Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bonnie and Clyde start school tommorrow

AKA Jariel and Jaree. LOL Jariel is starting 5th grade and Jaree 2nd. They are both excited. Have to go pick up a few odds and ends. Like underwear and socks! I got the clothes out of the way and the shoes. Each child got two pairs of gym shoes and 6 outfits to start out. Actually Jaree got 9, but who's counting. You gotta love girls clothes! LOL My mom ended up buying each child 1 outfit, with the exception of lil' Miss Jaree, she got 3. I bought the boys 5 outfits and her 6....lol. She is much cheaper, because the other two want Rocawear, Akademics, Ecko, Girbaud, and Jaree has no problem with Wal-Mart or Tar-jay (aka Target). Speaking of Target, I am heading over there to get some odds and ends. I love Target. I am so sad, but happy the kids are in school. Seems like the summer went by way to fast! However, things needed to slow up....all the late nights, swimming, picnicking, amusement parks, water parks were fun while they lasted....Time for a change. I just so hate, getting up in the mornings.....lol I am not a morning person AT ALL! Oh well, I will post how my childrens firrst day went! Can't believe my BABY will be starting 2nd grade....bohoo!



BonnieRose said...

yeap my babies are growing up too.. it's not fair!

Adrienne said...

They are too cute!!!!