Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's never enough time in a day... complete EVERYTHING, I need to do....LOL Woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed today. I have so much to do. I woke up early, with the rooster this morning to complete all household chores, because I know I have a lot on my plate today. First I had to drop all the kids at school today, all but Jaree, who had an appointment with the neurologist. SEems on top of epilepsy, she may have SLEEP APNEA as well. They want to do another MRI, EEG, and now a sleep study on her. My heart breaks because she is such a beautiful little girl and she has to go through all of this ...I cried on the way back from dropping her off to school, because I hate to see my child go thru all that she has been thru. As most of you know, we almost lost her last year, and BOY was that rough. I still can't get the images out of my head, seeing my baby on death's door. I have never felt so HELPLESS, this was truly my most darkest hour. Being told that her chances of survival were slim, but this was not the first time I was told this about my baby. I was told this hours after she was born. Jaree is a FIGHTER, through and through. She is tough. She has defied the ODDS on my many occassions and baffled a many of doctors. That's the power of PRAYER!!! Oh I was sending them up by the dozens. and I was not ALONE, my family was sending up prayer. It's amazing what the Lord can do! Because Jaree was not supposed to be here with us today!

It's amazing that she's NORMAL. She's SUPER SMART. She is the top reader in the whole entire second grade (there's 3), she is a reading mentor, she's in the accelerated reader's program, and she's on the honor roll. Who would have thought? They told us that Jaree might have suffered some brain damage, on three different occassions......but she didn't! Praise HIM!

From the doctor's appointment, I had to rush home make an appointment, for a MRI, a sleep studay, and a sleep deprived EEG. I also had to make an appointment with her regular pediatrician (she saw her neurologist today), I had to make 3 dentist appointments (the kids are going to love it), 1 appointment with the orthodontist, 2 appointments to see the opthamologist, and one appointment to see my doctor. I was on the phone for almost 2 hours. Now I have to order a new uniform for Cheerleading for Jaree at 90 bucks a pop, she moved up a level, I have to pay for competition too. Then I have to return a gazillion library books thanks to my little reader Jaree. Then I have to take my blankets to the laudry mat, go shopping for a cute outfit for Jaree and Jariel, tommorrow is picture day, then I have to take Jariel to Karate practice, in between all of that I have to cook dinner and help Jaree with homework.......I guess I will get some zzzzz' s tommoorrow.

WEdnesday's and Thursdays are always hectic in our house because Wednesday's are student council and band meetings for jariel and cheerleading for Jaree and Thursday Jariel has Karate, so things are kinda wacky around her on those days...

I was glad that I came home to a tidy house, I don't have that worry, since Bee and I got up early and cleaned. My oldest is a total NEAT FREAK, thank God! He helps me more than you know! He mopped all the floors, I did all the vacuuming, everyone made their own beds, and I cleaned the bathroom. There's nothing to do at all, chore wise, so that's a huge plus!!!

Most of my to do list involves making calls, but boy that is so nerve wracking to me.....LOL I hate making appointments, I hate to be put on hold. It drives me CRAZY! I especially hate calling Cheer America, they are NOTORIOUS for leaving you on hold. I guess I am kinda impatient, ya think? LOL

I am going to try to take atleast 30 minutes for myself, maybe I will take a hot bath, how bout it BonnieRose....LOL.

Dh doesn't have to go into work until 3pm today, which means I will have a little snuggle time. Not much, because I have so much planned for today.

My mind is RACING as we speak, because I have so much on my mind. I need to meditate and clear my head right now! Quiet down my thoughts!kwim?

By the way, anyone watch idol last night? Why o why is Sanjaya, still there? He CANNOT SING AMERICA, AMERICA CAN YOU HEAR ME, HE CANNOT SING!!! He's cute, but he CAN'T sing! LOL

I got that out! Wooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! LOL

Until next time
I'm signing out


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Do what you can, and whatever you can't do, do it tomorrow...try not to stress....

em said...

Yikes, you are one busy girl!

BonnieRose said...

sorry u had such a hectic day.. yikes.... glad that wasn't me.. lol and yes i agree with u, sanjaya has to go.. i agree!!!! I was sad to see brandon go.. he was damm cute! lol

Trice said...

Wow. I hope that everything works out with your daughter. I think it was last week that Sanjay did that whole High School musical mess and still got to stay on the show. They need to let him go..