Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My passion in life

I have numerous passions in my life. They are scrapbooking, reading, writing poetry and short stories and being the best person I can be. One of my biggest passions is (believe it or not) writing! As long as I can remember, I have always loved to write. Whether it be in a journal expressing my feeling, my goals, dreams, and aspirations. Whether it's writing down quotes or catch phrases....or writing poetry or short stories ...I love to write. I love looking back at what I wrote. Reflecting on what life was like when I was 13 or what things moved me then opposed to now. Reflection is a good thing. I love to sit in my bed and just write. I never know what when creativity will strike so I keep a journal or notebook handy at all times. When I was in high school I always wanted to write books. I have written some pretty awesome short stories over the years. Mostly sci-fi, paranormal, supernatural, new-age horror type stories. I have written a couple of love stories but not many.
I also love to write poetry. I went to my first poetry reading at 15 and after that, I was so moved to start writing my own poetry. It's a way to artistically express my self. My emotions, my pain, my sorrows, my triumps.... I get my pen and my pad and it comes pouring out in a poetic way.... I guess it has always been a part of me, because when I was young I used to write rap songs which is nothing but poetry with a hook and a beat.

Another one of my passions is reading! I can get lost in a book! When I was young my mom read all the time and I wanted to be just like my mom so I was very eager to learn to read. My mom and sister taught me how to read along with Sesame Street and Electric The rest is history. I love to read! Its like playing a movie inside my head, I can visualize the characters, the setting, I can relate with some of the characters. I have met alot of people this way too. I live in Borders! I like to go with my own books and just sit on the leather couch with my book and my cappuchino and cookie and get lost for hours. I am going to start my own book club this fall too! My friends, and my cousins always talk about the books we read and pass on books and it makes for great discussions.

Another one of my passions is music and dancing. I danced professionally for 13 years ballet, tap, and jazz. I did some modern and African dance, but mostly tap and jazz. I stuck with ballet for 9 years until I injured my toe, I was never really that great at ballet as I was tap and jazz anyways. When it came to toe shoes, it was over. I didn't want my toes looking like mini hammers like my sister's I have always loved to dance. Even as a child. I have been known to jump out of my car if the right song comes on....I know I am crazy huh. My kids are so amazed because I am 31 and I can do all the dances that come My son Bee thinks it's pretty neat. His mom is the only one who can do the "Chicken Noodle Soup", "The pool palace" and "The West Side walk it out" and when the "chicken head" came out, I put the average teenager to I love to dance. I don't care where I am at, I have been at party with dh (he's a dj on the side) with people I don't even know, and let the right song come on .....I can't help myself I just have to get up and move. It has not always been a good thing, because I have been hated on a many a day in the clubs....Women do not take kindly to their men checking out other women dance and when I do dance I am not being conceited when I say "all eyes are on"
It's so funny, because my dh has no rhythm and can't dance a lick and neither can my daughter...poor

Another passion that I have is being the best mother I can be. It takes a lot to live up to my mom's standards. My mom is the epitome of greatness! Yes, she has her faults, but my mom was good at being a mom, a provider, a protector, a friend... My mom did everrything with us kids. She busted her butt, to provide for us. We wore the best clothes, We went to the best schools, we had anything our heart desired, we went everywhere, but above all else my mom was there for us...She talked to us, she spent time with us, she made me and my siblings feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. She let us know everyday how much she loved mom didn't just buy the toys, she sat down and played barbie with me, she ate those experimental cakes I made in my easy bake oven, she went on bike that is a tough act to follow. I try my best to give my all to my children, who I love above all else. My children are my world! It is my passion to become better at it each day! I want to look back when my children are grown and say I did my absolute best!

There is one other passion, that I did not mention yet....SCRAPBOOKING! What can I say that you don't already know. It is my passion to leave behind a legacy for my children to enjoy for years to come, for their kids to enjoy, and so on and so on... I love to CREATE! The immense amount of joy I feel each time I finish a layout or just look through my scrapbooks is irreplaceable. I eat, live, and breathe scrapbooking. There is really not a moment that I am not thinking about it. Which ties into my children, because they are the reason that I decided to scrapbook in the first place. It goes BACK TO REFLECTION...taking the journey over and over again. Preserving! I know you can relate! It's that feeling when you walk into the scrapbook store and find something's that feeling of accomplishment when you try a technique for the first time and it's a's that anxiousness you feel when you look in the magazine's and see something new and think I have to try is my is my is my LIFE AS I KNOW IT NOW AND FOREVER......

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melissa said...

love this posts! I share many of the same passions ;)

BonnieRose said...

wonderful post dana.. you and i are kindred spirits i swear, except for the dancing part.. I can't dance worth a darn.. lol

Lynn said...

Dana what a wonderful post! I just love reading about your passions. I can definately see writing being your biggest passion and you are wonderful at it. I love to dance, but I really stink at it.

adrienne said...

great post girl! I too LOVE to read!

em said...

Great post Dana!!!