Monday, April 10, 2006

Words Association Challenge

It's funny how one word can have so many associations or meanings...

A word can evoke every sense....feel, taste, sight, smell, hearing....

The challenge for today was to take each one of the words listed below and put the first thing that comes to mind. Had alot of fun with this one.


1. Harry.... 2. Black.... 3. Delicious... 4. Funny... 5. Green... 6. Ribbons... 7. Internet... 8. BBQ... 9. People... 10. Quirky...

What comes to mind when I see these words....

1. Harry Potter
2. Black-Beautiful
3. Delicious-right now a delicious Lobster Tail, comes to
4. Funny- Mike Epps from (Roll Bounce, Next Friday, Friday After Next etc)
5. Green-Kermit the Frog
6. Ribbons-scrapbooking....
7. Internet- twopeasinabucket
8. BBQ-my dad he makes the best
9. People-People magazine
10. Quirky-Three

It's funny how the mind associates a word with certain things. Had fun with this.

1 comment:

Amber said...

I agree! It is funny. So far, all I have read involve Harry Potter... I mean, is there another Harry? Really?