Tuesday, April 04, 2006

100,000 woman

Challenge: You find/win/are given/inherit $100,000. Make a list and itemize exactly what you would do with the money.

If I were to find a 100,000 I probably would have a heart attack....lol. Just in case I didn't, the first thing I would do is take a fourth of the money and put away in the bank. The second thing I would do is take my husband and children on a Disney World Cruise. Then I would take a 1000 dollars and go on a scrapbook shopping spree. I would stash some money to the side for CKU. I would buy my self a new car, a 300M Chyrsler of course. I would put some money as a down payment on a new home. I think that would be it! Didn't stretch very far! But I sure would have tons of fun spending it. DAna


BonnieRose said...

loved what u shared.
i'm with u, at least $1000 for sb shopping.. I'm totally with ya on that one!

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL! Love how you split it up AND managed to keep some for SB shopping and CKU! LOL

ejmom said...

Don't have a heart attack cuz then you'll have to spend it on medical bills. :) I'd go on the shopping spree with you. Sounds like fun!

em said...

So...remember we are neighbors...I might have to come over and visit after your scrapbook shopping spree!!! thanks for the great message on my blog! It made me smile :)