Tuesday, November 29, 2005


.....keeps Dana very frustrated..... Honestly, I feel like all I do is clean up constantly and its neverending. My kids and my husband are such freaking slobs, it drives me nuts. My husband philosophy is that he works, so he shouldn't have to clean...that's fine if you don't MESS UP. I am not a MAID, and I damn sure am not a SLAVE. I swear I spend 18 hours a day cleaning up, doing laundry, cooking dinner, breaking up fights between the children, and helping the children with their homework. I hardly have anytime for DANA! I know this sounds like I am regretful, that is not the case. I am underappreciated around here. I'm going gonna have to go on HIATUS again.

Today, I got up, got the children ready for school, (everyone was late because my silly husband set the alarm clock to pm instead of am), so I had to rush! After finally getting all three children off to school, I started a load of laundry and mopped the bathroom floors. I noticed my son did not take out the trash, nor walk the dog so guess who did it? U guessed it....me! The kitty didn't have any food or water in his bowl so I fed him, then the dog starting bitching and I noticed he didn't have any food. The kids had their pjs all over the hallway (remember they were late this morning), so I got that up. By this time, I was starving it was already 11, I ate a bite and started to relax and read my Essence magazine, didn't get to enjoy that long, because I had to take field trip money to the children because they left it. Then I came home washed dishes, put another load in the laundry and put the other in the dryer. The computer desk was messy, so I decided to organize it. Then I looked over at the entertainment center and it had dvds everywhere, so i straightened that up. I missed majority of all my children, fell asleep on One Life to Live ( I was freaking exhausted), now it was time to take dh to work. Husband discovered he left his wallet at home, so I went back home, scooped the kids up and went back to his job.While their, I took my pharmacy test, my application was lost, so I had to do that over from the beginning. The whole process took an hour. I was going to go home and relax before the kids, BUT, hubby decides he wants me to go get lunch since I had the car. So I went to Mr. Sub, went back to his job to deliver the goods. Got home fifteen minutes before the kids gymnastics class started, got them dressed. Only to get interrupted by my mom, who does not know what A BRIEF CONVERSATION looks like...haha. I ended up getting the kids there 15 minutes late...I decided to go get a bite to eat. I decided not to go home and eat, instead I ate in the park district parking lot, because I only had 25 minutes, before they were out anyway. I ate in the car. Scooped the kids. Took them to Micky D's. I was too damned tired to cook. Came in the door, took out another load of GARBAGE ( I swear we create more Garbage, than a whole village). Got the kids situated. Checked homework. Got school clothes ready for tommorrow. Made sure all the children are bathed. And Now I only have 30 mintutes before I have to pick up my DAMNED HUSBAND. Whew, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY....I need a drink...lol


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