Sunday, April 30, 2006

Isn't she lovely

Well we didn't come in first or second for that matter. We came in third. Jaree was heartbroken. She was really looking forward to going down state, but I explained to her that she can always try harder in September.....when cheerleading starts up. She looked so cute! I didn't get any good shots of competition, because they were jumping and turning but took some really cute still shots of her... I am so proud of my baby! I am hoarse right now from all the yelling and screaming I did! The other parents must have thought I was nuts! lol

Well, I will post some more pics of my little cutie later. Thanks for all of your well wishes.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Today's ramblings...

Well, last night went well. Jaree and I watched movies until she fell asleep. she woke up in the middle of the night, crying her allergies were bothering her sooooo bad. Her eyes were stuck together. I had to put in eye drops and give her a cold towel for her eyes. I took dh to work and took her to McDonald's as planned. We came home and I cleaned and mop the kitchen and folded 4 loads of laundry. I have to clean both bathrooms and make my bed and vaccuum the floors, but decided to take a break to

I am going to have to take a trip to Walmart for shoe strings and socks.... Her competiton is tommorrow. She is going to look so adorable. I can't hardly wait!

Michelle gave an awesome Challenge. I love music. My favorite genre is R&B and hip hop. I love R. Kelly, Avant, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Ludacris, Twista, Kanye West, Ying Yang Twins, Usher, Ican go on and on .....

Music defines alot of who I am as a person. I love to dance and music is always playing in this house...I have passed this on to my chidlren. I have to clean up while listening to music. I listen to music before I fall asleep. Music truly soothes the soul. I can even relate certain events in my life to music.... I can tell you the very first time my husband and I danced, it was to Guy's "Let's Chill", this was also the song we chose for our first dance at our wedding. Music can relate to the good and bad things that happened in my life....It seemed like everytime my husband used to break up as teens, Ralph Tresvant's "Do what I gotta to, and break her heart", would play on the radio...

I am totally into my music. I have literally drove around the block a couple of times because 'MY SONG", was playing on the radio, Alicia Keyes Unbreakable and Jamie Fox's Unpredictable have been among those songs that I would pass up the house

Well, gotta go and clean my bathrooms.....

Until next time...


Friday, April 28, 2006

Just me and my girl

Awh .......
Poor baby she is so lost without her big brothers. Especially Jariel, my youngest son......

Well, its just me and my daughter Jaree tonight. All of the boys are gone. She was so bummed when she got home from school and learned that the boys had gone for the weeknend. Took me awhile to get her calm. I don't like her getting too upset with her epilepsy. I told her that I would do something special with her the entire weekend. We went out to China Buffet for dinner ( all you can eat crab legs), that was her choice of restaurant. We stuffed ourselves to the limit.... Then we played outside for a little while. Now she is watching the Suite Life of Zach and Cody, she loves the Disney Channel. I am about to give her meds and get her all cleaned up. Told her she could bunk with me tonight and stay up as late as she wanted to. Why did I say that? That girl is such a complete night owl. Tommorrow I am going to rebraid her hair for her cheerleading competiton and take her to Mc Donald's playland. Sunday, we will be at competitions and then I will take her out to eat at Old Country Buffet and to the movies to see Akeelah and the Bee. We have a full weekend ahead.....I am folding clothes while she is into the disney channel, then we will go to my room to watch movies......CAN'T WAIT!!!



Boy did this week go fast! Lightening fast! The boys are going away for the weekend with my dh's sister, they are going away to a little hotel, to swim and such. Jaree is going to be so devastated, because she can't go... she doesn't want to risk her having a seizure. She hasn't had any episodes since January. But, if she has a seizure in water, it can kill her jhust like I understand how she feels. However, Jaree is not going to understand at all. I am going to take her out. Hopefully that makes her feel better. I 'll let her sleep in my bed, that always makes her feel better. Plus she needs to get prepared for competitions this weekend. I need to rebraid her hair and get her uniform pressed. I will take plenty of pictures and post them later.

I was going to go to ARchiver's for a crop, but cancelled, because dh has a gig and no one will be available to watch Jaree. I will just entertain her. We probably will play with Bratz dolls, dressing them and doing hair. She will want to come my hair and paint my nails and talk me to

Here are some fun facts about me...

I love to watch my soaps...AMC,OLTL, and GH

When I go to the moives, I love to pour M&M's peanuts into my popcorn and eat them together

I used to work for Target, hated it. Love shopping there though

I love Kettle corn

My middle name is Arteece

My husband's middle name is Baptiste...we thought that was a sign we were meant to

I don't grow any hair on my legs, isn't that great!

I eat sugar in my spaghetti and chili..I know gross!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just a few thoughts before hitting the sheets

Today was one of theose days, where I was feeling lazy...Never got out of pajamas....I did clean the kitchen and cook dinner, but my room is a wreck. It looks like a toradlo hit and blew everything around. Dh is being a real butthole today. Just constant complaining. I would be willing to bet my life, men suffter from PMS too! He knows he was being a real jerk today, because now he is kissing mega butt, but I am totally not feeling him right now...I did get to Osco and score the latest copy of Essence magazine and Scrapbook Etc. He pissed me off so bad, I just went for a drive. Lord knows I should have stayed home, with the gas But I only went up the street.

I totally miss my mom, she was gone from April 17th to the 21st in Vegas, she came home for 1 day and is in Memphis visiting her twin brother. He had to go for angioplasty and we thought he may need bypass surgery. Thank the lord they were able to clear the blockages with the angioplasty. My mom and her twin are sooooo close. They cannot live without one another. I honestly don't know how my dad and aunt Carrie put up with those

Well, I am dog tired! I rented the Skeleton Key a few days ago and have yet to watch it....don't think it will be getting watched tonight I tell you one thing, my dh better sleep on his side of the bed or I just might commit murder....MEN CAN'T LIVE WITH THEM, CAN'T SHOOT EM.....LOL

Unti next time...


Thursday's challenge

1. My current favorite song: I am loving Chris Brown's, YO!
2. The last book I read: Afterburn by Zane
3. What I'm wearing right now I am wearing pajama pants and a tee shirt, because I am cleaning as usual
4. The last cd I bought: ....I don't buy Cd's my husband does, he's the
5. The last gift I bought for someone: I bought my daughter 4 outfits and a leapster for her birthday....

That was fun keep it coming!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tonight's close

Today was a much better day than yesterday.....Took the kids to the park. Took my duaghter to cheerleading practice, her competition start this Sunday, should be fun she has worked so hard. She is so excited. I hoipe she makes state! We went to Chili's for dinner and now I am home bloggin' away in my pj's. Can't belioeve the weekned is so near... that means good ole sleep for

Thoughts before hitting the sheets...I am having so much fun with this whole blogging thing. I have found my niche. I love going back and reading over some of my older blogs. I love reading other people's blogs as well. Gives me a small glimpse into the lives of people who share my passion.

I love checking back to see what comments are shared on my blog. It gives me a sense of validation.... that I am indeed being heard. Although lately I have dubbed myself the one comment I am so excited when I look at my blogs and I have tons of comment s to read! It makes my day.


The Beautiful ONes....

When I think of all the people I have met in my life time, when I think of all the conversations I have had or all the moments shared., I don't think I have met a more selfless person than my grandmother. My grandmother was the most kind-hearted woman I have ever met. So full of love, life, and compassion. She was so loving and giving. She opened her heart and home to every one. She shared everything. This woman didn't have a stingy bone in her body. She was always taking some one in or going down south to take care of an ailing aunt or sibling. If she had a dollar, she would give 99cents. She was such a strong and wise woman. She always knew the right things to say . She always knew what to do. She always knew what was needed. If I grow up to be half the woman she was, i would be grateful. My grandmother passed away in 1996, at the age of 87. I miss her so much. I am thankful to God, to have had the 21 years I had with her.... She has touched my life in ways that words cannot express. She has given me a blueprint of how we are supposed to lead our lives....
My grandmother was never judgemental, she was never selfish, she never put her self first. She taught me the importance of family! She taught me how to love....she taught me to be myself, no matter what anyone else thinks, she taught me to put my trust in God and not in man.....
There are times when I call upon her guidance.....she was so very special to me....


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

If only I can wind down....

Today has been one of those days. I need to be the spokeswoman for Calgon today! I have been running around all day like a chicken with it's head cut off. I have been to the grocery store twice. I went to two pets stores to get food and supplies for the pets. I took my son to open gym. I have washed and folded 3 loads of laundry. Cleaned and mopped the kitchen. I had to run to the drugstore, because my daughter's allergies are getting the best of her, and when she is not feeling well, she is ooooooh sooooooo crabby. So I went to Walgreens to get eye drops and benedryl, until we can get to the doctor for some zyrtec or claritin. I don't want to over medicate her, since she is on anti-seizure meds.

My husband decides he wants to practice djing.....he is driving me nuts, he bought some new cd players, so he has been scratching the songs, and driving me NUTS!!!! Today, was one day I wanted to run

Then the strangest thing happened! I got a weird craving for a Big Mac....I don't even like McDonalds! Go figure! I devoured that thing in less than 1 minute. I guess I was a bit

Tonight I have to take my nephew Marion home, I am going to come in soak in a hot tub and jump in the bed and go to sleep.

One good thing happened. I got my & gypsies monograms stickers and Velvet MM Stickers from QVC! Yippeee!

Until next time


If I would have to pick a celebrity....

I would choose Oprah....
Why? She seems to look better with age...what else can a girl ask for?
She is very intelligent. She is a billionaire. She gets to meet and interview some of the most awesome people. She helps so many with her angel network. If I could trade places with her for only a day, it would be life changing for me. I totally admire Oprah as a woman. She started out with merely nothing and fought her way to the top She is really a living testamony, that if anything is possible if you believe in yourself and persevere. I am truly an Oprah fan! I would love to trade places with her for just one day...


Monday, April 24, 2006

Now and then...

What was I like 10yrs ago..... Aside from the obvious physical I was 21 yrs old, pregnant with my second child, and in college. I only had one child. Life was not at as hectic. My life was consumed with school. My dh and I were going through changes, on again off again relationship. I was much more self-centered. I used to worry about what people thought of me. More spontaneous....Less cautious....

Fast forward to now. My life is my children. I am alot more wiser. I don't worry about what people think of me. My life is complete. Now 3 children later and married to my husband. I have a better relationship with God. I am a more spirtitually well-rounded person. I think I am a happier person. Don't have as much time for myself now, that I have a big family, but wouldn't change it for the world. I think I am a more well-rounded person. I think I have changed and definietly for the better.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Peas I would like to meet

We are a wonderful group of ladies. Eventually I would love to meet every single pea. But some of the peas that I would love to meet are ....Michelle-burberry girl, Bonnie Rose, Monique, Tangee, Justem, Adrienne for sure, Elsie Flannigan, and many more...

That would be so awesome if we could have a pea reunion. Where we would get to meet fellow peas and get to know them....


Saturday, April 22, 2006

the weirdest dream

I always have weird dreams......what else is new. But I always have a recurring dream. My cousin Darcel died at the young age of 35. She died during childbirth. Her and her daughter passed in this tragic turn of event. Every year, I dream that she gets to come back for one week and be with her family. I don't know why I keep dreaming the same dream. I don't know if this is her way of always being with me. I don't know if it is my unconscious mind, keeping her forever in my memory. Whatever the case may be, this is a dream that I have had since she died in June of 1990. This was very devastating to my family. She was so full of life. She was the life of the party. I miss her so much. I am thankful, that I am allowed to have her with me for one week, each year, in my dreams......

Another dream I had that was really weird, and scary....I had came home from work and my daughter was at the top of the stairs. I kept calling her and she did not answer me....She looked so adorable in this pink dress at the time she was 2.....I followed her up the stairs and she started to walk towards my room....then I looked downstairs, only to see my daughter who was this other little girl, I looked and it was my daughter.....the little girl that was upstairs faced turned distorted and started to attack me....she was a demon....and once my real daughter came upstairs, she disappeared. Scared the living hell out of me. Needless to say, I did not go back to sleep that night.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Fun facts and other things...

Can't believe today is Friday and I survived Spring Break the Kids had a blast and so did I. We had tons of fun. We didn't get a chance to go to the Museum as planned, but we are going to make it to the zoo Sunday, as planned. I took some pictures of my daughter yesterday, she is such a little ham. This is her in her "stunner shades" This girl is toooo much!

Here are some fun facts....

I sucked my thumb until I was 23 years old, my teeth should be protruding through my

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had hoped it was a little girl. My first child was a boy and I prayed to have a girl. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I balled and balled....I wouldn't trade my baby boy for the world now.....and I got a little girl in the end...

My favorite color is purple

I love Apple pie!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Mental Health...

I turned down a lucrative job, because my mom and husband felt it was tooo dangerous...

I love the smell of pine sol....

In the winter time, I warm up our gloves, hats, scarves, and socks before heading into the cold

My favorite holiday is Christmas....

My favorite season is the richness and bold colors..

I live in Borders ......

There you have it....


Thursday, April 20, 2006

The makings of a perfect day

When I think of all the possible scenarios .....There is one that sticks in my mind is....A romantic evening with my husband. A late dinner....coming home to an empty house...dancing....bubble baths....massages.....a really good time. My husband works alot so when we do get extra time he always tries to make them special. Any time with my husband would make it a perfect day.

Another perfect scenario.....would include a day of shopping and cropping with friends. We can travel around town, going to all the scrapbook stores, then have lunch, then get together for a late night pajama crop. This would be awesome. I find myself to be very happy when surrounded around people who share my passion for scrapbooking.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My baby is 7

It's hard to believe my baby is 7 years old. She turned 7 yesterday. I took her out to eat at House of Kobe and then I took her to Walmart, bought her a Leapster, some cartriges, and the cutest little Mary Kate and Ashley outfit....

I remeber being pregnant with her, where did the years go. She is such a beautiful little girl. She is growing up way too fast. Her dad watches her like a hawk already! She is definitely a daddy's girl.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Mothers Day is fast approaching. List 5 things you do instinctively that your mother did. Then, List 5 things you have chosen to do differently. What do the 2 lists tell you about yourself and your mother?

My mom and I look a lot of alike and we are so much alike its not even funny. My mom and I are both the youngest of our siblings. My mom and I both have 3 children. My mom and I both had our first child at 18 years of age. My mom and I are both shopaholics.....especially shoes and purses. My mom and I both love movies. My mom and I both very loving and nurturing mothers. My mom and I both are not real big Kinda of pushovers, but her more than I . I will put my foot down most of the time. My mom and I both watch our soaps. My mom and I both were great at English and Reading, but sucked at Math. My mom and I are both big daredevils.... We both fight for what we believe in. My mom and I are avid readers. My mom and I are big screamers, I find my self yelling at the kids and then I catch myself and say boy am I turning into my mom.

We do have some difference, I am more of a trusting person, while my mom is much more cynical. I have been burned so many times too, for being trusting. My mom is a neat freak and every little thing has to be in its place, while I am not a slob, my house has a little more clutter and looks more lived in...her house is like a museum. My mom is into gangster movies like the Godfather and Scarface, while I am more of a horror fanatic. My mom doesn't let anything worry her, and I am a great worrier. My mom has always worked outside of the home, however I worked for a short while and now I am a stay at home mom. I don't think my mom could have ever been a stay at home mom. She is very well off.....and loves the finer things in life. She is very independent, strong woman and likes having her own money. I couldn't imagine her asking my dad for money and having to explain what is was for......NO WAy!! NOT MY MOM...LOL


Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Break

Ihave to deal with these 3....
Don't get me wrong I love my babies with all of my heart, but just the anticipation of it all....
More meals to cook, more cleaning to do, more noise around the house, and no tv time for

The good things is no more early mornings, No more fighting with my daughter to wake up and go to school. She is so her mother's child, I hated waking up in the morning to go to school. I will have some company during the day, lots more kisses and hugs, especially from the youngest two.

Have lots of fun things planned! zoo, museum, and picnic they will be well entertained.

Let the fun begin...


My dream vacation

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit Egypt and see the pyramids. I have always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt. I would love to visit Egypt.

Another place that I have always wanted to go to is Hawaii. I have always to walk along the beach and just have tons of fun! I would even attempt the hula dance. When I was a child I loved watching the Brady Bunch and they went there for a family vacation and ever since I have always wanted to go. My cousin lives there and my husband and I have been contemplating on going for some time now....

Last but not least, is Paris.....the city of love, romance, amor
I am a big romantic and what place can be more romantic than good ole Par'ee.

Those are my 3 vacation get aways....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My most memorable Easter

When I was 5 years old, my mom and I dyed eggs. I had learned about all different kinds of babies in Kindegarten. I thought to myself I wanted a little baby of my own. So I took one of the hard-boiled eggs and put it in my closet. I built a little bed made of cotton balls, even gave the egg a blanket. I made sure my egg was extra warm and cozy. I watched for weeks to see when my baby would hatch. Well, months went by.....the aroma was less than desirable. My dad was searching the house to see if we had a dead mouse in the house or something, because the stinch was totally unbearable. Finally, my mom was cleaning my room and found my baby and the source of the stink.... She asked me what was the easter egg doing in my closet and I told her that it was my baby and I was waiting for it to mom, fighting back the laughter and the tears from the stinch, explained to me that this egg would never hatch. After about a half-hour of explaining to me, I cried as I parted way with my beloved


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Celebrity crushes...

When I was a young girl I had a crush on Rick James *snicker*, Michael Jackson and Prince. I had tons of buttons of Michael Jackson. All the posters. I was totally in love.

By the time I became a teenager, I call it my "white boy era" I was in love with Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Johnny Depp (loved Edward Scissor, and River Phoenix(thought he was so cute in Standy by Me). I still think Corey Haim and Johnny Depp are

Now, I have a huge crush on LL CooL J . I loved him since I was a teenage. He is actually the screensaver on my computer right now. He has a nice body, bald head, and the sexiest lips in Hollywood, that he licks consistently. He is so sexy to me!!I I fell in love with LL when I was teenager....loved his song "I need love", I swore he was singing to me. My husband despises


ETA: I hope I did not offend anyone with this post. It was not my intent to be disrespectful in any way. I am AA and that is what I meant by "white boy era". I hope no one took offense to my comment and if you did I graciously apologize.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Fun Fact Friday

Here are some fun facts about me...

1. I am 5'1
2. My favorite color is purple
3. I am the youngest of 3 children
4. I love mexican food
5. I am afraid of heights, but love roller
6. I sleep wtih my eyes open a little
7. I love the show Invasion
8. I used to be in love with Rick James when I was a kid
9. I love purses
10. I love furry socks, can't stand for my feet to be cold


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Eenie, meenie,miny, moe.....

Challenge: Pick one. and Elaborate if you so wish!
chocolate or vanilla? Are you kidding me, vanilla all the way!! with strawberry syrup and whipcream
sandals or barefoot? barefoot, I am a country girl
basic grey or scenic route? Basic grey hands down
primas or HS flowers? Both...
computer journaling or handwritten? computer journaling
Madonna or Gwen Stefani? Madonna....cuz I aint no holla back
Leno or Conan? Leno...
Koolaid or Crystal Lite? Kool-Aid red
American Idol or Amazing Race- American Idol.....GO PARIS!!!
catlover or doglover? well since i have both, I would say I am both a cat and dog lover.

Had fun with this one Bonnie Rose!!

The Ressurection

Easter is gonna be here before we know it... this weekend. Do you celebrate the Easter holiday? How do you and your loved ones celebrate this most special time? What are your special Easter plans for this weekend? Egg hunt? Bunnies and candy? Church services? What does EASTER mean to you? Do you celebrate its great significance? Share your thoughts on your blog.. all about Easter!

I am a Christian woman, so yes, I celebrate Easter. Every Easter,we dress up and then we attend Church, for praise and worship. Then we have dinner at my parents house. The children and I dye our eggs the day before I get up early Easter morning to prepare baskets, before heading over to church.

Easter to me means the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. Christ gave his life, so that we can have EVERLASTING LIFE. It was no easy task. He suffered a great deal. They beat him, pierced his flesh, hung him high and stretched him wide. He died for me! I believe in that. He suffered so that I can live.

Easter is a time for renewal, you look around you and the trees are starting to bud, the birds are singing, it's just a beautiful time of year.

Easter celebrates the life and death and ressurrection of our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ!

One of my favorite holidays!

Monday, April 10, 2006

What a lovely day!

The kids and I had a blast. They rode their bikes, played at the park, ran youngest son even asked if the pool was about jumping the gun. I told him that it infact wouldn't open until May 27th. He said, "But mom it's hot enough to swim". I thought to myself, that is why God made mommy's, poor kids would be dead from pneumonia if he was making choices for

I even went for a walk! I had a good time. My dog Goldie had a blast. WE let him run around in the field by the church and he was in 7th heaven. I sure wished my dh would have been off. We probably would have put something on the grill! Instead, we had McDonald's. I am going to treat the kids to Dairy Queen on tommorrow. They are reallly looking forward to that.

Days like this make me long for summer! WE have so much fun during this time.

Can't hardly wait!

Words Association Challenge

It's funny how one word can have so many associations or meanings...

A word can evoke every sense....feel, taste, sight, smell, hearing....

The challenge for today was to take each one of the words listed below and put the first thing that comes to mind. Had alot of fun with this one.


1. Harry.... 2. Black.... 3. Delicious... 4. Funny... 5. Green... 6. Ribbons... 7. Internet... 8. BBQ... 9. People... 10. Quirky...

What comes to mind when I see these words....

1. Harry Potter
2. Black-Beautiful
3. Delicious-right now a delicious Lobster Tail, comes to
4. Funny- Mike Epps from (Roll Bounce, Next Friday, Friday After Next etc)
5. Green-Kermit the Frog
6. Ribbons-scrapbooking....
7. Internet- twopeasinabucket
8. BBQ-my dad he makes the best
9. People-People magazine
10. Quirky-Three

It's funny how the mind associates a word with certain things. Had fun with this.

Wow, what a beautiful day!

The children are going to be sooooo excited. Today is such a nice Spring like day, I know when they get home, they are going to fly thru their chores and homework, so that they can go play outside with their friends. I might even indulge myself in a walk around the neighborhood. It's 64 degrees outside and it is very sunny. My kind of weather. Too bad my hubby is gone to work. He is going to miss this beautiful day. He does not get off until 10:30PM. I hate RETAIL!. I wished he had a 9-5 job!

I am going to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful day! Dana

Friday, April 07, 2006

How it all began....

Challenge: YOUR SCRAPBOOKING START. Share how you got started in scrapbooking. How long have you been doing it? Do you scrap differently now than when you first started? What's changed for you? Anything? Share the circumstances, the people involved - in getting you hooked to this awesome creative outlet! What am I talking about? Scrapbooking, of course! Can't wait to hear your stories!

I have always loved taking pictures of my children. I had in some since scrapbooked unconventionally, making albums and little captions and notes of all the events that took place in my life. One day, I was reading PARENTS magazine and they had an article on Memory Books. The idea was so cute! So I set out to go get some kits from Michaels and found that they had a class on Scrapbooking! I took the class and the rest is history. My life has forever changed. Yes, scrapbooking has become a way of life for me. I have found so many amazing people since I have been scrapbooking. I feel an immense amount of joy everytime I make a page.

I have been scrapbooking for 7 years now. I have evolved so much as a scrapper....At first my cutesy style entailed alot of cockadoodle designs, frame ups, suzy zoo stickers....I look back and I am amazed at how far I have come. My style is more eccletic, with a shabby feel.

I am truly amazed at how a hobby can change your life. I wake up in the morning and get to chat with my buddies on twopeas....I can read a CK magazine, go shopping, or go to a crop. The feeling I feel when I get a new magazine, or an order that I placed, or bringing new goodies home from the store are PRICELESS. The feeling I feel when my children pick up my books and smile, knowing that their mommy took the time to document their lives, leaving behind an heirloom that will be priceless.

Scrapbooking has truly changed who I am. It is best hobby ever made. I am so glad that I found it.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's your flavor?

Ice cream is my biggest crutch in a jam. It is a total comfort food for me! I love ice cream! Some of my favorites include, Pistachio Almond, Butter Pecan, and Ben and Jerry Chunky Monkey Ice Cream. I have been known to get up in the middle of the night (my husband and I) and go to the local 24 hour Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts. I always get a waffle cone of Pistachio Almond and Butter Pecan! I will also indulge myself from time to time with a oreo cookie or hawaiin breeze from Dairy Queen. Another weakness of mine is Apple Pie and I can only eat New York Vanilla on my apple pie. When summer hits, I must admit I chase the ice cream man down for some of that yummy Loony Tunes Superman Icecream. Boy is it good. Oh my God, now I am craving ice cream at 20 minutes to midnight. Bonnie Rose its all your

My special place

When I think of all the things that bring me comfort, my BED always comes to mind. Days when I am feeling lazy or feeling blah, I can always get into my King Size Sleigh Bed and everything seems to start looking better. She has never let me down. I love crawling in my bed to get away from it at all, so that is one of the places that brings me comfort.

Another place is my tub! I know this may sound crazy, but it is. Sometimes a hot bath is the remedy to everything!

Another place is my living room on my leather sofa....This is a place I kick back and relax with the chidlren. REad my children stories. Grab my blanket to take a mid-afternoon nap. Sit back and drink a cup of tea and indulge myself with a good book. I love my couch!

Another place that brings me peace is not in my home, but a home where I lived. My mom's house. She has a beautiful home on the lake (pictured above). I always go and walk along the shore, to feel one with nature. I feel close to God, when I am there. It is there where I can just let go and let my thoughts run wild. I feel so at home there. I can think with an open mind and an open heart whenever I am at the lake. It brings me peace and comfort.

It's the small things in this world that make the difference. Taking a nap on your favorite sofa in the middle of the day, laying in your bed watching a good chick flick, or just cruising along the lake. It's always good to know what your comfort zone is.....Great topic again Bonnie Rose.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

100,000 woman

Challenge: You find/win/are given/inherit $100,000. Make a list and itemize exactly what you would do with the money.

If I were to find a 100,000 I probably would have a heart Just in case I didn't, the first thing I would do is take a fourth of the money and put away in the bank. The second thing I would do is take my husband and children on a Disney World Cruise. Then I would take a 1000 dollars and go on a scrapbook shopping spree. I would stash some money to the side for CKU. I would buy my self a new car, a 300M Chyrsler of course. I would put some money as a down payment on a new home. I think that would be it! Didn't stretch very far! But I sure would have tons of fun spending it. DAna

Just one of those days...

I want to kick back in the house and relax. The boys are going to the park district to play basketball and I am going to stay at home finish reading my book and watch American idol. It's just one of those day that I don't feel like doing too much of anything. I am just feeling lazy. I am going to retreat in the bed, maybe order in Chineese, becasue I just cleaned my kitchen and mopped. So there's no way I am cooking and messing around in

Dh gets off early today. He is a little bummed. He just got transferred from his Walgreens to another....this particular Walgreens he has been there for 3 years. He loves it! And it's only 5 minutes away. This one he is moving to is about 20 minutes away and in a rough area. So I know he is going to be very sad when he gets home. I have to cheer him up with my famous massage!

Well, I am off to make my bed, only to grab a quilt and lay down in Am I nuts or what?


Myhopes and dreams....

Use your blog to write about YOUR HOPES AND WISHES for YOU. No one else. Not your kids. Not your better half. Not friends and family. But your hopes and wishes for YOU and you alone. What are they? Do you have any? What are YOUR hopes and wishes? YOUR dreams? Elaborate as you wish. Remember, this one is all about YOU. You matter. How you feel counts. What your deepest dreams, passions are. Write them down. Get specific. Imagine.

What are my dreams made of...
Well, first off I hope that my husband and I stay in love for ever and always. I love him so much and can't seem to imagine life without him. I hope to lead a life rich in happiness and love. I want to live a long and healthy life, full with grandchildren. I wish to one day move to my dream house, that consists of acres and acres of land (so that my grandchildren can play at, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, the world's largest and most elaborate scrapbook rooms with the most awesome view and lighting, a soundproof basement, so that dh could practive djing without disturbing me, lol.

I also want to finish pursuing my master's in Psychological Counseling. I also wish to help with finding the cure to Alzheimer's Disease. My grandmother passed away from this horrible disease and I would love to be on a research team to help find a cure.

I also hope I always stay connected to my children. They are my world! I hope that when they grow up and find love, that they also make time for mom. I wished that they could stay young forever.

I also hope to one day, get enough nerve to send one of my layouts in for publication! It would be awesome to one day be published.

I also want to work in scrap related feel. How awesome would it be to work in a field you love.

One of my greatest wishes is to live in a world full of peace and respect. Respect of diversity and difference. No more war. No more violence. I want this world to be safe world for my children and children's children. Of all things, this is one my biggest wishes.


Monday, April 03, 2006

What I have learned

When i look back, I have had some very special women in my life to guide me. These women were very wise, intelligent, strong, emprowering, and influential to me. Some of these women include my mother, my grandmother, my sister, and my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Maebane. These women are responsible for me being the woman I am today.. They gave me the blueprint on becoming a woman.

Some of the things that I have learned was to:

Love yourself! If you don't love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to.

To never let anyone or anything define who you are

Always be yourself

Live life to the fullest

To treat others the way you wish to be treated

Education is the key to success

To dream big, never dream small

The sky is the limit, nothing is beyond your grasp

How to cook and bake

To be fearless

Not to worry about wwhat others think of me

How to be a good mom

that sometimes listening is better than being heard

That money isn't everything

that my body is my temple

that spiritual education is just as important as school

When I look back I am very happy to have these women in my life. I love them dearly.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fools

When I was a child, I lived for April 1st. I would plot for weeks on how I was going to get my mom or my siblings. One year, my brother and I went to the grocery store with my mom, we decided to stay in the car. While she was inside, my brother cooked up this plan. When my mom came back to the car she was hysterical. She was screaming and jumping up and down. It was my brothers idea to cover my neck with ketchup and my clothes and have me hang outside of the car, as if someone had cut my throat. It was very hot outside and the ketchup was runny like real blood. My brother had it all over his head and back and was slumped over the seat. My mom almost died from heart attack right then and there. We laid there for about 2 minutes, and then my mom picked me up and I said "April Fool's". We got our a$$es tore up that day. I think that was one of the worst pranks we have played in history.

My daughter got me really good she pretended like she wasn't feeling well and then she laid down in my bed. I laid down with her. That is my routine, everytime Jaree get's sick. She will not let me move, she has to be near me. I even sleep with her in the hospital bed. She has always been that way. She only wants me when she is sick. Well, she started to tremor and I got really nervous. Then she started shaking. I started screaming. My boys ran up stairs. I yell call, 911! The boys didn't movie. I flip her on her side. Then all of the sudden she says "Mommy, gotcha". I wanted to kill her. Of all things for her to do! She has epilepsy for crying out loud. I told her don't ever play like that. I guess history repeated itself. My mom would be really proud to know my kids payed me back. I almost peed my pants! Darned kids! And yes the boys were in on it. Probably put her up to it.


Spring forward

Don't forget to set the clock up tonight! Go to sleep early, because we will be losing one hour of sleep! When I was a child, I hated Daylight's saving time, I recalled it always being on a Sunday, and I would lose one hour of sleep the next day for school. I am so not a morning person.

I am glad that we will be getting some more daylight hours. It gets dark so early and the kids love playing outside and they have to come in so early because it gets dark. That's a rule in our house, don't let the sun beat you

The kids love summer, because most times its near 9pm before it gets dark! They have a good ole time.

I am going to my mom's for dinner tommorrow. I am meeting my sister over there. My dad says that's the only time my mom cooks if I am coming over...hehehe. I am such a spoiled brat!

I went out to dinner with my in-laws. I had a good time! For a change. We have been getting along for quite some time. I guess they have finally figured out that I am not going anywhere.

Well, guess I'll get in my jammy jams and get ready for bed. See ya later.