Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tribute to my grandmother

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA IN HEAVEN! If my grandmother had lived she would have been 98 years old. Wow! She died on June 25, 1996, just a few months before my second child was born. I miss her beyond words. She was such a beautiful woman inside as well as out. She opened her heart and home to so many. She touched so many lives. Her words of wisdom still sound hard in my head! She was such a compassionate and loving person. She also had a "tell it like it is", personality. She never held back. No matter if you liked it or not. I loved that about her.

She was also very generous. If she had it, you had it. She would literally give the shirt off her back and shoes off her feet if someone was in need. She was mother to many generations of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends, etc... She took care of everyone. I had to the honor and the privilige of returning the favor, by caring for her while she was ill. I loved my grandmother. Even though she had Alzheimer's, I was humbled by her very presence. She taught me so much. Who I am today, was very much shaped by my grandmother.

What I remember most about my grandmother, was her cooking. My granny could BURN. She put my mom to shame! No one could touch my grandmother when it comes to cooking. I can taste her TURKEY AND DRESSING RIGHT NOW! Talk about good! My grandmother cooked a 6 course meal everyday, except Saturday. That is the day we went out to eat. But, Sundays from Breakfast to Dinner was 6-8 courses. My grandmother would some times get up as early as 4am and start preparing for breakfast and dinner simultaneously. We would have cheese grits, bacon, sausage links and patties, ham, eggs and cheese, smothered potatoes and onions, and home made biscuits and jelly. Talk about good. I hated to have company! LOL

Everyone ate at grandma's house. But, you could never tell we had a house full, because my grandmother was IMMACULATE. Our house was always clean from the floors to the ceiling. You could eat off her floor on anyday of the week. Our house was always what I call 'COMPANY READY'...LOL

So, Grandma, wherever you are, you are missed, you are loved, and you were most definitely and still are appreciated. It was an honor being your granddaughter for 22 years and I want to thank you for everything!

Love your baby girl Dana


Adrienne said...

She sounds amazing!

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Grandmother Dana! Great tribute to her.