Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just one of those days...

I want to kick back in the house and relax. The boys are going to the park district to play basketball and I am going to stay at home finish reading my book and watch American idol. It's just one of those day that I don't feel like doing too much of anything. I am just feeling lazy. I am going to retreat in the bed, maybe order in Chineese, becasue I just cleaned my kitchen and mopped. So there's no way I am cooking and messing around in there...lol

Dh gets off early today. He is a little bummed. He just got transferred from his Walgreens to another....this particular Walgreens he has been there for 3 years. He loves it! And it's only 5 minutes away. This one he is moving to is about 20 minutes away and in a rough area. So I know he is going to be very sad when he gets home. I have to cheer him up with my famous massage!

Well, I am off to make my bed, only to grab a quilt and lay down in bed...lol Am I nuts or what?



Adrienne said...

No, girl I WISH I could go home and just get in bed!!! Enjoy it!!!

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

I wish I could have one of those days! Enjoy your day in bed!