Monday, March 12, 2007

Great Weekend

After the HUGE feud my sister and I had, some good times were NEEDED! Friday night, my parents, dh, and I went out to RED LOBSTER!! I am not really a fan of RL, but I love Lobster Fest. I always get the Lobster Lover's Dream, with Maine lobster tail, Rock Lobster, and Lobster and Shrimp pasta. Oh soooooo good! Really had a great time. From there we went to the club where dh works, it was jammed packed! I had a few watermelon martini's! LOL I was feeling NO PAIN!

Saturday was a really nice day. I got up went to ARchiver's to meet a friend who was having a birthday crop, only to find out that the party wasn't until Sunday.....felt like an idiot! However, didn't stop me from spending 60 bucks, they didn't have too much. Nothing that interested me, anyways. I still managed to buy some zots, the huge we r memory keepers eyelets, maya road mini album sets (heart shaped, circle, and rectangle) all in a cute lunchbox. Be mini album set, some awesome rubons by Daisy D's, Ki stamps, and some daisy d puffy epoxy stickers. Doesn't take long to add up does it? It's just like going to the dollar store, those dollars sure add up fast....LOL Came home took the kids to McDonald's , then to the park, then by friend's house, then we came home watched a movie together, and fell asleep!

Sunday, I was supposed to go meet my friends at Archiver, but dh decided to invite his best friend and his wife over and I didn't want to be rude and just leave, but I was really ticked. I started to just leave and come back later, but decided that was not the right thing to do. Karina, i am sorry if you are reading!!!! YOu can smack my hubby, at the next HALO tournament, at your house....LOL

We ended up going to dinner at Reb Lobster AGAIN!! This time I got the lobster stuffed tilapia, it was ok....we had a great time. My brother finally came over to see the new house! He loved it! I love my brother so much, I sure wished he would come around more! He's sorta a loner! I have to call him, or visit him in order to communicate! kwim? I was so shocked that he came over. We had a blast. Nas is so damned BAD! He smacked the heck out of my mom! He's busy, busy, busy. Terrible twos is right! But wait, does it mean he will get better in September, because he will be 3!!!! NOt!

Today, I am just going to chill out! Get some reading done! Drink some tea, watch a little tv. I feel a lazy day coming on.....



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

RL is THE BOMB!!!!!!! You just made me hungry!!! THanks!

em said...

You know I live right by the Red Lobster! I seriously think of you everytime I go by...because of one post a long while back where you said you were going! So...when are you going to show us pictures of the house!!???

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like a great time. I also love Lobster! i'd love some RIGHT NOW!! lol And some martinis...yummy!!!

melissa said...

wow sounds like a great weekend!(except for missing your friends bithday crop-thats a bummer).

hope you get lots of relaxing time done today ;)

BonnieRose said...

Girl,I love lazy days.. trust me..I have 2 days off these next 2 days.. so I plan on enjoying them! Red lobster 2x.. wow..... love their food! their coconut shrimp with that pineapple/conconut sauce is the best! hugs