Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just a few thoughts before hitting the sheets

Today was one of theose days, where I was feeling lazy...Never got out of pajamas....I did clean the kitchen and cook dinner, but my room is a wreck. It looks like a toradlo hit and blew everything around. Dh is being a real butthole today. Just constant complaining. I would be willing to bet my life, men suffter from PMS too! He knows he was being a real jerk today, because now he is kissing mega butt, but I am totally not feeling him right now...I did get to Osco and score the latest copy of Essence magazine and Scrapbook Etc. He pissed me off so bad, I just went for a drive. Lord knows I should have stayed home, with the gas But I only went up the street.

I totally miss my mom, she was gone from April 17th to the 21st in Vegas, she came home for 1 day and is in Memphis visiting her twin brother. He had to go for angioplasty and we thought he may need bypass surgery. Thank the lord they were able to clear the blockages with the angioplasty. My mom and her twin are sooooo close. They cannot live without one another. I honestly don't know how my dad and aunt Carrie put up with those

Well, I am dog tired! I rented the Skeleton Key a few days ago and have yet to watch it....don't think it will be getting watched tonight I tell you one thing, my dh better sleep on his side of the bed or I just might commit murder....MEN CAN'T LIVE WITH THEM, CAN'T SHOOT EM.....LOL

Unti next time...



melissa said...

lol-my step dad has those kind of days and we call it his "man period"..but of course he doesn't know that. hehehe

Oh Skeleton Key is a very interesting movie, it has a great ending. :) hope you get to watch it soon

em said...

Sorry..but you are totally cracking me up when you called him a butthole. I love that word!!! :) Sorry to hear he's being that way, though!! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

you will really like the skeleton key. its suspense, not horror at all. i love kate hudson.
men have got to have hormone shifts like us. they just havent given it a word yet....well maybe a word , "mid-life crisis", husband is a bitchier person than me! he lived with 3 sisters and a mom, and i told him, that they trained him well! if you get mouthy, they say, "it must be PMS." cant have an opinion without it being hormones. men!!
have a good weekend!

Adrienne said...

I will have to check out Skeleton Key!

And YES men DO suffer from PMS!! And MORE than once a month! LOL