Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Friday baby...

Friday's have kinda lost their appreciation, since the kids are out of school....LOL

No more umph.....

HOwever, today I plan to go to my mom's for some good eats and fun in the sun...somewhat. It feels more like Fall than summer here. Today, we will struggle to hit 70's. But that's what you get in the wonderful city of Chicago, you never know what you will get.

Dh is at work, the kids are playing outside and i am CLEANING as usual. I have mopped all the floors. Cleaned the bathroom. Bee cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed all the floors and I have 3 loads of laundry to wash. I tell ya, I don't know how I do it....LOL

I haven't been blogging lately, because I have been really reading.... I love to read!

I am going to attempt to scrap this weekend too....Hasn't been going well. I cut down on my kits because they were sitting unused! Summer always does this to me. Somebody give me some INSPIRATION.... I need it. LOL

On another note, it has been almost 4 months since I last spoke to my brother.....I know crazy! He's estranged like that. I love him to death. I guess I am going to have to take a drive over there if I want to see my nieces and nephew..... He lives all the way in the city and I am going to be meaner than a wasp if he's not home.....LOL

He's in the dog house with my mom.....
He didn't call her for mother's day....I know SHOCKING.... He's weird that way! Of all the days not to call your mom.......But that's Marcus for ya.....LOL

Today, not much planned, just cleaning and reading.

Wishing you all a great and fun filled weekend....

until next time

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bonnie and Clyde are at again!!!

Bonnie and Clyde aka Jariel and Jaree strikes again. Friday, Baptiste and I went out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants Hamada House of Japan...where they cook in front of you. The food is sooooo good. We always get the Land and sea which consists of steak and shrimp. Talk about good. It's Thai, sorta like stir fry, but better. I love their ginger sauce. They cook it up with chicken fried rice, onions, mushrooms, brocholi, and zuchinni....oh my God. But anyway, back to Bonnie and Clyde. I DO NOT ALLOW my children to go outside when I am not home! Call me old fashioned but we were not allowed to go out when my parents were not home until we were teens.....

Well, hubby gets a call in the middle of our dinner and it's Bee my oldest. He tells dh that Bonnie and Clyde went outside (first thing they did wrong) and took some paper towels, rolled them out, and set them on fire (second thing they did wrong, they know better than to be playing with fire), and set the whole drive way on fire. Oldest son had to put it out. First of all, they could have burned the house down, second they could have burned themselves, after that dh could not enjoy himself. He could not wait to get home. Needless to say they got what was coming to them. They are on punishment for ever...LOL

I am kind of upset with Bee, because where the heck was he when they went outside....oh let me guess on MYSPACE. DID I EVER TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE MYSPACE!!! One day I will tell you why! Just not today! LOL

Today I am going to a wedding! Love weddings. Some friends of ours are finaly tying the knot! Can't wait. I have to get showered and curl my hair. It starts at 5, but since dh is the dj, we have to be there by 3.

Later taters.....


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

being a mom to a teenager ......

is NOT EASY.....
Why can't they stay babies forever....
My oldest is so giving me the flux right now. He does not understand that he is NOT GROWN...
He wants to just hangout every single day, and come an go as he pleases......
Life is not all about KICKIN IT...
It's not bad for him to go out, but he thinks he supposed to spend the night out, every weekend at his friend Nic's.
It's cool sometimes, but he not only wants to spend the night out, he wants to spend days at his friend's house.

I was not allowed to do it and neither is he. That's it, and that's all...

His new favorite phrase is WHY CAN' T I.....

If I asked my parents why, I would need a new set of lips...

This boy is definitely working my nerves.....

He gets to do far more than I was ever allowed to do..

One thing he is allowed to do is have a girlfriend....
My dad would have killed me if I had a boyfriend at 14.....

He has alot more freedom than I ever had...
But you know the saying, give em an inch and they wll take a mile...

His dad is about ready to kill em..


I so miss the baby days.....LOL

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

After a very long hiatus.....

In my last blog, I think I may have mentioned Baptiste was on vacation... We have been sooo busy. Waterparks, beach, parks, bbqs, and picnics... Sadly today is his last day. It went by so fast. Too bad!

Today, we are just going to enjoy one another and chill......

more blogging later...
I promise.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Did the weekend fly by or what?

Wow! Time sure flies when your having fun. Had a pretty sweet week! Spent some time at my parents which is always cool. Took the kids summer shopping. Spent tons of money! Boy if I didn't have any children I would be rich....LOL Jaree got tons of cute stuff. The boys are soo picky. Jaree ended up with 10 new outftts for summer. All shorts sets. Too cute! The boys are more picky. I think Jariel got 4 outfits. Bee only two. I have to take them to the swap! They want all these character shirts....Spongebob and Popeye......good lord.

Yesterday I cleaned my laundry room and gave Goldie Woldie a much needed bath. Never knew something so little can STINK SO BAD! LOL Now I have to take him to the groomers and get those freddy krueger nails clipped...LOL

On a bad note, Dh pissed me off so bad this week. I am not going to go into what happened. But he is definitely on my SHIT LIST! He's in the Dog house. Treading on thin ice. Everytime I think about it I get even madder so let me change the subject ....LOL

So who's watching Ex-wives club? Is it me or does this whole concept sound stupid. Some things should be PRIVATE. LOL Jilted exes help other jilted exes find love. Sounds interesting NOt!

Tommorrow, dh starts his vacation, normally I would be jumping up and down with joy, but I am still a little tart .... He won't get out of this one easy girls!!!!

My darned brakes are going bad, so I can't drive my car! So mad! Dh is getting them fixed next week. So I will be with out a car for a week. You never know how much you need something until its gone....LOL

Today, I am just bumming. Literally, I haven't done anything...I feel like a bad mom....LOL Kids had Mc Donald's. I had a crispy philly and I am done for the night.

Can't wait to watch Supernanny tonight....I know, I live such a fun life.....not....LOL


Friday, June 08, 2007

Times sure have changed!

When I was a child, I can remember racing home to watch afternoon cartoons. Most times they were on channel 50 upn or 32 Wfld. I loved watching such cartoons as the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Top cat, Thundercats, Heman, Inspector gadgt etc.... I also used to watch Batman, Spiderman and Spectreman. I just realized that their are no afterschool specials. There are no cartoons on these networks anymore. Except for King of the Hill and the Simpson. NOt every child has cable. I guess with Disney channel,Nikelodean and Cartoon Network, those networks didn't feel the need to air cartoons anymore. It's just a death of an era I guess. However, I think it's so sad. I would love to share some of these cartoons with my children.....the only cartoon that still comes on is Tom and Jerry and these are the newer versions, not the Tom and Jerry of my day. It's kinda sad. Kwim?

I was flipping through my channels when I realized, hey what ever happened to Afterschool cartoons. I mean they were still doing it when I was in high school too. I watched the flinstones well into my teen years....LOL

I guess, since we have cable, I never noticed this change. I still think its a huge disservice to children who DO NOT have cable. Thank God they still have Saturday morning cartoons.

I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't watch Underdog, Top cat, Mighty Mouse and Droopy...LOL

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's going to be a scorcher guys.....

Today its going to be 92! OUch. I really don't like anything over 80 degrees. That's as hot as I like it..... Anything over that is stifling to me. It gets in my throat...LOL I haven't even really began summer shopping for the kids. Jaree has a ton of stuff. New bathing suits, cute capris, skirts, tanks.....I have to get some sandals and some all white k swiss and she will be alright. I love shopping for little girls. Some of favorite places are Target and Walmart. I like Kohls too! The boys are really basic white air forces ones, white tees, colorful tees shorts! NOthing major! LOL They are easy, but definitely not cheaper. LOL

Today, I really don't have much in the plans. Just cleaning my closet and trying to stay cool! LOL I am going to head over to starbucks and get my favorite....Vanilla bean frapp with carmel sauce. It's my guilty endulgence! LOL Another gulity pleasure of mine is carmel and cheese popcorn.. Will head to pick some of that up too!

I am going to check out ARchiver's and Mike's today. Dh gets off at 5, so I will head over once he gets off. got a little extra change.....LOL Few things I am looking for. I really need to bite the bullet and take the drive over to Windy City Scrapbooking. I reallly really, love this store. Wall to Wall scrapbook heaven! That is what it should be called. They always get the latest and greatest. I wish they would franchise out and come into the burbs.... A girl can dream huh?

I have some scrap plans two albums in the making so, I need to prepare for that. One is about my love of quotes and the other is for my daughter cheerleading competition pics....Total surprise for her!

So who's watching So you think you can dance. I love this show! It's my favorite show! Can't wait to see who makes the top twenty today. I will be watching tonight. My other favorite show supernatural is on hiatus until this fall. So I will be watching SYTYCD in it's place.

Well, gotta run and drop Bee off (my oldest) he's going swimming with his best friend NIc at his grandmother's house. This boy is always on the run, guess he's a typical teenager! LOL

Later taters...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

What else could you expect! It's Chicago! Get this it in the upper 50's today. By Thursday it's going to be 90. Crazy huh! Yep I know. Today, I am just going to chill out as much as possible. Jaree had her best friend Marissa spend the night and Jariel had his best friend Dave spend the night. House was total chaos. Fights over the television, the computer, the air mattress..... My head was throbbing by the end of the night....They finaly settled down. The boys declared victory, as the girls retreated to Jaree's bedroom to play school, paint, draw, color and play with Bratz.....typical girls huh? LOL

Baptiste is off today. Yay! I am so happy when he's off. I know i am not a school girl anymore, but the man still makes me blush. We slept in today and just snuggled. He is my official snuggle bunny. He went off to get my favorite mexican corn! Yummy. I love Elotes!

The boys are going to have a basketball tournament and get this guys .....they are betting SNICKERS! I almost fell out yesterday, when we were at walmart and all 4 of them were buying snickers for today. Now if that don't beat all.....LOL

I gotta see who's going to win!

We are going to the zoo this weekend, the kids are so geeked! The kids pick 10 things they want to do over summer and we do them all......and sometimes much more....LOL.

Picked some really good places this summer. Some include, Horseback riding, Fishing, Indiana Dunes, picnic at the beach, and Six flags.....

They also want to go camping, but this is soooooooooooo NOT DANA'S THING! Baptiste says we atleast have to consider it! I will have to do a whole lot of considering! LOL

WEll, I am off to get a bath! toodles

Monday, June 04, 2007

Great weekend!

What a week! It was fun! Friday was the last day of school for Jariel and Jaree, Bee has been out almost 2 weeks now. Schools officially OUT FOR SUMMER. The song is in my head, remember School's out for summer.....

Friday we didn't do much. Dh worked, I stayed in with the kids, we watched movies in my bed until we fell asleep. Saturday we went to a friend house who graduated from college. He had a graduation party. It was really fun! After a few Bacardi silvers, I was feeling noooooo pain. Let me tell ya....LOL We ended up going by the club, to hear the other DJ play. Had a blast, didn't get home until almost 4 in the morning and guess who was still up....NONE OTHER THAN MR. BEE....up on the phone and AIM. I told him if he didn't get off the phone and go to bed, it was going to be ONE! LOL

Needless to say I woke up very late Sunday ......LOL We ended up going to Border's and Panera BRead! Yummy! Then we took my mil to see MR. BROOKS, yesterday. It was sooooooooooooooooooo goood! My dh thought the movie was about him.....He insisted we call him Mr. Brooks and made sure he told the cashier at the movies that his ticket should be free, because the movie was about him and made sure he showed her his Driver's License. She was so tickled, that she gave us tickets at Matinee price...I couldn't believe it. You gotta go see this movie. It was so good!

Today, not much on the to do list. Besides cleaning my room. It is atrocious! I can never keep my room clean. LOL Things just tend to accumulate in their. The rest of the house is soooo spotless though. Crazy huh? I really don't know what to do with myself, now that the kids are out of school. Guess I will enjoy sleeping in......LOL

Well, I am going to lay back down, got up pretty early with dh. He makes so much noise when he's getting ready for work...I guess since he has to get up, he wants everybody to get up with him. He turns on every light and makes a ton of racket. You would think he would get the hint after I slam the pillow down over my head and make a very lout sigh..... LOL

Well, I am off to get some more Z'ss it's only 6 in the morning.....LOL