Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

What else could you expect! It's Chicago! Get this it in the upper 50's today. By Thursday it's going to be 90. Crazy huh! Yep I know. Today, I am just going to chill out as much as possible. Jaree had her best friend Marissa spend the night and Jariel had his best friend Dave spend the night. House was total chaos. Fights over the television, the computer, the air mattress..... My head was throbbing by the end of the night....They finaly settled down. The boys declared victory, as the girls retreated to Jaree's bedroom to play school, paint, draw, color and play with Bratz.....typical girls huh? LOL

Baptiste is off today. Yay! I am so happy when he's off. I know i am not a school girl anymore, but the man still makes me blush. We slept in today and just snuggled. He is my official snuggle bunny. He went off to get my favorite mexican corn! Yummy. I love Elotes!

The boys are going to have a basketball tournament and get this guys .....they are betting SNICKERS! I almost fell out yesterday, when we were at walmart and all 4 of them were buying snickers for today. Now if that don't beat all.....LOL

I gotta see who's going to win!

We are going to the zoo this weekend, the kids are so geeked! The kids pick 10 things they want to do over summer and we do them all......and sometimes much more....LOL.

Picked some really good places this summer. Some include, Horseback riding, Fishing, Indiana Dunes, picnic at the beach, and Six flags.....

They also want to go camping, but this is soooooooooooo NOT DANA'S THING! Baptiste says we atleast have to consider it! I will have to do a whole lot of considering! LOL

WEll, I am off to get a bath! toodles


BonnieRose said...

sounds like u all had such a fun weekend.. so did we, we were in Canada.. always fun! MR BROOKS is on my list of must see movies too!

Noelia said...

Today was freezing outside too!
We're having very odd weather, they said we might have frost overnight...but then again, we are in Canada! lol

gold said...

I live in Michigan so I feel your pain in the weather.

I went camping one time when I was pregnant with my dd.I didn't like it.I am not that type of outdoor person.