Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little of this and a little of that...

I went to Memphis earlier this month and had some bluebell icecream for the first time and I cannnnnnnnoooooooottttttt find it here in Illinois! Adrienne loves to tease me about that! I had the homemade vanilla and lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd, it tastes exactly like the homemade ice cream granny used to make! So good!

I had a great time in Memphis, we went to the Lorraine Motel Museum. It made me feel a certain way! JUST EERIE. Knowing I was standing in the very spot where Martin Luther King was shot and killed! I am going to bring the kids back there. I think all children should go!!!!

We went to Beale street and I got this drink called "Call a Cab" and babbbbbbbbbbbbby, I don't know how I made it home!

My auntie Carrie threw down while I was there! I know I gained atleast 5 lbs while I was there!

I really had a great time!

Facebook can be the devil sometimes! Lawd! if you guys only knew the half.........

My brother has moved in with my mom, can you say, drama, drama and MORE DRAMA......

I made oxtail stew, can you say GOOOD-T! I don't mean to brag, but I can cook my ass off! Thank God, my granny called me in the house, while playing Mr. Freeze with my friends, to teach how to cook! I was madder than of mofo then, but I am so grateful now!

Do you know Baptiste and I have been together for 21 years! Where does the time go?

It feels so good to be loved and desired by a person that you love so much and desire too!
He still stares at me and says 'baby you are beautiful"
He still holds my hand in public
He still kisses my cheek and forehead and says "baby I love you'
I love my husband!

Jaree made the basketball team, yes another expense, but it keeps her busy and out of trouble!!!!!!

Jariel made a 80 yard touchdown at his last game! I am just now, getting my voice back! LOL

My oldest son B, makes me so proud. He is in college, he works, he helps out with his siblings and that boy can dancccccccce! In fact, both my boys can dance! Jaree, well, ok! LOL

I have been in the scrapbooking mood, yet I have not scrapbooked, plan to change that reallllllly sooon!

I cleaned my art studio, and boy I have way too much stuff. I need to purge!

I am going thru True Blood withdrawl! However, I am so glad Vampire Diaries is back on!!!!!

why does everything good either come on Mondays or Thursdays! Damn! I wanted to check out the new Charlies Angels, but I will watch it online!

I just got sleepy as all get out! Maybe it was the big breakfast, I just ate! LOL

I need a mani and pedi bad!~

My hair is breaking off on right side! gotta work on that immediately!

I haven't read a book in months! Just not like me! Any suggestions????

I can't think of anything else to talk about so I guess this is it!

Until next time............

A little of this and a little of that...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy 15th birthday

15 years ago today I gave birth to a 9lb 11 oz baby boy! I named him Jariel Breon Brooks! I was so upset when I found out I was having another boy, that I broke down and cried! Especially since my sister was having a girl! But, the moment they placed that little boy in my arms, I fell in love instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has brought so much joy into my life! He is my easy going child! He is so loving and kind! He is very humble, he is my child that does not ask for much! That is why, whatever he asks for anything, I break my neck to get it! and that's not often! that he does ask for something!

He is my child that I think, looks the most like me! I labeled him my twin!

He is my baby boy! and I love him to pieces!

Happy Birthday Jari, mommy loves you!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Saturday our family was dealt yet another DEVASTATING BLOW, my cousin Tonya and her granddauggther Nique Nique was walking to the corner store and on the way home a woman driving an SUV ran into them and Nique did not make it!

This has HURT US beyond words!

I'm sure most of you hear me talk about my cousins all the time, we were raised like sisters and they were always around! We are very close, so this just knocked the wind right out of us!

I am still in shock!

She shares a birthday with my son Jariel!

She would have been 2 the 21st of this month........
I don't know how we will ever get over this......

there is a blessing in the fact that my cousin Tonya was not killed too, but she WILL FOREVER be TRAUMATIZED by what happened! She loved her grandbaby beyond words! She was the light of our eyes , because she was so grown!

That little switch she had in her walk, how she told somebody "shut up punk" She was something else!!!! 1 going on 45!

I am so heartbroken, but I know she is home with the Lord!
and one day I will see her again!

This picture speaks volume of her personality!!!!!!!

Sleep Nique Nique, TT loves you, and I will be there with you one day!