Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today I am grateful for...

After starting a gratitude journal last year, I found that it truly has trained my way of thinking. In life we can ge caught up in so much drama, so many people dwell on the "what's wrong", instead of they things that are going right. I, sometimes feel like it blocks are blessings and hinders us from growth in a whole. So, by starting this gratitude journal, I just found that I have adapted the "half full, intead of half empty analogy of life".

Today I am grateful for:
Snuggling with dh before he goes to work today! I love my husband so much (most of the time...LOL) and it feels good to just lay in his arms and have him stroke my hair.

I am thankful for my mom, who is indeed my very best friend. I am thankful that we have a close relationship. Without my mom, sometimes I don't think I would be useful to anyone!

I am grateful for my NEW HOME....I love it. It feels like home. I enjoy being able to decorate and do as I please in my home. I do not need anyone's approval. Because it's MINE baby!

I am thankful that my dh has a really, really good job, that affords us, all the thing we NEED, and some of the things we WANT in life....

I am grateful, that God chose my husband for me. I really believe that he was handpicked. BEcause he is truly a God send. He has stuck by side for 17 years. We have weathered many storms and we are still TOGETHER! FOREVER!

I am thankful to God, that my daughter Jaree has gone completely seizure free for over a year!!! We almost lost my sweet baby last January. She fought hard for her life and I am thankful that she was spared, because even though I know she truly belongs to God, I am a little possessive and I want her here with me forever. I thank God, that she didn't suffer any brain damage from her seizures! She is a real trooper.

I am grateful that my boys are GOOD boys! They don't hang around shady people and that they have not been into any trouble! They are respectful to their parents and others. For that I am proud!

I am thankful all my blogging friends, my cyber sistahs! Who I have gained so much from. I truly feel a kindredship with each and everyone of you. I know that you have my best interest at heart! I know that you care. I know that I am blessed to have met you. Even though some of us may have not personally have met or may never meet, you are still a FRIEND! Someone I will uphold and treasure. Mwah!

What are you grateful for today. Please list 3 things you are grateful for!


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BonnieRose said...

great post Dana... simply wonderful... blows u a kiss back!!!!