Friday, April 28, 2006


Boy did this week go fast! Lightening fast! The boys are going away for the weekend with my dh's sister, they are going away to a little hotel, to swim and such. Jaree is going to be so devastated, because she can't go... she doesn't want to risk her having a seizure. She hasn't had any episodes since January. But, if she has a seizure in water, it can kill her jhust like I understand how she feels. However, Jaree is not going to understand at all. I am going to take her out. Hopefully that makes her feel better. I 'll let her sleep in my bed, that always makes her feel better. Plus she needs to get prepared for competitions this weekend. I need to rebraid her hair and get her uniform pressed. I will take plenty of pictures and post them later.

I was going to go to ARchiver's for a crop, but cancelled, because dh has a gig and no one will be available to watch Jaree. I will just entertain her. We probably will play with Bratz dolls, dressing them and doing hair. She will want to come my hair and paint my nails and talk me to

Here are some fun facts about me...

I love to watch my soaps...AMC,OLTL, and GH

When I go to the moives, I love to pour M&M's peanuts into my popcorn and eat them together

I used to work for Target, hated it. Love shopping there though

I love Kettle corn

My middle name is Arteece

My husband's middle name is Baptiste...we thought that was a sign we were meant to

I don't grow any hair on my legs, isn't that great!

I eat sugar in my spaghetti and chili..I know gross!



Anonymous said...

good idea. you should have a girls night out with the works. my daughter used to have asthma attacks when she was little and grandma wouldnt babysit, because she was worried that she might have one. i love kettle corn too. i watch all the ABC soaps. i love jason on GH. i love sam too. if i could look like anyone.
i always put sugar in my chili, lasagna, and spagetti. we like it sweet. i heard that italians do this too. so, you arent that weird, lol..... anything peanutbutter and chocolate has MY name on it.
have a fun night!

Adrienne said...

OHhhI love kettle corn. Dh said it was sissy popcorn! LOL

Have fun with your daughter!!! And that movie combo sounds WONDERFUL!!!

ti said...

love your facts especially about your middle names... sounds like you have all kinds of fun girlie stuff to do, have a good one.

melissa said...

sounds like you have a fun girly plan for tonight. :)

your middle name is pretty, and lol at the M&M's in the popcorn my brother does that too.

Scrappy Shannon said...

Hey Dana!

Sounds like you have a GREAT night planned!! Ds had a baseball game boring but fun...I took pictures the whole I'm the team photographer! LOL!! Something else to add to our list of "alike" things...I love sugar in my spagetti & chili...reallys anthing that has sauce on it. My great grand father use to do and then i started to do it. (i also put mayo on baked potatoe skins...something else from Grandpa!) Shannon

Missy said...

Those are my fav soaps too, I can remember watching GH since I was about 5 years old!!