Sunday, September 24, 2006

My baby went to his first dance

My baby Jariel went to his very first dance yesterday! I was almost in tears, but I didn't cry because Jariel is jujust to darned funny to laugh at. First of all, he told me about the dance the day of and he knew about it for a week. He told me that not only was him and "his boys" going to the dance, but they were all going to hang out at Mc Donald's afterwards. I like his style, he's telling me instead of asking me, so I had to correct him on that real fast! LOL
He did his chores and then proceeded to go outside to skate with Chris and Cliff, the two boys in the pictures with him. At about 6:20, he busts thru the doors and throws his skates off and runs up stairs. He proceeds to run into the bathroom, I heard all kind of thumping and then I hear the shower running. Then I hear him run into his room and all you can hear is the hangers going back in forth in the closet. Then all I hear is spraying and then I am almost gagging from what I smell......TAGGED! Tons of it. He has changed his clothes and sprayed Tag all over him self.
Then he runs down stairs with two different pairs of gym shoes on and asks me which shoes look better with his outfit and he was dead serious. You would have thought he was going to Prom or something. He was so nervous. He kept asking me did he look ok. I told him he looked more than ok, that he looked really good!
That's all it took because after that he styling and profiling up and down the block. Him and his crew. Then two older girls Marianna and TaShawna told him he looked soooo cute and that really blew his head up.
I told him that it was getting late and the dance started at 7pm, he looked at me and said "Mom, I don't want to look to frantic, I don't want to be the first one there. I'll go at about 7:15pm." I couldn't help my self I cracked up. Mr. Cool thinks he is so fly! LOL He came home around 9:30PM, Chris' mom took them to McDonalds . He said he had a good time. Even danced with Diamond, his so called "girlfriend", yeah right! LOL Already making plans to go to the next dance in October. Even asked me to get him a new outfit for the occassion. These kids are too much!


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Adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!! Too funny! I'm glad he enjoyed himself!