Thursday, September 07, 2006

Open House and Fundraisers!!

Today Jaree and Jariel came home with Fundraisers. They are so excited! However, I am less than enthusiastic! LOL I hate handling money! Alot of times I get burned, because so many do not pay and get stuck with alot of things I do not want! But, I do it, because the kids get so excited about winning all the neat prizes. Also, today is open house for the children and of course, they I am going to meet their teachers and I am so excited about that!

Also, jariel is joining the band this year and I couldn't be more proud. His instrument of choice so far is the Clarinet. We will see how this changes. He just finished with football and basketball starts in January. Both Jari and Jaree are in scouts, so I will super busy this year!

Bee, started to school again today! He has tons of work to make up and I am so glad that he is back in school. He is too! I told him to just ignore negativity and avoid any problems. I told him to use this as a stepping stone and never allow anyone to bring him down.

Today, I did the usual cleaned and mopped all the floors. I am almost done with my book Candy Licker by Noire. It's sooooooooo good! Reading is my other passion! Which brings me to todays challenge by Bonnie Rose:

You love to scrapbook. You love to create something with paper. With all the cool papers out there, or the ones you already have, what is something on your heart you really wanna start... an album, a layout, a project -- anything...!! Share on your blog what your scrapping plans are.. what things are just in your head, itching to get done??? Wow, I have so many ideas! One of the projects I want to do is an altered muffin tin. Saw this at my women's retreat last year and I said I wanted to make one. I also want to do an album about my love of music! I thought that would be so cool. I also want to start the Love of my Life album about my hubby and our years together. I also want to do an album about my hopes and dreams for each one of my children! I want to do a circle accordian album. I want to do a shadow box layout and frame it! I love this hobby. It has given me so many oppurtunties to make the most awesome friends. I love my hobby. I don't think there is anything better!



BonnieRose said...

Dana, love your answers... I too have tons of projects in my head! just like you.. and ur right.. this is a great hobby.. with great ppl!! Hugs,

Mye said...

I so feel you on the fundraisers. I hate them!!! My kids know now that mommy just doesn't do fundraisers. Now I'll donate in a minute, but fundraisers are not my thing. And my husband isn't any better, we have one right now that's due tomorrow that we didn't collect for. I think it's a shame how they "pimp" out our children to get money.

Thanks for helping me with a blog entry. I've been struggling to keep a daily post, but I'm going to blog about the many projects I want to do that I can't seem to get started on! Enjoy your weekend!