Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am so freaking mad at my husband right now...

I am so mad right now, I could scream and wake up the dead. My sister is going thru a divorce and in the process lost their home, because she could not afford to keep up with the payments because they had bought the home based on two incomes, and two incomes were needed to maintain it!~ Simple as that!

With that being said, she needed to be out of her home by today or she will lose out on her equity reimbursment. She had to give the lawyer the keys and the place needed to cleared out and cleaned up. Or she will not get the other half of her money. Well, the only help that my sister has (or maybe I should the only consistent help), has been my mom (a 61 year old cancer survivor), my aunt Mamie(64 year old rheumatiod arthritis sufferer), my father ( a 71 year old, who had a quadruple bypass a few years ago), so its not like she's dealing with spring chickens.
Well, my sister who is very humble and never asks anybody for help, asked me to ask my husband, son and nephew to come over to assist with the last of the boxes that needed to go to storage. She said that they were EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED (they been working non-stop for 2 weeks) and I understand that.

Well, my hubby gets all pissed and said it was his day off and he did not FEEL LIKE GOING ALL THE WAY TO CRETE...which is about 25-30 minutes away if that... i DON'T HAVE A CAR! I wished I did, because I wiould be getting the hell out of here. I understand he is off, and would like to relax and kick back, but my sister is in desperate need of help. He keeps throwing in my face that my brother hasn't been there once, but FUCK HIM...I can't work about what the next man will do...I can only worry about myself. I know that if it were the other way around, my sister would be here for me in a heartbeat.. I don't even want to look at his dumb ass when he gets home. This is the killing part! He goes to play basketball at the gym, knowing my sister does not have anyone to help her. He better not say one freaking word to me when he gets home. I am LIVID!


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