Monday, June 11, 2007

Did the weekend fly by or what?

Wow! Time sure flies when your having fun. Had a pretty sweet week! Spent some time at my parents which is always cool. Took the kids summer shopping. Spent tons of money! Boy if I didn't have any children I would be rich....LOL Jaree got tons of cute stuff. The boys are soo picky. Jaree ended up with 10 new outftts for summer. All shorts sets. Too cute! The boys are more picky. I think Jariel got 4 outfits. Bee only two. I have to take them to the swap! They want all these character shirts....Spongebob and Popeye......good lord.

Yesterday I cleaned my laundry room and gave Goldie Woldie a much needed bath. Never knew something so little can STINK SO BAD! LOL Now I have to take him to the groomers and get those freddy krueger nails clipped...LOL

On a bad note, Dh pissed me off so bad this week. I am not going to go into what happened. But he is definitely on my SHIT LIST! He's in the Dog house. Treading on thin ice. Everytime I think about it I get even madder so let me change the subject ....LOL

So who's watching Ex-wives club? Is it me or does this whole concept sound stupid. Some things should be PRIVATE. LOL Jilted exes help other jilted exes find love. Sounds interesting NOt!

Tommorrow, dh starts his vacation, normally I would be jumping up and down with joy, but I am still a little tart .... He won't get out of this one easy girls!!!!

My darned brakes are going bad, so I can't drive my car! So mad! Dh is getting them fixed next week. So I will be with out a car for a week. You never know how much you need something until its gone....LOL

Today, I am just bumming. Literally, I haven't done anything...I feel like a bad mom....LOL Kids had Mc Donald's. I had a crispy philly and I am done for the night.

Can't wait to watch Supernanny tonight....I know, I live such a fun life.....not....LOL



Gina said...

Suppernanny doesn't start for us till August but I watch faithfully just in case my kids try some crap with me! I wish I could buy my daughter 10 summer outfits! There are not that many to be had and the ones that are are very cheap quality or adult looking. My boys love character shirts, too!

Brown English Muffin said...

What's a crispy philly? And did you watch BET College Hill? I'm normally not into BET but I love watching Real World and I thought I would give the black version a try.

Adrienne said...

Goodness girl! What did he do? lol

Anonymous said...

yeah, what's a crispy philly? LOL


BonnieRose said...

sorry to hear about u and hubby.. hopefully things are calming down about now.. and no car? omg. I wud just die.

Black Domestic Goddess said...

No car? I live in NJ and to be without a car would be crazy, especially with my three little ones. But on the good side, you can get a lot of stuff done in your house. Sometimes it's good to be stuck at home.