Thursday, April 06, 2006

My special place

When I think of all the things that bring me comfort, my BED always comes to mind. Days when I am feeling lazy or feeling blah, I can always get into my King Size Sleigh Bed and everything seems to start looking better. She has never let me down. I love crawling in my bed to get away from it at all, so that is one of the places that brings me comfort.

Another place is my tub! I know this may sound crazy, but it is. Sometimes a hot bath is the remedy to everything!

Another place is my living room on my leather sofa....This is a place I kick back and relax with the chidlren. REad my children stories. Grab my blanket to take a mid-afternoon nap. Sit back and drink a cup of tea and indulge myself with a good book. I love my couch!

Another place that brings me peace is not in my home, but a home where I lived. My mom's house. She has a beautiful home on the lake (pictured above). I always go and walk along the shore, to feel one with nature. I feel close to God, when I am there. It is there where I can just let go and let my thoughts run wild. I feel so at home there. I can think with an open mind and an open heart whenever I am at the lake. It brings me peace and comfort.

It's the small things in this world that make the difference. Taking a nap on your favorite sofa in the middle of the day, laying in your bed watching a good chick flick, or just cruising along the lake. It's always good to know what your comfort zone is.....Great topic again Bonnie Rose.



Rowena said...

I agree...its the small things in the world that makes a difference...your mom's house by the lake looks so comforting and relaxing...glad you have your special places.

Adrienne said...

That is SO beautiful!!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

The view from your mothers house looks so so really does look relaxing!!!!

BonnieRose said...