want HIM! THAT'S IT, THAT'S ALL!

What are your plans?

taking it all in....

I think the noose has been cut from my neck. I feel like Dana today! Woohooo! Yesterday, dh and I had a long talk and he told me he is going to stop putting in so many hours. We will see how long that lasts....LOL The man, eats, breathes, and sleeps WORK!

Today, my plans are this: TO RELAX! TO TAKE IT EASY!

The kids are all at school! I have 5 hours to myself to just be....

I am going to take an afternoon bath....

Drink some tea .....

Eat a grilled cheese sandwhich and just be one with my thoughts....

Maybe do a little journaling....a little reading.....or a little creating..

I was hit by the creative bug yesterday and I altered a note book, index card case, and index card book.....Came out too cute. My pride and joy is the altered index card book!!! I am taking pics... Guess what guys I found my card reader, that means I have a gazillion pics to upload for ya.....LOL

I sat in bed yesterday and created so many NEAT THINGS. I have a table, but I love scrapping in my bed. How crazy! But, that's Dana......a REBEL.

I am supposed to go for a counseling session again today, but I think I will just call Dr. Dave and tell him I am cool. I went to two sessions and I feel fine.

The kids were all in my room, I cooked dinner, no crying spells, no excessive I am thankful to God for this. Without my Lord, I would not be here. Seriously! Also, the love I have for my CHILDREN, my HUSBAND, my FAMILY far outweighs any thing in this world. If not for them, I would be G,ONE!

I am excited that Dh has the ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF. He said "Baby, wherever you wanna go, we will go". I told him, I didn't want to do anything, but snuggle in with him over the weekned. The kids are going to my mom's for the weekned and I just want to spend some quality AT HOME, with him. Maybe go out to breakfastt or something, but for the most part, I just want HIM! THAT'S IT, THAT'S ALL!

What are your plans?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feelin much better

Feeling much better than yesterday, but still not myself. The rain does not help,that"s for I am feeling much more like myself today. NO crying spells, no lazy feelings, just feelin' a little blah!

Dh has been WORKING alot of hours lately, he's getting prepared for Inventory on Friday. Yesterday he went in to work at 5am, then came home at 7pm, then went back from 9:30pm to close which was about 11pm. Why not just stay at work all day then! I was so freaking angry, I didn't know what to do with myself. I just went to sleep because I did not feel like a confrontation. But, I was mad as hell, to say the very least.

I know he has to work. But, he is a workaholic. We hardly spend anytime together. The kids don't have time with him. It's just sad. This is not what I signed on for. LOL I guess I am just being spoiled, but I got married to have companionship. Lately, all he does is work and when he comes home either I am too tired or he's too tired, to spend time together. I HATE WALGREENS, with a Passion. LOL I keep telling him that we need to spend more time together and he needs to spend more time with the kids, he keeps telling me he knows....but I am so sick of the late hours. It's only been for a couple of days, but he works long hours already....He works 10-14 hour days atleast 4 times a week. I miss him. Plain and simple. So does the kids. He tries to make it up to us with "THINGS", material things that is....however all we want is HIM. KWIM???

I love him sooooo freaking much, but at the same time, I get a little lonely. I just want to spending some REAL QUALITY TIME, together.

Some people might think I am being a baby or spoiled. Or they may say get a hobby, they don't know I have a gazillion hobbies, but I think we should be spending way more time together. My mom says "Be glad, you got a man who works and takes care of his family, so many don't!. You are blessed to have a man that takes care of business". I know that I am blessed, but I don't need to live in luxury, all I want is him. we could live in a cave for all I care, as long as I can be with my BABY, I am alllllllll good!

Enough of that....LOL

Today, I am planning to clean house, do some laundry, and get a nap in before kiddies get home. Nothing spectacular for today. I still don't feel like doing much, so I better take it easy.

Did anyone watch Idol? I cannot believe, Stephanie went home instead of Sanjaya again. WTF? I am so mad! He better not make it to the finals that's all I Know!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Feelin' a little blue....

I feel it coming on....

Like a dark cloud hovering over me...a storm in waitng...
I am speaking of DEPRESSION. Yes, I suffer from it time to time.
Yesterday, I felt it coming on. The feeling of despair, feeling down on myself, the crying spells, the lack of appetite, the introverted period, where I don't feel like talking, or anyone talking to me.


Why did I get Depression!

Nobody else suffers from it in my family! Just me!

When I feel it coming on, I quickly turn to two things that comfort me, my bible and my journal! I almost wrote a book yesterday, about things I should be grateful for. I try to look at the positive, instead of the negative.

This rain does not help! LOL

Don't get me wrong, I am not running around homicidal or suicidal! I am not ready for the the straight jacket.....LOL. I just hate the feeling! I don't want to do anything. It's a STRUGGLE. A struggle to eat, to shower, to be a mom, a wife, I just want to be left alone. I don't feel like being bothered. Things that I am so happy doing, I love to eat, I love my children and my husband, but this illness, robs me of feeling a connection to anyone and anything, during it's brief period.

I am going to talk to my psychologist, who is also my ex-professor and make sure I get some sessions in this week. I always feel great when I leave! I feel a sense of relief, because I feel so GUILTY, when I go thru these periods of depression. I do not take medication. I take a more holistic approach, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT. I am more into meditation, autogenic training, and imagery. I, have never been into MAN MADE medicines....I get that from my grandmother. I go to a herbalist for all of my ailments. We live in a pill-popping society and I just can't get with that.... Taking medication everyday aint my thing.....LOL KWIM??

My husband can always tell when I going thru this period, because he is so gentle, so kind, and always checking on me... He gives me the space I need and steps up and takes care of the kids. The kids are understanding too. I don't go thru this often, maybe once a year, but Jaree demands her attention.....She will come get in bed with me and rub my back and tell me how much she loves me and I just hold her tight like a teddy bear, tears and all.....I don't like for my children to see me this way, and that is why I step it up and snap out of it when they are around. Then there are those days, when I am NO GOOD to anyone, not even myself, because all i want to do is sleep...

Today, I went thru a crying spell, and then I felt ok. I was able to do everything, I needed to do, clean, shower, get the kids ready for school, drop them off. I just had to keep my STUNNER SHADES on (as Bee would say), don't like the kids to see me cry....

I was diagnosed with Clincal Depression, when I was 12. I ended up in a hospital for 41 days, with a horrible bout of depressions. It has never been that bad! Maybe a day or two at MOST, when I feel so yucky.....

I guess because I recognize my symptoms early on and I know what I's a quicky recovery for me, and I have a Psycyhology background, go figure, my bouts are very infrequent.

Did you know that DEPRESSION, has a feeling. It feels like someone dropped a weight on your chest and left it there. You can't get it off, you can't shake it. But, when the pressure is released, it's a feeling of euphoria.....elatedness, you go from being down, to flying high really fast!

I am surprised at myeslf, because 10 years ago, I would have never told anyone that I suffered from depression. Actually, people don't believe me because they say I am happy all the time. In fact, my nickname is Smiley...because I am always smiling...LOL, but I do! I wished I didn't, but I do !

I just know how to cope with it. I have the skills to help my self, pull myself back up. So many other people don't. They don't know what to do! That's why you have people that commit suicide, because they feel hopeless. They feel discouraged, they feel like nothing is good in there life, and depression tricks you into feeling thtt way. The best therapy for me, that is ...PRAYER!

If not for the Lord God, I would be gone! He gives me hope and the faith I need to get by.

Anyway, I am going to see my little cousin Mekkhi for the first time today! I am so excited! I have to stop by Wal-mart and pick him up some stuff, and then I am headed to the hospital to see my little pappoose.....LOl

Today, I have to take Jaree to cheerleading from 6-8, competitions are coming next month and then we are meeting up with friends for dinner.

Did anyone watch Idol last night??? Isn't Blake sexy! I really like him. He's one funky little white boy I tell ya. LOL Melinda did good. LaKisha, was ok. But those 3 are still my faves...Jordin is really stepping up to the plate. and if Sanjaya does not leave tonight, I am going to scream. Is it me, or does he resemble Michaael Jackson. He reminds me so much of him.....LOL

Anyway, I gotta make my bed, before my mom picks me up....

later taters...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It was a good try....

For those of you who read my blog yesterday, the plan WAS to relax. But, things don't always go as planned. Here I am in my pj's, sitting up in the bed, reading, when I got this frantic phone call from my mom. She says "Get up, get your clothes on, we gotta go to the hospital..... now I get this shooting pain in my stomach, then next the bubble guts, so I said, "what's wrong". "Roni, is in labor". I could have killed her.
Turns out my baby cousin Cherrone, was in labor. I thought she was sick, my dad was sick....I was so mad.

Then my anger turned into sheer happiness, because my baby cousin, who is more like a lil' sister was having a baby. Baby Boy that it....Better yet, Baby Mekkhi. He better be cute, because with a name like Mekkhi, as in Mekkhi Phifer, he is total eye candy girls!!!! LOL Anyway, Roni is still in labor, NO BABY, yet, but it shouldn't be long now. She was only dilated to 2, so they did a very slow dose of Oxytosin, last night to induce labor. I was there from 10 am to 11pm. Left briefly to pick my kids up from school, grab them some food, and I was right back.

Roni and I are super close! In fact she named my second born Jariel, and I named her second born Mekkhi! She has one daughter Makada, and she is 6. I keep calling Roni a baby but she is almost 28 years old. I am 5 years older than she is so I always considered her my baby cousin! LOL

I came home showered, and crashed!

We will try this again today, atleast until Mekkhi, finally makes his appearance....LOL

Monday, March 19, 2007

Taking a breather, for Now....

Whew, had a fun-filled, very busy weekend. Very busy! Did, I say very busy...LOL. Let's see I went out to dinner twice, movies, Hollywood park with kid, downtown to the Apple store, visited my cousin, Borders, Archiver's, Michaels, and my parent, my aunt and my brother all came over for a visit. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I can't complain. I had a blast. But, now it's nice to settle down and relax. I have a mess to tend to later in the kitchen, other than that, the house is cool. I am not going to sweat it! LOL I am a neat freak, sorta! LOL

Today, I am going to spend my morning just relaxing. Picked up a cafe mocha, and now I have plan to read my gazillion magazine's I have piling up. I love my room, I love my bed. So I plan to snuggle up with some fleece and my Kenneth cole Bear and read, nap, and watch televison. The kids are all at school, dh is at work, and this IS MY TIME!!!! Things will get crazy when everyone gets home and then I won't get one moment to myself again, until bedtime. So I am soakinng it all up now.

I have to share a funny story, My mom is too funny. I told you she recently purchased a new car! Well this is first time, she's gotten OnStar ...well, she calls me from her car, from the Onstar, and she is SCREAMING to the top of her lungs! I said mom, you don't have to scream I can hear you. My dh and I were CRACKING was so funny and my mom was definitely showing her age....I told mom, I am going to snatch her PLAYA'S CARD, that was not a PLAYA'S MOVE, as my brother would say.

Speaking of my brother, I was sooooooo happy to see him yesterday. We had a blast. Nas, is not only talking.....he's cussing. We were all in the bedroom, when he busts in and says so plainly ....I gotta shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt, Marcus and Crystal, tried very feverishly to play the nutroll and acted like they didn't understand him, and so I said " what did you say Nas", he then said, I gotta boo-boo on pot. Not only is he smart, he's slick and he's not even 3 yet....LOL

My mom and my aunt Charmaine came by yesterday too, we had a really good time. I went to Wal-mart to get juice and snacks, and $367 later.....I need to swear off Wal-Mart, it's going to break up my marriage.....LOL I spent most of the money on groceries, you should never go shopping when you are hungry. I had to get stuff like shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, got Jaree some undies, 3 outfits, sock, purse, the boys some boxers, a game for Psp for Jariel, new headphones for bee, a bratz doll for jaree, not only should you not go shopping hungry, you should NEVA, NEVA EVA.....take the kids.....LOL

That was shopping one on one from Dana....LOL

I hope your MOnday is going great!
I encourage everybody to take some time for self today, it will make you a better person today! LOL


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Movies and choclate...

so I saw DEAD SILENCE, oh my Gosh, this movie was SUPER SCARY. Jaree slept in our bed last night and I was glad.. I had a livng breathing snuggle bear...LOL. I didn't think it would be that scary, but boy was I wrong. Jaree says she will never say the word Mary again. The villian was Mary Shaw! The name still gives me the chills! It's right up there with Candy Man...LOL. Everyone who knows me, knows i will not watch that movie alone. Dead Silence is another...It totally made me realize how very afraid I am of ventriloquist dummy's. I have never like them. I was terrified of them as a child. I don't like clowns either. You can thank the movie IT for that phobia. Dummy's, clowns, and cemetaries, give me the creeps to this day...LOL

We had a fun filled weekend so far, met up with Friends friday for lunch, and then we came home I cooked dinner for the kids and my parents came over. Mom bought a new car. She was tooooooo excited. Saturday I went over my cousins house and chatted for awhile. Then we took the kids to the movies. Came home and crashed. Today we are meeting friends for dinner. I was supposed to go my good friend Temeka's birthday bowling party yesterday, but I was just toooooooo TIRED. So, today we are taking her out to dinner to make up for it.

Guess who's getting a new phone, ME! I fell in love with the Choclat! Thought the phone was hot! I will be getting it in Pink instead of red. I cannot wait, it ships monday and I will get it Wednesday. I just had to have that phone. Bye, bye Razor! LOL

Until next time

Racism: Does it still exist?

I was reading my good friend Adrienne's blog and I could not believe my eyes. Apparantly someone had the balls to say to her " I didn't know black people knit". Now some might say this woman was just IGNORANT, but I have to pull the RACE CARD, because this was not just an ignorant comment, this was A RACIST ONE. I took it to mean, black people lack creativity and the intelligence to have a hobby. The reason I say this, is because the very same comments were made to me at my first crop. A white woman in her mids-40's came in and already, I felt a vibe from her, as she kept giving me dirty looks. She tried to make small talk and then she very cunningly slipped in " I didn't black people scrapbooked, I didn't think it was your thing". Why would someone even think it was ok, to make a comment like that. Don't you know that its rude? I didn't know that SCRAPBOOKING or KNITTING was a "White's only" HOBBY! It just pisses me off, that people are still so IGNORANT, SMALL MINDED, ARROGANT, AND OBLIVIOUS about life!

I am all about the HUMAN RACE. OUr culture is so mixed, you may think you are one thing, but there is so much more to you. I had a friend who named Anna who was tracing her roots, for a geneology project in High School, it was a big project. Anna and I were super close, so we often did our work together, we went to the library together,stayed up late doing this project. Anna was really serious about this project. Anna found out something that changed her forever, she found out that her Great Grandfather was of African descent. Her family was from Sicily, and the MOORE'S an African religious group, came to Sicily and mixed with the women. It was funny to hear this because Anna and her family was super dark with super curly hair. I had always thought she was mixed, in summer she was darker than I am. This changed Anna, at first, she was shocked. But, then she embraced her history and encouraged her family to do the same. So many races are mixed, even Puerto Rican people have African ties...

I didn't have to use Anna's story, I could use my own. My grandmother's mother Lizzie Mae was born of a white father, and a bi-racial mother (who was trying to pass for white). Rosa's (my grandmothers, maternal grandmother), mother was raped by her slave master's son, and she bore 3 children by him. His father found out and sent Rosa away, along with her 3 children, the children were treated better than most and were allowed some of the same priviledges, but not all, as white children. They were well dressed, well educated, and soon slavery ended. In college Rosa met, Thomas and she thought it would be best to keep her African heritage a secret. After all, no one would have known she wasn't white. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, straight hair. Her mother was bi-racial too. Tom and her fell in love and bore 9 children. You can't hide what's in your blood, because the last child came out kind of on the dark side. Not at first, but as the child got older, he started to get darker. Darker than the other 8 children. Tom, thought that maybe she had an affair with A BLACK MAN, Rosa, told him that she herself was of African descent. This was too much for Tom's small mind to grasp, so he beat her within a inch of her life and left her and all 9 of his children. Lizzie, who was the third oldest child and my grandmother's mother, said she would NEVER DENY who she was and she found the BLACKEST MAN IN THE PLANET, my grandfather Sanders, who was not just black himself. His mother was FULL BLOOD Cherokee Indian and her name was Muanh, and his father was African, black as tar, super tall, with straight, straigt beautiful coal black hair. He was absolutely gorgeous. My grandmother is one of 27 children. My grandmother's mom had 10 children, and she died in childbirth with along with her 11th child. Of the 1O, 4 look just like they are white, but with red hair, and freckles. The hair is very coarse. The other 6, which includes my grandmother, are very dark, with straight hair and blue eyes. My grandmother Rosabelle, looks very exotic, she is dark, but has a reddish tone, her hair was coal black, very long and straight, and blue eyes. Weird huh? Not to mention my dad, who is bi-racial. His father was Native American and French, and his mother was Native Americn and African American. My point is there is NO PURE race, NONE. WE all bleed red, so what difference does skin color make. We are all ONE KIN, in the eyes of God!

I am not Defined by the color of my skin, but the person I am on the inside. Don't get me wrong I am proud of who I am and I would never deny what I am, but there's alot of what I am. I am very proud of my African American Heritage, but I am equally as proud of my Native American Heritage. I embrace both cultures. My father is creole, and I embrace that culture too! I find it a blessing!

I love myself! I embrace all cultures!


I encourage each and everyone of you who reads this blog today, to embrace who you are and embrace others. Don't judge a book by it's cover, it could be something special your missing out on....

Until next time
Peace out

Friday, March 16, 2007


It's something about Friday that makes me wanna kick off my shoes and do the happy dance up and down the street....


There is a certain kind of calm that comes over the house, when weekend arrives!
We have a very busy weekend planned. Today we are meeting with my cousin and her fiance for lucnh. Then we are going to pick the kids up from school and take them out for awhile to Hollywood Park, and then off to the club!

Tommorrow, we are going to relax for most of the day, and then later we are meeting with friends to go bowling then to dinner and movie.

Sunday, we are going out to dinner with my sister-in-law, its her birthdy! She's turning 28.

We have a pretty full weekend planned. That's all good, though!

I plan to meet my mom later today. She is in the process of purchasing a new car a 2007, Chevy HHR 2LT, it looks sorta like a PT Cruiser, but she loves it! My mom is the car queen, she get's a new car every 3 years, I swear she should just lease! My mom has been the Toyota Camry queen, her last 3 were Camry's, I am shocked she's getting a Chevy! LOL

I do have a funny story to share with you this morning. Today was Spring Picture day for Jari and Jaree, my youngest two, and I got up at 6am just to re-flat iron Jaree's hair and help her get her outfit and all of her accessories (2 necklaces, bracelets, earrings, head band, and a ring) on, she had to have all this crap, when we went to target, but she looked toooooooooooooo cute! Anyways, I took them to school and their was emergency vehicles everywhere, turns out there was a chemical spill and all the kids had to be bused to a different school. Ms. Graham our principal was outside, informing parents what was going on, Jaree get's out of the car, escorted by Ms. Graham(who thinks Jaree is the cutest thing ever), she asks "Will we still have picture day?" Ms. Graham replied "No, baby, it's been cancelled". Jaree says "Great, I look this GOOD FOR NOTHING, all the WORK I DID, to look like this". Ok, first off I cried laughing ....but then, I asked myself, what work did she do? After all, I did her hair, I put on all of her jewelry, I painted her fingernail and toes, I helped in all of her clothes......What work did she do? LOL Just thought that was too cute. She did look really pretty, She had on a hot pink trenchy,type dress, with a black tank underneath, and black leggings, the dress had a belt around the waist. I bought her a very long silver link necklace, silver mid-length necklace with heart charm, with matching heart earrings, and bracelets. She wore a hot pink head band. With her hair up in one ponytail, with hair down in back and bang in front. She looked totally like an 80's child, which is coming back. In fact, she reminded me of Madonna, when she first came out! LOL

Jariel looked pretty dapper with his G-unit outfit on! Jariel is too cool! He is so laid back and cool, I can tell he's going to be lady's man!

Well, I think I have talked enough. Maybe I should have broken this down to 3 blogs instead of one, but you know me.....Motor mouth Dana. And yes, I do talk this much in person.....LOL


Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's never enough time in a day... complete EVERYTHING, I need to do....LOL Woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed today. I have so much to do. I woke up early, with the rooster this morning to complete all household chores, because I know I have a lot on my plate today. First I had to drop all the kids at school today, all but Jaree, who had an appointment with the neurologist. SEems on top of epilepsy, she may have SLEEP APNEA as well. They want to do another MRI, EEG, and now a sleep study on her. My heart breaks because she is such a beautiful little girl and she has to go through all of this ...I cried on the way back from dropping her off to school, because I hate to see my child go thru all that she has been thru. As most of you know, we almost lost her last year, and BOY was that rough. I still can't get the images out of my head, seeing my baby on death's door. I have never felt so HELPLESS, this was truly my most darkest hour. Being told that her chances of survival were slim, but this was not the first time I was told this about my baby. I was told this hours after she was born. Jaree is a FIGHTER, through and through. She is tough. She has defied the ODDS on my many occassions and baffled a many of doctors. That's the power of PRAYER!!! Oh I was sending them up by the dozens. and I was not ALONE, my family was sending up prayer. It's amazing what the Lord can do! Because Jaree was not supposed to be here with us today!

It's amazing that she's NORMAL. She's SUPER SMART. She is the top reader in the whole entire second grade (there's 3), she is a reading mentor, she's in the accelerated reader's program, and she's on the honor roll. Who would have thought? They told us that Jaree might have suffered some brain damage, on three different occassions......but she didn't! Praise HIM!

From the doctor's appointment, I had to rush home make an appointment, for a MRI, a sleep studay, and a sleep deprived EEG. I also had to make an appointment with her regular pediatrician (she saw her neurologist today), I had to make 3 dentist appointments (the kids are going to love it), 1 appointment with the orthodontist, 2 appointments to see the opthamologist, and one appointment to see my doctor. I was on the phone for almost 2 hours. Now I have to order a new uniform for Cheerleading for Jaree at 90 bucks a pop, she moved up a level, I have to pay for competition too. Then I have to return a gazillion library books thanks to my little reader Jaree. Then I have to take my blankets to the laudry mat, go shopping for a cute outfit for Jaree and Jariel, tommorrow is picture day, then I have to take Jariel to Karate practice, in between all of that I have to cook dinner and help Jaree with homework.......I guess I will get some zzzzz' s tommoorrow.

WEdnesday's and Thursdays are always hectic in our house because Wednesday's are student council and band meetings for jariel and cheerleading for Jaree and Thursday Jariel has Karate, so things are kinda wacky around her on those days...

I was glad that I came home to a tidy house, I don't have that worry, since Bee and I got up early and cleaned. My oldest is a total NEAT FREAK, thank God! He helps me more than you know! He mopped all the floors, I did all the vacuuming, everyone made their own beds, and I cleaned the bathroom. There's nothing to do at all, chore wise, so that's a huge plus!!!

Most of my to do list involves making calls, but boy that is so nerve wracking to me.....LOL I hate making appointments, I hate to be put on hold. It drives me CRAZY! I especially hate calling Cheer America, they are NOTORIOUS for leaving you on hold. I guess I am kinda impatient, ya think? LOL

I am going to try to take atleast 30 minutes for myself, maybe I will take a hot bath, how bout it BonnieRose....LOL.

Dh doesn't have to go into work until 3pm today, which means I will have a little snuggle time. Not much, because I have so much planned for today.

My mind is RACING as we speak, because I have so much on my mind. I need to meditate and clear my head right now! Quiet down my thoughts!kwim?

By the way, anyone watch idol last night? Why o why is Sanjaya, still there? He CANNOT SING AMERICA, AMERICA CAN YOU HEAR ME, HE CANNOT SING!!! He's cute, but he CAN'T sing! LOL

I got that out! Wooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! LOL

Until next time
I'm signing out

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today I am grateful for...

After starting a gratitude journal last year, I found that it truly has trained my way of thinking. In life we can ge caught up in so much drama, so many people dwell on the "what's wrong", instead of they things that are going right. I, sometimes feel like it blocks are blessings and hinders us from growth in a whole. So, by starting this gratitude journal, I just found that I have adapted the "half full, intead of half empty analogy of life".

Today I am grateful for:
Snuggling with dh before he goes to work today! I love my husband so much (most of the time...LOL) and it feels good to just lay in his arms and have him stroke my hair.

I am thankful for my mom, who is indeed my very best friend. I am thankful that we have a close relationship. Without my mom, sometimes I don't think I would be useful to anyone!

I am grateful for my NEW HOME....I love it. It feels like home. I enjoy being able to decorate and do as I please in my home. I do not need anyone's approval. Because it's MINE baby!

I am thankful that my dh has a really, really good job, that affords us, all the thing we NEED, and some of the things we WANT in life....

I am grateful, that God chose my husband for me. I really believe that he was handpicked. BEcause he is truly a God send. He has stuck by side for 17 years. We have weathered many storms and we are still TOGETHER! FOREVER!

I am thankful to God, that my daughter Jaree has gone completely seizure free for over a year!!! We almost lost my sweet baby last January. She fought hard for her life and I am thankful that she was spared, because even though I know she truly belongs to God, I am a little possessive and I want her here with me forever. I thank God, that she didn't suffer any brain damage from her seizures! She is a real trooper.

I am grateful that my boys are GOOD boys! They don't hang around shady people and that they have not been into any trouble! They are respectful to their parents and others. For that I am proud!

I am thankful all my blogging friends, my cyber sistahs! Who I have gained so much from. I truly feel a kindredship with each and everyone of you. I know that you have my best interest at heart! I know that you care. I know that I am blessed to have met you. Even though some of us may have not personally have met or may never meet, you are still a FRIEND! Someone I will uphold and treasure. Mwah!

What are you grateful for today. Please list 3 things you are grateful for!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Wow, it is totally beautiful outside!!! It's 76 degrees! I am totally in capris and flip flops today. This is my kind of weather. The kids are going to be soooooooooo excited! We are definitely going to the park! I am so excited. If there wasn't any school today, we would so be downtown or at the zoo! I love spring and fall, not to hot, not too cold! Doesn't nice weather just make you happy. I am so going to enjoy my day!!!!!! oh and I am going to take tons of pics!! Hope you are enjoying yours!


My plan for today.....

The honeymoon is over, back to the real world....LOL Today, it's all about LAUNDRY. Have I ever told you how much I hate doing laundry. I don't mind washing it, drying it, or even folding it....somehow my clothes never make it into the drawers and just lingers in laundry baskets! I hate putting laundry away. I promised myself, today I am going to put my laundry away. I make the kids put their own laundry away, it's just my laundry that loves those cute little wicker laundry baskets for some reason......

I hate white clothes too. I hate socks! Matching them up! Love to fold towels though, I guess because they are easy. I can only fold clothes if they are still warm from the dryer! If they aren't I will turn them back on, for ten minutes and heat them up. Love Gain Joyful Expressions, you really don't need any air freshner when you do laundry. I love a clean smelling house. It is a pet peeve of mine. My house has to smell great at all times! So I am the mopping queen. Dh says he is going to burn the mop. I am obssessed when it comes to the smell goods baby! I have candles, oust fans, febreeze air freshner, febreeze fabric freshner, carpet fresh, love the smell of orange scented pine sol or Lemon Lysol......that's one thing every one says when they enter the Brooks household is BOY DOES IT SMELL GOOD!

I think all women are like that, because my mom is the same way....We treat our house like our bodies and hair, always want it it to SMELL PRETTY! My daughter loves to smell PRETTY! I got that term from her.....LOL

I do get to go to Super -Walmart, which is a half a block from my house (said that as i popped my collar)! I have to pick up dinner, some household products, and some girly products! Uggh! I hate mother nature! LOL

Today is Tuesday, so it's American Idol night, I will be glued to the television and I will be voting for Lakisha and Melinda! I love those girls!!

I will also be watching College Hill and Bad Girls club!

In between that I will be cooking dinner, blackened catfish, wild rice, and salad! Some type of bread. EAting light! I have been asked to be in a wedding! This was a shocker, because I have not been knowing Red,long. She works at the club dh works at, her future hubby is the other dj and we all just hit it off. They are really good people and I am honored. But I want to lose atleast 25 pds, and tone up a bit. My problem area is my butt, hips and thighs. I have really wide hips which are not going anywhere, a huge butt, Delishus has nothing on me.....LOL, and thunder thighs, so I have been working out! I have kangaroo pouch, from three babies and if I could just lose that or find really good girdle, I would be all good. Oh and I must takes some inches off my arms, everyone thinks I lift weights! I have some hammers! OK well, now that I have picked myself apart.....LOL Surprisingly, I have no cellulite. NOne! Rolls, yes, but no cellulite. I have been told I have beautiful legs, so I will work off that.....I hope the dress isn't too revealing. I want to be able to wear a body shaper, kwim?

Enough, on that subject, Iam not trying to get depressed....LOL Dh, bought an Apple MacBook and I think I am in love. I might have to go that route guy. Virus free sounds good to me! LOL His processor is sooooooooo fast! I love it. Finally got back my Dell, notebook, I have an inspiron and its fast, but not that fast! Plus its cute. Love that glowing apple...all about the glitz and glamour. It also has a built in digital camera, with all types of cool effects. Takes damn good pics too. The reality of it is, MACs are NOT CHEAP! So, I may just wait! I

We went to the apple store downtown and boy was it packed with people. Most of them weren't looking to buy or buying anything, they were there to go on the internet, or listen to music on ipods, it was toooo funny. I am thinking of buying a cute little ipod shuffle! I want it just because its cute! LOL I wanted a Zune, too, so we will see what happens. I like the Zune, becauseI can store my pictures too! Haven't decided yet!

My baby boy is taking ISATs, all this week, he is pretty nervous, so send up a little prayer, for Jariel. I know he is going to do well.

I am sad to report, Jaree is growing boobs at7. They are getting bigger each day and I am soooo hurt! Poor baby! I cursed her, I started to grow boobies at 8, and now look at my baby. She is soooo not ready for boobies! LOL I do believe that all the epilepsy meds she was taking contributed to this early blossoming stage. She has a doctor's appointment tommorrow and I will definitely have tons of ????'s

I did get my March Jenni B, kit and it's awesome. Can't wait to play. I have not scrapped once, since I moved out of my townhouse and that was almost 3 months ago. I can't wait!I have been doing alot in my art journal. I am really into painting right now, so i can't complain too much!

I do plan to scrap tons this weekend. Kiddies will be with my mommy and daddy......yippppee!
LOL I am going to be miserable. I miss those babies when they are away! But, I love to have some DAna time too, kwim?

Anyways, I feel like I am writing a book, so I better end it...

What are your plans for today and who's watching Idol?


Monday, March 12, 2007

Great Weekend

After the HUGE feud my sister and I had, some good times were NEEDED! Friday night, my parents, dh, and I went out to RED LOBSTER!! I am not really a fan of RL, but I love Lobster Fest. I always get the Lobster Lover's Dream, with Maine lobster tail, Rock Lobster, and Lobster and Shrimp pasta. Oh soooooo good! Really had a great time. From there we went to the club where dh works, it was jammed packed! I had a few watermelon martini's! LOL I was feeling NO PAIN!

Saturday was a really nice day. I got up went to ARchiver's to meet a friend who was having a birthday crop, only to find out that the party wasn't until Sunday.....felt like an idiot! However, didn't stop me from spending 60 bucks, they didn't have too much. Nothing that interested me, anyways. I still managed to buy some zots, the huge we r memory keepers eyelets, maya road mini album sets (heart shaped, circle, and rectangle) all in a cute lunchbox. Be mini album set, some awesome rubons by Daisy D's, Ki stamps, and some daisy d puffy epoxy stickers. Doesn't take long to add up does it? It's just like going to the dollar store, those dollars sure add up fast....LOL Came home took the kids to McDonald's , then to the park, then by friend's house, then we came home watched a movie together, and fell asleep!

Sunday, I was supposed to go meet my friends at Archiver, but dh decided to invite his best friend and his wife over and I didn't want to be rude and just leave, but I was really ticked. I started to just leave and come back later, but decided that was not the right thing to do. Karina, i am sorry if you are reading!!!! YOu can smack my hubby, at the next HALO tournament, at your house....LOL

We ended up going to dinner at Reb Lobster AGAIN!! This time I got the lobster stuffed tilapia, it was ok....we had a great time. My brother finally came over to see the new house! He loved it! I love my brother so much, I sure wished he would come around more! He's sorta a loner! I have to call him, or visit him in order to communicate! kwim? I was so shocked that he came over. We had a blast. Nas is so damned BAD! He smacked the heck out of my mom! He's busy, busy, busy. Terrible twos is right! But wait, does it mean he will get better in September, because he will be 3!!!! NOt!

Today, I am just going to chill out! Get some reading done! Drink some tea, watch a little tv. I feel a lazy day coming on.....


Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am soooo angry......

I could spit fire.....Most of you know my relationship with my sister has been say the least! As of TODAY, I am through! I love my sister, but I will love her from A FREAKING DISTANCE. I know the saying "Life is short", and it is, HOWEVER, there comes a time in your life, where you want to live DRAMA FREE. My sister has alienated everyone who loves her .....she attacks the ones who love her. She is very NASTY, COLD, AND DETACHED... I am too happy of a Person, to be AROUND that type of CRAP. I am not going to go all in the details, but my sister and I have had a HUGE FALLOUT, over something SO STUPID....

This is my feeling: My sister RESENTS ME! Because she is miserable, she's going through a divorce, she lost her house, she lost her car, her kids aren't in the school she wanted them to be in.... I have a WONDERFUL MARRIAGE, I just bought my first HOME, dh bought me a car, not brand spanking new, but new to me! I really think she envies that! I hate to think that, but I know in my heart it's true!!! My parents had already told me this, but I had problems accepting it!

I just can't believe she's acting like this..... I am not going to let it get me down. I will just keep my distance and pray for her and her children!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Well, I know you're a scrapbooker, but .....

what other hobbie or past times do you enjoy. I was just reading my good friend Adrienne's blog and I was just wondering how many of you have other hobbies beside's scrapbooking. I have many, many passions, don't like to call them hobbies, because I am very passionate about these things. One of my favorite things to do is BAKE. I can bake! I am best known for my brownies. I am not a Duncan Hines girl, I cook everything from scratch! I just love it! I am good at making all kinds of cakes, cookies, and brownies. I am not good at pies though, just not my thing, I will leave that to my mom and sister......LOL. I do all the baking for the holidays. The kids love me!

I, also love to WRITE! I always have a pen and a pad. I, journal on a regular basis. I love to write short stories and poetry! It's a form of expression! I have been this way since I was a child. I am also fond of the handwritten letter, we live in the email error, but I still will pick up a pen and pad, and write family and friends!

I, also LOVE TO CREATE. I am always drawing. My father is an artist. So for me, this is natural. I can draw quite well. But I do a lot of abstract art, some freehand, and I love to paint! I love getting my hands dirty!

I love to READ! Oh my goodness, I can get lost in a book! I have read many a books in just a few hours. Once I start, it's hard to put down. Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, John Saul, Dean Koontz, Zane, Carl Weber,Vicki Turner, Shannon Holmes, Beverly Clearly, and Judy Blume....yes, I will read a childhood book every now and then......I also love poetry, Maya Angelou is my all time favorite poet. I am a lover of quotes, and have a journal full of my favorite quotes!

I love to DAnce. I am a very good dancer. My son is in awe everytime he see's me dance, becauase he thinks I am I can do everything he does and better. I keep telling him, I dance professionally for many years, so there is not one dance move I can't learn. I am a fast learner. I love music!

I love Nature walks. I am big on nature. My grandmother was Native American, and she raised us all with a fond appreciation of NATURE. I love to bird watch, I love the smell of fresh air, fresh cut grass, I am a lover of trees, plants, and animals. My mom lives on the lake and one of my favorite things to do is go out in her back yard with a blanket and look at the world around me, taking it all in and just appreciating life.

I love BRATZ dolls......I think I play more than my daughter. I am a big kid. I also love to color those velvet posters and in coloring books. I love playing with my children!

I love to make jewelry, mostly beaded bracelets, necklaces, and earrrings. I am getting pretty good too! My daughter and I really enjoy beading!

Here's something I bet you did not know.......
I love to box and wrestle! My dad was a boxer and he taught me everything he know's. I have a speed bag in the garage and I go out and give it an occassional ass whooping now and then....LOL None of my cousins would dare mess with me growing up, because they knew it would be trouble. My dh tells me all the time, "you hit like a 250 lb man". My brother and I have always sparred with one another and it's great for losing weight. I love the fact that I can defend myself, there are so many crazy people in the world, it's good to know how to defend yourself in this day and age. Also, took Karate for 3 years.

I am also getting into decoupage, made some pretty neat earrings and vases so far! This is something my sister loves and she's teaching me.

I am going to try to learn to knit and sew, and I am definitely going to start quilting. I used to help my grandmother all the time. She loved to quilt and my mom still has a ton of my grandmother's quilts and they are gorgeous. She made me a quilt on my 10th birthday, using all of my favorite dresses that were too small, it was gorgeous, sadly when I was 23, we had a house fire and my favorite quilt was destroyed! I loved that quilt and that is one of the reasons I am going to start! I am getting a head start for my future grandchildren, somewhere is the FAR

What other passions do you have?
Don't be shy!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You know what tonight is...

.....AMERICAN IDOL NIGHT! This is the one thing my entire family sits down to watch. Even my dad. I have to admit, his favorite part is the auditions, I have never seen my dad laugh so hard. He always says, " These people really do think they can sing". I always go to my parents house for the auditions, just so my dad and I can crack up together.....

Who do you like? Who are you rooting for???? Any early predictions?? Love to hear your thoughts!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Enjoying a nice evening.....

.......alone with Dh. When the kids are away....mommy and daddy will play.....LOL (insert develish grin). The kids were invited to a birthday party and dh and I enjoyed a romantic evening alone. We retreated to our family room and watched a little television on the couch. Btw, I got my new furniture for the family room a leather recliner sectional in black. I love it. Haven't decided if I am going to get any cocktail or end tables yet? Maybe end tables. I don't know if we need a cocktail table. I will let you guys be the judge! LOL I am almost done with Jaree's room, we got all of her furniture in her room, finally! Still need to get a mirror and new comforter set. But she is using her Proud Family comforter set, that is new, she never used it from her last birthday, but I want her room to be lavender, deep purple, hot pink and pink, so the colors are kinda off.... Dad got the lavendar canopy up, she loves it.... I want her room to be so girly...... My room was super girly and I just think that little girl's room should be frilly....however, I allowed her to pick all of her colors and decor....she decided to fuse her favorite color with mine, her's is pink and mine is I thought that was cute. Even though purple is her second best color, whatever that means...LOL

There has been so much drama going on with my mom and my's unreal!
My sister has been thru alot over the last 2 years and I mean alot, but she has really changed. She has distanced herself from the family and acts as if she resents my mom and I for some odd reason, but we have done nothing but be supportive of her and her children. I am like second mom to her kids. OUr children are more like sibling than cousins...... the month I lived with my mom, (sister and kids moved back home too), I practically raised 5 children. I helped them with their homework, cooked their dinners, got their clothes ready for school, took them out....and I feel like it's a kick in my teeth that she is acting this way...

I don't sweat it too much, because I know what she's gone thru, but I don't think it gives her a right to act the way she's acting.....ESPECIALLY towards my mom....I don't play when it comes to my mom, and I think I might have to say something to her about it...

My mom cries everyday, because my sister hasn't formally moved out or told anyone she's moved out, but she doesn't come home, she doesn't tell my mom where she is or atleast give her number where she can be reached, she doesn't answer her cellphone, ....I know she's a grown woman, but when you move back home, it's a difference. When I was there, I told my mom where I was going and if I wasn't going to come home, not because I am a CHILD, because it is RESPECT, so that she wouldn't worry about me ....

My mom is a big WORRY WORT....LOL. I tell her all the time to let things go and stop worrying. My mom is a cancer survivor and need to focus all of her energy on enjoying life! My brother and my mom have become closer, which is a good thing. He was estranged for awhile, but he's a's are always closer to their daughters, atleast in my family anyways....
I can't go a day without talking to my mom....She's my best bud!!!

Anyway, I am getting carpal tunnel, I will be back sooner than later....