Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tribute to my grandmother

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA IN HEAVEN! If my grandmother had lived she would have been 98 years old. Wow! She died on June 25, 1996, just a few months before my second child was born. I miss her beyond words. She was such a beautiful woman inside as well as out. She opened her heart and home to so many. She touched so many lives. Her words of wisdom still sound hard in my head! She was such a compassionate and loving person. She also had a "tell it like it is", personality. She never held back. No matter if you liked it or not. I loved that about her.

She was also very generous. If she had it, you had it. She would literally give the shirt off her back and shoes off her feet if someone was in need. She was mother to many generations of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends, etc... She took care of everyone. I had to the honor and the privilige of returning the favor, by caring for her while she was ill. I loved my grandmother. Even though she had Alzheimer's, I was humbled by her very presence. She taught me so much. Who I am today, was very much shaped by my grandmother.

What I remember most about my grandmother, was her cooking. My granny could BURN. She put my mom to shame! No one could touch my grandmother when it comes to cooking. I can taste her TURKEY AND DRESSING RIGHT NOW! Talk about good! My grandmother cooked a 6 course meal everyday, except Saturday. That is the day we went out to eat. But, Sundays from Breakfast to Dinner was 6-8 courses. My grandmother would some times get up as early as 4am and start preparing for breakfast and dinner simultaneously. We would have cheese grits, bacon, sausage links and patties, ham, eggs and cheese, smothered potatoes and onions, and home made biscuits and jelly. Talk about good. I hated to have company! LOL

Everyone ate at grandma's house. But, you could never tell we had a house full, because my grandmother was IMMACULATE. Our house was always clean from the floors to the ceiling. You could eat off her floor on anyday of the week. Our house was always what I call 'COMPANY READY'...LOL

So, Grandma, wherever you are, you are missed, you are loved, and you were most definitely and still are appreciated. It was an honor being your granddaughter for 22 years and I want to thank you for everything!

Love your baby girl Dana

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Going to kill him!

Yes! Him right there. My son Bee!
He is in BIG TROUBLE. He got himself suspended today for 5 FREAKING DAYS! He and another kid got into a fight. He hasn't been in school a month yet. It's kinda my fault because I always taught him to defend himself, but he really beat the hell out the kid and roughed up some of the security guards too, because he thought he was being jumped. I was relieved that he did not start the ordeal, but I just didn't want him getting labeled as a trouble maker.

The dean called and said that the boy had pushed Bee and he lost it. He said that my son was fine, but the other child had to be seen by the nurse. I felt bad, because he is not the type of child to start any problems. He is quiet and reserved, but if you step on his toes, he will defend himself.

My dad is soooo funny! I told him about the incident. He waited until I was done and said "all I want to know is who won?". Somethings never change.

Have to break the news to dh when he gets home. He isn't going to be too happy!

As for me, I have been battling a horrible cold for 3 days. I was so sick yesterday, I passed out. Dh, was scared to death. I think I took too much medicine on an empty stomach. After I ate, I felt a little better. If I don't feel better by tommorrow, I am going to the doctor for sure.

I am enjoying all the attention I have been getting. Hubby has cooked dinner and got the children ready for school. He gave me a back rub, until I fell asleep yesterday. He called me every 5 minutes to check on me and he is bringing me tons of juice and soup home. Isn't he a keeper? Atleast he is this week, next week I will probably be ready to kill 'em! LOL

Until next time....

Monday, August 28, 2006

All the kids are gone and I'm home alone

Wow, I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by... The kids are back in school and it is so quiet around here. Even Goldie my chihuahua is I really miss the kids! That is so sad, I know! However, after spending so much time with them, I kinda miss it. I am so excited when they get home from school so I can hear how their day went. That is so pathetic isn't it? I just really enjoy my babies' company.

I should be taking this time to get some cleaning and laundry done. Catching up on my ten million books I ordered. And doing some scrapping. Which is my plans this fall! I love to read! Just finished reading an awesome book by Zane called Afterburn. Now I am reading a book called Project Chick by Nikki Turner. Can't wait to finish because I just ordered:
Candy Licker by NOire
G-Spot by NOire
Riding Dirty on I-95 by Nikki Turner
Dirty Red- by Shannon Holmes
Diary of a Video Vixen by Karrine Stephans
Dutch 1 and 2-Teri Woods
Payback is a Mutha-forgot her name
Geneivive-Eric Jerome Dickey
Carmel Flava-by Zane
So you call yourself a man-Carl Weber
Rockin Robin-forgot the author

and a bunch of other books. I live in Borders and order alot from Amazon and Black Expressions. My next read is G-Spot, can't wait to read my cousin said the book was awesome. I am thinking about starting a book club this fall. I think it will be alot of fun!

We are going out today with friends for dinner. Yesterday my dh and I had a date. Yes a date. I call anything we attend without the kids a We went to the movies to see IdleWild and Snakes on a Plane! Had a blast! Both movies were AWESOME. Especially Idlewild. Can't wait for both to come out on DVD. I will definitely be adding those to the collection. Speaking of which, I have to go get Final Destination 3, so I can have it on DVD. I have 1 and 2. I am a big horror movie fan! LOL

Well, I need to get off my butt and get some cleaning and laudry done. Until next time...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One thing after another!

It seems like we can't get over one thing, before something else happens in our family..... My cousin Timothy died a few days ago (I just found out), at the age of 29. He died from complications of a heart transplant and kidney failure. I am just devastated! He was soooo young. But he stopped going to his dialysis and told his mom he did not want to live like that. His sister died at 37, just this April from Sickle Cell complications. My aunt jean must be in turmoil! She only has 3 children and the 3rd child is sick from sickle cell and is in a wheel chair at 33. After hearing this news, we got a call saying that my dh lil sister Tekoa was rushed to the hospital for possible intestinal blockage.... She may have to have surgery. She just had surgery 2 years ago, emergency surgery to remove a ruptured cyst from her ovaries.....has a nasty scar from it too. Now she may have to be cut again. Baptiste (my hubby) was a nervous wreck and still is.....To make matters worse today is his birthday. He said, he's just going to go to work. I was trying to get him to take off.....something he never does! His sick days just go to waste year after year...

On a happier note, the kids had an awesome first day of school. Jaree wasn't too thrilled that they did not "do anything" But, Jariel came home with homework. They are excited to be back in school and can't wait to start on a normal routine. I am excited and sad at the same time, it's so lonely when the kids are gone.....

Until next time....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The nest is empty!

It's back to school time at the Brook's household. Bee, my oldest started high school last Wednesday and Bonnie and Clyde aka Jari and Jaree started school today. They looked so cute, dressed in their new gear. Jaree was so excited! They looked so cute, don't you agree! I know I am shameful. I got a little teary-eyed today. Before you know it the kids will be all grown up. I miss the baby days! I typically don't buy any namebrand clothes for Jaree, with exception to the occassional picture day, special occassion, birthday, or holiday......But I could not resist this Baby Phat outfit! It was ridiculous what I spent for it, but she looks too cute in it..... I always have bought name brand for the boys, its so hard to find what I like at Wal-Mart like I do for Jaree.

Took forever to braid that hair of hers......First I needed to take down her braids, wash her hair, condition it, blow dry it, flat iron it, then braid it ....Took me 4 hours. She literally went to sleep while I did her hair. Then I ran out of rubberbands, so I had to run to Osco and buy more.....ugh! But I love the way it turned out! She did too! I swear she almost took her eye out a million times swinging those beads around...LOL

Can't wait to hear how their first day went! Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bonnie and Clyde start school tommorrow

AKA Jariel and Jaree. LOL Jariel is starting 5th grade and Jaree 2nd. They are both excited. Have to go pick up a few odds and ends. Like underwear and socks! I got the clothes out of the way and the shoes. Each child got two pairs of gym shoes and 6 outfits to start out. Actually Jaree got 9, but who's counting. You gotta love girls clothes! LOL My mom ended up buying each child 1 outfit, with the exception of lil' Miss Jaree, she got 3. I bought the boys 5 outfits and her She is much cheaper, because the other two want Rocawear, Akademics, Ecko, Girbaud, and Jaree has no problem with Wal-Mart or Tar-jay (aka Target). Speaking of Target, I am heading over there to get some odds and ends. I love Target. I am so sad, but happy the kids are in school. Seems like the summer went by way to fast! However, things needed to slow up....all the late nights, swimming, picnicking, amusement parks, water parks were fun while they lasted....Time for a change. I just so hate, getting up in the I am not a morning person AT ALL! Oh well, I will post how my childrens firrst day went! Can't believe my BABY will be starting 2nd grade....bohoo!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

In the name of love....

What will you do in the name of love? Today we are secretly giving my sister an in the name of love benefit. She is none the wiser. She hasn't a clue what is going on. My sister, recently is going through a nasty divorce and was forced to move from her home.... She went thru some horrible domestic issues with her soon to ex husband and is still suffering from all of his abuse....

She just moved into a smaller townhome with her two children and is now in danger of losing her place again, because her dumb ass ex doesn't pay child support and when he finally decided to pay her the back pay, the check bounced. My sister, being the trusting person she is, didn't wait for the funds to clear and wrote out checks for her utilities and rent...wouldn't you know it all cleared but the rent, because his check bounced! Now she is behind two months in rent, and recently had to go to court, she now has to come up with 4,500 dollars before August 31st, my sister is a hard worker and has already came up with more than half of the money, which means no money for the children.

I know this is harsh word, but I HATE her husband for all he has done to my family. The only good thing that came out of the marriage were my niece and nephew Aaron and Aaliyah!

We are having family and friends over at my moms, they are going to reach into their pockets and give what they can, I myself am giving 200 bucks, that I really don't have, but anything for my sister. I know if the tables were turned she would surely do it for me!

On a lighter note, everyone was asking how my son's first day of school went and it went great. He did say, he had a hard time opening his locker and finding classes, but that was to be expected. He is such a little booger, he came home with phone numbers alreay, one from an upperclassman too, he bragged. I told him school is all about learning, and not learning about girls.....LOL TEENAGERS!

Until next time....

Friday, August 18, 2006

ETA: My baby on his first day of high school

Doesn't he look too cute! I know I am shameful aren't I. You will be gettng more picture on Wednesday when My other two start.....

He was so nervous can you tell???


ETA: His first day went well. He did say he had some trouble finding classes and opening his locker, but other than that the day sailed by pretty smoothely. He thinks he's a big ole pimp, because he came home with some phone number....LOL I told him school is about learning, not about learning about


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One down....two to go

Well, my oldest son Bee started school today. Not sure, how I feel about it yet. He was so nervous! He looked so handsome, will update with pics later. I am taking him shopping today, to get some new clothes, not that he needs a thing, but I know how it is in high school. You want to be "Fresh to death", as he puts it. I bought him a ton of clothes over the summer, and its still hot, so he can wear that, but I am going to go get him 7 shirts and 7 pairs of pants and two pair of gym shoes. Then I have to go get him a new bookbag and school supplies. My other two don't start until next Wednesday so, I may as well get them out of the way too.
I can't wait until he gets home at 3:30 so I can see how his first day went. I am sure he will have lots to talk about. I am officially an old lady, I have a teenager....ugh! He is still bugging us to get his ears pierced, but dh said grades first! If he does well, he said he will take him on his back to the I want to see that! He got a fresh hair cut, he looks so handsome. I might be a little biased, but he was the best looking on the school bus today. I had to drive by, like I was getting milk from the grocery store, but really I just wanted to get one last peek at my baby. I almost cried....I didn't almost did. I had to turn the radio on and fan my face really quick! It's going to be really quiet during the day around here really soon, you know what that means....SCRAPBOOKING TIME! lol

Until next time...

Friday, August 11, 2006

My baby is starting high school

I am officially OLD! That's right! I have a son that is starting high school Wednesday. I can't believe it. He grew up entirely too fast! I remember when he couldn't even say school he said "cool". LOL He used to say "I go to 'cool on the 'cool bus with the kids", totally used to crack me up! Now he is a little man! Well not so little... He is already 5'9 and 135 lbs. He towers over me now. Doesn't take much I am only 5

He is bugging his dad and I, he wants to get his ear pierced, but dad isn't having it. He has been wearing those little magnet thingies....but he wants to real thing. He is a good kid, I don't mind him getting it done, but dad says no! We'll see what the verdict is by the end of next week when school starts!

I have been super busy getting the house in order, school is coming so I want everything to be in order. I washed all the laundry and cleaned all the closets. I don't like scrambling in the morning, so I got all the rooms and closets cleaned for school! Nothing like trying to find a shoe at 6am.

I had my niece and nephew Aaron and Aaliyah for a week, they finally went home today. They totally did not want to go! But "TT Dana", needed some down That's what they call me!

Right now I am about to wash the dinner dishes, mop the floor and get ready for night night! My husband is doing a gig tonight and won't be home until the wee hours of the moring. I probably will be calling the hogs by

Until next time

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Look at me

I have to admit, while I love being behind the camera, I hate being in front of it. I just don't like how my pictures turn out. Sometimes my face looks soooooo big! I think I look to big. Just don't like taking pictures.

Great challenge Melissa! Today I am just chilling. We had a great time at Ryan's yesterday. I ate myself into a coma. Then we went to the mall and Walmart and ended up buying my daughter a few things. Can't believe that school is near. That means shopping for clothes and uniforms. My son is going to high school so I can imagine how much his clothes will cost! LOL He has to style and profile. He was one of the boys who won best dressed in school so I guess he wants to keep up the trend! LOL

I am so glad we got a relief from the heat. We had some pretty bad storms yesterday and most of the morning. The thunder was so loud, I almost jumped out of my The dog was howling. It was pretty crazy.

I am going to get some cleaning and laundry done, all before my favorite show comes on "So you think you can dance!". Go Benji and Donyelle!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feels good to blog!

First off, I want to thank the lovely Bonnie Rose for her awesome RAK! She gave me the cutest Technique Tuesday, flower petal stamps. She is so awesome. BTW, start checking your mailbox Bonnie, you have something on the way!!! LOL

Things are finally starting to settle down a bit. Before you know it the kids will be back in school and things will be quite hectic again. My son actually starts high school in two weeks, so I have to take him clothing and shoe shopping, because he is Mr. Fashion I have been taking it easy, just chilling out. Went to the beach and did some grocery shopping, that is the only times I have been out of the house. Today, we are meeting some friends for dinner. Think it's just what I need!

I have missed all my blogging buddies! So I had to come back and poost an update. I am thinking about taking on a part time job, to ease some of the debt we have been incurring. Hubby is dead set against it, he is so old fashioned! He is thinking of taking on another job, he already has 2! Not trying to kill the man. LOL

I have also been thinking alot on returning to school to finish up my master's. I got a tuition waver, so that won't be anymore money...thank God! I had an 3.8 average in Undergrad, and qualified for this waiver, I only have 18 hours to finish, so I think I should go back and finish. I only stopped, because I recently had got married and then my daughter was born, so my husband wanted me to take more time with my daughter, who was 18 months at the time. I really want to go back!

The kids are leaving for the weekend to my mom's house! Wohoo! She is such a wonderful grandmother. She spoils the kids rotten, she is actually taking them school supply shopping. That is one expense I don't have to worry about. She is so good to me!

Well, just wanted to let you know all know I am doing well!

Until next time