Sunday, April 16, 2006

My most memorable Easter

When I was 5 years old, my mom and I dyed eggs. I had learned about all different kinds of babies in Kindegarten. I thought to myself I wanted a little baby of my own. So I took one of the hard-boiled eggs and put it in my closet. I built a little bed made of cotton balls, even gave the egg a blanket. I made sure my egg was extra warm and cozy. I watched for weeks to see when my baby would hatch. Well, months went by.....the aroma was less than desirable. My dad was searching the house to see if we had a dead mouse in the house or something, because the stinch was totally unbearable. Finally, my mom was cleaning my room and found my baby and the source of the stink.... She asked me what was the easter egg doing in my closet and I told her that it was my baby and I was waiting for it to mom, fighting back the laughter and the tears from the stinch, explained to me that this egg would never hatch. After about a half-hour of explaining to me, I cried as I parted way with my beloved


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Adrienne said...

Ewww! But SO funny! LOL