Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fall is near

Fall, my all time favorite time of year. A time for change. I love all of the beautiful rich colors. The air is more crisper, the sunset are more beautiful, the air smells better. When I was a child we used to take drives along the country side to look at all the beautiful trees and the change in their leaves some yellow, some burnt orange, some bright red...As a child I was amazed. It was a fun time to jump in a pile of leaves or the joy of stumping on a leave and hearing the

Fall is an awesome time around my house with pumpkin scented candle aglow, scarecrows, halloween decorations, I even change my bedroom decor. No longer will I have the bright colors of summer and spring, but I change my comforter to rich earth tones! Get this from my mom.

Fall is a time, that I enjoy before sunset walks with my dog and the children. I am such a big fan of mother nature. I soak it all up and just enjoy life.

Fall is also a time for SCRAPBOOKING, with the busy summer over, I tend to get lots and lots of scrapbooking done!

FAll is also an excuse for me to go shopping. I love courderouy and tweed, so whether its a new jacket or new skirt, i get a chance to hit the malls and buy a whole new wardrobe for myself and the kids!

Fall is also back to school time, so I get alot done. I get to catch up on reading and poetry writing. I am allowed more me time which always a plus! I go to bath and body works and get all the fall I always need to smell pretty! LOL

Fall is a time of family togetherness, I get to lay under the covers and watch a good movie with the kids or tell spooky stories throughout the whole month of Halloween. I think I get more excited about Halloween than the kids do! Haunted Houses, Pumpkin Patches, Apple Orchards, and Frightfest at Six Flags we do alot in fall too .....eVen the zoo!

So as you can see I love fall! I love autumn and all it has to offer! Don't miss out on your chance to enjoy yourself either! After all, Fall is only for 3 months!



Cheryl Wray said...

AWESOME post today!! Yes, Fall is a wonderful time of year. Just this morning I was refreshed by that little tidbit of cool temps in the air as we got ready to head out to school. And Down South, it takes a while to get here--so we appreciate it, for sure!
Love the scents and the colors of Fall. Love football and having to put on a sweater in the evening. Love making chili or a big pot of stew.
Great photo you put out there today too. Gorgeous!!

BonnieRose said...

loved your post today dana.
fall is my fave time of year too.. love all u shared.
I love fall for alot of the same reasons u do...
such a glorious time.

em said...

I LOVE the fall, too!! I wish it could be like this yearround!

melissa said...

love this post and I too LOVE Fall. ;) cant wait for it to cool down here in AZ