Friday, September 29, 2006


Wow, this week went by lightening fast. Whew, I can relax! No more getting up at 6am, checking homework, and fighting with kids to go to be! Now we can be footloose and fancy free! Many, many plans this weekend. I am happy to report that we are going to buy our first home. We are looking, found 4 houses that I really like and keeping my fingers crossed that we can get one of the houses. You know what that means! I FINALLY GET MY SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!!! HOORAY! Can you tell I am excited. This is a big step up for us and the kids are so excited. I just don't want to live attached to anyone anymore. WE need our own space and privacy. I have some pretty good neighbors, but their are those

Of the four houses, 3 are 4 bedroom houses and the other one is a 3 bedroom, but its huge! We really need the space, because our kids are not getting any smaller and we have really outgrown our townhome. Our dog, needs a yard! So there are many reasons for me wanting to branch out and move. If all goes well, we should be all moved out by December 1st, maybe even earlier.

Dh is off the weekend and that is always a good thing!!!! Even though, I am mad at him right now. Bonnie knows why? LOL Let's just say never trust a man to get the mail

We are celebrating my son's birthday this weekend. We are taking him to his favorite restaurant with a group of his friends. He is getting so big! He didn't want a party. Bohoo! However, that's money that I can save. Plus he is in seven heaven with his cell phone right now. He wanted that or a PSP, which I am going to get him for Christmas!

It is sooo freaking cold here in Chicago. I was almost tempted to turn the heat on, but I am coping. I am in sweats though and I making a big pot of chili tonight!

I still have lots of work to do. I have about 5 loads of laundry calling my name and I need to wash the floors and clean my closet. I am feeling really lazy today! I just want to lay in the bed and stay under the covers. I can't stand the cold! LOL Not good for my

I got my November CK and my October issue of SCrapbook ETc. I was so excited. I got my CK on yesterday and Scrapbook Etc came in the mail today! I am going to crawl in bed and just devour both mags!

The kids will be home soon, so I really need to get something accomplished, so I have to run...

Until next time



adrienne said...

Girl my week went by SOOOOO slow! funny huh? LOL

em said...

I am totally with you on the heat...I just can't bring myself to turn it on! Congrats on the house buying!!!! That is awesome!!!

BonnieRose said...

here i am praying u get the house ur dreaming of Dana.