Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Saturday our family was dealt yet another DEVASTATING BLOW, my cousin Tonya and her granddauggther Nique Nique was walking to the corner store and on the way home a woman driving an SUV ran into them and Nique did not make it!

This has HURT US beyond words!

I'm sure most of you hear me talk about my cousins all the time, we were raised like sisters and they were always around! We are very close, so this just knocked the wind right out of us!

I am still in shock!

She shares a birthday with my son Jariel!

She would have been 2 the 21st of this month........
I don't know how we will ever get over this......

there is a blessing in the fact that my cousin Tonya was not killed too, but she WILL FOREVER be TRAUMATIZED by what happened! She loved her grandbaby beyond words! She was the light of our eyes , because she was so grown!

That little switch she had in her walk, how she told somebody "shut up punk" She was something else!!!! 1 going on 45!

I am so heartbroken, but I know she is home with the Lord!
and one day I will see her again!

This picture speaks volume of her personality!!!!!!!

Sleep Nique Nique, TT loves you, and I will be there with you one day!

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toni said...

That is so tragic! My prayers to you and your family.