Monday, April 10, 2006

What a lovely day!

The kids and I had a blast. They rode their bikes, played at the park, ran youngest son even asked if the pool was about jumping the gun. I told him that it infact wouldn't open until May 27th. He said, "But mom it's hot enough to swim". I thought to myself, that is why God made mommy's, poor kids would be dead from pneumonia if he was making choices for

I even went for a walk! I had a good time. My dog Goldie had a blast. WE let him run around in the field by the church and he was in 7th heaven. I sure wished my dh would have been off. We probably would have put something on the grill! Instead, we had McDonald's. I am going to treat the kids to Dairy Queen on tommorrow. They are reallly looking forward to that.

Days like this make me long for summer! WE have so much fun during this time.

Can't hardly wait!


em said...

It pains me to think about it getting colder again!!! It was so nice out...a perfect day!!!

BonnieRose said...

I agree... the weather was here was beautiful too.. .made me wanna get on my bathing suit... it was gorgeous.. glad u had such a great day!