Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My plan for today.....

The honeymoon is over, back to the real world....LOL Today, it's all about LAUNDRY. Have I ever told you how much I hate doing laundry. I don't mind washing it, drying it, or even folding it....somehow my clothes never make it into the drawers and just lingers in laundry baskets! I hate putting laundry away. I promised myself, today I am going to put my laundry away. I make the kids put their own laundry away, it's just my laundry that loves those cute little wicker laundry baskets for some reason......

I hate white clothes too. I hate socks! Matching them up! Love to fold towels though, I guess because they are easy. I can only fold clothes if they are still warm from the dryer! If they aren't I will turn them back on, for ten minutes and heat them up. Love Gain Joyful Expressions, you really don't need any air freshner when you do laundry. I love a clean smelling house. It is a pet peeve of mine. My house has to smell great at all times! So I am the mopping queen. Dh says he is going to burn the mop. I am obssessed when it comes to the smell goods baby! I have candles, oust fans, febreeze air freshner, febreeze fabric freshner, carpet fresh, love the smell of orange scented pine sol or Lemon Lysol......that's one thing every one says when they enter the Brooks household is BOY DOES IT SMELL GOOD!

I think all women are like that, because my mom is the same way....We treat our house like our bodies and hair, always want it it to SMELL PRETTY! My daughter loves to smell PRETTY! I got that term from her.....LOL

I do get to go to Super -Walmart, which is a half a block from my house (said that as i popped my collar)! I have to pick up dinner, some household products, and some girly products! Uggh! I hate mother nature! LOL

Today is Tuesday, so it's American Idol night, I will be glued to the television and I will be voting for Lakisha and Melinda! I love those girls!!

I will also be watching College Hill and Bad Girls club!

In between that I will be cooking dinner, blackened catfish, wild rice, and salad! Some type of bread. EAting light! I have been asked to be in a wedding! This was a shocker, because I have not been knowing Red,long. She works at the club dh works at, her future hubby is the other dj and we all just hit it off. They are really good people and I am honored. But I want to lose atleast 25 pds, and tone up a bit. My problem area is my butt, hips and thighs. I have really wide hips which are not going anywhere, a huge butt, Delishus has nothing on me.....LOL, and thunder thighs, so I have been working out! I have kangaroo pouch, from three babies and if I could just lose that or find really good girdle, I would be all good. Oh and I must takes some inches off my arms, everyone thinks I lift weights! I have some hammers! OK well, now that I have picked myself apart.....LOL Surprisingly, I have no cellulite. NOne! Rolls, yes, but no cellulite. I have been told I have beautiful legs, so I will work off that.....I hope the dress isn't too revealing. I want to be able to wear a body shaper, kwim?

Enough, on that subject, Iam not trying to get depressed....LOL Dh, bought an Apple MacBook and I think I am in love. I might have to go that route guy. Virus free sounds good to me! LOL His processor is sooooooooo fast! I love it. Finally got back my Dell, notebook, I have an inspiron and its fast, but not that fast! Plus its cute. Love that glowing apple...all about the glitz and glamour. It also has a built in digital camera, with all types of cool effects. Takes damn good pics too. The reality of it is, MACs are NOT CHEAP! So, I may just wait! I

We went to the apple store downtown and boy was it packed with people. Most of them weren't looking to buy or buying anything, they were there to go on the internet, or listen to music on ipods, it was toooo funny. I am thinking of buying a cute little ipod shuffle! I want it just because its cute! LOL I wanted a Zune, too, so we will see what happens. I like the Zune, becauseI can store my pictures too! Haven't decided yet!

My baby boy is taking ISATs, all this week, he is pretty nervous, so send up a little prayer, for Jariel. I know he is going to do well.

I am sad to report, Jaree is growing boobs at7. They are getting bigger each day and I am soooo hurt! Poor baby! I cursed her, I started to grow boobies at 8, and now look at my baby. She is soooo not ready for boobies! LOL I do believe that all the epilepsy meds she was taking contributed to this early blossoming stage. She has a doctor's appointment tommorrow and I will definitely have tons of ????'s

I did get my March Jenni B, kit and it's awesome. Can't wait to play. I have not scrapped once, since I moved out of my townhouse and that was almost 3 months ago. I can't wait!I have been doing alot in my art journal. I am really into painting right now, so i can't complain too much!

I do plan to scrap tons this weekend. Kiddies will be with my mommy and daddy......yippppee!
LOL I am going to be miserable. I miss those babies when they are away! But, I love to have some DAna time too, kwim?

Anyways, I feel like I am writing a book, so I better end it...

What are your plans for today and who's watching Idol?



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I'm watching! And i use the same gain! LOL....the apples onthe box caught my eye lol

BonnieRose said...

great post dana.. glad ur doing well, and yeah, I'm concentrating on losing some lbs too... u and i can do it together sistah! hugs, I watched idol last nite, melinda and lakeisha were great.. .the guys not so much.